15 Best Things to Do in Martha's Vineyard

15 Best Things to Do in Martha's Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard- one of the best retreats if you want to get away for a weekend, has a lot of beautiful spots hidden up in its sleeves. With some of the best beaches and ancient lighthouses, Martha’s Vineyard is the best spot if you want to swim in the sea water and enjoy it for a weekend. Let us see what are the top 15 things to do in Martha’s Vineyard-

Visit Edgartown Lighthouse

Edgartown Lighthouse
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Martha’s Vineyard is home to some of the greatest beaches and lighthouses. So, we’d like to start the trip by showing you one of the most famous Edgartown Lighthouses. Being one of the icons of Martha’s Vineyard- Edgartown Lighthouse is a good way to see at the beginning of the trip. There are four more lighthouses in Martha’s Vineyard, but first, let us get started with this one.

The original building was constructed in 1828, but the entire building was finished by 1939. Located in the region between the Katama Bay and Edgartown Harbor- Edgartown Lighthouse. The original lighthouse was not built on the mainland. N isolated island was used, but as time went on- stones and sands began to accumulate on the way, and now you can walk to the lighthouse from the mainland as there is a beach.

Grab the view from the top of Menemsha Hills

Menemsha Hills
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Who does not love rugged ocean views? We are sure you do too! Now, you might be asking us- where do I get those views? Don’t worry! The answer is with us. Let us take you to the infamous Menemsha Hills.

But, you gotta climb some height before you will get rewarded with those alluring views. The hill stands at a height of 308 meters. You can see across the rugged cliffs that extend for miles. The views are panoramic offering some of the best of nature. Also, you see amazing sights of the Vineyard Sound along with several islands extending across. But, you won’t get this natural beauty in Martha’s Vineyard for it is located a bit outside of town.

Take a walk around Katama Beach

Katama Beach
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Enough with lighthouses and rugged views, now, we will show you some good beach times. After all, Martha’s Vineyard is entirely about that lovely sea life. Where are my beach-lovers at? We are about to introduce you people to one of the best beaches of the States- the Katama Beach. The beach is open to the public and extends across a stretch of 3 miles. It is a wonderful beach- full of life. Are you into surfing? This is the best one to try out. Want to swim? There is even a protected area!

There is another beach named South Beach. This South Beach has the best water of all. The water is crystal clear with a turquoise shade of blue that will just make you want to jump into the water.

See the colors of Aquinnah Cliffs

Aquinnah Cliffs
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Did you bath enough? Now, we are going to take you a bit away from the heart of the city. But, don’t worry it is all for good reasons. For viewing the most mesmerizing spot of Martha’s Vineyard, we need to take you to Aquinnah. The best part about this part of the cliffs is its composition. There are gravel and clay in these cliffs that make them have different colors.

When you look at these cliffs, you will see how wonderful nature truly is, and how intricately detailed their work is. You will see the blue waters hitting the colorful cliffs and the overall views are just majestic. Did you know there are a lot of fossils found inside these cliffs? The doing of nature is a work of art!

Check out Lucy Vincent Beach

Lucy Vincent Beach
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You might not have heard about Lucy Vincent Beach, but it falls under one of the most beautiful beaches of Martha’s Vineyard. This is a quaint location, not as popular as Katama Beach. There are not many people who are aware of this location. But, if you ask us, we’d urge you to go visit this beach for it is worthy of your attention.

When you go to check out  Lucy Vincent Beach- you will notice the turquoise waters bang against the small cliffs of the beach. Also, it is not in the heart of the main city, and you’d have to travel to Chilmark. For this reason, you will not find many people crowding on this beach. But, the scene is picturesque, and you need to snap a few clicks of this wonderful site.

Visit the Martha's Vineyard Museum

Martha's Vineyard Museum
M V D H P, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Are you ready to take a break from attractive beaches and head over to a museum now? I know you are not, but, we’d still ask you for some of your time, so we can take you to the most famous museum of Martha’s Vineyard- the Martha's Vineyard Museum.

The museum was not always known by the name it has now. There was once a time when the museum was called the Dukes County Historical Society. But, after a lot of renovations and changes, Martha's Vineyard Historical Society changed the name, and you now visit the Martha's Vineyard Museum.

The island has a rich heritage. And, for people to get to know that and explore the island- is the prime goal of the museum. The museum contains a lot of things from the history of Martha's Vineyard. These things are really interesting to look at.

Go on a trip to Chappaquiddick

Chappaquiddick bridge
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Are you done learning the history of Martha’s Vineyard? Are you now desperate to go out for a visit and look around the beautiful sandy beaches? Well, we are not quite there yet, but, we have something cool to show you now. How would you feel if we told you that we will be taking you to a place that does not remain constant? Yes, this special place does not have a fixed coastline for it keeps on changing.
Cool, right? Let us head over to Chappaquiddick then.

Now, you might ask us- what is this formation exactly? Well, we have to give an answer based on its current coastline. For it sometimes takes the shape of an island, and sometimes it becomes a peninsula. Are you interested in now? This quaint location of Chappaquiddick is one of the best places to sit back and relax. Even if you want to do something- there are plenty of options in kayaking, fishing, and even swimming. It is an extremely picturesque location.

See the iconic Gay Head Lighthouse

Gay Head Lighthouse
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Remember the first lighthouse we saw? Didn’t we tell you there are more where that came from? Come on, we will introduce you to Gay Head Lighthouse now. This is one of Martha’s Vineyard’s iconic landmarks. Rather, we should just tell you that this is a historic icon.

Did you know this lighthouse is the first one that was ever built in Martha’s Vineyard? Yes, it was finished in 1796. It was stopped in the 1980s and since then it was open to the public. Since then, it receives a lot of crowds every day. Tourists mainly come to snap a few pictures as this is a piece of living history.

Get amazed by the horticulture at Polly Hill Arboretum

How would you like to see the beautiful plants of the gorgeous Martha’s Vineyard? Well, a passionate horticulturist thought of people like you and made a solution for it. Meet Polly Hill who resided in Martha’s Vineyard, but was quite fond of different exotic as well as native plant species. Thus she built up the Polly Hill Arboretum so that tourists could come and take a look at the wonders of nature.

The arboretum was built in 1958 over 20 acres of land. It is entirely filled up with different species from different places of the world. You can find a lot of magnolias, rhododendrons, and even crabapples.

Spend a beach day at Inkwell Beach

Inkwell Beach
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Okay, so you have seen the exotic plant species of Martha’s Vineyard. Are you ready to go back to the beach once again? Now, we will take you to another one of the most crowded beaches of Martha’s Vineyard. Compared to Katama Beach, this beach also gets a lot of people every day.

Sunbathing is one of the most popular activities among tourists. The summers are lovely here. People come here in groups to go swimming for the water feels extremely nice during the summer. If you want to get an ocean view- always opt for the hotels that are located on the beach. Also, there are jet-skiing options available here.

View the East Chop Lighthouse

East Chop Lighthouse
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Now, we move on to the third lighthouse on our list- the East Chop Lighthouse. The U.S. Coast Guard used to control the lighthouse for a certain period of time. But, then they could not control the damages as the lighthouse was doomed. Originally constructed in 1878. The future of East Chop Lighthouse wasn’t looking so good.

But, it was entirely for the emotional citizens of the island that Congress took matters into their hands and saved this East Chop Lighthouse. The location of East Chop Lighthouse is wonderful as you can see the waves crashing against the cliffs. You can even get some panoramic views of the Oak Buffs town if you stand at the top. You can find its name on the National Register of Historic Places.

Explore Felix Neck Sanctuary

Are you a nature lover? Then, we might have the perfect spot just for you! Are you ready to see some gorgeous landscapes? Come on, let us head over to the Felix Neck Sanctuary. A lot of beaches and marshlands are inside this Felix Neck Sanctuary. It is what you call a protected piece of land.

Did you know there are a lot of birds native to this place? There are also a lot of coastal animals native to Massachusetts found in this particular area.  You can walk around this place for there are walking trails. Look at these birds and animals and you can even go kayaking. It is going to be a fun day here at Felix Neck Sanctuary.

Pray at the Old Whaling Church

Old Whaling Church
John Phelan, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Want to go look at some gorgeous churches now? Bonus point: These churches are built in a gorgeous manner as well. If you’d permit us, we’d like to take you to the infamous Old Whaling Church.

The church was originally constructed in 1843, and its architecture is on a whole new level. You might not find many buildings with that Greek Revival design like this one. So, treat your eyes for a bit here. Martha's Vineyard Preservation Trust later got control of this church by buying it in 1980. Most of the town’s important meetings are held in this venue. Do visit this church, get to know the community, and even sit for a bit.

See the produce of Morning Glory Farm

Want to go look at an organic farm that grows all its stuff for itself? Also, this has been going on for generations. Some of the best veggies that are grown on this farm are lettuce, carrots, beets. And even tomatoes. There are a lot more. Want to look at a herb garden? Ther is even one of those here. They even have some goats and pigs here. Do try to visit this for once for the place reeks of natural beauty. Breathe in the fresh air for a change.

Treat your sweet tooth at Black Dog

Black Dog Restaurant
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You have had enough of sightseeing in Martha’s Vineyard. Now, you might be hungry for something sweet. It is time to go check out something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Black Dog's Water Street Bakery is one of the best places for baked goodies in town. Also, you should buy some pastries and cakes to go along with your meals.

These are the best things to check out in Martha’s Vineyard. We hope you get to enjoy your stay here.