15 Best Coffee Shops in Moreno Valley, CA

Moreno Valley, CA
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The second largest city in Riverside County, Moreno Valley attracts a physically active crowd.

The rugged mountains with large boulders and wildflowers appeal to hikers and bikers.

At the end of their destination, they're greeted with a panoramic view of the city with its sparkling blue lakes, chirping birds, and rabbits running abound.

The racing tracks attract racers and spectators equally.

The thrill seekers go straight for skydiving.

However, the indoor recreation scene is also bursting here.

The rainy days are spent in gaming centers, bowling, playing billiards, and singing out of tune on the karaoke machines.

When there's nothing else to do, people wind down inside the best coffee shops in Moreno Valley, California.

Check them out below!

The Cupcake & Espresso Bar

The Cupcake & Espresso Bar is on the path to becoming a successful coffeehouse chain, so take your first sip of their mocha iced before that happens.

They have three stores in Moreno Valley.

The one on Day street is the most popular because it's in the town center and the first one to exist.

The Cupcake & Espresso Bar was merely a food truck in 2013.

The owners, Fadi and Carina Ballout, saved enough to establish the first brick-and-mortar location in 2015.

With a dark interior decor, murals on the wall, and hanging lights, the cafe possesses the class you expect.

Of course, no fancy decor is worth it if the food isn't good—which is where The Cupcake & Espresso Bar excels.

People pre-order their cupcakes online because they can't wait to munch on them when they're inside.

Other must-try menu items include the iced caramel macchiato, red velvet cupcake, flatbread, brownie, and cheesecake

The Cupcake & Espresso Bar - Moreno Valley, CA
Specialties: We specialize in making people fall in love with cupcakes and serving them with delicious coffee. Established in 2013. Baking and brewing coffee was a family hobby. We started baking for ourselves, then our friends, our coworkers, and now we bake for the public. We had food truck for a…

Be Happy Cafe & Juice Bar

Be Happy Cafe & Juice Bar is for health-conscious travelers.

It's a quaint place with white brick veneers, a small seating area, a painting of Moreno Valley on the wall, and large windows.

If you want your daily dose of caffeine, this isn't the place.

You won't regret replacing it with power smoothies such as the Elvis, Mega Mango, or the Raspberry Craze.

For fuller meals, go for their acai island bowl, turkey panini, and tuna melt.

End your food journey at Be Happy Cafe & Juice Bar with blueberry heaven and strawberry waffle.

Be Happy Cafe and Juice Bar - Moreno Valley, CA
Specialties: Our business specializes in making customers feel amazingly awesome again, cause we understand that sometimes life can be rough. And here at Be Happy Café you can count on being to take a minute or two to yourself to simply recharge with any of our delicious fresh and healthy items. Est…

Carly Donuts

With plain walls, plenty of sunlight, and glazy white tables, Carly Donuts screams efficiency.

You can drop in, chatter with the staff, and slurp down the mocha coffee jelly.

It's close to the freeway, which means you can take a peek to and from visiting Palm Springs.

You must try Carly Donuts' bacon, bagels, cheese croissant, and their long list of custom donuts.

You might not want to have anything sweet for a while after savoring this experience!

Carly Donuts - Moreno Valley, CA
Carly Donuts in Moreno Valley, reviews by real people. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what’s great and not so great in Moreno Valley and beyond.

Kelly's Coffee & Fudge

Despite being inside the Moreno Valley Mall, Kelly's Coffee & Fudge is a bit of a secret hideout.

It's a small store which doesn't attract your eyes until it does.

Then, you're always there, tasting the caramel frappe again or gobbling up more of the ice cream fudge.

The frappuccino and the white chocolate iced latte with no sugar are customer favorites.

Espresso shots only make the coffees better.

If you aren't a fan of coffee, go for matcha tea.

Kelly's Coffee & Fudge is a well-lit place with brown as the overarching theme.

You'll see the wooden shade on the plain walls, coffee tables, and chairs.

Kelly’s Coffee & Fudge Factory - Moreno Valley, CA
Delivery & Pickup Options - 26 reviews of Kelly’s Coffee & Fudge Factory “If the bus is late, its a great place to get coffee. I have never been to any other Kelly’s franchise, but I really like their hot coffees. I don’t fall for sweets too often but this place does pretty good. The salads here ar…

Cafe Gossip

Want to check out Moreno Valley's version of Korean food?

There's no better place to go than Cafe Gossip.

As far as the decor goes, there isn't much to see.

Its green walls with brown tiled floor and a seating arrangement in a row.

The decor is hardly of importance here.

How could it be, when all you can think of is devouring the teriyaki chicken bowl after the first bite?

You can't miss out on their chicken curry, chicken wings, and boba tea.

They serve some of the best iced coffees in town, too.

No one mentions it enough because they're busy gushing about the tteokbokki.

Cafe Gossip - Moreno Valley, CA
Delivery & Pickup Options - 104 reviews of Cafe Gossip “Hooray for Cafe Gossip location # 2(right next to Popeyes and CVS ) that is a 5 minute drive from my house. Smaller location but same menu and same lame rule if you debit/credit card users get charge something cents if your order is less than…

Bagel Time

Frankly, when is it not bagel time?

Bagel Time is where the coffee and bread lovers can find a friend in each other.

While the selection of bagels is beyond belief, their iced coffee serving shows startling variety.

You should begin your coffee journey at Bagel Time with their Asian ice coffee.

As for the bagels: salmon bagels, veggie bagel sandwich, cream cheese croissant—which is your choice?

Bagel Time - Moreno Valley, CA
Delivery & Pickup Options - 121 reviews of Bagel Time “Brand new bagel place! Really good high quality Boar’s Head meat for the sandwiches. High quality coffee too! Definitely needed a place like this.”

Moreno Family Donuts

Moreno Family Donuts is a family-friendly place for some donuts and coffee.

There are displays on all sides, filled with donuts, chocolate, chips, and cold drinks.

Place an order for your creamy chocolate donut, and then look through the sandwich menu.

Go for a bacon cheese sandwich or the roast beef sandwich.

The drinks at Moreno Family Donuts come in the form of coconut smoothies, slushies, and iced coffees.

Buy enough donuts, and the owners will send you some more for free!

Moreno Family Donuts - Moreno Valley, CA
Specialties: Donuts ,coffee , bagels, sandwiches , croissant , boba tea and more

France House of Crepes

France House of Crepes maintains its French theme in its every dish and decoration.

Small statues, paintings, knickknacks, and even the style of the chairs and tables pay homage to French culture.

There's always some French music playing in the background.

It's enough to make you feel groovy while never too loud to distract you from conversations.

At the same time, there's a bit of Mexican deco in the mix, owing to the owners' heritage.

There's a patio dining area with plants and park benches for seating.

The decor at France House of Crepes pales in comparison to the food, though.

If you have a taste of their cherry crepe, no other crepe will ever please you.

While their crepe selection is to die for, don't spend all your time on it!

You have to eat their Hawaiian sandwich and French onion soup.

For your coffee order, go for the usual cappuccino—nothing else can beat pure cappuccino sometimes!

France House Of Crepes - Moreno Valley, CA
COVID update: France House Of Crepes has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options. 418 reviews of France House Of Crepes “i order dulce de leche crepes and chicken spinach crepes deftly da bomb! most deftly will come back again!”

Tea Be Honest

Spacious and clean with a wooden floor and marble countertop, Tea Be Honest is a great place to go if you have work to do.

Power up your laptop, open up your documents, and place an order.

Go for Tea Be Honest's brown milk tea, chewy sweet boba, Thai tea, or strawberry smoothie.

This cafe is located on Sunnymead Boulevard.

Tea Be Honest - Moreno Valley, CA
Specialties: Newly opened Boba tea shop come in and try any of our real fruit refreshing drinks!

Brandon's Diner

Brandon's Diner has a dream of becoming a big dining chain someday.

Their first restaurant was established in January 1997.

Right now, they're a thriving business with seven locations in total.

One of them is in Moreno Valley, at Sunnymead Boulevard, where it competes with many coffee shops.

Brandon's Diner stands out with their home-cooked offerings.

The place has a mix of American and Mexican food.

You should try their cheese quesadilla, Nutella crepes, french toast, and banana pancakes if you're going for breakfast.

For coffee, you should have one of the classics—a cappuccino or an iced latte.

If you're feeling brave, taste their steak and chicken fajita combo.

They serve big portions, so your entire family will have a good breakfast even if you try only two dishes.

Brandon’s Diner - Moreno Valley, CA
Specialties: Brandon’s Diner is your local, family owned establishment that doesn’t cut corners, whipping up your American favorites with our down-home cooking. The recipes have been perfected over time and tested, so you’re sure to enjoy them. We were the first to introduce the big plate-size flapj…

Boba St.

Nothing but praise has rained down on Boba St. since their inauguration.

Customers are noticeably excited to have a new local boba and coffee place.

It's the kind of place you will have the most fun visiting in the morning.

The windows allow plenty of sunlight for you to sit and muse about life with a cup of coffee in hand.

The grayish decor, with black chairs and tables and an unobstructed view of the park from the windows, simply make the perfect location.

On the walls, there are hanging shelves with teapots, cups, and tapioca pearls for your viewing pleasure.

You may buy some if you wish to.

All this decoration at Boba St. is second to the boba they serve.

Calling the brown sugar boba only delicious is a disservice.

You have to sing its praises to anyone who will listen.

If you can't give up on coffee, ask for iced coffee and coffee milk tea.

Boba St - Moreno Valley, CA
Specialties: Grand Opening 1/24/22It all began with a dream. Boba St. was launched in California by three friends in 2021. The three were passionate in sharing their excitement for boba and 15 years later, their dream came true. Boba St. is a friends and family owned cafe specializing in made to or…

Skechers Cafe

Skechers Cafe, albeit less than a year old, is already promising to be one of the best Moreno Valley has to offer.

It's off the Moreno Valley Freeway, so not many people know about it.

Skechers Cafe is a good resting place for people on a long journey going to and from Moreno Valley.

Order their portabello mushroom sandwiches, buffalo friends, chicken wings, and iced coffee to go.

You can sit inside, but you will have more fun pulling up a chair outside.

You can see the Skechers warehouse close by with its well-maintained gardens for the weary eyes.

Skechers Cafe - Moreno Valley, CA
Delivery & Pickup Options - 162 reviews of Skechers Cafe “This is a great spot to stop and get a bite to eat if you’re looking to get a pair of shoes and quite honestly, even if you’re not. I work at the distribution center (AKA warehouse) and haven’t gone offsite to get lunch since the cafe opened…

Without Borders Global

Without Borders Global is a community with a cafe and boutique in a single area.

Not only do they serve excellent coffee, but the proceeds from their sales also go to those who need it.

On this front, they sell beans for roasting, tote bags, and other merchandise with coffee as the central theme.

The best thing about supporting them is you won't be doing it for the sake of it.

They do have tasty coffee to offer their customers.

It's a bonus they can do so while helping others.

Without Borders Global is a good place for a quick bite, with some biscuits, sandwiches, and delicious iced coffee.

Without Borders Global - Café for Missions - Moreno Valley, CA
Specialties: We’re a Christian Non-profit established in 2016 to provide for orphans, widows and distressed communities worldwide. We provide Specialty Single Origin Coffee from Guatemala. We Roast our Coffee and pair it up with gourmet food and pastries. All proceeds go towards us furthering our m…

Better-Be Donuts Cafe

Better-Be Donuts Cafe is an extension of their donuts shop.

It's at NorthSide Plaza, with the windows providing a clear view of the neighborhood.

The cafe shop suits the posh area with its wooden floor tile, hanging lights, dark tables and chairs, and overall modern decor.

Better-Be Donuts Cafe is the kind of cafe you would expect to see in a movie.

There are paintings on the walls, donuts on the displays, energy drinks on the shelves, and inside coolers.

You could go for the sofa seating option or sit on the patio chairs outside.

Try their sandwich, ham and cheese, and delicious croissants.

Their traditional sprinkle donuts are one of a kind, as are the maple and chocolate bars.

Though, you might enjoy their cake donut more than anything.

The coffee in a donut shop is always better when it's iced coffee.

Better Be Donuts - Moreno Valley, CA
Specialties: Hi, we also will deliver to you! We do delivery to commercial warehouses or residential homes. Please give us a call here 951-436-6360 for more information. Established in 2012.

Other Nearby Cafes

The Hub Cafe & Coffee Bar

The Hub Cafe & Coffee Bar is inside the Grove Community Church.

It's a quiet place.

There's never a big crowd since the cafe isn't famous outside of churchgoers.

Yet, those who have visited the cafe despite not having anything to do with the church, tend to return often.

There's only one reason for it.

The food is good to an outlandish level.

Their burgers are juicy and thick, with crispy fresh bacon and sweet smoothies.

Some go for the chicken and waffle combo.

There's a bit of crunch of the sugar inside the waffle, which is noticeable and makes the experience far more delightful.

If you plan on becoming a regular at The Hub Cafe & Coffee Bar, you can get a loyalty card from them.

Final Thoughts

This city in California doesn't have the largest collection of restaurants and cafes.

Moreno Valley has more chain restaurants than family-owned breakfast and dining places.

However, the ones that do have their roots there are thriving every day.

If you ever visit this city, be sure to check out the best coffee shops in Moreno Valley, California!

It's a wonderful way for you to help the local businesses.

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