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15 Best Things to Do in Seekonk, MA

  • Published 2022/07/24

Entertainment venues lined up in the small town of Seekonk, Massachusetts, provide an exciting allure.

A race car track, a haunted house, and an amusement park are just a few fun attractions you can find in town.

Established in 1812, Seekonk only finalized its separation from other nearby cities in 1862.

You’ll discover that Seekonk is next to bigger cities, such as Providence, Rhode Island.

Enjoy the peace of small-town Seekonk while keeping the option of going to nearby cities in your back pocket.

Before going anywhere, though, make sure you explore all the attractions in town!

Here are the best things to do in Seekonk, MA:

Watch a Race at Seekonk Speedway

Daytime view of Seekonk Speedway

rprata, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This fabulous destination at Fall River Avenue lets you watch a thrilling, real-life race among seasoned drivers.

The cars speeding through the course will make your ears pop.

The vehicles also feature vibrant graffiti, presenting an impressive sight as they zoom around the looped track.

Race cars along Seekonk Speedway

rprata, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes, special events hold stunning fireworks displays after the competition.

Watching a professional car race on a well-maintained track is a unique experience that you can’t experience anywhere else.

If you’re in Seekonk, you can’t miss out on this rare chance.

Reserve a ticket and watch an exciting race.

Have Fun at Seekonk Grand Prix

With cutting-edge facilities and an assortment of ways to have fun, Seekonk Grand Prix is one of the top destinations in town.

It’s home to bumper cars, boats, mini-golf, virtual reality rooms, a rock-climbing wall, and much more.

You can have a friendly competition on their racetracks.

See who among your friends and family can reach the finish line first.

Otherwise, you can try other attractions like the challenging rope course and their elegant game room.

Who knew you could find such a fun, trendy attraction in a cozy, peaceful town?

Seekonk is a well-kept secret with surprisingly big attractions.

Unwind at Audubon Caratunk Wildlife Refuge

Along the route of Brown Avenue is an enchanting environmental refuge that effortlessly presents the wonders of nature.

Caratunk Wildlife Refuge offers about 200 acres worth of natural land, spanning through plains, forests, ponds, and streams.

The word “caratunk” translates to “where the rivers meet” in Algonquin.

It refers to how some of the waterscapes in the refuge intersect with Cole’s Brook.

Thriving in its natural habitats are various animals like otters, deer, frogs, turtles, muskrats, etc.

Hiking at this wildlife refuge presents you with endless opportunities to connect with nature.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, don’t miss out on Audubon Caratunk Wildlife Refuge.

Bring Your Kids to Funcity Trampoline Park

Situated along Fall River Avenue, Funcity Trampoline Park has all the fixings for a child’s dream playground.

There are trampolines, foam pits, and climbing walls to explore.

However, that’s only a tiny part of the attractions in this fun park.

Your kids can also make new friends and have friendly competitions in battle beam, dodgeball, bumper ball, and slam ball areas.

If necessary, the children can take a break at the kiddie court to recharge their energy.

The friendly staff will keep an eye on your kids while they run around the various activities.

There are also sitting areas for parents and guardians.

This trampoline park may focus on the children, but the parents can also join them inside if they’re interested.

Funcity Trampoline Park is a perfect destination to treat your kids and make them happy.

Taste Local Sweets at Master Homemade Donuts

Master Homemade Donuts is a family-owned, small business with big flavors and tastes.

They may not be as popular as other chain donut stores, but they craft all their donuts by hand from their unique recipe.

This mom-and-pop donut store has become a favorite for many locals in Seekonk.

Aside from donuts, they also have breakfast sandwiches!

This establishment is also one of the few in town that sells bubble tea which has become a recent trend.

All things considered, Master Homemade Donuts is undoubtedly worth the shot.

Drop by Fall River Avenue to support this local business.

Purchase Local Art in Created Purpose

All the art in this small gallery feature original, handcrafted works from local artisans from the state and worldwide.

Created Purpose offers a collaborative venue for various artists to display their craftsmanship through paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and other forms of art expression.

This gallery has a little bit of everything.

Check out the soaps, crochets, bags, essential oils, and plenty of trinkets.

You can give them as gifts or keep them as souvenirs for yourself.

They also offer scheduled art classes with changing themes for kids, teenagers, and adults.

You can learn to paint in watercolor, sculpt potteries, or make greeting cards.

The lectures in Created Purpose will teach you all kinds of handmade craftwork.

Check out the town’s local art scene at Created Purpose gallery on Olney Street.

Pick Fresh Fruits at Four Town Farm

Experience authentic farm life with Four Town Farm’s self-harvest adventures.

Since the 1900s, the farm has become part of Seekonk’s commercial scene since the 1900s.

The Peck family founded the farm to sell wholesale produce for grocery stores.

Eventually, they shifted to a more direct way of selling.

The highlight of Four Town Farm is their “Pick Your Own” season, where customers can handpick fruits and flowers straight from the gardens.

Customers can pick the strawberries, peas, flowers, and pumpkins.

This takes the meaning of fresh fruits to another level!

It can also be a fun experience for the whole family, especially for kids.

You can also find a wider variety of fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural commodities in the farm’s seasonal fruit stalls.

Grab a Bite at the Old Grist Mill Tavern

You can trace the origins of this historic mill to 1745.

The current restaurant is a close replica of the original 18th-century mill after a fire burned it down.

In 2014, the Old Grist Mill Tavern reopened, maintaining much of its authentic historic feel.

With cozy fireplaces, classic chandeliers, and prominent woodworks, the tavern aimed to imitate the architectural style of Pre-Revolutionary New England.

It’s positioned along the banks of Runnins River.

You’ll have a constant backdrop of the relaxing waterscape, especially if you dine on their outdoor patio.

Their menu consists of upscale, fine dining meals which include steaks, lobsters, and salmon.

The Old Grist Mill Tavern offers an elegant lunch or dinner at a fine historic establishment.

Get Spooked at Fear Town Haunted House

If you’re up for horror-filled adventures in Seekonk, head to Fear Town Haunted House next.

Located on Fall Avenue, this thrilling attraction takes you along three separate haunted areas to explore the outdoors.

Trained actors will try their best to scare the pants off you.

They’ll wear horrifying getups.

Check out the bone-chilling decor, and feel your hair stand on end with creepy background music.

Together, those elements craft a memorable, terrifying 45-minute experience, which is not for the faint-hearted.

This attraction in Seekonk has topped lists of the best haunted houses in the whole state of Massachusetts.

Test your courage and book a ticket to Fear Town Haunted House’s next season.

Remember the Past with the Time Capsule

This establishment at Fall River Avenue captures its customers’ hearts through nostalgia.

The Time Capsule is mainly a comic bookstore, but it also offers vinyl records, retro video games, and other collectibles.

Online stores and copies of comic books have become prevalent in an increasingly technological world.

Rob Yeremian, the founder of Time Capsule, also began by selling online.

However, he couldn’t enjoy it as much as selling in a retail store, so he reopened a physical shop in 2003.

Today, he continues to operate physical stores.

The store gets new comic books every Wednesday, ranging from 80-100 new items each week.

Browse this store’s collection and get a glimpse of the good old days!

See a Movie in Showcase Cinemas Seekonk

This theater has some of the best equipment for an elevated movie screening of the latest blockbusters.

At Commerce Way, Showcase Cinemas is home to top-of-the-line stadium seating, a Dolby sound system, and a high-definition Sony movie screen.

There’s a concession stand in the lobby, stocked with staple movie snacks, candies, and cool refreshments.

Conveniently, the staff can deliver your orders straight to your seats inside the theater.

Book a ticket and level up your movie-watching experience in Showcase Cinemas Seekonk.

Enjoy the Games at Monster Mini Golf

Monster Mini Golf offers a fun, horror-themed course that everyone will enjoy.

The course is in a dark location, brightened only with neon-colored black lights and decor, giving it unique visuals.

With clowns, gargoyles, and skeletons blended into your surroundings, enjoy the course’s well-executed horror with a fun, astonishing twist.

There’s also spooky background music to give you a more immersive experience.

Aside from mini golf, this entertainment venue also features an arcade with loads of exciting games to try.

Those looking for family-friendly entertainment in Seekonk can try this hidden gem.

Wear bright-hued clothes to add more colors to the course.

Explore Leonard’s New England

This antique store adds a unique feature to their vintage products: modern customizations.

In Leonard’s New England, they customize their antiques to have 21st-century accents, whether refined beds, cabinets, tables, or other furniture.

These alterations lead to one-of-a-kind items that combine elements of the past with current trends.

With excellent craftsmanship and distinct antiques, Leonard’s New England has curated a different selection of beautiful pieces.

There’s a reason why Leonard’s New England has opened since 1933.

Visit their store and browse through their exceptional items.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Learn History at Cape Verdean Museum

Established in 2005, the Cape Verde Museum is a venue for all things related to the African country.

Many immigrants from Cape Verde settled into the town of East Providence, Rhode Island.

A group of volunteers founded the museum to collect and preserve records about their lives in their new home.

You can glimpse Cape Verde citizens’ arts, culture, history, and traditions through their exhibits, artifacts, maps, photographs, etc.

This impressive museum has even received visits from high-ranking Cape Verdean officials, including the Prime Minister, President, and First Lady of the country.

If you’re interested in learning about other cultures, this museum will have plenty to offer.

Cape Verde Museum offers picturesque paintings, historical records, and a learning experience.

The museum is in East Providence, Rhode Island, less than ten minutes from Seekonk.

Book a Tour with Providence River Boat Company

Tours are a great way to explore a new town!

With Providence River Boat Company, you will see all kinds of sights in Providence while riding through a boat.

Founded in 2005, this agency now offers a wide variety of tours.

You can join basic guided tours and twilight river cruises to haunted boat rides and vineyard voyages.

Their WaterFire tours are especially praise-worthy; its WaterFire lighting installation has received several awards.

Guests can tour downtown Providence waterways with the added effects of fire-like installations.

Enjoy a beautiful vision amid the darkness of night.

The special cruises of Providence River Boat Company are a must-see destination for travelers.

You can find their agency in Province, Rhode Island, ten minutes away from Seekonk.

Final Thoughts

The town of Seekonk is a hidden gem in Massachusetts.

Even with its peaceful allure, you can still see loads of entertaining attractions, quaint shops, and nature preserves.

You can even go to nearby cities and see through the tourist destinations there as well.

Get the best of both worlds in Seekonk, Massachusetts!

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