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15 Best Things to Do in La Quinta, CA

  • Published 2022/02/26

La Quinta is a desert city located in Coachella Valley in California and is also one of its hidden gems with so much to see and do!

Best known for its golfing scene in the entire United States, this city is home to some of the greatest and most challenging golf courses that are world-renowned and award-winning!

They have a wide variety and endless list of restaurants, bars, and other dining options for you to taste while in this chic, resort city.

In addition to their eateries, you can find some of the most stunning, breathtaking views of the panoramic mountain ranges and flourishing landscapes, matched with sunny weather!

Learn about their diverse culture, inspiring art scene, and rich history with this curated list of tourist attractions for you to explore:

Go Shopping at ​​Old Town La Quinta

Far view of the Old Town La Quinta.

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This shopping center at the heart of La Quinta is one of the most sought-after malls in this entire city!

Characterized by its iconic Californian Renaissance-style exterior, you can find various boutiques, a wide range of dining options, art galleries and centers, and even aesthetic cafes along this plaza!

Elegant homes built around 1997 also line the paths leading up to the shopping center giving guests and tourists the romantic ambiance that defines this particular destination.

Exterior of a building at Old Town La Quinta.

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In addition to being a gathering center for locals and tourists alike, Old Town La Quinta also offers various events such as art displays and live music!

Offices and work establishments take up the second floors of these buildings, balancing the life of work and pleasure!

A trip to this iconic, Renaissance-inspired tourist attraction is sure to provide you and your loved ones an enjoyable time!

Exterior of a building along the street of Old Town La Quinta.

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Visit the La Quinta Museum

Since its opening in 2008 at the heart of this city, La Quinta Museum has attracted tourists with its exhibits and displays, featuring La Quinta’s history, culture, and arts.

This museum’s goal is to preserve the rich history and culture of La Quinta through the programs and events they host that are open to the public.

Inside, you can find their community room that is home to an impressive 32-foot long mural, dioramas, and photo galleries and collection.

Guests should also visit their Local History Gallery, which has expanded to accommodate more artifacts and exhibits to tell the rich stories of the past.

These carefully curated collections, exhibits, and displays are sure to give visitors a memorable time on their visit to this vibrant desert city!

Do Some Recreational Activities at Lake Cahuilla Veterans Regional Park

A short 15-minute drive away from the central city takes you to Lake Cahuilla Veterans Regional Park.

Spanning over 710 acres, this spacious park is home to some picturesque scenes of the mountains, the greenest grass, and allows for many outdoor activities!

This destination gives tourists an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city while relaxing in the open air!

Guests may also enjoy their meals at the picnic tables lining the park or have a nice barbecue with friends and family.

Lake Cahuilla Veterans Regional Park gives you a nice, relaxing day under the sun with unparalleled and breathtaking views of the mountains and water that are sure to give you an enjoyable experience.

Book a Room at The Chateau at Lake La Quinta

This hotel located along Lake La Quinta gives all visitors an elegant room with an exceptional view of the water.

It is situated in the city’s center, giving you close and easy access to nearby tourist attractions!

With over 24 rooms, this hotel welcomes visitors from all over the world, and you’d be amazed at the outstanding, modern decor this building has!

After a tiring day of touring La Quinta, you can come home to soft, comfortable beds, private patios overlooking the water, and a sun terrace.

You may also grab a nice, refreshing drink at their bar lobby and unwind for the remainder of the night.

Their swimming pool is open, along with a wonderful garden perfect for morning or evening strolls and a massage room to get rid of those tight knots on your back!

Whether it’s a family vacation or a romantic getaway, this hotel will treat you and your guests like royalty!

Take a Trip to Certified Farmers Market

Certified Farmers Market La Quinta offers customers a wide variety of products ranging from food items to body products and everything in between!

You can also find some of the best fresh produce here sold by local farmers and vendors.

Boutiques, food stalls, and even coffee carts can be found in this market, so be sure to check these out, too!

You’ll be hearing live music playing along the streets as your stroll down and browse their wide selection of items.

A trip to Certified Farmers Market ensures a relaxing day out in the city as you enjoy the amenities and other activities!

Dine at La Quinta Cliffhouse

Staying true to its name, La Quinta Cliffhouse is a resto-bar found on top of a cliff in this desert city!

This restaurant serves American cuisine and is one of the hidden gems of La Quinta that you wouldn’t want to miss!

With the mountaintop location of this cliffside restaurant accompanied by a perfectly cooked steak of your choice and award-winning wines, you’re bound to have a memorable dining experience.

They also offer outdoor seating on their patio, or you can choose to be indoors where you can grab a refreshing drink at their bar!

La Quinta Cliffhouse aims to give you a unique and fun dining experience while on your trip to this city, so be sure to make a reservation before they run out of seats.

Go Golfing at PGA WEST Stadium Course

This exclusive clubhouse is home to some of the most challenging golf courses on the entire west coast.

Especially for golf fans and players alike, this stadium course has been the venue for some of the most popular and iconic golf tournaments that certain celebrities have enjoyed.

You’d enjoy the expansive green lawns with only the best quality rough and fairways for your golfing experience!

PGA WEST Stadium Course has also made its way to the “Top 100 Courses to Play” by GOLF Magazine, among many other acknowledgments from golf experts.

Though best known for its golfing programs and amenities, you can catch other events too, such as their Film Festival, Polo Tournament, Tennis Open, and more!

There’s a wide variety of things you can do here at this clubhouse, so be sure to stop by!

Spend Some Time Outdoors at Cove Oasis Trailhead

Scenic view of the Cove Oasis Trailhead.

ziedonis /

Located on the southern side of La Quinta, Cove Oasis Trailhead has a lot of outdoor activities for you to enjoy!

You can access one of their many hiking trails, such as Bear Creek Canyon Trail and Boo Hoff Trail, where you can admire the natural beauty of the flora and fauna lining these paths.

Boulders at Cove Oasis Trailhead.

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You can also get a lovely view of the mountains and scenic sites this cove offers!

Other amenities include picnic tables where you can enjoy a nice meal, benches, and even publicly displayed art!

Some trails are harder to hike than others, so wear appropriate footwear to have a fun, enjoyable experience!

Desert bird at Cove Oasis Trailhead.

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Rent a Bike at Village Peddler

Previously known as “Old Town Peddler,” this bike rental shop provides guests the option to rent their bikes or have yours repaired!

Walking along this entire city on foot can get tiring, but Village Peddler lets you finish the rest of your tour while biking!

The first of its kind in this magnificent desert city, this establishment has been diligently and consistently serving the community members and its visitors since 2015.

Complete with safety gear such as helmets and shoulder and knee pads, Village Peddler is more than willing to rent their bikes to you for as long as you need for a good price!

They’ll even deliver a bike to your doorstep as long as you book in advance.

Tour the city of La Quinta efficiently while cycling with the help of Village Peddler!

Admire Art at I.M.A.G.E.S Fine Art Gallery and Garden

It’s no doubt that La Quinta has some of the finest art scenes, and I.M.A.G.E.S Fine Art Gallery and Garden is home to some of these masterpieces!

Featuring special arts events and workshops, you can try your hand at creating an art piece of your own!

Their displays are indoor in the art gallery and outdoor in the garden to maximize their space.

You can take a stroll through their open garden by yourself for some relaxing fresh air or take a guided tour while admiring the art pieces that selected artists have carefully crafted.

This art gallery does not take walk-ins, so be sure to book in advance to ensure a slot!

Feast Like the King at Arnold Palmer’s Restaurant

Named after a legendary golfer who stood out in this sport and nicknamed “The King,” Arnold Palmer’s Restaurant is a classic steakhouse located right next to a golf course that you should add to your itinerary!

Since its opening in 2004 at the city center, this restaurant has been serving top-notch American cuisine that includes some of Arnold’s personal favorite meals, such as steak, fresh seafood, and more!

With the option to dine al-fresco or indoors, you’ll be treated like royalty at this restaurant while enjoying some of their best-tasting wine.

From your seat, you may see the memorabilia of Arnold Palmer’s golfing achievements and successes artfully displayed on their walls.

Guests may even play a round or two of golf while waiting for their meals to be served or purchase a meal as an after-golf snack.

Whether it’s with friends, family, or other loved ones, Arnold Palmer’s Restaurant seeks to give you a taste of the simple pleasures of food combined with golf!

Catch a Show at Marvyn’s Magic Theater

A short 10-minute drive away from La Quinta’s city center takes you to Marvyn’s Magic Theater which hosts biweekly magic shows, stand-up comedy, and other entertaining acts for anyone over the age of 21!

Each featured guest also tries to make their show as interactive and audience-friendly as much as possible, so don’t be surprised if they call on you to volunteer from the crowd!

While waiting for the show to begin, visitors may check out their full-access bar for a nice drink or simply wait and enjoy the pre-show entertainment and music.

Hosted by Jeff Hobson since its opening more than a decade ago, you’re bound to have a memorable night with all the fun and entertainment this small, intimate facility has to offer.

You’ll be sure to leave this theatre center with a slight stomach ache from laughing or completely mesmerized by the magic acts!

There are only 130 seats available, so make sure to reserve an admission ticket before they’re fully booked!

Attend the La Quinta Art Celebration at Civic Center Campus

Found right at the heart of La Quinta, you can take a trip down to Civic Center Campus to attend their annual art celebration for a relaxing day outdoors!

Hosted every March, this festival attracts locals and tourists alike to participate in their events as well as enjoy the gourmet food and drinks.

You can meet the creative minds behind these exhibits and artworks or simply sing and dance along to the live musical performances and entertainment!

This festival only gets better and better each year, so try and add this to your to-do list while visiting this city.

Guests may also read a book and relax at this park, stroll around, and host a nice picnic while conveniently a short walking distance away from other attractions nearby.

With their other amenities, such as a small pond and a vast green space, you can spend great quality time with your friends and family here.

Taste One of La Quinta’s Best Pizzas at Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill

This family-owned and operated restaurant originally only served pizza for takeout upon its establishment in 1976 before expanding its food options and growing into one of La Quinta’s eatery staples in 2004.

More than just a bar and grill, this restaurant is the go-to place for avid sports fans and fanatics to enjoy a hearty American-style meal while watching their favorite team play on the multiple TV screens found inside!

They also serve craft beer and the best wine they have to offer while you enjoy their handcrafted pizza, perfectly cooked steak, and overall friendly atmosphere.

This sports bar allows guests to choose from an outdoor patio seating to enjoy fresh air or chime in and cheer for their favorite players with indoor seating.

There are only two franchise locations of Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill, so try and drop by their La Quinta branch for a unique experience!

Take a Quick Art Class at Old Town Artisan Studios

Old Town Artisan Studios welcomes everyone despite age, disability, and status to create an inclusive environment for all to enjoy!

They also cater to young ones with special needs and elderly groups to provide a fun, artsy experience with their classes and workshops!

You can learn the basics of ceramic-making, pottery, painting, and more for a great price.

This studio can help you find your artistic passion with inspiring programs and events to guide you in the right direction.

Old Town Artisan Studios aims to spread love and healing with their art and give back to the community in however way they can.

Be sure to visit this art studio for an inspirational and fun experience!

Final Thoughts

From golf courses to upscale restaurants, shopping options, and even hiking trails, this desert city in Coachella Valley has something for everyone to enjoy!

Though this city is the leading destination for golf fans and players, you don’t necessarily have to be well-versed in this sport to have a fun, memorable experience in La Quinta!

In addition to its wide range of amenities, you get a breathtaking view of the Santa Rosa Mountains that line the cityscape.

With a vibrant and friendly community, rich art scenes, and local culture, you’re bound to fall in love with this chic resort area.

There truly is so much to see and do in La Quinta so book a trip now!

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