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15 Best Things to Do in Taunton, MA

  • Published 2022/12/07

Thanks to the settlers from England, Taunton was incorporated as a simple town in 1639.

It’s often called the “Silver City” because of its massive contribution to the silver industry starting from the 19th century.

Besides that industry, the city also succeeded in manufacturing ventures such as iron, textiles, and steam locomotives.

Due to its industrial success, Taunton thrives with various businesses, tourist attractions, and vibrant local culture.

As a travel destination, this city in Bristol County has a little bit of everything for everyone!

You can expect lots of diversity from Taunton, from lively, modern activities to tranquil, scenic reprieves.

Check out this list of the best things to do in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Take a Guided Tour of the Old Colony History Museum

Facade of Old Colony History Museum

Faina Gurevich /

The Old Colony History Museum ensures that people remember the past for the sake of the present.

Located at Church Green, this museum is home to a collection of old items and artifacts representing a piece of the past.

From worn-out clothes and aged tools, the Old Colony History Museum has a broad collection of antiques.

Authentic manuscripts and essential documents have also played an important part in history.

Chair at Old Colony History Museum

Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Old Colony Historical Museum remains operational through the Society, one of the earliest organizations in New England, since 1853.

They offer guided tours, workshops, lectures, and other methods to attract customers to their museum.

You can also explore the place and read through information boards.

It’s a learning experience that can be fun for curious travelers!

Shako hat at Old Colony History Museum

Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Get Active at Fore Kicks III Indoor and Outdoor Sports Complex

Fore Kicks III Indoor and Outdoor Sports Complex is a center for active recreation.

This sports facility spans 25 acres, consisting of indoor and outdoor facilities for different sports.

This place offers facilities for almost every sport, from famous sports like basketball to relatively uncommon ones like ultimate Frisbee.

Training centers, athletic stores, fitness amenities, and restaurants are also in the complex.

Everything you need to play sports is in Fore Kicks III Indoor and Outdoor Sports Complex.

It’s a go-to destination for anyone who enjoys working out!

With so many sports available, you can learn a new activity or improve your skills in a sport you already know.

Find this impressive sports facility at Fremont Street.

Enjoy Skating in Forrest’s Family Fun Center

Experience an old but gold activity at Forrest’s Family Fun Center.

Reminisce on the old days and skate on the rinks of the amusement center.

Forrest’s Family Fun Center aims to keep traditional activity alive through its venue.

The center has opened for more than 45 years in the city.

Still, they try to keep the rinks pristine so visitors can smoothly make their way across.

They also offer skating lessons, group skating sessions, and party packages to accommodate their customer’s needs.

If you enjoyed the activity, there’s a skate store where you can purchase items.

Stop by Forrest’s Family Fun Center at Lawton Street!

Wander the Taunton Green Historic District

Street view of Taunton Green Historic District

Yingna Cai /

Taunton Green Historic District shows off the lively, thriving area of the local lifestyle.

It features a mix of historic charm with modern businesses, making it a prime destination for residents and tourists.

You can trace its roots to the 18th century, though most buildings take inspiration from the 19th century.

The “green” in its name happened because the historic buildings face sweeping greens and lush plantations.

Church at Taunton Green Historic District

Faina Gurevich /

Taunton Green Historic District is a splendid place for walking, biking, or jogging.

You can view gorgeous plant scenery while also getting glimpses of alluring architecture.

Taunton Green is also famous because of the annual light show that occurs during the Christmas season.

The district can be found along Cheddon Road.

Feel the Vibes in Bobby’s Place

Bobby’s Place lets you experience the vibrant nightlife of a big city.

Located at Weir Street, this club livens the night with bright lights, loud music, and refreshing drinks.

It’s a place to dance, let loose, and enjoy the relaxed vibes.

Since 2000, Bobby’s Place has offered customers excellent live entertainment for a memorable night out.

They also host public karaoke, band concerts, movie nights, jackbox games, and other community events.

If you want a party environment, Bobby’s Place is one of the best attractions in Taunton.

See a Show in Applause Academy, Inc.

Applause Academy, Inc. is a performing arts theater that focuses on the talents of young children.

Located along Main Street, one of the theater’s aims was to encourage children to have more confidence and release their full potential.

The venue can only seat 137 guests, which gives the place a more intimate feel.

The theater features the classic proscenium style, equipped with state-of-the-art technology for lighting and audio.

There’s also an impressive LED video wall that provides vibrant scene backgrounds.

The children can show off their hidden talents through acting, set production, and musical performances.

You can watch them perform or give your child a shot if they’re interested!

Enjoy a Picnic at Watson Pond State Park

View of Watson Pond State Park

John Phelan, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Watson Pond State Park is a recreation area with hiking trails, public amenities, and a small beach.

These make it a prime spot for tons of family fun and recreation!

At Bay Street, this park has become a staple destination for the summer season.

Swimming at the public beach is one of the best ways to beat the heat during those hot summer days.

Grills, pavilions, and picnic areas are also free for public use.

Those with children can also enjoy the playground with slides, swings, and other fun structures.

Watson Pond State Park is perfect for leisure with a splash of fun from swimming on the beach.

Ride the Premium Coach at Bloom Tour and Charter Services

Bloom Tour and Charter Services offers an easy, reliable way to explore the city.

Established in 1946, this bus charter comprises two companies, one at Taunton.

Joining a tour takes you along some of the best attractions in the city, paired with a knowledgeable tour guide.

They can take you to beautiful sights in Taunton and other areas around the region.

Before they began the thriving business, the company was once a simple gas station in 1946.

They have over 200 vehicles available, including premium coaches and standard buses.

Located at Grosvenor Street, Bloom Tour and Charter Services are open to changing the itinerary depending on your needs.

Their service will make your trip to Taunton as convenient as possible!

Unwind at Lake Sabbatia

Lake Sabbatia is one of the city’s hidden natural gems.

For those needing a break, this lake is a scenic reprieve embraced in a tranquil atmosphere.

With beautiful native flora and lush trees, Lake Sabbatia is a sight, especially during autumn.

You can also catch glimpses of animal wildlife in their natural habitats!

Other popular activities on the lake include boating, fishing, swimming, and different kinds of water recreation.

This place is a haven for people searching for a bit of peace!

You can find this beautiful lake near Watson Pond State Park, from Mill River to Snake River.

Practice Your Tricks at the Edge Indoor Skatepark

The Edge Indoor Skatepark is the region’s largest indoor park for skateboards, BMX, and scooters.

It spans over 30,000 square feet of open space that each visitor can enjoy.

No matter your skill level, The Edge Indoor Skatepark allows you access to its facilities and equipment.

You can also book BMX, scooter, and skateboard lessons with friendly, seasoned professionals.

There’s an on-site shop for rentals and final purchases if you’d like a souvenir of your visit to this skatepark.

Those searching for recreation can try the activities in the Edge Indoor Skatepark!

It’s conveniently located along the western side of Water Street.

Relax and Learn in the Taunton Public Library

Exterior view of Taunton Public Library

Kenneth C. Zirkel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can also explore the Taunton Public Library along Pleasant Street for a change.

This venue is a haven for book enthusiasts, filled with bookshelves, records, CDs, and other special collections.

There’s also a small museum with old artifacts, antiques, and learning materials that the public can browse for an affordable fee.

The Taunton Public Library is also praised for its architecture, tinged with the classic Beaux Arts style.

A simple look at its exterior image shows off an old-world charm through its towering pillars and limestone material.

It’s been added to the National Register of Historic Places as an example of splendid building design.

Cozy up in this historic building and pick up one of their books to spend some time in the city.

Other than that, you can also appreciate its architectural allure!

Join an Event at Trescott Street Gallery

Trescott Street Gallery allows local artists to showcase their creations in shared public exhibits.

From paintings and sculptures to photography, the place accepts various art mediums.

Trescott Street Gallery was made possible through the work of the Downtown Taunton Foundation, a non-profit organization.

They aim to promote further appreciation for culture and the arts!

Art classes are also held in the gallery, featuring mediums like watercolor, mixed media, and reverse glass painting.

Finally, the venue hosts community events like whiskey-tasting and comedy shows.

Located at Trescott Street, the Trescott Street Gallery is a worthy destination for art enthusiasts!

Check Out the Beer Can Museum

In East Taunton, an exciting place to stop by would be the Beer Can Museum.

It’s a museum with a collection of more than 5000 distinct beer cans!

From shapes and sizes to colors and brands, the displays in the venue are one-of-a-kind.

They have collectibles that come from the mid-1930s up to the present.

The Beer Can Museum was added to a magazine’s “America’s Strangest Museums” list in 2013, a testament to the museum’s uniqueness.

If you want to see odd destinations, you must visit the Beer Can Museum.

You can find it along Old Colony Avenue in East Taunton.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Greet the Animals in the Capron Park Zoo

Entrance to Capron Park Zoo

Kenneth C. Zirkel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Capron Park Zoo is in Attleboro, Massachusetts, 27 minutes from Taunton.

The zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, letting guests see animals from the wild.

The Capron Park Zoo was built to simulate a tropical rainforest, providing a more immersive experience as you explore and meet their animals.

Lions at Capron Park Zoo

John Phelan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can see a broad assortment of species, from mammals and birds to amphibians and reptiles.

There are tasty snacks and drinks at the on-site concession stand if you get hungry or thirsty.

Seeing the animals in Capron Park Zoo, along County Street, is worth the nearly 30-minute drive from Taunton!

Buy Apple Donuts at C.N. Smith Farm

For more than 80 years, C.N. Smith Farm has been a source of agricultural goods in Massachusetts.

This family-owned farm offers the freshest fruits and organic produce planted on local soil.

Along South Street, it’s well-known for two things: Pick Your Produce and homemade donuts.

In certain months, the plantation opens for guests to explore and pick up ripe, juicy fruits, depending on availability.

It’s a fun activity that people of all ages can enjoy!

The next popular activity is trying their apple-flavored donuts, freshly baked on-site and made from a secret family recipe.

You can also meet their farm animals and check out their seasonal farm stands!

It’s located in the city of East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, about 22 minutes away from Taunton.

Final Thoughts

With its thriving industries, Taunton emerged as a diverse and vibrant city.

It’s filled with lively attractions, exciting entertainment, and tranquil destinations.

Almost everything you need for a memorable adventure is in this list of the best things to do in Taunton, Massachusetts.

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