15 Best Things to Do in Oceanside

15 Best Things to Do in Oceanside

A vibrant harbor, a tall gorgeous pier, some pristine beaches, and a tinge of history are some of the most basic and beautiful things that make up the city of Oceanside.

If you are looking for a splendid Californian coastal city to spend your vacation at- you are here! Oceanside is the one you have been searching for! The vibes are just laid back and perfect for an unwinding vacation.

These are the top 15 things to do in Oceanside that will definitely convince you to take on this vacation!

Enjoy the sun at Harbor Beach

Harbor Beach
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Anyone going on a vacation in one of the coastal cities in California- has an image of this perfect pristine sunny beach in their mind.

Yes, we hear you! In Oceanside, that image of a perfect beach is held by Harbor Beach. Being one of the top attractions in Oceanside, this also happens to be the main beach here.

Decorated with volleyball courts and empty spaces where you could sit down and have a lovely picnic in the vicinity of the ocean- Harbor Beach is popular among both locals and tourists.

Fishing is allowed here so that just adds more adventure. There are a lot of local fishes in these waters, and you get to taste a new local flavor.

The best thing about this beach is that it has got a different section for swimming and surfing. Accidents are rare here for this reason. Choose your sport and then go to your designated spot!

Don’t miss the sunset at Oceanside Pier

Oceanside Pier
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Oceanside Pier is another one of the most beautiful spots here in Oceanside. And, it is one of those spots whose beauty enhances after dusk.

It also has some secret locations where you can get alone with nature, and enjoy some beautiful scenes.

If you want to set sail on your sailboards- this is the perfect spot to do it from. The shoreline is literally perfect here providing some of the best boating opportunities.

The pier stands at a height of a huge 1600 feet. Sea bird watching is one of the most popular activities here. There are areas for BBQ Grills too which are perfect for calling this a picnic spot.

Visit the California Surf Museum

California Surf Museum
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Want to learn in detail about the art of surfing? Come to the California Surf Museum. The museum has been here for a while, and it piqued the interests of all who came to Oceanside.

The surf culture is evident in the beach cities of California. They have an entire lifestyle revolving around it. Competitions and exhibitions take place on this culture.

In such a case the California Surf Museum plays an important role in letting people know about the history of how this culture came into being.

This non-profit institution wants to keep this culture alive and hopes that future generations would take an interest in this too, and never let it die.

Enjoy the exhibits at the Oceanside Museum of Art

Oceanside Museum of Art
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The Oceanside Museum only began as a notion to make the locals fall in love with art. Yes, it had nothing other than locals in its mind back then. But, now it is one of the top attractive spots here in Oceanside.

Tourists admire the different forms of art that are displayed inside. Also, the museum is pretty active, as it comes up with 15 exhibits every year keeping the people interested as always. It knows how to draw its audience.

Did you they hold certain fun-raising events too? But, the entire organization is a non-profit one. Whatever they do- they do it for the benefit of their artists who hail from different backgrounds.

Indulge in the Pacific views at Beach House Winery

The Pacific Ocean views deserve some good quality wines too. For this reason, Beach House Winery is here to blow your minds away. Sit there with some of the most scenic ocean views and sip on some award-winning wines.

Also, the location is quite exquisite, and being in front of the ocean- Beach House Winery is one of the staples for wine lovers.

The Chardonnays of Beach House Winery are well-renowned. Their Rosé is nothing less either! They have some signature blends too, so do ask for the specials in the house if you want to get the best.

Vacations mean pampering yourself for a couple of days. In such a scenario, Beach House Winery is one of the ideal places.

Have some delightful tit-bits at Sunset Market

A community gathering is an important part of Oceanside. And, Sunset Market is the place where all the people gather to have a great time. Those of you who want to get a local taste might drop in by the Sunset Market.

The market is filled with local artisans and farmers who come here to sell their stuff. The local businessmen also put up stalls. Many food items are available here.

This event is held many a time all throughout the year. And, people usually come here to mingle and enjoy their time. There is even a food court selling international items in this market.

Go camping at Guajome County Park

The Guajome Regional Park is one of the prettiest places you could go camping here in Oceanside. The location of the park is awesome, and a lot of tourist spots are near.

Also, camping under a night sky filled with stars is one of the best feelings in the world. And, doing it in a beautiful place like Guajome Regional Park just adds more to the beauty.

There are a lot of ecosystems in this park. You can find wetlands as well as grasslands together here. There are fishing options too. The ocean is also nearby. If you are looking for a spot to go camping with your family- Guajome Regional Park is your destination.

Check out the Buena Vista Audubon Society and Nature Center

Buena Vista Audubon Society and Nature Center is another one of the attractive Oceanside locations.

Once you have checked out the majestic Buena Vista Lagoon, you can go ahead and check the nature center out. It is a place filled with different shades of greens and can get educational too.

However, if you want to know more about the wildlife and some of the native plants in the San Diego region- you should take a look at the Buena Vista Audubon Society. There are some easy hiking trails nearby too. If you want to test it out- you can go and have a great time.

Have a taste of the local culture at Oceanside Farmer’s Market

Oceanside Farmer’s Market
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The Oceanside Farmer’s Market is an ideal destination for any tourist or local. If you want to have a clear knowledge of the local culture and community, a visit to the Farmer’s Market will most definitely help you.

Filed with locals- you get to have a complete taste of how the regular life in Oceanside is. Do buy the flowers and honey from this market as they are fresh and organic. The baked goods are one of the most recommended ones too.

Taking place in downtown Oceanside, this market is lovely and filled with some of the best lively crowds too. You might be able to check this oe out on a Thursday morning.

Have a great day at Tyson Street Beach

Tyson Street Beach
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We have already spent a sunset at Oceanside Pier, but there is a beach nearby which you can check out before you head over to the Pier. Tyson Street Beach is one of the magnificent places in Oceanside.

Also, the views of the ocean along with the pier are too alluring. This is the posh area of Oceanside, so get ready to see some Richie-rich houses around the area.

Families love this beach for its pleasant sun and weather. The waters are calm too. There are picnic spots around. And, Tyson Street Beach is specially designed so that you can spend some quality beach time with your family.

Visit the Prince of Peace Abbey

The Prince of Peace Abbey is one of those places that will fill you with warmth and peace the moment you step foot inside. The spiritual energy at this spot will envelop you and give you a feeling of safety and security that you have never experienced in your life.

You can find almost 20 monks living their lives the ideal way in this monastery. There is a library, as well as a cemetery that are open to outsiders too.

They want to teach you that if you embrace spirituality- your life will be automatically graceful and peaceful. If you get a glimpse of the monastery- you will realize how good this unconventional lifestyle is.

Go sailing

Oceanside Harbour
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A trip to Oceanside without getting the taste of its majestic blue waters is entirely incomplete. You need to go explore the waters.

If you are done with the land sightseeing- we suggest you go sailing in the smooth waters that surround Oceanside. Sailing Blue Water Charter is one of the most remarkable tour operators that organize this trip. Get sailing on a luxurious yacht.

They also take you whale watching, and the sunset cruises are especially famous. You could go in groups. Also, the yacht is way too beautiful. And, the wind against your face feels nice and just out of this world.

You can even see the dolphins swimming along with the yacht. If you choose, you could even make it a day trip to Catalina Island.

Eat some sushi!

Now, you don’t need to get to the land of sushi to taste some excellent sushi. You can do it right here in the heart of Oceanside, California. And, it’s authentic!

Located on a spacious 3,500-square foot, Harney Sushi’s Oceanside is a delight when it comes to both visuals and taste-buds. Apart from making some pretty authentic sushi, the interiors are to fall for!

You get to see a massive fish tank here of 600 gallons. And, the infamous sake bar that is famous across California lies behind that. So, how do some sake and sushi sound? Pretty Japanese, right? You can even find some tempura here.

Also, the interior decoration is a chef’s kiss! You get to enjoy an artificial waterfall too! If you don’t do well with sake, there are some of the best wines and cocktails too.

Pay your respects at Old Mission San Luis Rey

Old Mission San Luis Rey
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The Old Mission San Luis Rey is one of the most ancient things to see here in Oceanside. Being constructed in 1798, it has been part of too many uprisings and nations.

Yes, it has seen the rise and fall of five nations. You won’t be able to imagine the kind of ups and downs it has been through in its lifeline.

The mission has a museum inside too, that tells you the stories of the different ruling parties that had their hands on the mission. You can find a lot of documents on the different groups of people that ruled over it.

They also offer guidance to the path of spirituality to those who strongly desire and ask for it.

Ride along with the Coaster

Oceanside Coaster
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The Coaster is a world-famous train taking tourists from the city of Oceanside right to downtown San Diego.

Are you someone who prefers train-rides more than drives? Do you not like the Californian traffic? Then this train ride is just for you. The services are more during the popular summer months.

If you are a tourist, then this ride is more of a staple here. The main motive of the train is to reduce pollution. And, like-minded people board this train to reduce the carbon footprint.

The route is extremely scenic and goes along the coast. So, why don’t you save the world and enjoy the scenery at the same time?

These were the top 15 things to do in Oceanside. We hope we convinced you to take the trip. We shall be back with another one of these wonderfully planned trips soon. Till then stay tuned!