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20 Best Things to Do in Truro, MA

  • Published 2022/11/09

Truro, a seaside town located in Barnstable County, is a famous destination because of its rich history, which can be seen in various well-preserved historical landmarks.

Home to Cape Cod’s oldest lighthouse, Highland Light, this town is a haven for history buffs.

It is also known for its pristine beaches such as Head of the Meadow Beach, Ballston Beach, and Coast Guard Beach, making it a haven for visitors who love breathtaking views without the clamor you usually experience in famous tourist spots.

This small town is nothing short of amazing sceneries.

In fact, there is even a vineyard that you can visit here with your loved ones where you can enjoy private wine tasting and amazing views.

All in all, this is an ideal travel destination for couples and families who are looking for a relaxing yet memorable weekend getaway.

To ensure that you do not miss any of the town’s top attractions, scroll down for the list of the best things to do in Truro, Massachusetts.

Take a Swim at Head of the Meadow Beach

Waves crashing at the shore of Meadow Beach

BAF Photography /

Head of the Meadow Beach has pristine waters and a calm atmosphere, perfect for weary travelers who are looking for a quiet retreat amidst nature.

If you want to enjoy a peaceful time at the beach where you can just take in the beautiful surroundings, you might want to go there early in the morning, as this is the time when the beach is most quiet.

Parking spaces and public restrooms are available here as well for a convenient visit.

Grasses at the shore of Meadow Beach

Danita Delimont /

If you want to stay longer, you can bring a chair here to ensure that you have a comfortable place to lounge.

For those who want to cool off, you can take a refreshing swim here as well.

Meadow Beach in Truro

BAF Photography /

Do not worry, as there are usually no big crowds, so you can be sure that you can enjoy your personal space here.

Lifeguards are also on duty during the summer to ensure that people who are visiting are safe and having fun at the same time.

Shop for Local Goods at Truro Farmers Market

Located along the banks of Pamet River, Truro Educational Farmers’ Market features locally produced gooms, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, and lobsters.

While here, you can also buy some pork, poultry, and beef, all raised humanely.

Freshly baked bread and hot coffee can also be found here, perfect for those who are looking for something that they can enjoy for breakfast.

Not only does the market offer quality food, but it is also a famous venue for the community to learn more about the arts.

This is also a good place to listen to some music while shopping.

Best of all, the market features different products depending on the harvest season, so you are sure to get only the best produce here every week.

Tour the Highland Light

Far exterior view of Highland Light

Belikova Oksana /

The Highland Light, located on the Cape Cod National Seashore in North Truro, is a working lighthouse.

It is considered to be Cape Cod’s highest and oldest lighthouse, making it one of the most famous landmarks in town.

The present tower that can be found here was built in 1857 and was constructed to replace two earlier towers that were built in 1797 and 1831.

What’s great about this site is that there are available activities for travelers of all ages.

For those who want to learn more about the lighthouse’s history, you can climb and tour the lighthouse.

Tower of the Highland Light

Marc Sitkin /

Just remember that there is a height requirement for those who want to climb the tower.

Do not worry if you are visiting with your kids, as there is a Junior Keeper program especially made for the young ones.

Through this program, they will learn about the lighthouse through a series of activities such as coloring pages, a crossword puzzle, a word scramble, and many others.

For kids who reach the 48 inches height requirement, they are allowed to climb the tower if they want to participate in tours.

Light inside the tower at Highland Light

EQRoy /

Buy a Local Artwork at Jobi Pottery and Gallery

Truro is also known for its booming art scene.

If you are new to the scene and want to learn more about local artworks, one of the best places to visit is Jobi Pottery.

Jobi Pottery was established in 1953 and still uses the same mid-century casting methods to make Jobi Pottery.

Everything here is made by hand, making each piece more special.

The designs and shapes of each pottery are inspired by Cape Cod, so you are not only bringing home an artwork when you buy an art piece here, but you’re also carrying a part of Cape Cod with you when you go back home.

They sell historic art crafts as well, so this is also a good place when you want to learn about the community’s past.

Enjoy Wine Tasting at Truro Vineyards

Grape plants at Truro Vineyards

SydneyElizabeth /

Truro Vineyards started its operations in 2007.

Located on Shore Road, this family-owned vineyard is a famous destination for visitors who want to learn more about the wine-making process.

While here, you can go wine tasting, which only costs $15 for five flights.

Wine glass with Truro Vineyards name on it

JeremySchwartz /

The wines available for tasting change every week to ensure that guests will have something to look forward to every time they visit.

They also offer private tasting, which can be enjoyed at their roof deck or at a table amidst the vines.

Here, you will get to enjoy a guided tasting of five wines coupled with a cheese plate.

Truro Vineyards at  Massachusettes

ciapix /

Explore the Bayberry Gardens

For traveling plant lovers, there is a place that might interest you here as well.

Located on Route 6, this garden features a nursery where you can marvel at various lush plants and vibrant flowers.

What’s great about visiting this place is that the staff can educate you about gardening and landscaping as well.

Not only will you be able to learn more about flora while here, but you can also buy different plants here that you can bring home to beautify your home.

You can also find fresh herbs here that you can use when cooking.

Other items that you can use to landscape your yard can be found here as well.

Relax at Ballston Beach

Sand dunes at Ballston Beach

ESB Essentials /

For those looking for a place that is away from a huge crowd, Ballston Beach is a great place to visit.

You can take a walk on the nice soft sand by the beach or lie down and relax while you enjoy the calming sounds of the waves hitting the shore.

For a more enjoyable time here, you can also bring your favorite book or listen to your favorite playlist as you marvel at the gorgeous views of the water and blue sky.

Just make sure to bring some snacks and drinks if you are planning to stay here long as there are no shops here.

If you are lucky, you might even see a few seals during your visit.

Attend a Yoga Class with the Whole Family at TruroYoga

With all the amazing sites to visit in this town, you are bound to get tired after days of continuous touring.

TruroYoga features Prana Flow Yoga classes outdoors where you can relax, enjoy fresh air, and marvel at gorgeous views.

During the summer, classes are held in front of the Truro Yacht Club and at the Truro Vineyard.

While those who will be attending classes during winter will be able to enjoy various Nort Truro venues, such as schools, community centers, and libraries.

All ages are welcome here as well, making it the perfect activity for families who just want to unwind and spend some quality time together.

Travel Back in Time at Highland House Museum

Exterior view of Highland House Museum

John Phelan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located at Highland Light Road, the Highland House Museum is a wonderful place to visit as it is housed in one of Truro’s most well-known landmarks.

Built n 1907, the Highland House used to be a popular resort hotel for travelers during summer.

Today, it features displays that aim to educate people about the early lives of the people living in Truro and the Outer Cape before the Europeans arrived.

Do not miss the exhibits that showcase the influence of local crafts such as embroidery and weaving on the community.

While here, take time to learn more about how the local residents have committed their lives to the salt mill industry and the railroad to feel immersed in the town’s history.

Pay a Visit to Coast Guard Beach

Coast Guard Beach can be found at the end of Coast Guard Road, so it is easy to find.

For visitors who are traveling via private car during peak season, make sure to get a Truro Beach Parking Sticker before heading to the beach, as this is needed for you to be able to park here.

You can also find portable toilets for a hassle-free stay.

If you are planning to enjoy the beach with your loved ones at night, a beach bonfire is allowed.

So, you can roast some s’mores and enjoy the beautiful night sky during your stay at Coast Guard Beach.

Learn More about Truro’s History at Cobb Archive

Beautiful exterior of Cobb Archive with a clock on the roof

Judy Moehle, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located in Truro Center Road, Cobb Archive is another site you can visit when you want to get educated about the town’s colorful history.

Housed in the town’s first public library, this building, built in 1912, now features house maps, family memorabilia, and other significant historical documents.

While here, you can check out the different books available that discuss etiquette for women and children’s literature.

There is also a huge collection of photographs that include Truro’s landscapes, buildings, sceneries, and many more.

Just remember to make an appointment before coming here for a hassle-free visit.

Watch a Live Performance at Pamet Cranberry Bog Trail

If you want to experience the performing arts scene in Truro, Payomet Performing Arts Center is a must-visit.

It features a tent and an outdoor stage where local and international artists perform live music performances and drama shows.

In the big top tent, you will find the talented Cirque by the Sea, a group of professional circus performers.

They also offer Summer Circus Camp for Kids and Circus Arts Classes here, so if you are traveling with young ones who are interested in learning new skills, this is a fun place to bring them.

Other events that you can look forward to when visiting here are comedy shows and film showing.

Appreciate the True Beauty of Art at Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill

Despite being in business for fifty years, the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill in Truro, Massachusetts, is where the company continues to prosper and demonstrate its value to the general public.

The center gives kids of all skill levels access to diverse artistic activities to foster an open and encouraging arts connection.

You can pick from various activities, including seminars, presentations, exhibits, performances, and other forms of entertainment.

If you’re unsure about going in or trying it out, don’t be concerned; it’s supported by prominent artists and welcomed by a welcoming and lively community and atmosphere.

Check it out, and you’ll undoubtedly recognize the beauty of everything your naked eye sees.

Get Surprised by the Views at Crow’s Nest Resort

The resort has excellent publicity and reputation as the resort has been standing firm in the industry for over forty years.

Crow’s Next Resort offers unique breathtaking scenery of Cape Cod Bay, Long Point Lighthouse, Provincetown, and the beach.

The Crow’s Nest Resort has 21 large suites, each with a complete kitchen, fireplace, washer, Jacuzzi shower, hardwood and ceramic tile flooring, and much more.

They offer everyday cleaning services and 24-hour on-site supervision for your comfort and delight.

The ocean is only a few feet away from every single one of the apartments.

Imagine waking up to the sounds of waves and witnessing the sunrise and sunset while staying in your room or balcony; it’s like living in a fantasy!

Since there are many well-regarded restaurants, shops, and activities that you can explore nearby, choosing Crow’s Nest Resort will provide you with a considerable edge and help you make the most of your stay.

Prepare to Shop at Jules Besch Stationers

Explore the area and discover interesting items that inspire you to spend a great deal at Jules Besch Stationers.

The small business has been present since 1995, and until now, they are standing firm despite rising competitors because of the quality and range of products they have in store.

The shop has a lot to offer, including lovely greeting cards you can send to loved ones, friends, or your significant other, handcrafted papers you can utilize to wrap presents or create designs, notebooks, and much more.

Along with selling stationery supplies, they also feature antiques you can buy and exhibit in your comfortable house.

Arrange a Transformation at Hairbenders

Hairbenders in Truro, Massachusetts, can meet your demands if you require a day of pampering and relaxation.

You are welcome to bring a friend, a family member, or even your significant other to enjoy, unwind, and receive treatment from their kind personnel.

Hairbenders offers high-quality services such as waxing, hair cutting, hair coloring, manicure, pedicures, etc.

Despite the affordable charges, they ensure their clients that only specialists and professionals would handle their services.

Along with the services they presently provide at their location, you may also schedule an appointment with them if you want their assistance in planning a wedding, reunion, or other special events.

Escape Stress and Take a Break at Horizons Beach Resort

The Horizons Beach Resort takes pride in its private beach with a panoramic view of the beach and Provincetown.

In addition to the beach, they provide an outdoor swimming pool on the bay, where youngsters enjoy playing and swimming.

This resort has a variety of accommodations that you may choose from, including shorefront, terrace dunes, or two-bedroom condos.

Flat-screen cable TVs, air conditioning, and kitchens are all standard facilities in every room.

Each property has its sun terrace with breathtaking views of Cape Cod Bay.

With a 360-degree view of the sea and Provincetown, unwind on the 500 feet of exclusive beach.

Since this resort is frequently full, you should reserve your intended getaway day in advance.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Appreciate Cape Cod’s Architecture when You Visit Atwood-Higgins House

An old building of Atwood-Higgins House

Kenneth C. Zirkel, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located in the small town of Wellfleet, just 10 minutes away from Truro, Atwood-Higgins House is a historic landmark that you should not miss.

Aside from being the oldest house in the Cape Cod National Seashore, this house is also famous because it represents the traditional architecture of Cape Cod.

Today, tourists who want to tour the house are welcome here all year round.

Just remember to make a reservation before coming here as they only allow a maximum of 15 people per tour.

While here, be prepared to learn more about the house’s architecture and what it was like to live in the early days in Cape Cod.

The house is not furnished and does not have any modern amenities, which is great, especially for those who want to learn about the details of the house itself.

Go on a Scenic Hike at Dune Shacks Trail

Sand dunes at the Dune Shacks Trail

jarrodpimentals /

Located in Provincetown, Dune Shacks Trail is a 2.4-mile-long loop trail that is a haven for adventure seekers and people who love the outdoors.

It features a moderate trail, so this is perfect for those who do not have extensive experience in hiking yet.

This is also a great spot for bird watching and other wildlife sightings.

Scenic view of the Dune Shacks Trail during sunrise

jarrodpimentals /

Although this is an amazing place to visit when you want to reconnect to nature, remember that you will need to walk over sand dunes here, making it a bit challenging especially when it’s hot.

However, there is a beach at the end of the trail here, so you can go on a refreshing swim after exploring the outdoors.

Grasses and shrubs at Dune Shacks Trail

jarrodpimentals /

Attend Windmill Weekend by the Eastham Windmill with Your Loved Ones

Eastham Windmill with green trees and lawn in the background


Only a 19-minute drive from Truro, Eastham Windmill, is another landmark that you should not miss.

This windmill was constructed in 1680 at Plymouth and was transferred to Truro in 1770.

Finally, in 1793, it was transferred to Eastham, where you can find it today.

Weekend market at Eastham Windmill

PimmyTan /

History buffs will be delighted to know that this famous structure is part of the National Register of Historic Places as well.

In fact, this is a very significant asset of the town that they even hold a “Windmill Weekend,” a three-day celebration after Labor Day that is complete with a parade, music, and food.

Final Thoughts

Fresh air, clear waters, and amazing sceneries are what you can expect when you visit this quaint seaside town.

Combined with historic landmarks and beautiful architecture, this is a travel destination that you should not miss.

If you are looking for a memorable getaway with your loved ones, make sure to include this list of the best things to do in Truro, Massachusetts, in your itinerary for an amazing trip.

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