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20 Best Things to Do in Temecula, CA

  • Published 2022/05/02

One of California’s hidden gems, Temecula is home to some of the best vineyards and wineries you’ll ever see.

However, you must know that Temecula doesn’t just produce some of the best quality grapes and wines.

It’s also a mesmerizing place with several beautiful attractions worth exploring.

Visit this lovely place, sample its luxurious Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, and fall in love with its breathtaking nature scenes.

These are the best things to do in Temecula, California:

Take a Walk around Old Town Temecula

Archway in Old Town Temecula

Davishan99, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

While Temecula is the land of entertainment and wineries, this old part still has some retro vibes attached to it.

If you are into old Californian vibes, it would be great to dedicate an afternoon to exploring Old Town.

Street view of Old Town Temecula

PradaBrown /

Preserving Temecula’s rich heritage and history, Old Town Temecula is all about showing people how cultural Temecula was once upon a time.

You’ll see a lot of vintage shops selling antique things.

Colorful wagon used as a decor at Old Town Temecula

Lowe Llaguno /

If you want to check out the local crafts or shop for souvenirs to take back home with you, Old Town Temecula is the ideal place to do so.

You will also find some exquisite old wine in the restaurants around the area.

Go Fishing in Vail Lake

Entrance of Vail Lake Resort

Simone Hogan /

Vail Lake has been in Temecula for a while now.

The reservoir was manufactured in 1948, when the construction of Vail Lake Dam began.

It’s a vast lake that spans more than 1,000 acres.

It also happens to be one of the most incredible fishing grounds in Temecula.

Vail Lake Resort allows visitors to enjoy outdoor recreational activities across 400 acres of space.

Guests can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

Besides fishing, you can also go cruising along Lake Vail.

For the full experience, avail Vail Lake Resort’s camping or glamping packages and spend a night under the stars.

Enjoy the Temecula Stampede

How amazing would it be to go on a vacation and enjoy a local festival?

The Temecula Stampede is quite a vibrant one, and it would be perfect to time your visit so as not to miss out on the festivities.

It’s one of the biggest events in the United States that features Western Music.

Do you want to listen to some country music live?

Do try to see the shows at this festival.

Besides country music, you will also get to hear a lot of other genres, too.

Overall, it is a very lively event that is fun to attend.

Check Out the Temecula Valley Museum

Want to know more about the history of Temecula?

The Temecula Valley Museum is one of the ideal places to visit if you want to roam around and learn about the past.

After all, it has everything from minute historical details to everything you need to know about present-time Temecula.

The exhibits are informative, and the awe-inspiring permanent displays include three massive collections.

You will also find a lot of important photographs, newspaper cuttings, and documents.

The place is interactive, so you can ask the volunteers for help.

Shop at the Farmer’s Market

Strawberries at Temecula farmers market

FuFighter /

One of the best things about Temecula is its authentic farmers’ market.

Have you ever shopped at a farmers’ market before?

If not, now is your ultimate chance to enjoy one of the best.

Head over to the Temecula Farmer’s Market and get some homegrown organic goodies.

It takes place every weekend, so you don’t have to worry about missing the day.

There are a lot of food stalls—don’t have lunch before you visit the market, because you’ll surely want to sample the mouth-watering homemade meals being served here.

Go Pumpkin Picking at Peltzer Pumpkin Farm

Try to come and visit this gorgeous place during the fall as the ambiance is particularly lovely at that time.

In the fall, you will be greeted by the huge pumpkin harvest.

Head to Peltzer Pumpkin Farm and go pumpkin picking, which is quite a fun activity to enjoy in Temecula.

The farm has more attractions, such as a petting farm, pony rides, train rides, carnival games, and the Peltzer Farms Gem Mine.

Explore the Leoness Cellars Winery

Vineyard at Leoness Cellars

David Tonelson /

The Leoness Cellars winery serves some of the best wines in Temecula.

They also have their own vineyard filled with the best quality grapes.

Its beautiful location is what mainly lures tourists to the winery.

It’s situated on the top of a hill overlooking its stunning and vast vineyard.

Sign board of Leoness Cellars Winery

The Image Party /

The winery offers some of the best trips through their properties, and you get to taste their exclusive wines.

All of their grapes are Cabernet Sauvignon, so you can only expect the very best from them.

Gazebo at Leoness Cellars Winery

The Image Party /

They also serve as a venue for different occasions, so you can even plan your wedding there.

Leones Cellars also allows you to purchase their wine from their gift shop.

Take Your Kids to Pennypickle’s Workshop

Are you visiting Temecula with your little ones?

Pennypickle’s Workshop offers quite an interactive session for your kids.

Not only do they teach about science, but they also make it very interesting.

There are a lot of exhibits displayed at Professor Pennypickle’s lab.

Younger kids will especially enjoy this children’s science museum.

Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon flying over a vineyard in Temecula

Adam Cole Barber /

Going on a hot air balloon ride is one of the most famous activities to enjoy in California, aside from exploring the Hollywood industry and high-quality vineyards.

Temecula is one of the places that offer this service.

So, what are you waiting for?

Two Hot Air Balloon flying high in Temecula

KGrif /

Do yourself a favor and book a hot air balloon trip with your loved one, for it is considered to be quite a romantic experience.

The best thing about riding a hot air balloon in Temecula is the sights you’ll experience.

For one thing, you’ll spot Temecula’s gorgeous green vineyards down below!

People enjoying their Hot Air Balloon Ride in Temecula

cvalle /

Shop till You Drop at Promenade Temecula

Theater at Promenade Temecula

Pf1127, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Promenade Temecula was built when there were no remarkable malls in Temecula Valley.

Since its opening in the 1990s, it has become extremely popular with the locals and tourists.

There are many specialty shops and boutiques inside Promenade Temecula.

It also has a food court filled with some of the best food chains.

The movie theater inside is vast and is an excellent place to hang out while taking a break from sightseeing.

The Temecula Farmer’s Market also takes place in this mall.

Go on a Wine Tour

Old Rusty Vintage truck on display at vineyard with wooden wine barrels on top in Temecula

Steve Bruckmann /

Wine tours and Temecula come hand in hand.

It’s a valley of spirits with some of the best grapes and exotic wines.

Since there are so many in the area, checking out all the vineyards and wineries might pose a challenge.

Winery and Vineyard at Temecula

Wirestock Creators /

For this very reason, there are a lot of private travel companies that offer the complete Temecula winery package.

Book one of these tours, visit all the best wineries in Temecula, and learn about the fascinating stories behind each of them.

Wine tasting in Temecula

Meandering Trail Media /

Tour Local Vineyards with Wine Country Trails by Horseback

Horse in Wine Country Trails

Lisa T Snow /

Based in Wilson Creek Winery, Wine Country Trails by Horseback aims to give their clients the best experience.

They offer a one-of-a-kind horseback riding trip around Temecula’s beautiful vineyards.

The ride lasts for 90 minutes, and you will be led by an expert tour guide and a gentle horse.

Wine Country Trails by Horseback also acts as a rescue horse shelter, with all the profits going towards rescuing and rehabilitating these lovely animals.

Catch a Play at the Pechanga Theater

Part of the Pechanga Resort & Casino, the Pechanga Theater is one of Southern California’s most prestigious performing venues.

A broad range of concerts, Broadway plays, stand-up comedy events, and musicals are often held there.

In addition to its 1,200 permanent seats, the facility also has top-of-line audio and lighting facilities.

Before and after the play, patrons may buy food and drink in the lobby, including alcoholic beverages.

Everyone, no matter what age, is welcome, but children under the age of 17 must always come with an adult.

Take Photos with Wooly Animals at The Alpaca Hacienda

The Alpaca Hacienda is a bustling farm where you may meet many friendly alpacas.

Consider The Alpaca Hacienda in Temecula if you’re searching for a unique and pleasant destination to take your kids.

You and your children will enjoy meeting and feeding the friendly animals at this delightful farm.

You may buy alpaca-themed products like stuffed animals and scarves made from alpaca fleece and alpaca-themed cushions at the gift store.

The Alpaca Hacienda is a great place to take your kids for a fun-filled day.

The ability to get up close and personal with friendly alpacas and intriguing information and tidbits about them is something to look forward to.

Relax at Temecula Duck Pond and Park

Fountain at Temecula Duck Pond

Steve Minkler /

An urban park with a laid-back atmosphere, Temecula Duck Pond and Park is a great place to relax.

You must have spent a lot of time exploring the city’s different family-friendly tourist sites, right?

Want a spot to rest your feet while still ensuring your children are entertained?

Ducks swimming in Temecula Duck Pond

Steve Minkler /

A trip to the Temecula Duck Pond and Park is the ideal remedy.

You may take a breather while your kids play and run about at this park.

Enjoy a nice beverage while sitting on a bench and watching your children play.

Unwind as your children feed the ducks, play on the big rocks, or run about on the grassy area.

Experience Local Flavors at E.A.T Marketplace

One of the best healthy cafes and coffee shops in Temecula, California, E.A.T Marketplace, is owned and operated by Leah di Bernardo and executive chef Leah Delyte.

E.A.T, which stands for “Extraordinary Artisan Table,” is the restaurant’s concentration on locally produced foods, such as those from Solidarity Farms and Mountain Family Farms.

For those who prefer a more plant-based diet but don’t want to give up all their favorite foods, the restaurant offers a wide variety of vegan, gluten-free, Paleo, and keto options throughout the day.

You may get delicious pizza with a gluten-free crust, and grain-free bread can be used to make inventive toasts.

In addition to espresso drinks made with Roast House beans, a complete coffee bar offers coffee smoothies filled with superfood ingredients.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Meet Wildlife at the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve

Dusty pathway at Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological

Lowe Llaguno /

Are you interested in venturing on a scenic side trip?

The Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve is situated in the neighboring city of Murrieta, just a 20-minute drive away from Temecula.

The vast reserve spans almost 9,000 acres and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the vicinity.

Scenic landscape at Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve

Martin Castrogiovanni /

It’s home to many native endangered species, both plants and animals.

Since the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve is a protected piece of land, the plant and animal species are safe here.

There are trails on the reserve where you can enjoy hiking and mountain biking activities.

Chocolate Lily at Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve

sumikophoto /

Take a Dip in Lake Skinner

Pristine water in Lake Skinner

Zindor, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you want to see a blue lake while you’re in Temecula, you’ll have to go on a drive outside the city.

Lake Skinner is located in Winchester, less than 30 minutes away from Temecula.

The journey will be completely worth it, as the lake is absolutely stunning.

It’s a vast lake encompassing an area of 1,400 acres.

The shoreline is just 300 acres, so there are a lot of opportunities for adventure.

There are also camping sites where you’re welcome to spend the night.

Go Hiking at Dripping Springs Trail

When you’re in Temecula, you won’t regret setting aside some time to visit Dripping Springs Trail.

Located just 20 minutes away from Temecula in the Agua Tibia Wilderness, Dripping Springs Trail is a massive area made for adventure activities.

The hiking trails run through several forests covered with pines and fir trees.

The scenes are exotic and will surely blow your mind with their beauty.

Final Thoughts

Temecula features many tourist attractions and exhilarating activities that you may enjoy alone or with a group.

So, pack your bags and get ready for a fun-filled trip in this landlocked city!

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