15 Best Things to Do in Marbella


At the southern end of the mystical European country of Spain surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the foothills of Sierra Blanca lies the picturesque city of Marbella.

Just like its name, the city itself gives a fairytale picture to its travellers.

Marbella has a population of roughly 141,463 people making it the second largest city in entire province of Malaga.

Marbella is single handedly known as the “tourist capital” of Costa De Sol.

Believe it or not, the fine temperatures, endless beaches combined with ancient, classic European architecture make this city go through a yearlong season, which means there are hardly any off seasons.

With its little color coordinated neighborhoods with cobbled paths, flowering streets, grand chapels and castles, clean beaches, hiking, snorkeling, sailing, dolphin watching, surfing or climbing activities, mountainous views to top it off the Spanish city of Marbella, sure is an ideal and yet out of the box location for your travel dreams.

Let the Marvel of Old Marbella Town Guide You

Old Town at Plaza De los Naranjos
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The finest shades of Europe await your presence here at the Old Town at Plaza De los Naranjos.

The Old Town is not a one stop destination so multiple trips are recommended to get the full taste of it.

It begins from alleys permanently decorated with cobblestoned paths starting to give it a fairytale feel.

The entire area has color coordinated architecture with white commercial structures and occasionally there are breakages with other worldly mustard yellow or magenta buildings!

Narrow winding paths to huge open air dining areas.

Make an evening trip to the marketing areas for an unforgettable night with your loved ones in the presence of lamp lit streets, live music humming from all corners.

The quintessential windows or verandas pouring with bougainvillea are a must to add to the royal ambiance.

Old Town has orange trees everywhere, old churches, endless bars, cafes and a unique Spanish atmosphere.

Blue Magic of The Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus Marina beach
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A quintessential sea side magic waits for you at the white beach arrangements of Puerto Banus Marina beach area.

There is a harbor which is sure to blow your mind with the finest yachts and cruises.

Take all the rides you want to along the ocean in these water travelling luxurious transport systems.

Or you can simply find your sweet spot at the lavish seating arrangement of hoops, swings, beach rests, chairs or other color coordinated white area with your favorite drink.

The beach is always the favorite option to take a nice dip or to go for water sports.

The area is filled with restaurants and cafes to satiate your hunger after a long day at the beach.

The port has a vivid range of shops for travellers and visitors from all over the world to get hand at the most authentic Spanish garments, showpieces and other memorabilia.

Picture Perfect Holiday Time at The Cabopino Beach

Cabopino Beach
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After the overwhelming tour of the Old Town or humdrum of the ports, harbors and markets, the Cabopino Beach is the picture perfect refuge for a calm and rewarding visit.

There are no markets, apartments or hotels nearby which gives this area a more naturalistic edge.

It comprises of the huge beach accompanied by soft sandy dunes and vividly colored wildlife including shrubs and other beachside plantations.

There are boardwalks to not disturb the wildlife but have a beautiful view of the area.

Locals recommend visiting the Cabopino beach at the sunset hours to stand by the large horizon and quietly witness the falling peach and magenta shades of the sun.

There’s a historical tower structure beside, the toilets are clean and the beach is maintained regularly with almost zero littering.

Sights of Gibraltar and Morocco can be seen from this part and the ruins give the area a mystic appearance.

Surf Through the Fine Structures of Avenida Del Mar

Avenida Del Mar
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The Avenida Del Mar is the area connecting the Malaga beach to the Old Twon through the Alameda Park.

This place is a unique combination that can only be seen at Marbella.

The area is a passageway great for a good walk around the city.

It is decorated with white shops canopied with shite clothing tent like features to make it look like an actual magic town, which it successfully manages to do.

The shops sell all kinds of goods and give off a very bohemian or rather Spanish ethnic vibe if you say so.

There are painting selling shops, décor, souvenir shops to take home something from Marbella.

The most astounding feature however is the presence of world renowned artist Salvador Dali’s priceless sculptures hanging at different intervals of the passageway.

These pieces stand gracefully in between the fountains and the entire set up gives an art world feel.

Walk Through the Lavish Paseo Maritimo

Paseo Maritimo in Marbella
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Cottage core aesthetics combined with lavish beachside arrangements, palm trees, boulevard like streets, shore beds, tents by the sea, endless restaurants and cafes.

A range of high end brand shops, local art shops sparkling in corners, lip smacking food at every nook, a promenade to walk by, go biking or running.

With all these luring features it becomes so surprise how the Maritimo can be easily called the city’s center spot.

There are gardens and sitting areas to enjoy the shores or views of the African waters.

To make it even more fun there are video game arcades for all.

Relish the View as Well as Shop from The Marina Banus Area

Situated at the Calle Ramon Areces, the Marina Banus shopping mall and area is one of the liveliest spots to enjoy the essence of Marbella.

The shopping mall is more like a huge zonal area which has a bit of everything from lavish Spanish and international brands to inexpensive local shops, from fountains and gorgeous architecture to artistic gardens, an endless array of mouthwatering restaurants.

If Spanish cuisine is in your heart do not miss out on the open air cafes here providing authentic Spanish food.

Feel free to shop to your heart’s content because the things are unbelievably cheap.

Let the Mountains of La Concha Steal Your Heart

La Concha Mountains
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All that time in amidst the blue waters and sandy shores might need some gorgeous change of plans with a trip to the mountains!

Yes, Marbella has a platter of varied landform features to boost its tourism.

The La Concha Mountains are a set of lush green range standing on Marbella.

There are loads of activities to do here for people of all ages.

Hiking however is the most loved one; make sure you carry enough fluids with you.

Once you reach the top a scenic view of entire Spanish City can be seen, there are hotels up there too.

Be Surrounded by The Green Spanish Aura at The Alameda Park

Alameda Park
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What is a trip to Spain worth if it does not involve a conventional green vintage gorgeous park?

The Alameda Park at the Ricardo Soriano gives you that and a little more.

With its lush exotic greenery with endless variants of plants and flowering gardens, historic magnanimous fountains situated throughout, marbled colorful passageways and cycling paths, heritage benches built with utmost beauty and intricacy, the park has become one of the most prestigious places for people to spend dates or quality times with their families.

To add to this there are quaint historic sculptures kept for adding to the elegance.

The Cinematic Vina & Bodega Remsamen Wineries

Spain literally being the wine capital of Europe, it is only fair that some of the finest and most picturesque wineries are located here.

One such is the Vina & Bodega Remsamen Winery and vineyard at Diseminado Poligano in Marbella.

They call it the cinematic winery because of the films that have been shot here.

Also because the location is nothing short of picture perfect rom-coms with endless green valleys on the backdrop of the beautiful mountains.

The owner helps you get a personalized tour with knowledgeable information.

The variants of wine are vivid and standard owing to the finesse.

Do Not Miss out The Sparkle of The Puerto Banus Street Market

Puerto Banus Street Market
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At the Av De Manolete area lays the shimmering street market of Puerto Banus, buzzing with young liveliness of travellers and youngsters from many parts of the world.

This Flea Market is a favorite spot of photographers with one of the streets decorated with a canopy of colorful umbrellas, bringing a sense of artistic surrealism to the place.

Textiles, art pieces, plants, handicrafts, souvenirs, fruits, veggies, bags, jewelry, shoes, authentic Spanish garments and cuisine, you name it and it is there.

At a walking distance from the harbor and a hilly platform, this market gives the most pleasant views too.

Visit the Calming Iglesia Mayor De La Encarnacion

Iglesia Mayor De La Encarnacion
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The hype of the city finds a scenic peace at the Old Catholic church of Iglesia Mayor De La Encarnacion.

Around the Plaza De La Iglesia area, this church is more than hundreds of years old.

Covered over a surprisingly huge area, the pillars are made of sandstone and give off pure royal vibes.

Once you enter be prepared to be amazed by the endless sculptures standing tall at every nook and corner of this church.

The hall is huge with intricate gold work and an overwhelming calming presence.

This medieval 16th century church is worth a very rewarding visit.

The Royal Castle- Murallas Del Castillo (las)

Murallas Del Castillo
Tyk, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The true charm of Spain and Europe remains missing till you get the ultimate folklore experience.

To satiate that thirst go to the Murallas Del Castillo.

A castle the medieval times, as you reach the place time travel might just feel real.

Huge beige and ochre castle built with old sandstones with detailed historical information of all the royalty that lived here.

The descending garden is another treat to watch.

There are essential castle features like the watch tower, passage ways and courtyards.

Believe it or not the castle is over a thousand year old belonging to the 10th century!

Go for Sailing or Dolphin Watching when You Are at Marbella

Sailing at Marbella
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The sea is single handedly one of the best features of this tourism town.

To not enjoy the sea would be a loss therefore.

Loads of activities and adventures are available for the tourists at the bay.

Taking the water transport to enjoy a ride at the sea is very common.

More detailed trips include things like Sailing through the waters or going for Dolphin Watching trips.

There are packages according to your requirement, starting from an hour long ones to a day full of fun activities like sailing, dolphins and ending the day with a warm evening cruise party.

Hiking Around the Scenic Mountains of Marbella

Hiking in Guadalmina
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Blessed with natural formations, Marbella houses the best beaches and also the finest mountain ranges around in Spain.

There is the La Concha Mountains almost at the city’s bay but apart from that if you passionately want to unravel the geographical assets of this city, go for the hiking packages with groups of guides.

There are loads of options for everyone from young adults to professional hikers and senior ones.

Select your package and go to places like the Estepona route, Guadalmina near the city with a river aside, cover places like the CostaDe Sol view, Ronda and much more.

Relax on The Beaches of Playa De La Fontanilla Soaking in The Essence of Marbella

Playa De La Fontanilla
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As they say, save the best for the last, the Playa De La Fontanilla area is the center beach of Marbella.

You can do loads of things here.

Get sunbeds for reasonable prices and lay by the blue waters looking at the turquoise waters, go to the range of cafes and grab your cozy bite, or simply bring your barbeque equipment and cook by the beach!

The area is filled with adorable looking chiringuitos, so grab whatever drink you please to and dance along mixing in with the open parties or play ball games with your loved ones and enjoy.