15 Best Things to Do in Riverside, CA

15 Best Things to Do in Riverside, CA

A part of the Inland Empire- Riverside is indeed a splendid location for an ideal vacation. The city means business when it comes to the different tourist spots. The population is not too high, but the spots here are entertaining as well as cultural. The perfect blend of everything beautiful draws a lot of tourists every year. Let us take a look at the top 15 things to do in Riverside, California.

Stay at Mission Inn

Mission Inn
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First, we will talk about accommodation! But, how would you feel if we told you that Mission Inn is itself a tourist spot? Okay, what if we told you it is one of the major attractions in all of Riverside and people crowd the spot every month?
The Mission Inn is not just a hotel- it is also a museum that offers tours! You could book a tour for yourself as they are 75 minutes long. They will even provide you with guides who will lead the trip and tell you about every detail and facts.
The hotel has a history of almost 100 years and has an art collection that has been hung up on its walls.

Taste the fruits of California Citrus State Historic Park

Palm trees at California Citrus State Historic Park
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You might have heard about the abundance of citrus fruits in California. But, today we are going to introduce you to the root of all!

The story starts in 1873 with Eliza Tibbets. Eliza Tibbets took care of orange trees that were sent to her by the government’s agriculture department. The rest is history after that. She never had to look back as her gardens were blessed with hundreds of orange trees. Slowly, lemons and grapes also started to grow.
It is now known as the California Citrus State Historic Park, and it gets a huge crowd of people every year. You can even book a trip here. Also, it is quite surprising how two orange trees grew into an entire orchard!

Go hiking in Mount Rubidoux Park

Mount Rubidoux Park
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Mount Rubidoux Park is the epitome of adventure in Riverside. Here whenever you say that you want to go hiking or trekking, the first name you get to hear is Mount Rubidoux Park. But, what is so special?
The landmark of Riverside- Mount Rubidoux Park features the mountain and there are a lot of trails that involve different paths around the park and ultimately reach the summit.

Also, if you are successful in reaching the top, you will be blessed with the sight of an American Flag that has been placed at the summit, waving proudly.
The sunset from the top is also beautiful. So, once you go up, don’t come down so easily. Stay there, watch the sunset, and have a picnic!

Experience the aircraft at March Field Air Museum

March Field Air Museum
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Are you interested in planes? Want to see yourself become a pilot and fly far airplanes up in the sky? March Field Air Museum might be the best location in Riverside for you! This museum has been successful in preserving the aviation history of Ame=erica, and you will be able to find everything that has been done to improve flight in the past 100 years.

Name any kind of aircraft- bombers, jets, helicopters, spy planes, warplanes, normal planes- everything can be found here. They have a permanent collection that is gifted with over 1000 displays. Other than that, the main attraction is the collection of planes they have. It exceeds 70!

Learn about horticulture at Botanic Gardens

Botanic Garden Riverside
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Let us have a look at some beautiful flora and fauna now. The Botanic Garden of Riverside is placed inside the campus of the University of California. The best part of this Botanic Gardens is that it is located in the backdrop of the mesmerizing Box Springs Mountain. The Box Springs Mountain along with the lush greenery of the Botanic Garden makes the scene truly beautiful.

A cactus garden, large trees, roses, herbs- everything is found here. However, if you find anything unknown- worry not for every information about the plants is written beside the plant itself. The garden has native plants along with several plants that have been flown from as far away as Africa and even Australia.

Catch a show at Fox Performing Arts Center

Fox Performing Arts Center
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As stated before, Riverside is adored for its different entertainment factors. And, Fox Performing Arts Center is just one of those high-weight tourist attractions that draw people every year.

It is an extremely celebrated theatre in the heart of Riverside where every year a lot of performances take place. Be it musicals, stand-up comedies, or shows- Fox Performing Arts Center has seen everything. It was constructed back in 1929 and the building architectural style is that of Spanish Colonial. However, it is extremely rare to get a ticket as it seats 1500 people, and the tickets do sell out fast. So, if you are planning on attending a show at this historic theatre- do book ahead. Also, nowadays at the most 5 shows are performed here, so everyone is more eager than usual to get their hands on a ticket.

Catch a view at Box Springs Mountain Preserve

Want some fresh breath of air right in the heart of town? Often, we feel like we need to get away from the city chaos and breathe in some mountain breeze. Box Springs Mountain Preserve is the best way to catch a break. Bonus Point: You do not have to leave the city for this break!

Located quite down to Downtown Riverside- Box Springs Mountain Preserve should be your go-to location whenever you are feeling down. We will make things easier for you and let you know that it is beside the University of California Campus! The mountain is 3,000-foot and is not that hard to trek along. If you get on top, you will find out that it overlooks the town of Riverside. You can also get splendid views of the Moreno Valley.

Observe nature at Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park

We mentioned Box Springs Mountain Preserve in things to do before. But, where do you go if you want to have some adventure on this trip? The answer is simple. Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park is a nice place to hang out if you want to wake up the adventurous soul inside you.

This park is also quite close to downtown so accessing it will not be a problem. But, do take care as they say many wild animals can be found in the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park. The most dangerous might be rattlesnakes. Don’t worry too much and lift your spirits for this place is filled with adventure options! There are hiking, running, and even mountain biking trails here. The trails are covered with plants. You might even get to see some rare native plants around if you pay attention closely.

Explore Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park
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Enough with hikes! Do you want to go and explore a park now? Let’s head over to Fairmont Park then! The best thing about this park is that it is beside Mount Rubidoux Park, so you can check out Fairmont Park right after you are done with Mount Rubidoux Park. It is a huge park with ample open space. You can walk around, sit down, or just enjoy views of the calm Lake Evans. There are also trails so if you want- you can cycle around the park.

Also, Lake Evans is not the only lake that decorates this park. There are also two other lakes- Fairmont Lake and Brown Lake. If you want- you can even go boating in any one of these three lakes.

Check out Riverside Art Museum

Done with Mission Inn? Don’t want the day of fun to be over yet? Head over to Riverside Art Museum. The two of them are close and you can easily walk over to the museum after you are done visiting the Inn.

It has a massive art collection. You can easily tell that from its permanent exhibit that displays more than 1,500 works of art. However, it does not represent any specific category or genre. You can find the art of any genre here at the museum that makes it more interesting. There are often tours and trips going on every weekend. You can easily book one of those and make your way there.

Shop at Main Street Mall

Have you been looking for some shopping destinations? Main Street Mall is laid with some of the nicest shops. It could be the go-to shopping destination for all shopaholics out there!

You can find all the essence of downtown Riverside in one street for it is filled with shops, restaurants, and even some tourist spots. The Mission Inn is also located here. Visit the place on a day when you are done with all the sight-seeing. Dine here and enjoy a leisurely stroll!

Visit the Van Buren Drive-In Theater

Have you ever experienced the joy of a drive-in theatre? If not, now is your time to enjoy one of the best experiences of life! No0t many drive-in theatres are left in this world, so if you are able to visit this one during your trip, consider yourself lucky! Families love this spot. You can even enjoy a retro-style date here with your loved one!

Play golf at Oak Quarry Golf Club

Are you done with entertainment, nature, and sightseeing now? Let’s play some golf. By playing golf, we do not mean at any gold course. We are now taking you to one of the most premium golf courses in all of California.

The Oak Quarry Gold Course is as good as they come. It is an 18-hole one, and most experts have given this one their vote as one of the best golf courses in CA. The clubhouse is massive with an area of 7200 sq feet. They also let you organize personal events there. It is extremely elegant and you can hist birthdays or even weddings here. If you are just here for fun- play golf, have the luxury breakfast/dinner and enjoy the exclusive day!

Have some fun at Cove Waterpark

Enough of sightseeing! It is time for some fun with your family? Do you love the water? Do you happen to love amusement parks too? Head over to the Cove Waterfall then!

This spot is not exactly in Riverside for you have to drive to Jurupa Valley, but it is completely worth it. Imagine all the best water rides in the world- this park has it all. It will never fail to surprise you for the attractions are exhilarating. There are also a lot of lessons that are given in this park. If you want you can easily sign up for a diving or a pro swimming class. You can even host a birthday party for kids in this amazing water park. Don’t worry for they take care of all the safety stuff. They even have a lifeguard on board with them all the time.

Check out Farmer’s Market

Want to shop some homegrown delicious goodies? The Farmer’s Market is just waiting for you. Wanna know something more unique? This Farmer’s Market has been certified by the Riverside Government!

There are a lot of stalls in this market. The moment you step foot inside, you will probably be puzzled at the variety of things to do, eat, or buy. The smell of boked cakes or loaves of bread will tantalize your senses! Everything that is sold here is either organic, made in-home, or grown on farms. Get yourself some hummus or home-made jams for those who are quite famous here!

A drive away from Los Angeles- Riverside can prove to be one of the best weekend destinations if you give it a chance. The Palm trees and the small mountainous regions are quite gorgeous and waiting to welcome you with open arms.