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20 Best Things to Do in Sandwich, MA

  • Published 2023/02/03

If you’re planning to have a vacation in Massachusetts, make sure to stop by and visit the oldest town in the area – the small and historic town of Sandwich.

As the oldest town in Cape Cod, Sandwich is home to a myriad of historic buildings and antique shops you can visit and see the vintage items that represent the life of early residents of the town.

Sandwich also boasts its wonderful beaches, museums, breathtaking sceneries, one-of-a-kind shopping experience, top-rated restaurants, and the hidden gems waiting for you to discover.

This town is full of destinations worth visiting, and events and activities for you to try that will keep you busy all year round.

To give you a preview of what Sandwich has in store for you, here are the 20 best things to do in Sandwich, Massachusetts:

Roam around the Dexter’s Grist Mill

Dexter’s Grist Mill


Originally constructed in 1854, Dexter’s Grist Mill was operated by a single family before becoming a museum in 1967.

In 1975, the Dexter’s Grist Mill was considered a historical destination when it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Dexter’s Grist Mill


You can visit Dexter’s Grist Mill for its interesting history and its picturesque scenery where you can take lots of photos.

Take a tour around the mill and learn about the history and the importance of Dexter’s Grist Mill in the seventeenth century.

Up to this day, the mills are still operating, and you can buy some bags of cornmeal from Dexter’s Grist Mill.

Interior view of Dexter’s Grist Mill


Visit the Heritage Museums and Gardens

Walkway at Heritage Museums and Gardens

Yingna Cai /

Thousands of tourists visit the Heritage Museums and Gardens every year to see the exquisite scenery and unique exhibits.

The sprawling fields of Heritage Museums and Gardens feature well-maintained gardens, spacious lawns, and shaded pathways perfect for long scenic walks.

Heritage Museums and Gardens boasts its huge collection of hybrid rhododendrons, trees, flowers, bushes, and herbs that it grows and maintains.

Exterior of the automobile museum at Heritage Museums and Gardens

Yingna Cai /

You can see the beauty of the gardens in any season of the year and watch the different kinds of flowers blossom.

Aside from the gardens, you can also pay a visit to the museum that houses an exquisite collection of artworks and vintage items, like famous automobiles from around the world and a working carousel.

In Heritage Museums and Gardens, you can enjoy a nice walk in its gardens and gaze at some of the unique things that can be found only in the town of Sandwich.

Boardwalk at Heritage Museums and Gardens

Yingna Cai /

Feed the Fishes in Sandwich Fish Hatchery

In the Sandwich Fish Hatchery, you can find different kinds of fish that you can feed.

You can have a self-guided tour around the hatchery and watch the fishes swim in the waters of Sandwich Fish Hatchery.

You can also learn about the species of the fishes that you can find in the hatchery.

Sandwich Fish Hatchery boasts a wide variety of fishes like Brook, Rainbow, and Tiger Trouts that they grow and hatch.

The best part of the Sandwich Fish Hatchery is when fishes swarm towards you when you feed them fish foods that you can purchase in the hatchery.

Take a Walk at the Historic Sandwich Boardwalk

Sandwich Boardwalk

Radomir Rezny /

The Sandwich Boardwalk was originally built in 1845, and since then, it has been a significant piece of the town’s history.

You can enjoy a peaceful afternoon walk in this 1,300-feet boardwalk that offers a great view of the sea and the skies.

Sandwich Boardwalk is a perfect destination for couples who want to experience romantic walks.

Sandwich Boardwalk

Radomir Rezny /

However, if you’re single as a pringle, you can still enjoy the scenery around the area and feel the cold breeze of the wind touching your skin.

When you reach the end of the boardwalk, you will arrive at a secluded beach that provides an overlooking view of the bay.

Sandwich Boardwalk

Michael Lofenfeld /

Stop by the Sandwich Antique Center

Whether you are a collector of anything antique or vintage or not, you will definitely find something that you will like in this store.

You can find a huge collection of vintage items in this 5,000-square-foot antique shop in Sandwich.

Sandwich Antique Center has a product from any period and any customer’s taste; all you have to do is ask or roam around to see what you’re looking for.

Aside from antique items, the Sandwich Antique Center also offers contemporary pieces that include sculptures, contemporary arts, photography, and other modern items.

You can just stop by and see what Sandwich Antique Center has in store for you.

Relax in the Sandy Neck Beach

Waves crashing on the shores of Sandy Neck Beach

Kelley Campanile /

A trip to the beach is always a good idea to relax and have a fun day outside.

Sandwich has a number of wonderful beaches, and one of them is Sandy Neck Beach.

You can splash around, build sandcastles, go sunbathing, or just relax on the sandy shores of the beach while watching everyone have fun in the water.

Sand dunes at Sandy Neck Beach

Kelley Campanile /

Sandy Neck Beach is an ideal location for families and groups of friends that want to spend the day under the sun.

At the end of the day, you can watch the sun go down with your loved ones which is a perfect way to conclude a fun day at Sandy Neck Beach.

Check Out the Sandwich Glass Museum

Sandwich Glass Museum


The Sandwich Glass Museum is home to a wide variety of glass items that have been preserved and collected all throughout the years.

The town’s history mainly consists of its glass production, and Sandwich Glass Museum serves as an avenue where people can revisit the past of Sandwich through presentations and exhibits.

Sandwich Glass Museum

Ceri Breeze /

You can feel the heat of the furnace in your skin as you can watch the workers perform their usual glassmaking activities.

You can also watch a glassblower demonstrate and make some ornaments and decorations made from glass.

Each room in the museum is dedicated to different parts of the glass history of the town, so make sure you check every corner of the Sandwich Glass Museum.

Exhibits at Sandwich Glass Museum

Shanshan0312 /

Go Shopping in the Sandwich Bazaar

If you like surprises, go to Sandwich Bazaar, also known as the Sandwich Flea Market, and see what treasures you can find in the market.

There are plenty of vendors in Sandwich Bazaar that sell a variety of items like collectibles, tools, decors, and anything under the sun.

You can either find trash or a treasure – it really depends on your lucky day.

Don’t miss out on the chance to grab some unique items in the Sandwich Bazaar because some interesting things might show up in your sight.

There’s always something for everyone in the Sandwich Bazaar, so you’ll never leave empty-handed.

Have a Great Dining Experience in the Pleasing Plate

For over fifteen years, The Pleasing Plate has been serving great-tasting home-cooked meals to the residents and tourists of Sandwich.

The Pleasing Plate aims to provide every person in Sandwich the option to have healthy and hearty meals.

You can order your food in The Pleasing Plate just the way you like it so you can appreciate every bite.

The Pleasing Plate also offers cooking classes for people who want to learn how to cook.

You can eat, learn, and have a great dining experience in The Pleasing Plate at any time of the day, so be sure to check it out when you visit the town of Sandwich.

Go On a Roadtrip in Old King’s Highway

Old King’s Highway

Alizada Studios /

If you like road trips and driving to see new places, then hop on your car and drive through one of the scenic byways in Massachusetts.

Along the way, you will pass through the oldest houses that reflect seventeenth to nineteenth-century architecture.

The Old King’s Highway is on the list of the National Register of Historic Places, which makes it one of the historical sites that you can find in Sandwich.

There are lots of attractions that you can check out on your road trip on Old King’s Highway.

Make sure to gas up your tanks and charge your camera phones because there are many photo opportunities on this historic highway.

Taste the Sweet Treats from Beth’s Bakery and Cafe

If you love sweet treats, then you will surely love this place in Sandwich!

Beth’s Bakery and Cafe is a locally owned business in Sandwich that has been providing delicious treats since 2007.

The building that houses Beth’s Bakery and Cafe also has some story to tell; it was once a Puritan Church built 175 years ago and was converted into a commercial building.

The bakery features an extensive menu that includes pastries, muffins, scones, sandwiches, bread, cakes, coffees, teas, and more.

You should come and visit Beth’s Bakery and Cafe and taste the local deliciousness they serve.

Explore the Canals in Cape Cod Canal Visitors Center

The Cape Cod Canal Visitors Center is the place to go when you want to learn about the rich history of Sandwich.

Inside the establishment, you will find a museum with entertaining and interactive exhibits for the curious little kids.

You can ride a 40-foot patrol boat and explore the canals of Cape Cod and discover the wildlife around the area.

You can also experience how to direct a virtual boat ride through the canal.

The Cape Cod Canal Visitors Center is a fun place for visitors and locals to visit because of the many activities it offers.

Spend a Day in the Outdoors at Shawme-Crowell State Forest

View of Shawme-Crowell State Forest

John Phelan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This 700-acre forest filled with pine and scrub oak trees is a place where you can do activities like camping, hiking, and horseback riding.

It features facilities around the area, like basketball courts, playgrounds, pavilion, picnic areas, restrooms, RV Parking, nature center, and more.

You can set up your tent in one of the 285 camping spots in Shawme-Crowell State Forest or hike the fifteen-mile trail in the area.

Shawme-Crowell State Forest is the ideal destination for an outdoor adventure in Sandwich.

Bring your friends and family and explore the wonders of Shawme-Crowell State Forest.

Have Some Fun in Green Briar Nature Center and Jam Kitchen

With its peaceful surroundings, you will find solitude here in Green Briar Nature Center and Jam Kitchen.

The Green Briar Nature Center was inspired by the Briar Patch of Thornton Burgess.

The nature center offers a learning experience for kids and adults where you can take classes, educational trips, guided tours, and workshops.

The Green Briar also features its Jam Kitchen, where you can take a look at the process of making mouthwatering jams from fresh fruits.

You can bring your kids and spend your time exploring the grounds of Green Briar Nature Center, and maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of some of the animals in the area.

Ride a Kayak in RideAway Adventures

Explore the marshes of Cape Cod in an exciting way with Rideaway Adventures!

You can have the opportunity to ride one of the kayaks of Rideaway Adventures and see the animals and plants that live around the area.

Rideaway adventures provide a thrilling and, at the same time, relaxing way to explore the wonderful marsh of Sandwich.

You don’t need to be an expert to ride the kayaks; there are knowledgeable guides that will help and make sure that you will enjoy the entire tour.

This is one of the activities that you should try when you visit the old town of Sandwich.

Learn New Skills at Holly Ridge Golf Club

Holly Ridge Golf Club in Sandwich, Massachusetts, is a traditional New England Par 54 golf course created by Geoffrey Cornish.

It is among the country’s top golf courses and a top 100 practice and instruction facility.

The golf course appeals to golfers of all skill levels while challenging the more skilled players.

With eighteen distinct courses stretching over 3000 yards, you’ll be able to play more golf in less time.

In addition to the golf course and practice area, they provide leagues, a pro shop, complete-service dining, prize-winning golf lessons, and customized club fitting.

Party venues, golf excursion locations, charity events, and more are all available at Holly Ridge Golf Club.

Take Time and Tour around the Nye Museum

Nye Museum provides a variety of excursions to its historic sites and surrounding landscape.

Head to the Visitor Center at Grange Hall as soon as you arrive.

The Visitor Center at the Grange Hall was initially constructed in 1889 as a gathering place for neighborhood farmers and presently greets visitors and provides details on admission, membership, products, and special exhibitions.

Most visitors may anticipate spending an hour or so seeing the facility.

The mission of the Nye Museum is to preserve the Benjamin Nye Homestead, document its historical value, and promote community involvement via historical events and programs.

The museum’s space blends the beauty of nature with accessibility, making it a great location for outdoor events such as weddings, receptions, and photography.

Relax Peacefully at the Earl Of Sandwich Motel

The family-run Earl Of Sandwich Motel offers its visitors 3 acres of verdant lawns, flowerbeds, and a peaceful duck pond.

Choose from the 24 private, cozy, and spotless rooms, most of which are furnished with canopy beds.

Queen or double beds, conditioning systems, a fridge, a private bathroom, a flat-screen tv, a phone, and WiFi are amenities featured in every guest room.

Grab your morning coffee or have a picnic lunch next to the duck pond.

You may also see several bird species at their numerous feeders.

Enjoy a glass of wine while you unwind by the pool and appreciate the peaceful, relaxing ambiance.

Treat Yourself at Beach Plum Spa

Beach Plum Spa is a complete-service spa that provides day and overnight packages for every customer.

They are delighted to create one just for you based on your needs.

The spa’s licensed and qualified personnel are regularly educated in the latest cutting-edge techniques.

They combine treatments employing cutting-edge technology with the most results-oriented skin care products available to meet your skincare objectives.

The body care items and oils have been carefully selected and made using premium components to achieve the greatest outcomes.

Every day of the year, the public is welcome to unwind at the Beach Plum spa.

Rediscover your Artistic Side at McDermott Glass Studio

In 2002, McDermott Glass Studio began its quest.

David McDermott and his partner Yukimi Matsumoto constructed the recording studio in their Sandwich garden.

David’s proficiency in traditional Scottish glassblowing plus Yukimi’s immaculate design skills combines well as they produce stunning works of art.

Isabel Green started working at the workshop in 2006 and is particularly skilled at creating animal sculptures.

The entire studio staff takes great pride in using the Scottish glassblowing method and is determined to preserve this type of history.

Take part in glassblowing every Wednesday through Friday and explore the gallery accessible every day but Monday.

Everyone is welcome to visit the McDermott Glass Studio!

Final Thoughts

The small town of Sandwich might be the oldest town, but it still has its charm that can attract anyone.

From its historical destinations, natural attractions, and countless activities that you can try, there’s never a dull moment in the oldest town in Massachusetts.

The town lives to its motto: “After so many shipwrecks a haven” — and indeed, after so many years, Sandwich still offers a taste of heaven to its visitors.

There are lots of interesting sites in this historic town waiting for you to explore, so don’t keep the town waiting for you and pay it a visit when you get the chance!

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