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15 Best Things to Do in Milford, MA

  • Published 2022/07/20

Different towns are known for different things.

For example, Milford, Massachusetts, is a unique town for its type of granite.

This granite is known as Milford pink granite and features a gray coloring with flecks of pink or green.

Located within the southeast area of Worcester County in Massachusetts, Milford has existed for nearly 250 years.

Milford is a town with plenty for you to discover.

Some attractions visitors can find in town range from taverns and cafes to parks with long nature trails.

With 38.5 square kilometers of space, there’s plenty for you to discover.

Here are the best things to do in Milford, MA:

Cycle through the Upper Charles Trail

Daytime view of Upper Charles Trail

User:Magicpiano, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Challenge yourself by traveling through the Upper Charles Trail.

The Upper Charles Trail is a nature trail you can find by heading to Fino Field, which spans around 13 miles.

The trail is not overly challenging to travel through and offers plenty of sights for you to see.

A few sights on this trail include forests and bogs where you can seek out local wildlife.

You can also see some historical spots as you reach the end of the trail at Holliston.

If you find exploring nature trails a fun activity, checking out the Upper Charles Trail is a top option.

Travel the NEMBA Trails at Milford

Cycling enthusiasts will find plenty of challenges by riding through the NEMBA Trails at Milford.

A community of mountain bikers set the NEMBA Trails at Milford.

The name of the Milford trails is the Vietnam Trail Network.

It is part of a 47-acre land off Cedar Street and features several rock obstacles.

The nature trail is one of the most challenging trails you can find in Milford.

You can also explore different areas.

So long as you cycle carefully and slowly, you can overcome this trail’s challenge.

Enjoy Coffee and Games at the TJ Cafe and Games

TJ Cafe and Games is one of the different places to find fun in Milford, and you can find it on South Main Street.

TJ Cafe and Games doubles as a gaming venue where you can play card and board games.

In addition to playing games, you can read comics or browse the toys available in the shop.

In the cafe area of the shop, you can enjoy different coffee blends and baked goods.

Aside from coffee and baked goods, the cafe offers handmade ice cream flavors ranging from strawberry to brownie batter and mocha chip.

At the TJ Cafe and Games, you can treat yourself to treats and games.

Snack and Drink Coffee at B. Food

There are plenty of places to enjoy coffee and baked goods in Milford, and one of those places is B. Food.

B. Food is a coffee shop that doubles as a deli and bakery with a range of pastries you can try.

What makes B. Food different from other cafes, bakeries, and delis is that their menu changes daily, and they have a rotation for their bread.

Some treats you can enjoy at B. Food include tarts, pies, and quiches.

If you want to visit the cafe/bakery/deli, you need to head to East Main Street and look inside Hickey’s.

Indulge in Donuts with Basic Batch Donuts

Treat yourself to a doughnut by checking out Basic Batch Donuts on East Main Street.

The shop offers a range of yeast-style cakes and doughnuts, among other baked goods.

Some of the products you can indulge in at the shop aside from doughnuts include twisted cinnamon bread and pop tarts.

In addition to treats for humans, the shop offers treats for dogs.

Depending on the season, you can enjoy seasonal and classic flavors and pair them with a coffee.

Whether it’s a doughnut or pastry, you can find plenty of fun snack options at Basic Batch Donuts.

Dig into a Fresh Meal at Depot Street Tavern

Are you looking for a place to get a meal and drinks?

Head over to the Depot Street Tavern on Depot Street, and you can dig into some classic dishes like burgers and buffalo wings paired with a cocktail.

In addition to classic dishes for lunch and dinner, the tavern has a breakfast menu that features a range of sweet and savory dishes plus alcoholic blends and coffee.

No matter what meal you enjoy at this tavern, you’ll get a dish with fresh ingredients and have plenty of drink options to pair with your meal.

If you want to dig into a hearty meal and enjoy plenty of spirits, make a stop at the Depot Street Tavern.

Sample the Craft Beers at CraftRoots Brewing

CraftRoots Brewing is a brew house you can find on Industrial Road and has plenty of options for beer-lovers to enjoy.

Among the different craft beers you can sample at CraftRoots Brewing is a selection of locally made craft malts plus other beer blends in the taproom.

If you want to enjoy the different blends, you can sample them at CraftRoots Brewing.

There are plenty of music and food events you can check out during the month.

If you’re looking for a place to indulge in beer and have fun with food and music, CraftRoots Brewing is the place for you.

Get a Meal at the Prezo Grille & Bar

You can enjoy a variety of cuisines by visiting Prezo Grille & Bar.

Prezo Grille & Bar is an eatery you can find on East Main Street and features a range of dishes that include different types of flatbread and pasta.

In addition to featuring different dishes from different cuisines, the eatery has a long list of alcoholic blends you can enjoy, including several beers, wines, and cocktails.

Aside from this, you can look out for live entertainment to enjoy your meal.

There are plenty of options to sample when dining at the Prezo Grille & Bar.

Try Thai Delicacies at the Chim Thai Cafe

Take a chance to dig into some Thai dishes by dining at the Chim Thai Cafe.

You can find this cafe on East Main Street.

It offers several dishes to choose from on an all-day menu.

In addition to different Thai dishes on the menu, the cafe offers a range of other Asian dishes that include different noodle and fried rice options.

You can also check out the cafe’s unique menu and try their udon dishes.

There is a broad range of Asian meals and desserts you can try when dining at the Chim Thai Cafe.

Dine with Italian Dishes at Caffe Sorrento

Get a taste of traditional Italian dishes by dining in Caffe Sorrento.

Caffe Sorrento is an Italian eatery located on Central Street.

It has a range of dishes, including different chicken, veal, and beef dishes, plus several pasta and pizza options.

Aside from offering a range of Italian dishes, the eatery provides services for event bookings and buffet service.

Caffe Sorrento is the top spot to visit for Italian dishes in Milford.

Shop Local at the Milford Farmer’s Market

There are plenty of places you can enjoy a meal in Milford.

However, there is only one place where you can check out fresh local products, the Milford Farmer’s Market.

The Milford Farmer’s Market takes place from the first week of May to October and features various vendors and activities for visitors to explore.

A few products you can find sold at this market include different jams, sauces, and honey, among other items.

If you are interested in the events in this market, there is live entertainment and other activities you can check out.

The Milford Farmer’s Market is an ideal spot to visit for local items and fresh produce.

To locate the market, you need to head to East Liberty Street.

Visit the Draper Memorial Park

Statue at Draper Memorial Park

Yingna Cai /

Any history buff will want to check out the Draper Memorial Park.

Draper Memorial Park, which you can find in the downtown area, is a dedication to the various veterans who fought in several wars for the country.

Close view of Draper Memorial Park's statue

Katkami /

The park features several historical structures, including a monument listing fallen soldiers.

You can also see a statue depicting a former general who served as a U.S. Representative from Massachusetts.

By visiting the Draper Memorial Park, you can learn more about the people that served in the different wars in the country.

Make a Stop at Plains Park

Plains Park is one of the different parks you can find in Milford.

It may not be the most exciting park, but it does offer a spot to enjoy the outdoors and has its share of facilities.

These facilities include a playground and shaded area.

There is also a fair amount of views to enjoy at this park.

You can locate the park by heading to Cedar Street and enjoying a break from your exploration.

See a Local Show at the Milford Performing Arts Center

If you’re interested in checking out the arts scene in the area, head for the Milford Performing Arts Center on Main Street.

Milford Performing Arts Center has operated for over 30 years, offering several opportunities and classes for aspiring local artists.

There are several programs for kids and adults at this center, from plays to musicals and classes.

The center generally produces classic works and features all kinds of local talent.

Anyone who loves the performing arts will want to check out this performing arts center.

Check Out the Treatments at Mac Med Spa Salon & Medical

The Mac Med Spa Salon & Medical is a prime spot to visit in Milford for some self-care and relaxation.

A range of health and relaxation services are available at this salon, including massages and liposuction.

Whether you need beauty or health treatments, you’ll find plenty of options at this salon.

If you want to visit this salon, head to East Main Street.

You got plenty of accommodation for treatments waiting for you at the Mac Med Spa Salon & Medical.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Learn Needlework at Maria Sews a Lot

Maryland has its share of spots to explore, and one spot you can check out nearby Milford is the Maria Sews a Lot studio.

You can find the studio in Hopeland, Massachusetts.

The studio is less than ten minutes away from Milford and features a range of options for sewing enthusiasts.

If you are interested in learning about needlework, you can sign up for Maria Sews a Lot’s classes to get started with different tools.

The studio also has a shop section where you can check for supplies and stitched items.

Aside from this, there are virtual options available.

Play Games or Bowl at Pinz Bowl

Make a stop at Pinz Bowl if you’re looking for some entertainment in the area.

The bowling center has five branches in different states, and you can find the Milford branch on South Main Street.

Besides offering a bowling alley that can accommodate all ages, Pinz Bowl provides a range of games you can play.

These games include laser tag and virtual reality.

You can even try ax-throwing if you want to make things exciting.

When you’ve had your fill of games, you can enjoy a range of snacks and drinks for a break.

Pinz Bowl is an ideal spot to take a break and have fun with games and friends.

Final Thoughts

Milford is a town with plenty of places for you to discover and treats to try.

Some of the prominent spots in this town take you on a trip through wars in history.

Otherwise, they challenge you on a trek through nature.

More than this, there are several places where you can sample different drinks and treats or have fun with games and live entertainment.

Among the various towns you can explore in the Maryland area, you’ll find plenty of fun and treats when visiting Milford.

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