15 Best Coffee Shops in Corona, CA

Coffee Shops in Corona, CA
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A lot of people write about the effects of caffeine on the body.

They lecture on the amount of coffee you should consume in a day.

Meanwhile, some aren't worried about caffeine acting on the body.

These folks know what a cup of strong, fresh brewed coffee does to the soul.

Are you among the latter?

If so, you should explore the list below if you happen to be traveling to Corona, California.

Corona is a relatively quiet city, around 50 miles from Los Angeles.

Many big corporations have their offices here.

The population in the city numbers approximately 150,000.

The city has a fairly upmarket area, with many celebrities settling here.

This is partly because of Corona's proximity and connectivity to Los Angeles.

It is widely regarded nowadays as a suburb of Los Angeles.

So here's a list of the best coffee shops in Corona, California:

Canvas Coffee

Situated on Kellogg Avenue, Canvas Coffee is among the most popular places for those who wish to catch up with friends.

With smart interiors, there's space for all kinds of crowds.

Whether you want to finish your breakfast and go quickly or you wish to spend a couple of hours, this is the place for you.

Canvas Coffee also has happy hours and other events like trivia nights, pet days, and other entertaining ideas.

Canvas Coffee - Corona, CA
Established in 2021. Introducing Canvas Coffee! We’re a brand new coffee shop now open in Corona, CA! We’re excited to bring our community quality coffee, food, and service in an environment that’s unmatched. If you’re looking for an inspiring environment to do your work, or a place to connect wi…

Crave Coffee & Tea

Crave Coffee & Tea on East Ontario Avenue seems professional in their setup and menu.

They specialize in coffee, tea, and bagels, with a few pastries and cold-pressed juices.

It may not seem like much, but most people come for the coffee and bagels.

If you want a few new combinations of drinks, Crave Coffee & Tea is the place to go.

Crave Coffee & Tea - Corona, CA
Specialties: Crave Coffee & Tea is a specialty coffee and tea shop. We specialize in hand crafted micro roasted coffee from around the world. We bring it direct to you in a cup of LOVE ! We have something for everyone: Featured blended drinks, Bagel, pastries, and much more! We encourage you to brin…

Sunrise Grind

Sunrise Grind is one of the oldest coffee shops in Corona, doing business since 1994.

They serve gourmet coffee and other beverages with the promise of high quality.

Their location at the corner is perfect, and it provides them good visibility.

The shelves contain a lot of goodies and pastries, spoiling you for choice.

They have a vanilla-nut cold brew which they claim requires an eighteen-hour preparation.

Be early if you'd like to try it, as they have a limited supply.

Sunrise Grind is located in The Village at Eagle Glen.

Sunrise Grind - Corona, CA
23 reviews of Sunrise Grind “The last non-chain coffee shop near where I live has sadly closed down and all I can say is, rest in peace to all that have fallen :(. I’ve been on the hunt for smaller mom and pop coffee shops since the decay of small coffee shops began. In the past, whenever I drove…

Granite Place Cafe

Granite Place Cafe is a typical deli that serves adequate breakfast and a decent lunch.

They have a wide assortment of cold subs and a decent lunch consisting mainly of chicken.

The hot subs are equally good, and they have plenty of options with salads.

Their meals may remind you of airline food, but that's only because of the tidy, compact presentation.

Chicken-based soups and side orders make up the rest of the menu.

Granite Place Cafe is located on Granite Street.

Granite Place Cafe - Corona, CA
Delivery & Pickup Options - 72 reviews of Granite Place Cafe “Fresh home-cooked food for very reasonable prices. It’s a small shop, but everytime I go in they are bustling with customers. You can find the usual roast beef, club, egg salad, turkey & avocado sandwiches (on squaw bread, my personal f…

Mojo's Drive Thru Coffee

Good things come in small packages, like Mojo's Drive Thru Coffee.

They are located on 6th Street and occupy a small stand-alone shop.

They offer a variety of hot and cold, blended, and iced brews.

Added to that list are plenty of baked goods and energy drinks.

Mojo's Drive Thru Coffee has packed plenty into a small outlet.

Try the iced coffee and ice creams, which are tempting.

Mojo’s Drive Thru Coffee - Corona, CA
405 reviews of Mojo’s Drive Thru Coffee “Who needs Starbucks when you’ve got this. Great coffee! Great variety! Great service!!! Mojo’s is the best place to go in Corona if you like quick service, yummy coffee, and smiling faces. Love it!”

Baker's Dozen Donuts Deli & Delights

Baker's Dozen Donuts Deli & Delights was established by a couple almost 20 years ago.

Starting off as a small outlet baking donuts for friends, they grew and morphed into the go-to place for custom donuts, with the promise of being fresh and aromatic all day long.

Baker's Dozen Donuts Deli & Delights want people to spend time at their cafe, making new friends, gossiping, chatting, and contributing to the community.

Besides donuts, they offer an array of pastries, bagels, drinks, and ice cream.

For lunch, you can choose from hot and cold sandwiches or a carb-free salad.

Baker's Dozen Donuts Deli & Delights is located on South Main Street A.

Baker’s Dozen Donuts Deli & Delights - Corona, CA
Specialties: We not only strive to create the best food & treats for our customers, but also work hard to provide the best overall experience for our guests. Corona’s Best - Donuts, Bagels, Sandwiches, Muffins, Croissants, Coffee, Tea, Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks * Bacon Maple Bars & Coronutz (Croissa…

R&B Tea Corona

This one is for tea lovers.

R&B Tea Corona serves a nice mix of teas, each of which is their specialty.

They claim to source all their ingredients from local farmers, and that all produce is natural and fresh.

You will find very few tea shops like R&B Tea Corona.

This tea shop is located in Corona Hills Plaza.

R&B Tea - Corona - Corona, CA
Specialties: We are serving the high quality teas, slushy, and boba with many other toppings.

Heavenly Donuts

Heavenly Donuts is all about donuts, and you will be impressed by their offerings.

The cinnamon rolls and cake donuts smell heavenly.

The guys that run this shop have more than 30 years in making donuts.

Have all the croissants you want, and top it off with fine coffee.

For breakfast, they serve eggs and cheese with ham or sausage on bagels.

Heavenly Donuts is located in Corona Orchard Center.

Heavenly Donuts - Corona, CA
Delivery & Pickup Options - 83 reviews of Heavenly Donuts “I love Apple Fritters. Along with loving them, also comes the snob after the hundred of different ones I have had. This was the best Fritter I have ever had.The size of their donuts, rolls, and flips are huge. My apple fritter was about…

Boba Fiend Tea House

Boba Fiend Tea House has been around for almost 10 years now.

Tea, bubble tea especially, occupies a place of pride at this teahouse.

Their three sizes are called "like," "love," and "fiend," for small, medium, and large, respectively.

You can find a great mix and match of milk and fruit teas.

There's a long list of toppings for everything.

Smoothies, "specialteas," and juices make up the rest of the menu.

Boba Fiend Tea House is located in Country Side Center.

Boba Fiend Tea House - Corona, CA
COVID update: Boba Fiend Tea House has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options. 230 reviews of Boba Fiend Tea House “Very nice staff and knowledgeable about all the flavors of tea. The sweetness star system is very useful if you like milder sugar in your tea!Their boba is the perfect consis…

Creme de la Creme Cafe

Children will love Creme de la Creme Cafe, and even the child in you will go around with a broad smile.

The display is excellent, and all they offer is on show: an assortment of sizes and colors, from pastries to cookies.

The cheesecakes seem especially popular, and macarons are available in more than half a dozen flavors.

If you're conscious of your diet, you can try their cakes by the slice.

As if this weren't enough, they have a separate section on the menu for gelato in three sizes.

All the regular coffees and teas are available, with the chocolate orange mocha catching a lot of eyeballs.

Plenty of sandwiches with a choice of white or whole grain bread make this a complete food court by itself.

Creme de la Creme is located in Shops At Dos Lagos.

Creme De La Creme - Corona, CA
Specialties: Creme de la Creme Cafe

Rapha Tea

Rapha Tea is colorful, both in their decor and their cold drinks.

They organize events now and then and are pretty loud in their intentions.

They offer coffee, but their focus is on boba and all kinds of tea.

The tea shop sources ingredients from and is inspired by Taiwanese teas.

They promise to serve the best tea, fresh and premium always.

Rapha Tea is determined to start a tea culture.

They offer variety in the tea section, and the juice section seems promising for the health-conscious.

It seems logical to try their Rapha Signature Tea.

You could opt for their original milk or flavored milk tea series.

Rapha Tea is located in Temescal Village Plaza.

Rapha Tea - Corona, CA
Specialties: Come in for our high quality teas and slush drinks and choose from a variety of toppings such as our fresh boba.

GoodFellas Cafe

You can find GoodFellas Cafe on Pomona Road.

The tables are arranged in neat rows, and the furniture is polished well.

You will be absorbed in all the celebs' photos lining the wall.

The menu is too vast to describe in detail.

Suffice it to say, you can have all three meals of the day here.

The quesadilla is quite heavy for those of you who like it that way.

You can also try the GoodFellas combo, which seems lighter, or you could keep it simple with the scrambler special.

Healthier alternatives are also available, as this restaurant has everyone in mind.

What's unique about GoodFellas Cafe is they offer a Little Fellas menu for kids below 10 years old; this option is available only for dine-in.

GoodFella’s Cafe - Corona, CA
Specialties: Expect delicious food! Visit us today to experience one of the most unique and best rated restaurants in Corona. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. GoodFellas Cafe may seem like an odd name for a restaurant but once you’ve eaten here, there is nothing funny at all. The food is deli…

Panera Bread

If you've worked up a good appetite and you're searching for some wholesome sandwiches, go ahead and visit Panera Bread.

Chicken, bacon, and steak—name it, and they have it.

Order a cold drink to accompany your sandwich.

If you're looking for offers, you could ask about Sip Club.

For the health-conscious, a family meal will satisfy their body and their heart.

You can find Panera Bread on Tuscany Street.

Panera Bread - Corona, CA
COVID update: Panera Bread has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options. 316 reviews of Panera Bread “OK, some points in my life have necessitated that I become a free-wireless whore. I’ll go where ever I can get it. But, I always purchase something to support the establishment. Panera Bre…

Betty Faye's Cafe

Betty Faye's Cafe is one of the rare cafes offering customers vegan and vegetarian options.

It's a wonderful restaurant that promises a lot and keeps up the promises.

They have cuisines for the typical American, including breakfast, lunches, salad, soups, grills, and much more.

Betty Faye's Cafe's menu features buttermilk pancakes, omelets, burgers, and more.

They offer standard breakfast fare and Betty's specialties.

Customers have the option to create their own omelet combinations.

Lunch comes up with various options for light eaters and kids.

Betty's breakfast of chilaquiles looks light on calories but a bit heavy on the pocket.

Their unique selling point is they have something for everyone.

Betty Faye's Cafe is located in North Main Plaza.

Betty Faye’s Cafe - Corona, CA
Specialties: Corona’s BEST place for home style cooking! Open for Breakfast and Lunch. Specializing in breakfast and lunch. We are famous for our Biscuits and Gravy, Wagon Wheel Pancakes, and our 1/2 lb Cattlemen Burgers.

Choco Bakery & Cafe

Housed in Green River Promenade is Choco Bakery & Cafe, which bakes yummy cakes and pastries.

There's a wonderful array to choose from, whether you are a cream-bun lover or a creamy-cake lover.

The aroma from their fresh tarts will surely make you reach out.

Their croissants are baked on order, and that's why you will find them fresh and tempting.

Choco Bakery & Cafe is ideal for birthday cakes.

You will find them willing to customize and innovate with the birthday orders.

If you have a sweet tooth, you should try the baklava, made fresh daily.

There are also pies and blueberry muffins.

It seems they have their own secret recipe for the muffins.

Coffee lovers can choose from the regular espresso, Americano, mocha, and cappuccino.

The filter coffee seems particularly appealing.

If you are adventurous, you can order Turkish coffee, which occupies a separate place in their list.

Choco Bakery & Cafe - Corona, CA
Specialties: Started in 2009 with a passion to bring love and smile with a hint of sweetness. We specialize in custom cakes for any occasion; birthday, wedding and special events. We also offer wide variety of French and Italian pastries.

Final Thoughts

If you are on a trip to Corona for a couple of days, you will find this list useful.

A lot depends on whether you are a coffee lover or a tea lover.

The above list isn't in any particular order; the intention is to provide you with information and a little opinion to help save your time.

When in the area, try as many of the best coffee shops in Corona, California as possible!

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