15 Best Things to Do in Natick, MA

Natick, MA
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If you head near the center of the MetroWest region towards Middlesex County in Massachusetts, you'll find the town of Natick.

Natick has existed for over 200 years and offers several places to explore, including venues where you can stroll through nature and find something new to try.

You can also check out different spots for fun activities.

If you're looking to have fun, there are multiple options you can try in this town.

With this in mind, these are the best things to do in Natick, Massachusetts:

Explore Nature at Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary

Double waterfall in Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary
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Anyone who loves nature will want to check out Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary near Eliot Street.

Featuring several landscapes and wildlife, the wildlife sanctuary offers visitors plenty of sights and facilities.

These facilities include a nature center and trail nearly 10 miles long.

Ring-necked ducks on Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary's water
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If you are interested in the wildlife at the sanctuary, these animals include mammals like otters and over a hundred avian species.

In addition to different facilities and wildlife, the place offers various programs and activities you can sign up for to learn more about the area.

You'll find plenty to discover when visiting the Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary.

A bird on Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary's bird feeder
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Go on a Tour at the Natick Community Organic Farm

Take a chance to get fresh products and enjoy different activities by visiting the Natick Community Organic Farm.

While the community farm was established in 1975, the property dates back to 1650.

While visiting this farm, you can find several facilities and events to explore, plus various products you can bring home.

These facilities include a farmhouse and a flower field, to name a few.

You can also see different farm animals and learn varying activities.

Do you want to get some farm products?

There is a market stand you can visit; you can also buy seasonal products, including seeds and flowers.

In addition, the farm offers several community events and educational programs featuring different activities.

Located on Eliot Street, the Natick Community Organic Farm has no shortage of options for a fun farm experience.

Get Drinks and Jam at the Belkin Family's Lookout Farm

Enjoy a combination of nature and fresh products by visiting the Belkin Family's Lookout Farm on Pleasant Street.

This local farm has existed since 1651 and features farming and dining facilities.

If you want to know what you can see and do here, you can visit a market stand to buy various products like honey, fruit preserves, and seasonal produce.

In addition to honey, preserves, and produce, Lookout Farm makes a selection of beers and hard ciders.

Depending on the season, the farm also allows for public fruit picking.

If you're interested in trying the different dishes available here, you can book an outdoor dining space.

While eating at the outdoor dining space, you can also enjoy live entertainment.

You can try plenty of options when visiting Lookout Farm.

Play and Eat at Level99

Level99 is a top spot for entertainment and games in Natick, and you can find it by going to Natick Mall on Worcester Street.

This place is an entertainment venue that challenges guests with different facilities featuring different components and themes.

There are three game categories you can take at this venue, and each one presents varying challenges for its players.

If you like to have fun challenging your mind, you can join scavenger hunts.

Do you prefer more competitive games?

The venue lets players go head to head via competitions in an arena.

In addition to scavenger hunts and arena competitions, Level99 offers several rooms where players face different puzzles under varying themes.

If you need a break between games, you can go to the nearby dining space for some snacks, meals, and drinks.

While visiting Level99, you'll find no shortage of thrills to enjoy.

Enjoy a Concert or Film at the Center for Arts in Natick

Exterior of The Center For Arts In Natick
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The Center for Arts in Natick is one of the many places to find entertainment in Natick and features facilities for performances and films.

Since 1997, the center has staged various performances and art events while doubling as a movie theater.

In 2016, the Center for Arts added the cinema area to its stage facilities.

You can find this attraction along Summer Street near Court Street and enjoy shows ranging from concerts to live readings.

If you're interested in the movie screenings at the center, you can see a diverse selection of classic and modern films.

If you want to see an entertaining show in Natick, the Center for Arts in Natick is the place to go.

Play Mini Golf at Golf on the Village Green

Do you want to try mini-golf?

If so, make a stop at Golf on the Village Green along Worcester Street.

This course is a mini-golf venue that caters to all ages and has existed for nearly 60 years.

You can find several miniature historic structures throughout the course and a snack station when you want to take a break.

In addition to mini-golf facilities, the venue has an entertainment area where you can play arcade games.

Golf on the Village Green is an ideal spot to visit for those who want to play outdoors.

Explore the Waters with MASS Diving

Check out MASS Diving on West Central Street to explore the waters around Natick.

If you're interested in diving, the center offers an array of gear and programs for experienced and new divers.

In addition to offering different products and programs for diving, the center has a list of events where you can go sailing and meet local marine life.

Whether you want to learn how to go diving or sailing and see marine life, the Mass Diving center has plenty of options.

Shop till You Drop at Natick Mall

Interior of the Natick Mall
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If you're interested in the shopping options available in Natick, check out Natick Mall on Worcester Street.

With 1,860,000 square feet of space and nearly 200 stores, there is no shortage of options you can explore at this mall.

View of Natick Mall's second floor
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Aside from featuring various shops and eateries, the mall hosts different events throughout the year.

Whether you want to check out retail stores, grab a bite, or have fun with different activities, Natick Mall has several options.

Take a Boat around Cochituate State Park

Among the different outdoor spots in Natick, Cochituate State Park is a prime area for several activities like hiking and picnicking.

Cochituate State Park is a day-use state park you can find near Commonwealth Road and features a body of water known as Lake Cochituate.

The lake comprises three linked ponds and allows for boating, fishing, and swimming, depending on the area.

Go to Cochituate State Park if you love outdoor activities.

Sample Gluten-Free Cannoli at Lola's Italian Kitchen & Market

When roaming around Main Street, look out for Lola's Italian Kitchen & Market.

The restaurant offers a range of Italian dishes, including a list of pasta dishes and sandwiches.

On the market side of this venue, you can get a selection of bread loaves, sauces, and frozen dinners.

Aside from all this, Lola's Italian Kitchen & Market offers gluten-free cannolis and cookies you can sample.

Whether a fresh dish or a frozen meal, this establishment has plenty of meals for you to try.

Dig into Mediterranean Meals at Dates and Olives

Dates and Olives is the place to visit if you want to dig into food from another part of the world.

Located in the downtown area, the Mediterranean grill offers a range of dishes, including a selection of shawarma and kebab.

In addition to these dishes, you can try a list of desserts such as rice pudding and baklava.

You'll find various dishes to sample when visiting Dates and Olives, located on North Main Street.

Explore South Natick Dam Park

Scenic view of South Natick Dam Park
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South Natick Dam Park is one of many parks you can find in town; it also holds a piece of local history.

You can find the park by going to South Pleasant Street.

The park features plenty of scenery to explore, including different sites dating back to the park's establishment in 1933.

Geese on the waters of South Natick Dam Park
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These sites include remnants of an old mill and access to the Charles River Dam.

In addition to its tremendous historical value, the park is an ideal spot to take a break and enjoy nature.

There is plenty to discover by visiting South Natick Dam Park.

Stop for a Drink at Morse Tavern

Grab yourself a cocktail and burger by dining at Morse Tavern, a local pub on East Central Street near the Senior Center.

The pub offers a list of dishes for lunch and dinner, plus a menu for family meals and functions.

If you are interested in trying their drinks, you can try a broad selection of cocktails and other spirits in the sports bar section.

In addition to casual meals and drinks, the pub hosts live entertainment with different bands.

If you're interested in some local entertainment and drinks, check out Morse Tavern.

Learn Local History at the Natick History Museum

Check out local history by visiting the Natick History Museum on Eliot Street and enjoy a chance to browse a variety of artifacts.

As a museum that has existed since 1881, the historic venue features a range of exhibitions displaying different artifacts.

Some of these artifacts include a range of crafts and old documentation recounting different stories.

Aside from the several artifacts on display inside the museum, you can check out old maps and other items at the museum store.

There is plenty of history to explore when visiting the Natick History Museum.

Grab a Coffee and Muffin at the Charles River Coffee House

Exterior of the Charles River Coffee House
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The Charles River Coffee House is one of the many places to grab coffee in Natick.

As a local coffeehouse, it offers a list of coffee and tea blends you can enjoy, including different house blends and fruit teas.

Aside from teas and coffees, the coffee house provides a selection of snacks and desserts, including a range of baked goods and sandwiches.

A few goods you can try here include different bagels, muffins, and sandwiches.

Find Charles River Coffee House on Eliot Street in the South Natick area.

Play Games and Eat Meals at Dave & Buster's

Dave & Buster's is an entertainment and restaurant venue you can find in various states.

It also features different facilities for guests to enjoy.

You can find the establishment in Natick Mall on Worcester Street.

The venue features a VR section where guests can play a list of games and a sports bar area where you can grab a meal and watch games.

You also have the option to book the venue for different parties and events.

When visiting Dave & Buster's, there is plenty of fun options to experience.

Final Thoughts

Natick is a town that offers plenty to do and several places to explore.

Whether you like nature, history, or more urban areas, there are multiple options for you to discover, like checking out fresh produce, playing games, and trying different outdoor activities.

You can also discover places to sample new dishes and relax with a drink.

Aside from eating and shopping, you can visit different historical spots in the area.

Check out this quiet historic town if you're in the Massachusetts area and want to enjoy some fun activities.

Start planning your visit and reference this list of the best things to do in Natick, Massachusetts!

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