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16 Best Things to Do in Nyack, NY

  • Published 2022/06/15

Do you feel like taking a break from city life in New York?

Maybe it’s a sign for you to travel to New York villages, such as Nyack.

Formerly known as Tappan, Nyack might be a small village in Orangetown, Rockland County, but it features unique and picturesque sights.

Interested to know more about this place?

Here are the best things to do in Nyack, NY:

Take a Stroll at Nyack Beach State Park

Daytime view of Nyack Beach State Park

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The Nyack Beach State Park is a 61-acre park in Hook Mountain State Park, offering plenty of recreational activities.

You can go biking, fishing, and picnicking thanks to the park’s vast space.

The waters of Nyack Beach State Park

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If you don’t feel like doing anything, you can let the sea breeze brush through your skin.

Nyack Beach State Park has a gorgeous and scenic view that draws sightseers everywhere.

A paved path at Nyack Beach State Park

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Try Fine Dining at Alain’s Petit Bistro

It’s about time you try fine dining in New York state.

Alain Eigenmann opened the restaurant in 2013.

It offers both delectable French and German cuisines.

You can have a fun date night with a loved one, amid the elegant and remarkable ambiance.

This place offers prompt service that makes guests come back time and again.

The warm lights, succulent dishes, velvety wine, gorgeous interior designs, and the classy feeling of the restaurant will make your fine dining experience unforgettable.

Explore the Edward Hopper House Museum & Study Center

Side view of Edward Hopper House Museum & Study Center's exterior

Ritzel, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Explore and relive the past at the Edward Hopper House Museum & Study Center.

Interestingly, this remarkable place originated way back in 1858.

The renowned American painter Edward Hopper lived here until 1910.

Find numerous contemporary works by early artists at the Edward Hopper House Museum & Study Center.

It exhibits fascinating preserved paintings, artifacts, photographs, and more.

The museum has always been one of the best landmarks in Nyack.

Just imagine getting lost in the past while appreciating the refreshing works of different artists.

See Plays in Elmwood Playhouse

Exterior of the Elmwood Playhouse

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People might have already forgotten about the art of the theater, thanks to technology.

However, Nyack’s Elmwood Playhouse is still in the game.

This playhouse, formerly known as the Rockland Foundation Theatre Group, started in 1956.

Located in Pythian Hall, it comprises four buildings, three rehearsal studios, a lobby, storage rooms, a green room, dressing rooms, and a 99-seat space.

Seeing a play is one of the most precious and memorable experiences you could enjoy in your life.

Excellent backdrops and exquisite performances will surely liven up your night at the theater.

Chill at Maureen’s Jazz Cellar

Are you tired of bubbly pop and party music?

Treat your ears to slick jazz music at Maureen’s Jazz Cellar.

Maureen’s Jazz Cellar has a 49-seat basement piano bar and jazz club.

Upon entering the place, you can feel yourself calming down with the soft and classy strains of jazz in the background.

Moreover, it plays classical and acoustic music.

Sit back, have a drink, and delight in the excellent music.

Walk the Breathtaking Paths at Hook Mountain State Park

A dried tree on Hook Mountain State Park's cliff

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If you don’t feel like going to the ocean, then visit Hook Mountain State Park.

It is the perfect place for people who want a break from the rowdy city of New York.

Scenic view from Hook Mountain State Park's cliff

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Try biking, casual hiking, and bird viewing at this scenic mountain park.

You can also spot hawks and songbirds in the area, enhancing its natural appeal.

Breathe the clear and fresh air of the mountains and feel the cool wind brush through your skin while treating your eyes to the evergreen trees and vast blue skies.

View of the Hudson river from Hook Mountain State Park

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Enjoy the Nyack Famous Street Fair

Enjoy Nyack’s Famous Street Fair!

More than 300 vendors line down the streets of Nyack to showcase their products.

Different stands offer various products, from home decorations to other collectibles.

Of course, food stands are at your fingertips.

Moreover, different restaurants and cafes will serve people Fair Specials to liven up the occasion.

Enjoy the delicious food, on-sale products, and carnival-like events in the colorful and lively Nyack Famous Street Fair!

Admire the Hudson River

View of the Hudson river from Hook Mountain state park

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The sight of rivers never fails to calm our minds and unwind.

The Hudson River is an excellent option when you feel tired and want to relax while relishing the atmosphere.

You can take a stroll by the river or go fishing.

The waters of Hudson River

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Explore the calm waters via kayak or canoe.

Cafes and restaurants are also near the river.

When life gives you lemons, dine by the tranquil Hudson River.

Experience the Freshness of Agricultural Products in Nyack Farmers’ Market

Nothing is more pleasant to the nose after taking in the aroma and freshness of agricultural products.

At Nyack Farmers’ Market, they provide all kinds of fresh agricultural products – you can experience the rich colors and pleasant whiff in the stands firsthand.

Their products include fresh organic eggs, rich cow’s milk, colorful vegetables, and sweet-tasting fruits.

Moreover, they also have mini-coffee shops and pies on sale for people who stop by and fill their stomachs.

It is the perfect place for you to visit if you feel like taking a sip of coffee while seeing how fresh agricultural products can be.

Amuse Yourself at the Palisades Center Mall

Exterior of Palisades Center Mall

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If you feel like having fun, give the Palisades Center Mall a shot!

It’s the second-largest mall in New York and the eighth-largest in the country.

Retailers offer plenty of products, enabling customers to shop leisurely.

Interior of Palisades Center Mall

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You can also check out the mall’s entertainment section, containing climbing obstacles, a cinema, an IMAX theatre, and more.

Amuse yourself with the abundance of enthralling products, shops, dining restaurants, and entertainment services at the Palisades Center Mall.

5 wits at Palisades Center Mall's entertainment are

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Pay Oak Hill Cemetery a Visit

The Oak Hill Cemetery is one of Nyack’s must-visit landmarks.

Established in the 1800s, Oak Hill Cemetery is the perfect place to take a walk and pay respects to the founders of Nyack and other notable people.

Take time to meditate, appreciate the green meadows, and delight in the stillness of the breathtaking landscape.

Bond with Family at the Village of Nyack Memorial Park

A wooden bench overlooking the river at Nyack Memorial Park

Alexisrael, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Another excellent place where you and your loved ones can bond is the Village of Nyack Memorial Park.

This memorial park is perfect for a small getaway from your worries.

You can enjoy the lively view alone, or bond with your loved ones, while picnicking and letting all your troubles out.

Your kids can play at the playgrounds and splash pads.

Likewise, you can go to the skate park, tennis courts, and a basketball court.

Moreover, the park is well-kept and trash-free, and you can see the blue and open seas from the premises.

Spend time with your loved ones at the gorgeous Village of Nyack Memorial Park.

Grab a Bite at the Hudson House

Another excellent restaurant in Nyack is the Hudson House.

Matt Hudson and Amy Lehman own the restaurant, which started in the 1800s.

The Hudson House serves American cuisine under a pleasing contemporary and vintage ambiance inspired by the 1800s.

Enjoy the delectable fish, succulent meat, delicious pasta, and savory chicken dishes.

It is the perfect restaurant to fill your stomach after a full day of exploring Nyack.

Visit Funny Business

Do you love comics, LEGOs, and action figures interesting?

Stop by the Funny Business shop.

Christopher Barchuk owns the Funny Business shop, which opened in 2010.

Fans of comics, action figures, LEGOs, and other similar things will enjoy this place.

Spend hours reading various comics, playing with action figures, or building anything with LEGOs!

Conquer the Palisades Climb Adventure Ropes Course

Name sign of Palisades Climb Adventure

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Remember the Palisades Central Mall?

They have a must-visit entertainment section there, the Palisades Climb Adventure Ropes Course.

If you feel like pumping your adrenaline and exercising those muscles, try Palisades Climb Adventure Ropes Course.

It is the world’s tallest indoor ropes course at 85 feet high.

Its five levels of ropes and over 75 obstacle courses give you excitement, thrills, and extraordinary adventure.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Follow the Paths at the Rockefeller State Park Preserve

Stone arch bridge at Rockefeller State Park Preserve

Kyle Tunis /

Take a stroll in Rockefeller State Park Reserve for a change.

It’s 15 minutes away from Nyack.

You can do plenty of fun and calming activities in the park, such as casual walking, jogging, running, fishing, and bird-watching.

Nature trail at Rockefeller State Park Preserve

Kyle Tunis /

Can you ride a horse? You can do so in the park.

Relish the fresh and relaxing atmosphere of the park, along with the green trees and picturesque landscape.

Landscape of Rockefeller State Park Preserve

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Final Thoughts

Nyack gives visitors a mix of the urban and country lifestyle.

It’s a developed village and an excellent destination for people from big cities who want to take a break.

Start planning your trip to Nyack today!

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