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15 Best Things to Do in Blythe, CA

  • Published 2021/12/10

Blythe, located in Riverside County, is a picturesque California town known for its extensive agricultural grounds.

Despite mainly being agricultural, Blythe offers several attractions that draw tourists from all over the nation.

During the summer, it transforms into a melting pot of watersports enthusiasts.

It also contains natural parks that are great for camping and adventure.

You may want to take a group of pals to Mayflower County Park while you’re in town.

Don’t worry if you have too much fun, Many Airbnb vacation properties are available.

Whether you’re visiting with friends or family, the city has every activity you could ask for.

No matter your interests, there is something perfect for you here in Blythe!

Now let’s look at the 15 best things to do in Blythe, California.

Take a Look at the Incredible Blythe Intaglios

Aerial View of Incredible Blythe Intaglios

Rsfinlayson, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The interesting Blythe Intaglios are one of the many unique sites in Blythe.

These gigantic figures on the ground, also known as Blythe Geoglyphs, may seem to be alien works of art, but they are, according to studies, artificial.

It’s simply there for some inexplicable purpose.

Nevertheless, it creates intriguing images of the rocky section of the earth.

Aerial View of Incredible Blythe Intaglios

Rsfinlayson, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There are around 600 marks on the ground in all.

In 1975, the US National Register of Historic Places listed this interesting assemblage of figures in the Colorado Desert.

Are you traveling with children who are interested in archaeology?

If so, don’t forget to include this in your list of family-friendly activities in Blythe.

These gigantic geometric shapes were carved into the soil by Native Americans years ago, and they are both mysterious and exciting.

Aerial View of Incredible Blythe Intaglios

Rsfinlayson, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These mysterious and old geometric, animal, and human figures are worth looking at.

Also, bring or hire a drone to get a bird’s-eye view of the engravings.

While you’re there, take a look at the attractive interpretive signs to learn more about this historic site.

Consider Pitching a Tent When You Visit Mayflower County Park

If you’ve traveled to Blythe to rest and unwind, you should surely bring your family or friends to Mayflower County Park for some camping.

Imagine being one with nature, taking in the beautiful scenery, stargazing at a nighttime sky filled with sparkling lights, and waking up to a cool morning breeze. These are the basic pleasures that you will find here.

There are 179 campsites in this beautiful campground.

This is a fantastic area to build memorable experiences with your loved ones and is suitable for all sorts of campers, including children and dogs.

This beautiful park, located along the Colorado River, has 157 RV spaces and a variety of other facilities.

Camping at this park is undoubtedly one of our favorite nighttime activities in Blythe.

Camping in this park will provide a calm respite away from the turmoil of your everyday distractions.

Even better, the park’s willow trees and scenic meadows provide a relaxing atmosphere.

This park offers a variety of low-cost activities close to you.

Camping, fishing, horseback riding, and lawn bowling may all be done throughout a weekend here.

Mayflower Park Campsite, located near Blythe, California, is a campground / RV park with convenient access for bikers.

This campsite or RV park is family-friendly.

This may include organized activities, playgrounds, and gaming rooms, as well as a family-friendly camping setting.

If you’re searching for a family-friendly RV park or campsite, this may be the place for you.

Anyone wishing to go out into the river may do so from this park.

Witness the Exhibits at the Palo Verde Historical Museum and Society

Are you curious about the history and culture of the areas you visit?

If that’s the case, visit the Palo Verde Historical Museum and Society during your trip to Blythe.

This attractive museum displays artifacts that can help you better understand the way people lived in the city in the past.

It has old pictures, vintage decors, worn-out apparel, antiques, musical instruments, medical devices, and other precious objects.

This little museum on N Broadway, which opened in 1981, is jam-packed with items illustrating the city’s history.

Are you seeking something to do inside while it’s raining or freezing outside?

Why not plan a visit to this museum for a few hours?

You’ll discover antique objects, vintage decors, and ancient images among the displays at this museum, which chronicle the area’s history.

By visiting the museum’s displays and instructive exhibitions, you may better understand the city.

Be Amazed by the Interior of the Catholic Church of St. Joan of Arc

A trip isn’t complete without a pilgrimage to a religious site.

If you’re a Catholic, St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church on East Chanslor Way is a good place to visit.

Every day, mass is held in this modest yet magnificent church.

You may pay a brief visit to express your gratitude and best wishes, or you can attend a mass and listen to the priest’s speech.

Feed your spiritual well-being and benefit others.

This church, which was built in 1920, attempts to meet the spiritual requirements of the Catholic population in Blythe.

Don’t be fooled by its size!

Even though this church is tiny, it is still one of our favorite free things to do in Blythe.

The church is deep in history, in addition to its attractive design.

Take pictures of the building’s one-of-a-kind architecture.

Afterward, go inside and relax, reflect, and take in the peaceful environment

Go Swimming at the Village Retreat

If you’re visiting Blythe with your family, especially the youngsters, you should spend some quality time with them at Village Retreat Inc.

This amazing attraction offers an outdoor swimming pool.

Picnic tables and chairs abound for anyone planning a get-together with friends and family.

There’s much to do for both kids and adults on 8th Street.

Village Retreat is ideal for families searching for fun things to do in Blythe.

It’s a beautiful spot to unwind and beat the heat in Blythe, with an outdoor swimming pool and various services.

Additionally, it is accessible to a number of wonderful downtown attractions.

After that, choose a table and have a picnic with your friends.

Enjoy the Great Scenery of Peter Mcintyre County Park

If you can’t get enough of nature, Peter McIntyre Country Park is another beautiful site to visit while in Blythe.

This lovely park has a beautiful lake and dramatic scenery.

The campsite is popular with both visitors and residents.

Camp with your friends and spend the day swimming and fishing.

There are 300 sites available for tenancy in total.

For increased convenience, portable restrooms and showers are provided.

This nautical-themed RV park, located near the Colorado River, offers a variety of activities to its guests.

If you’re seeking romantic activities in Blythe for couples, go no further than this RV park.

This park features a beautiful lake and spectacular surroundings, ideal for a romantic weekend.

It’s also jam-packed with activities for people who wish to get some exercise.

The park’s freshwater beach, lagoon, and launch ramp are worth seeing.

In addition, jet skiing and waterskiing are available in the park’s waterways for daring.

Garcia’s Restaurant Serves Delectable Mexican Cuisine

Blythe is not just a haven of natural wonders and magnificent monuments, but it also has superb eateries.

Garcia’s Restaurant on East Hobsonway is proof of it.

The cuisine is on a different level than the interior design, which is modest and informal with a cozy feel.

To top it off, the meal is given in large servings at a reasonable cost.

Try Great Selection of Drinks at Emerald Lounge

After a great meal at Garcia’s Restaurant, you may want to make the most of the remainder of the evening by stopping by Emerald Lounge for some beverages.

This beautiful, laid-back pub offers unique beers and some of their trademark cocktail mixtures.

It is an excellent hangout location for groups or even lone travelers.

The audience is excellent, and the atmosphere is laid-back.

At this venue, you will undoubtedly have a fantastic time, so bring out your inner social butterfly and mingle with the locals.

Unwind at the Hidden Beaches River Resort

Remember when you were a child and went RV camping?

The campsites were peaceful, with significant grassy areas for fishing, relaxing, and reading a book.

You may spend the day relaxing or going water skiing.

This RV campground, located along the Colorado River, has been in operation since the early 1990s.

The warm, dry desert climate and natural beauty of our tree-lined grassland location along the Colorado River are sure to brighten your day and soothe your soul.

At Hidden Beaches River Resort, we take pleasure in our staff’s friendliness and assistance.

This RV spot is ideal for nature lovers and photographers.

This resort is plenty of appealing things to explore this weekend, from gorgeous sunsets to green meadows.

Like other RV parks in the region, this resort has plenty of recreational possibilities.

It is one of the most intriguing sites to visit today for anyone seeking a natural hideaway.

Camping near the river is a good option in the park.

In addition, you may swim or kayak in the Colorado River’s calm waters.

The facility also has a boat dock, a launch ramp, RV and boat storage, propane, and a dump station.

It can accommodate both short- and long-term visitors and various types of camping units, with 30 and 50 amp service provided.

Play Golf With Your Friends at the Blythe Municipal Golf Course

Blythe Municipal Golf Course is located approximately five miles northwest of Mesa in a picturesque setting surrounded by mountains overlooking the Palo Verde Valley.

The course traverses over 75 acres of mesa bluff before plummeting more than 200 feet to the valley bottom.

This excellent attraction caters to golfers of all ability levels, whether seasoned pro or rising star.

Not only that, but this location is also a fantastic site for weddings, corporate dinners, birthday celebrations, and other special occasions.

The course may seem frightening, and it will undoubtedly put you to the test, but it is really more player-friendly than it appears.

The broad fairways are generous, but the undulating greens may be challenging, particularly with a few carefully placed bunkers strewn throughout.

Wander Around Todd Park

Do you have any spare time before you go on your trip back home?

Kids will definitely have a great time at Todd Park

This location has several benefits that you and your family will enjoy.

There’s also a small waterpark and a jumping area.

There is a baseball field, a skatepark, and food and beverage concession stalls.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enjoy the Hand-Carved Wood Monuments of Pioneer Cemetery

The Arizona Highway Department placed a permanent monument here in 1935.

This cemetery captures the spirit of the Old West with its hand-carved wood monuments and stone-covered graves.

With rocks and cactus plants, the cemetery mixes in perfectly with the surrounding desert region.

Each cemetery has been elevated and covered with a mound of boulders, perhaps in the manner of the original graves.

It also features a few monuments and placards that explain Ehrenberg’s history and the buried individuals.

Pay your respects to the courageous pioneers and trailblazers who shaped American history at this cemetery.

Additionally, photograph the monument, which blends in well with the surrounding desert terrain.

Final Thoughts

Blythe is a lovely agricultural city with a smattering of tourism attractions.

While you’re here, you should visit several natural parks, campsites, and intriguing museums and landmarks.

Compared to most cities, Blythe is less polluted and loud, making it a perfect holiday location for those seeking a respite from mundane city life.

If you’re planning a quick visit to Blythe, this list will assist you in putting up an agenda.

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