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15 Best Things to Do in Cabazon, CA

  • Published 2022/05/04

Initially established as a settlement during the 1870s, Cabazon was originally named Jacinto before it was renamed Cabezone.

Before recent developments, Cabazon started with a small hotel, dance hall, and fruit farm.

This unincorporated community in Riverside County officially became a city in 1955.

However, various issues caused its disincorporation in 1971.

Today, Cabazon has a bustling business district thanks to its famous outlet mall and Morongo casino.

Besides those, there are many things you shouldn’t miss out on while in the area.

Here are 15 of the best things to do while in Cabazon, CA:

Take a Photo with the Cabazon Dinosaurs

Two dinosaurs along the road of Cabazon

Atomazul /

Anyone passing through Cabazon has probably seen the towering dinosaur structures by the roadside.

And if you’re a fan of the classic comedy Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, stop by and take a photo of this famous location from Tim Burton’s movie.

But that’s not all there is to it, though.

The dinosaurs welcome you to a nearby park where you can take a dinosaur walk.

A t-rex at the roadside of Cabazon

Logan Bush /

You’ll enter a Jurassic-era world where you’ll check out other dinosaur sculptures and participate in dino digging and fossil panning activities.

Formerly known as Claude Bell’s Dinosaurs, the attraction on Seminole Dr. features two steel and concrete dinosaurs一a 150-foot-long Brontosaurus named Dinny the Dinosaur and a 65-foot-tall Tyrannosaurus Rex named Mr. Rex.

Artist Claude K. Bell created these dinosaurs during the 1960s to attract customers to the Wheel Inn Restaurant, a diner-like eatery with an Old West theme.

A large dinosaur statue along Cabazon's road

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Taste Premium Fruits and Nuts at Hadley Fruit Orchards

Swing by Morongo Trail and experience the taste of fresh and premium quality dates, dried fruit, nuts, and more at Hadley Fruit Orchards.

All products are grown from the business’ private date orchards, puff grain operations, honey houses, and other production warehouses.

Paul and Peggy Hadley founded the orchards in 1931.

Since then, Hadley Fruit Orchards has become a Cabazon staple for all-natural products.

Although the orchard’s warehouse burned down in 1951, the couple continued their business operations by selling their products on the roadside.

The Morongo Band of Mission Indians bought the Hadley Fruit Orchards in 1999, which led to the preservation of local stores and expansion of the business for over six decades.

Take your pick from a wide selection of baked date goods, flavored honey, trail mixes, dried candied fruits, and jams.

Satisfy Your Cravings at Cielo

Experience fine dining from 27 floors up at Cielo at Morongo’s.

Marvel at the floor-to-ceiling windows, the sparkling chandeliers adorning the ceiling, and the panoramic view of the sunset and mountains.

Grab a bite of flame-grilled USDA prime steaks, premium chops, savory seafood platters, and more, and experience fine dining.

Cielo also modifies its menu to suit seasonal dishes, presenting a unique array of delectables from time to time.

Of course, what’s fine dining without a premium collection of aged wine?

Don’t forget to browse Cielo’s wine list and take a swig of classic cocktails and creative concoctions made just for you.

Try Your Luck at the Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa

Evening view of Morongo Casino, Resort, and Spa exterior

James Kirkikis /

The Morongo Casino, Resort, and Spa along Seminole Dr. serves as one of the premier destinations in California Casinos.

It is a Native American gaming casino of the Morongo Band of Cahuilla Mission Indians, featuring 44 acres of enjoyment and relaxation.

The 27-story resort is considered one of the largest casinos in California, with 310 rooms and suites.

Roadsign of Morongo Casino, Resort, and Spa

Byron W.Moore /

Nestled along the foothills of the San Gorgonio and San Jacinto Mountains, this crown jewel offers Californians and tourists Vegas-style gaming less than 90 miles away from Los Angeles.

Enjoy 195,000 square feet of gaming with the newest loose slots, table games, and more, and marvel at the retro-1960s interior that makes gaming all the more enticing.

If you’re into trying your luck by lounging in casinos and are planning to hang out in Cabazon for some time, join Morongo Rewards to get up to ten times more cashback than any other California casino.

Play a Game of Ten-Pin at Canyon Lanes at Morongo

After a short drive from Palm Springs, head over to Canyon Lanes at Morongo and enjoy a game of ten-pin with your friends and family.

Play for fun or engage in friendly competition across 24 lanes, or experience a one-of-a-kind blacklight bowling game during the weekends.

You can also participate in a couple of bowling leagues and go head-to-head with competitive bowlers.

But don’t worry一aside from bowling, there’s an awful lot to do in Canyon Lanes.

Gaming machines and arcades can be found inside the bowling alley, making for the perfect entertainment hub in Cabazon.

Canyon Lanes also has a Pro Shop and several restaurants where you can grab a bite after a whole day of gaming.

Help the People at the James A. Venable Community Center

Cabazon redefines the term community.

Every month, the people of Cabazon organize a food distribution program for residents who require assistance.

Community leaders like the Family Service Association, Carol’s Kitchen, and the Department of Animal Services oversee the monthly program.

Home repair for seniors and afterschool programs are recurring events that the community can participate in.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, the center also offers lunch for Cabazon and Whitewater senior citizens.

Help out at the James A. Venable Community Center and immerse yourself in Cabazon’s values of dedication, compassion, and care.

Shop ‘Til You Drop at Desert Hills Premium Outlets

A shop at Desert Hills Premium Outlets

Jeff Whyte /

If you think shopping while on a budget means missing out on designer brands, you haven’t seen what’s inside Desert Hills Premium Outlets along Seminole Dr.

Thanks to its low prices and high-quality products, Desert Hills Premium Outlets is a favorite among tourists and Californians.

Shops along Desert Hills Premium Outlets

Jeff Whyte /

Shop ‘til you drop in this outlet mall and spend the entire day going through every store.

Fresh air meets you as the outlet mall has an outdoor design, offering a stunning view of the San Gorgonio and the San Jacinto Mountains.

From Alexander McQueen, Armani, and Balenciaga to Tom Ford, Valentino, and Versace, you’re sure to find only the best designer brands around the globe.

People shopping at Desert Hills Premium Outlets

Jeff Whyte /

Sip Fresh Brews at Pink Coffee

There’s no better way to relax than enjoying a fresh cup of coffee in the morning (or any time for coffee addicts).

Pink Coffee is inside Morongo Casino, Resort, and Spa, offering guests a quiet and serene space away from the bustling halls.

Pink Coffee at Morongo’s offers bold, signature roast coffee and baked goods that will surely leave you wanting more.

Have a bite of their sweet and savory creations like the Cream Cheese and Almond Croissant.

Also, don’t miss out on favorites like classic chocolate cake, carrot cake, and homemade gelato.

Dine at L.A. Italian Kitchen

Cabazon hosts a ton of must-try restaurants, including L.A. Italian Kitchen along Seminole Dr.

Don’t be fooled by the restaurant’s small space, as it’s arguably one of the best places to grab a bite of some of your favorite Italian dishes.

Joe De Santis founded L.A. Italian Kitchen and its chain of restaurants.

He began working for the family restaurant during the weekends, climbing up the ranks to become a manager.

L.A. Italian Kitchen draws inspiration from a long line of De Santis Family members in producing age-old recipes that Cabazon people have come to love.

With its long tradition of producing quality food, you’ll get only the best pizzas, lasagnas, garlic bread, and more at L.A. Italian Kitchen.

Bust a Move at the Cabazon Skatepark

Bust a move at the Cabazon Skatepark along Broadway.

Hang around the skate park and get a much-needed exercise by engaging in various activities.

The skate park features a simple layout, making it the perfect area to warm up and learn a new move.

The park also features a basketball court if you’re looking to do something other than hanging out by the banks and mini-ramp.

Spend some time perfecting your skateboarding skills, meeting new friends, and having a good time.

Visit the Cabazon Community Church

The Cabazon Community Church along Aloma Dr. sits in the middle of the desert, adding to its uniqueness and becoming one of the many reasons you should stop by.

The church sports a simple style across the all-white walls.

The simple structure behind the desert makes for a stunning view.

The church holds regular Bible studies.

It also holds fellowship and praise, and worship events.

Explore the San Gorgonio Pass

Windmill farm at San Gorgonio Pass

Angel La Canfora /

The San Gorgonio Pass is an elevation gap on the rim of The Great Basin between the San Bernardino and the San Jacinto Mountains.

This pass is a transportation corridor between the Greater L.A. region and the Coachella Valley and into Arizona and the US interior.

Scenic mountains at San Gorgonio Pass

Andy Konieczny /

Formed by the San Andreas Fault, the San Gorgonio Pass is one of the deepest mountain passes in the region, with the mountains rising to almost 9,000 feet.

The heart of the pass is further east near Cabazon, encompassing other places, such as Banning, Bonnie Bell, Cherry Valley, Highland Springs, and the Morongo Reservation.

While you’re here, don’t forget to visit the wind farm and take a picture of the breathtaking view.

Sunset over San Gorgonio Pass

Weekender Studios /

Indulge in Asian Cuisine at Mozen Asian Kitchen

Enjoy the flavors of China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and Thailand at the Mozen Asian Kitchen in Morongo’s.

Enjoy wok-fried noodles like Lo-Mein and Mixed Seafood Udon, or try the restaurant’s timeless classics like the Kung Pao Chicken, Korean-Style Short Ribs, Roasted Duck, and Hainanese Chicken.

For a more intimate dining experience, reserve a private room with a design from Kenneth Ussenko, who has designed over 14 restaurants in the US and Qatar.

While you’re there, don’t forget to try Mozen’s handcrafted teas.

Fresh-shaken tea and brewed to order, their Passion Fruit Jasmine Tea, Peach Sea Salt Cream Green Tea, High Mountain Black Oolong Tea, Strawberry Lemonade Iced Tea, and Honey Mint Green Tea are genuinely a collection of must-try drinks.

Of course, boba drinks are a staple in any Asian country, so don’t forget to try the restaurant’s fresh fruit smoothies served with crystal boba.

Explore the Halls of the Cabazon Community Library

Stop by Carmen Ave. and explore the halls of learning at the Cabazon Community Library.

Established in 2013, the Cabazon Community Library is registered in the Riverside County Library System.

Check out the library’s multi-purpose rooms and watch out for community events and library programs.

The community library also features a children’s corner, teen area, and adult reading area, making the library a perfect learning center for all ages.

The 7,000-square-feet library is also an essential part of the Cabazon Civic Center.

Fill Up on Good Food at the Pit Stop Diner

The Pit Stop Diner inside the Morongo Casino, Resort, and Spa is arguably one of the best places for an all-American breakfast, delectable lunches, and dinners.

Enjoy a menu of down-home diner favorites made fresh, fast, and delicious.

Juicy burgers hot off the grill, homemade cakes and pies, and handspun milkshakes are just some of the things on the menu you have to try.

Try the diner’s NY-style steak and eggs served with hash browns, or grab a slow-roasted prime rib with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, au jus, and horseradish cream.

For dessert, try their ultimate chocolate cake一layers of chocolate cake in whipped chocolate frosting topped with chocolate ganache.

Final Thoughts

There’s no better place to shop for fabulous finds and have a good time than Cabazon.

So, if you’re planning to visit California anytime soon, stop by the area because you’ll miss out on many things otherwise.

Book a trip to Cabazon today!

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