Editorial Guidelines

With our strict adherence to high-quality writing, Travel Lens strives to produce compelling, factual, and accurate articles.

Below is an outline of the editorial process in Travel Lens and how editors and writers communicate with each other in providing high-quality content.

Editing Process

All articles submitted to Travel Lens undergo rigorous editorial screening. Upon submission, the Editor-in-Chief will do a quick review of an article to see if it is of sufficient quality and meets the company’s house style and editorial standards.

The editors will then perform two types of editing: substantive and mechanical. During a substantive edit, the editors ensure that the organization and logical flow of writing is evident throughout the article. Once done, the editors proceed with mechanical editing, wherein spelling, grammar and usage, formatting, and readability are edited to parallel the company’s editorial standards. Also, the editors provide feedback to the writers during editing to help them hone their writing skills.

Finally, after substantive and mechanical editing, as well as fact-checking, the Editor-in-Chief will reexamine the article to ensure that it is of the highest quality and free of errors.

Editorial Decision and Revision

Based on the company’s editorial standards, the Editor-in-Chief determines which of the articles must be published. If deemed unpublishable, some articles may be rejected, and the EIC will notify the writers with explanations of the reason for rejection.

Furthermore, in cases where revisions are recommended (chiefly due to low-quality content or plagiarism, be it minor or major), the editors will ask for necessary revisions from the writers. Once done with the revisions, the editors will reassess the articles to ensure that the suggested corrections are applied.


From time to time, we update the articles in our content library with new information and images. This is to ensure that our content is recent and relevant to the readers.


Articles written by writers in Travel Lens are fact-checked by editors. Writers are expected to be accurate, and should there be any vague information found in articles, our editors will reach out to the writers for verification before publishing any content.


All information used in our articles is not based on other travel websites. We value originality, and we solely rely on reputable primary sources. We are also transparent about the sources we use, as evident in the hyperlinked attractions in each subsection.

Corrections Policy and Procedure

Similar to other publications, Travel Lens also commits mistakes, be it about grammar, spelling, word usage, or any factual information. What we do in such cases is correct our errors immediately. Our writers will investigate these mistakes and correct them, which will then be reviewed by our editors and Editor-in-Chief.

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