15 Best Things to Do in Provincetown, MA

15 Best Things to Do in Provincetown, MA

We’re pretty sure this one has been on your bucket list for a long time now, and if not, it was about time! Provincetown - the north pole of Cape Cod, in Massachusetts is the ideal destination for a perfect dreamy vacation.

If you are a sucker for magical sunsets, for art galleries, the horizons, the beaches, aesthetic libraries, the nook of the streets filled with art, the rhythm of the music, the nightclubs, basically everything your imagination can touch, you are in the right place, for we are going to take you through this magical city in Massachusetts that will fill your heart with love and peace, we promise!

Here are the top 13 things to do while you’re in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Get a glimpse of the beautiful art galleries

Provincetown art association and museum
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The stunning art galleries in Provincetown are definitely going to call your name, for the beauty and aesthetics that they hold are truly mesmerizing.

The Provincetown art association and museum (PAAM) is one of the most dynamic and creative museums in the world, with a display of over 2500 artistic objects, and an ever-changing collection , the museum attracts a lot of tourists’ attention. The museum holds artwork from various artists from around the globe, as well as the local artists of the town.

The sculpture garden that stands tall in the middle of the gallery is one of the most incredible parts of the place. Do not forget to book your tickets for the various fascinating events that take place in the gallery. This place is unquestionably a must-visit if you are an artist, or simply an admirer of artistic creations.

Perfect Romantic getaway at the Beach

Sunset in  Herring cove beach
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You cannot leave the city without enjoying the warm waters of the alluring beaches. Provincetown offers a couple of well-maintained and appealing beaches for you to explore and visit.

The Herring Cove Beach is one the two beaches; with calm water, miles of beautiful coastline, loads of shacks and beds for you to relax and hang around; this beach attracts the highest number of tourist attention. It is a perfect place for a romantic getaway with your partner, as the sunsets fill the skies with hues of orange and purple, and the air with love.

You can watch sharks and whales swimming in the sea, and indulge in water-sports to quench your thirst for adventure.

Chug a pint of beer at the Race Point Beach

Race Point Beach
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We believe that nothing beats a beach day with chilled beer in good company, accompanied by yummy snacks and a beautiful sunset. If you believe the same, P-town most definitely got you covered!

The race point beach in P-town is another beautiful beach with cold waters, warm sand, and loads of sea animals for you to experience. This beach is ideal for all kinds of beach games like Frisbee, sand-castles, digging, beach volleyball and so on.

One can visit this beach just to take a break from daily hassles. With comfortable shacks and beds to lie down on and enjoy your snacks, this beach would definitely feel like home to you, such positive and wholesome is its vibe. This beach is a great place to click pictures, and experience seals and sharks near the coast. Truly a must-visit if you love empty, sandy beaches.

Provincetown Whale Watching

Provincetown Whale Watching
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Whale-watching is not possible and available in a lot of countries, but Provincetown in the US is an exception. The sea and the beaches in P-town come with not merely the experience of the sand and waters, but the first-hand experience of watching lot of sea-animals like seals, sharks, dolphins and whales.

From small fish to giant whales, you can get a chance to watch and experience them all. Sounds astonishing, right? The classic whale watching at the sunset in your luxurious cruise is surely going to be a moment of a lifetime, and you must not miss it for the world.

Who would want to miss the first-hand experience of watching these giant sea animals up-close, and in their full glory? You can also click pictures of the whales and dolphins to flaunt on your social media. We definitely recommend you to be a sport and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity in Provincetown.

Spend your evenings exploring the Commercial Street

Commercial street
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This street in P-town is the liveliest, most fun, and the most enjoyable place in the city. With a chain of different seafood restaurants, shopping centres, street-shopping, live-music, events, art galleries, small aesthetic cafes and bars, this place is the heart of the town.

People come here just to wash their woes away and spend evenings full of life. This street is the hub of entertainment, food and fun. It is one of the best places to spend your time at, for this place fills the heart with warmth and happiness.

You can take pictures and hang around all day long at this famous street. You absolutely cannot leave Provincetown without exploring this beautiful that is street full of life.

Breathe some fresh air at the beautiful ponds and gardens

As astonishing the idea of drinking, chilling, swimming, hanging out and having fun in P-town sounds, the heart and soul always look out for tiny moments of peace and harmony everywhere you go.

The beautiful parks, ponds, lakes and gardens in the city would never fail the desires of your heart. Take a much-needed break, and sit in the freshly cut grass by the pond in the well-maintained, clean and pretty gardens in the town.

The ‘Blackwater’ and ‘Clapps’ pond are the two most-liked ponds in the city, with clean blue water and gently blowing breeze, it's a great black to relax. The ponds are surrounded with stretches of greenery, and clean trails to walk on.  

Another wetland preserve and garden is the Nicky’s park, truly a mesmerizing place filled with the beauty of nature. You can brisk walk, ride your bikes, walk your pets, take pictures, or simply meditate in these gardens. These gardens, preserves and ponds are the perfect spots to relax and chill for a while on your vacation, they truly help in keeping the spirit alive.

Get a breathtaking view of the city, hundreds of feet above in the sky

The Pilgrim monument
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Yes you heard it right! The pilgrim monument in Provincetown is the tallest Al-Granite structure in the United States and was built in the early 90’s and stands firm still.

Serving breathtaking views from atop of the town, this monument is worth a visit. It is a historical landmark of the city. The cool breeze that blows on the top and the stunning view of the harbour and city makes the journey to the top absolutely worth it.

This spot is truly a must-visit if you love beautiful views, sunsets, fresh air, because it most definitely is the experience of a lifetime.

Go back in time at the Provincetown Museum

This museum in Provincetown is your one stop destination for learning about the history of America; it is a Museum of regional maritime history.

This museum is situated inside the p-town monument and you can not only view the great exhibits and give yourself and your kids an educational tour, but also climb up the monument and breathe some cool, fresh air 200 feet above the ground level.

The view at the top of the Pilgrim Monument is worth the 15 minute climb to the top. We assure that you won’t be disappointed.

Fishing at the Provincetown Harbour

Provincetown Harbour
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The Provincetown harbour is one of the most beautiful harbours you will ever witness. The crystal clean blue waters and the view of the town are certainly magnificent.

You can not only watch the docks come and go and boats sail around but also get on one and go fishing at the Harbour.

This is a perfectly suitable place for whale watching in the summers! If beautiful views, long hikes and secluded beaches call your name, then this harbour is going to be a really magical experience for you!

These two art galleries in P-town are inarguably unmissable! With the most exotic and beautiful display of paintings, sculptures, modern art and what not, these two museums stand at the top of Provincetown’s top 10 art museums.

Both of these are P-town’s hidden gems, for you can find the true spirit of art in these galleries. Combined, they showcase the works and talents of over 60 artists on display here. They are great places to take snaps, and click aesthetic pictures for the gram! Pay a visit and see the beauty of these galleries yourself!

Cape cod national seashore

Cape cod national seashore
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This beautiful Seashore in Massachusetts is a stunning place with amazing landscapes and the most soothing sunsets. The wind here is chilly, and it is an amazing place to take a walk on the beach or play games in the sand.

Being here would feel like a dream to you, for the beauty of this place along with sight-seeing of the sea animals in their natural habitats is not an experience you get to live a lot. The simplicity and calmness of this secluded beach area is one of its most striking features.

The seashore is not limited to the beach, as it also has a forest area right opposite to the sea with a lot of greenery and colourful flowers for you to enjoy. There are loads of things to explore on this seashore and we definitely recommend you guys to do that! The soil and the sea would never fail you!

Go Sailing in the Sea!

Ships and boats in Provincetown
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Planning on giving your partner the most romantic evening? Or want to have some thrilling action with your friends? Need not worry, for the P-town got you covered!

One of the most inspiring and adventurous activities to do in P-Town is go sailing in its vast blue sea. You can get various amazing views of the Cape Cod through your boat and you can also spend overnight on the boats and experience the beauty and vastness of the sea like never before.

The fresh and cold air in the middle of the sea, and the beautiful sunsets when you are so close to the horizon, are not worth missing. The sailing might be one of your best experiences in the city! We totally recommend you guys to do it.

Overall, it is safe to say that from the most aesthetic art galleries to soothing live music on the streets, from lush green forests to crystal blue waters, P-town has in store for you a great deal of adventure!

We believe that watching dolphins swim around in the sea, while the sky is filled with hues of Purple is a moment everyone deserves, yet not many get! So what are you waiting for? Gift yourself a trip to Provincetown, Massachusetts today!