20 Best Things to Do in Old Town Temecula, CA

Old Town Temecula, CA
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Nestled near Temecula wine county, this historical spot offers many attractions for anybody that seeks a great time.

This charming part of Temecula is dotted with frontier-style buildings, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the days of the pioneers.

The vibrant nightlife is buzzing for those looking for a night of fun and excitement.

You can bring the little ones out for a fantastic time in great museums and fun parks for families traveling together.

If you’re ready for an amazing experience, read on for the best things to do in Old Town Temecula in California!

Unwind in Temecula Duck Pond Park

Trees surrounding Temecula Duck Pond Park
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Grab your picnic sets, pack some snacks, and enjoy a leisurely time relaxing in this scenic pond park.

Enjoy the sunny day out and marvel at the glistening waters of the pond while watching the ducks swimming gracefully.

Get comfortable and set up a picnic to enjoy a relaxing moment with your loved ones at Temecula Duck Pond Park.

Ducks swimming on Temecula Duck Pond Park
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This charming park also has a memorial and statues to commemorate the lives of the war heroes of Temecula.

You can go biking and enjoy the cool breeze blowing against you or enjoy the picturesque view of this lovely park.

Stop by this spot along the intersection of Ynez Rd and Rancho California Rd to relax and unwind with nature.

Experience the Small Town Charm of the District at Town Square

Take a nice relaxing stroll while enjoying the sunny afternoon, or take your friends and family out to enjoy their leisurely time in this picturesque town square.

Relax on the benches while you nip on light snacks to enjoy the charming atmosphere of the area.

This location is one of the most picturesque spots in Old Town Temecula that’s jam-packed with things to do with friends and family.

The Town Square is also the hub for fun times where you can join local events, enjoy holiday events like ice skating, and so much more!

The Town Square is truly a must-visit on your trip to Old Town Temecula, so put this destination in your go-to’s and plan out a wonderful time along Main St.

Watch Live Performances at Old Town Temecula Community Theater

Be astounded by the dazzling performance, the vibrant atmosphere, and the world-class entertainment at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater.

This intimate theater will surely knock you off your feet and leave you impressed with its world-class talents.

Boasting two venues, a 354-seat proscenium theater made for enjoying big theatrics and a small 48-seat black-box space at The Merc made for superior acoustics in an intimate space.

Get comfortable in the theater seats while you enjoy watching plays, music performances, and more!

Performance acts of varying genres are performed here, bringing patrons a fresh experience every time.

Bring your friends and family near Main St. Temecula for a one-of-a-kind experience!

Book Your Stay at the Historic Hotel Temecula

Rest your weary shoulders from all the travels and rest in this gorgeous and historic hotel.

A beautifully elegant ambiance will greet you upon entering the hotel that showcases artifacts where the connection to the past is almost felt through this spot.

The original building was built in the 1890s that’ll make you feel like you’re on a trip back in time with its beautifully-preserved furnishings.

Relax in their quaint rooms, have a glimpse of history from their historical displays, and enjoy a cup of tea on their front porch.

Don’t forget to book your stay in this charming hotel along Main St. to get the rest you deserve!

Go Treasure Hunting at the Old Town Antique Faire

Name sign of Old Town Antique Faire
John Ward Jdubphoto.com, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Get your trinkets, oddities, and general wares from the olden days of the 1900s till today, here at the Old Town Antique Faire.

This antique shop gives off the feeling of being in the olden days and scouring goodies to find and take home.

With their vast array of quality antiques, collectibles, and gifts ranging from vases to tools and even trading cards, they have it all.

This antique store is brimming with everything from exquisite to bizarre antique and heirloom jewelry to master woodworker's tools.

There are also many great gifts for children such as toys and games that you can take home to remember the old times.

Head on down to Old Town front St. to scour for some treasures that await you!

Sip and Swirl the Finest Wines at Lorimar Loft Old Town

Nothing beats a delightful glass of wine in one hand and good friends to enjoy with you!

Your adventurous taste in wine will surely be satisfied with the array of wine flavors in their collection.

This cozy and vibrant place is the perfect spot for a fun, relaxing weekend break.

With award-winning wines, passionate staff, an art gallery, and live music, Lorimar provides the idyllic Temecula wine tasting experience.

Proudly sourcing grapes from their vineyards, you’ll taste the quality in every sip.

They have been serving many, bringing joy through their craft since 2009.

Located in Main St. Temecula, The Lorimar Loft Old Town is a place to visit on your next weekend getaway.

Learn about the History of the District at Temecula Valley Museum

If you’re looking to dive into the vast history of Old Town Temecula and see a collection of historical artifacts, then you are in luck.

Temecula Valley Museum is this great site in tribute to the olden days.

This charming little spot gives a chance for art exhibits to shine and showcase the rich artistic culture of the region.

A trip to this charming museum will take you back in time and give you a glimpse of the area's history.

Temecula Valley Museum features displays of a miniature town that showcases the old image of the area and exhibits of old gadgets and books of the late author Erle Stanley Gardner.

You could also let the kids explore the quirky Children’s Touch History exhibit, where they could let their imagination run wild in the interactive exhibits.

This museum is located along Mercedes St. in Sam Hicks Monument Park, where you can experience the joy of learning at this museum.

Taste the Miracle of Temecula Olive Oil Company

Are you a foodie or just someone who likes good food? Either way, you're in luck: here are some of the best olive oil in California.

The charming atmosphere of the place and the sweet decor will surely give off the feeling of being home.

You can shop for organically-made products that you can take home as a gift, enjoy a free tasting in their tasting room, and marvel at the rustic ambiance of the place.

Sourcing from their ranch, the Temecula Olive Oil company promise quality with each product they serve.

This charming store offers many products on display, from their specialty of olive oils to other goodies such as balsamic vinegar, cured olives, and many more to taste.

Founded in 2001, they’ve been serving the people with their quality product since.

They also offer a tour of their ranch, giving the visitors a chance to see the process of making their bottle of olive oil.

Head on down to Old Town Front St for a taste of their finest products!

Get Your Coins Ready at the Coin-Op Game Room

Grab your best buddies here for a great place to unwind; look no further than Coin-Op Game Room.

This retro-style spot filled with bright lights and a fun atmosphere will surely bring you and your friends a great evening experience.

Get competitive with your friends or just relax while playing the pinball machine.

It's a fun blast from the past, filled with classic games like Ms. Pac-Man, claw machines, and even Street Fighter.

Grab a drink ranging from cocktails to wines and even beers on tap, highlighting the west coast specialty for beers and ciders.

They also offer a selection of tasty grubs if you want to delight your tastebuds while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the place.

Head on down to this location along Old Town Front St. for a guaranteed ecstatic time!

Shop for Fresh Produce at Temecula Farmers’ Market

Bright flowers at Temecula Farmers’ Market
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Get your shopping bags ready and head on to the Temecula Farmer’s Market to get fresh daily produce and get your shopping fix at ease!

Scour through the selection of fresh fruits and veggies, take home some tasty baked goodies, and shop for unique artisan goods.

As you stroll through the farmers’ market, you’ll surely appreciate the warm smell of mouthwatering food wafting through the air from food stalls.

Get acquainted with the tight-knit community of the old town district on your visit to the Farmers’ Market!

Whether you’re looking for something to purchase or just strolling, you’re set for a nice relaxing afternoon at Old Town Front St. and 6th St.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild at Pennypickle’s Workshop

One stopover that locals don't want you to miss is Pennypickle's Workshop.

This charming destination is a children's museum where kids (and adults!) can spend the day learning about science in a fun environment.

Let your imagination run wild while exploring the wondrous world of science at this fantastic spot.

This quirky museum has been bringing kids of all ages smiles and a chance to learn cool facts while having a blast since 2004.

Located along the Main St. of Old Town Temecula, Pennypickle's Workshop is a science lab set up to look like a mad scientist's playhouse.

They’ve got all sorts of gizmos and gadgets on exhibit that will surely delight the young and the young at heart!

There are also many hands-on activities for a fun, enjoyable learning experience for the youngsters.

You should definitely head on to this spot for a Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory-like atmosphere, only without all the Oompa Loompas running around!

Chill Out with a Pint of Beer at Craft Brewing Company

Enjoy a nice weekend; bring your best friends with a beer in one hand at this ecstatic spot in Old Town Temecula.

Modern, vibrant, fun—the atmosphere in this place off will ensure an evening of happy memories.

Whether you’re looking for something bold, sweet, or roasty, their in-house brewed craft beers will surely delight any palate!

Craft Brewing Company is a family-run business, and they’ve passed on the love of the craft and onto their patrons since 2010.

Nothing beats great food and even greater drinks on a nice Friday night!

You won’t regret putting this one on your go-to list, so head down to 4th St. and hang out!

See the Historic Landmark at Sam Hicks Monument Park

Whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy the warm breeze of a sunny afternoon or enjoy the outdoors with the family, Sam Hicks Monument Park is the place for you.

This park is named after Sam Hicks, a loved figure for the locals who helped design and build the 150-ton granite monument named “They Passed This Way,” paying tribute to the pioneers.

This historic landmark offers a relaxing time outside to enjoy the cool breeze.

You can take a stroll or just appreciate this scenic spot, bask under the sun or cool off in the shade.

If you want to meet the friendly locals, you can also join fun festivities and events held at this spot.

The park also features a play area where the youngsters can have their time and a picnic area to enjoy great food while at the park.

Whether you want to appreciate the history or just unwind, you should stop by at the Sam Hicks Monument Park along Moreno Road.

Get Down Blues Style at the Old Town Blues Club

Get lost in the blues and enjoy the festive vibes at the Old Town Blues Club!

If you’re a music lover and you enjoy loud and fun places, the atmosphere of this spot will surely get you grooving.

Old Town Blues Club is definitely for all the cool cats out there, emphasizing blues and other genres derived from it.

Whether it's the blues you came for or the jazz, the Old Town Blues Club got something for everyone.

Enjoy your night out with delectable food paired with a cold beer, and enjoy the soul of the music with your buddies.

Head on down to this bright and vibrant place in Old Town Front St. and experience the love of music and good times!

Dance to the Music in Temecula Stampede

Entrance to Temecula Stampede
Claudine Van Massenhove / Shutterstock.com

One of the best music venues you could ever go to, where dancing and all sorts of fun happens, at this the West Coast’s largest country western music venue.

Temecula Stampede is the perfect place to get your grooves on and dance to the rhythm of the music while enjoying a couple of drinks.

See how long you can hold on tight in their bull riding machine or enjoy a little competition with friends playing billiards.

Bull sculpture placed outside the Temecula Stampede
Rosamar / Shutterstock.com

This bustling spot is where great times are set to happen with good music and fun times.

Make sure to swing by along Old Town Front St. for an exciting evening at Temecula Stampede!

Visit Sugarplum Zoo and Go Chocolate Shopping

Explore Sugarplum Zoo, the first chocolate store and petting zoo in history!

The proprietor, Lani Rager, first traveled to Los Angeles from New York to be a contestant in Master Chef.

Nearly 50 saved and rehomed animals are currently housed at Sugarplum Zoo, which is situated on an 8-acre hilltop and also has Lani's Chocolate Shop.

They display wines from their collaborators at Chapin Winery in their wine-tasting room.

You may learn about and take part in a workshop on chocolate tasting, thanks to Sugarplum!

To assist in answering all of your concerns about chocolate, in addition to offering you and your guests an enjoyable experience, they give a chocolate-tasting session.

Feel the Air from above the Sky with California Dreamin'

California Dreamin' crew setting up the hot air balloon
Rosamar / Shutterstock.com

With 43 years of experience, California Dreamin' is a hot air balloon business with the required licenses and insurance.

Their pilots are all extremely professional and FAA-certified, and they guarantee that the welfare and security of their passengers are always their top priority.

You may be confident that you have chosen the greatest airline from a position of safety and luxury service once you are 1,500 feet in the air.

California Dreamin' Hot Air Balloon flying high in the sky
Rosamar / Shutterstock.com

California Dreamin' will enhance the memory of any special occasion, such as a birthday celebration or wedding anniversary.

They'll offer you delicious cake or a bottle of wine for your special event.

Grab a Bite at EAT Marketplace

Local business EAT Marketplace expands on the "farm to table" concept by using it as a pharmacy.

They have discovered that the intersection of food technology, farming, and healthcare produces delicious, ethical food that benefits the individual and the community.

Every item they can find is sourced from nearby farmers specializing in top-notch, organic, sustainable agribusiness.

You may get delectable meals and locally made crafts at their restaurant that suit your dietary demands and price range.

The in-store Marketplace also sells grocery supplies and home products.

Explore their restaurant or outside terrace to see the impact that regional cuisine can bring when it is skillfully prepared.

Enjoy a Show at Pechanga Theater

Pechanga Theater is one of Southern California's premier performing venues, hosting everything from jazz, pop, rock, country, and the greatest stand-up.

Broadway plays and operas are also staged all year long in addition to concerts.

The 1200 fixed seating each offers a fantastic view of the theatre.

The closeness of the theater gives the audience a close-up and intimate experience that is occasionally lost in performances in big arenas.

Pechanga Theater's top-notch sound and lighting equipment further increase the entertainment.

Before performances and during breaks in play, beverages are supplied in the foyer and a full bar area.

Drop by the Ponte Winery

The Ponte Winery is a short distance from much of Southern California.

It is situated in the center of Temecula Wine Country, encircled by approximately 300 acres of ancient vines and with sights of green hills.

They started farming their grapes in 1984, their winery in 2003 and running an inn in 2012.

The Ponte Winery is available for wine tastings, and guests must be 21 or older to enter the tasting rooms.

Spend a vacation in the countryside at the inn, a 90-room Spanish-style inn bordered by vineyards with restaurants, beverages, a pool, and more.

Have a nice meal while admiring the lovely garden environment and locally produced seasonal meals.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to have a relaxing stay or you’re looking for a fun night, Old Town Temecula has got everything you’d like for an idyllic weekend getaway.

Old Town Temecula is a historical place where you can make your history to remember, so make sure to save bookmark this list for a trip brimming with exciting memories.

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