20 Best Things to Do in Paros

20 Best Things to Do in Paros

A beautiful sunny beach and pretty white sands. You lazing around in your chair and tanning yourself. Exotic locales surrounding you as you sip a wine from your flute glass! Ah! That’s really what paradise looks like essentially! But no we are not talking about heaven! Welcome to the beautiful land of Paros in Greece. An archipelago located in the blue white Aegean Sea. As beautiful and exotic as it sounds, Greece is a country boasting of wonderful ancient relics and structures. Paros is a Greek island which has all that can be seen stored in its vast area. This consists of four major islands which you will enjoy exploring and wandering on your own.

Adventures await at the Golden Beach

Golden Beach
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The golden beach is one of the most famous beaches all over Greece and the world. It has some of the best water sports facilities available for you to enjoy.
Try out windsurfing or rent kayaks to take down the waters. You can also try surfing or paddle boarding on the choppy blue waters. The winds blowing at high speeds also add to the thrill as you go rushing above the waters.
So, for all you adrenaline junkies out there, this is the perfect place for a great vacation.

Pray at Panagia Ekatontapiliani

Panagia Ekatontapiliani
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The Church of Hundred Doors is a very important monument historically and traditionally. It was built during the Byzantine era and has very intricate carvings and mosaics in its altar. There’s a myth surrounding its name as well. The people till date have only discovered 99 of the 100 doors of this church. The locals believe the last door will be discovered only when Constantinople becomes a part of Greece again.

Explore Parikia

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Parikia is the capital and central town of Paros. It retains all its old world charm while you explore the by lanes and roads snaking through the city.
This is also the main tourist hub of the island and is great for staying during your vacation. With various quaint cafes and restaurants lined up on the street, you can also try authentic Greek food. The ancient windmills and famous church stated above is also present on this very part of the island along with other architectural marvels.

Sample some seafood at Piso Livadi

Piso Livadi
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Piso Livadi is a fishing port located in the southeast part of the island. It is small in size but bustling with a variety of sea fare. Many cute little taverns have popped up nearby this port serving delicious Greek seafood. From mussels to trout to crabs and lobsters, all fish lovers are in for a treat! Another important point is that it acts as the central port linking Paros to Antiparos and other Cyclades islands around it. So, you can visit this port, have some food and then set sail further.

Visit Lefkes

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This quaint little town cradled near the mountains of Naousa is one of the best places to visit. It has a myriad of colors sprayed around owing to the white colored houses, deep blue seas and bright pink bougainvillea growing everywhere.
It can also be great to stay if you want to cut down on expenses since there are many cheap Airbnb houses available. Enjoy some natural organic foods like figs and honey which is sold as roadside snacks here.

Go to Naoussa Port

Naoussa Port
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A fishing village located in the North of Paros and easily one of the most popular tourist destination here. It is located near the Venetian Fort which stands tall and guards this port. The Venetian Fort is also a major tourist attraction. Explore this monolithic structure built by The Ottomans to safeguard this important port in olden times. Its specialty is a tower built in with firing positions to ward off enemy attacks.

The scene of the watersides and quarry looks straight out of a postcard and makes us revel in its natural beauty. There are lots of restaurants lines up nearby which serve authentic cuisine too. Moreover, if you want to enjoy some real beachy night life then this is the place! It converts from the cute little daydream into the ultimate party town at night where you can drink your sorrows away as you groove!

Relax on the Kolymbithres beach

Kolymbithres beach
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This can be done immediately after spending some time at Noussa since it’s just ten minutes away. Take the local public ferry from Naoussa and you are sorted.
It’s great for a family vacation as the children build sandcastles and you laze on the rocks. You can find many people sunbathing on the smooth granite rocks on the shore.Various sandy coves and rocky formations chiseled by strong winds and the sea make for great backdrops to get the perfect Instagram Picture.

Visit the Archaeological museum of Paros

Any visit to a foreign land is incomplete without imbibing some information about the area. That’s why museums are such important landmarks of most tourist places. Visit this museum to gaze at some primitive artifacts and relics. There are statues from as far as 5th century BC present here dedicated to various famous Greek Philosophers and gods like Nike, Artemis and Archilochus.

Learn about wine making at the Moraitis Winery

Most of associate Greece with wine and champagnes and so wont it be exciting actually witnessing its making. Winemaking in Greece is as old as time itself. It dates back to medieval times and is practiced even today. The Moraitis Winery was itself established in 1910 and has retained all the old principles of winemaking.
The grapes used are sourced from its own vineyards and are endemic species of Paros. They are then brewed in ancient machineries to churn out the perfect red wine.

Laze at Faragas beach

Faragas beach
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Situated on the long coastline of Paros is this windy beach. Hidden in the alcove of the rocky terrains and sandy coves, it’s a great beach to unwind. A solitary bar makes its presence felt as you laze around on the white sands. It has a great staff and is highly customer friendly. The waiters are warm and friendly so you can just order for that favorite margarita drink after drink. It plays soft soothing music to help you relax and later plays rock music as night arrives. Groove to the summer beats and dance around. It’s also a great place for some couples looking for peace and quiet. There are many hidden nooks and corners for you to explore amid some seclusion.

Experience Nirvana at Ambelas

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The village of Ambalas is nestled in a quiet spot near Naoussa. It is also located just 15 minutes away and a great spot to relax and unwind. You can go for a nice family picnic near the shores of the waters. Pack a big fat lunch of sandwiches, colas and some swimwear and you are set. Have a nice refreshing swim in the calm currents and then sit and have a nice appetizing lunch under the shade of the trees. There is also a great restaurant nearby where you can dine in or take out some great ricotta or blue cheese Greek sandwiches along with some fine red wine.

Get the Pirate experience during the Pirate Festival

Yes, you read that right! Paros is a great cultural hub along with its many other quirks. The people here celebrate any religious festivals and enjoy their hearts out.
The pirate festival is one such quirky festival held usually in August. It is in remembrance to the locals who had fought and won against the Turkish pirates who had raided them. The festivities ensue with young boys dressing up as pirates and creating mischief. It is then followed by fireworks and merry feasting while dancing till the wee hours of the night.

Experience Santorini minus the expenses

Paros to santorini ferry
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Greece is associated with Santorini but it’s an expensive place to stay in. So, Paros provides for a cheaper option to stay and visit Santorini on a budget.
Take one of the many day ferries to Santorini and spend the day exploring the city. You can then return at night and save quite a few bucks which would have been spent staying at a hotel there.

Shop till you drop at Parikia

Parikia Paros
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Now that you saved quite an amount which you would have spent at Santorini, splurge it here! Shopping is therapy for most of us and more so in foreign locales.
Explore all the beautiful little boutiques here and in nearby Naoussa for some great clothes and jewelry. You can also buy some cute souvenirs to take back home for family and friends.

Watch the sunset at Marcello Beach

Marcello Beach
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After you get exhausted shopping, drift off to this sunny beach nearby. Reach it in the evenings to catch the famous Mediterranean sunset in full glory.
The Greek sunsets are famous for being very soothing and beatific to watch owing to the large sun and slow setting. Hold hands with your spouse as you watch the sun set and enjoy some peace together. Marcello is also very beautiful at night when the moon shines in its full glory on it. It has a crescent shape which gets enhanced under the pearl white moonlight.

Watch a movie at Paros Park

Paros Park
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The open air cinema in Paros Park is known for screening many delightful Greek classics. Experience sitting in an amphitheater and watching a movie as the cool breeze caresses you ad not some artificially blasted AC air. The best part is its free!
You can also have a little trail walking and trekking in its rocks and caves. There is also a lighthouse constructed nearby. The garden remains in full bloom and has all the endemic wild species of flowers and herbs growing there in full glory.

Take a cruise to Antiparos

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Enjoy some fine and lavish cruise rides as you take a ferry to the nearby city of Antiparos. Pamper yourself and the in-house spas and Jacuzzis in these private or semi-private cruises. These can also be converted into one day trips where they show you around various uninhabited islands as well. You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling as you traverse these calm waters.

Taste authentic Greek food in Paros

Paros Restaurant
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Though there are traditional taverns all over the city in all the famous spots, there are some who may wish to have a fine dining experience as well.
For those looking for a candlelight dinner some great options are Koraili Restaurant (in Livadia), Parea Local Cuisine (in Parikia) and Seven Senses Gastronomy (in Drios).

Check out the Museum of Cycladic Folklore

It is situated in the small town of Aliki and this awesome museum honors the Cycladic traditions and folklores. It is built by a single man who goes by the name Benettos Skiados and is the handiwork of his mind. It has various types of boats which you can look at and learn about. From modern ships and boats to ancient typical Greek triremes and steamboats, he has handcrafted most! Fascinating, isn’t it? There are also models and small sculptures sculpted on famous monuments like the Venetian Castle of Parikia, the Touristic Lighthouse on Andros, the Ancient Theatre of Milos and the Panagia Ekatontapiliani. He has also a well curated garden at the front. Along with this, the town of Aliki itself is a beauty. There is a Salt Marsh located here from which it has derived its name. Make sure you visit it too!

Feel yourself take flight in the Butterfly valley

This valley is famous for the many butterflies that visit it and convert it into a vibrant butterfly filled valley. To experience this, it’s best to visit in the summer months! Watch yourself feel free and light as you look at these beautiful Jersey tiger Moths envelop the entire sky in Petaloudes. There is also a beautiful monastery located nearby called the Monastery of Jesus of woods where you can later go to soak in some more peace and calm.

These are the top 20 things to do which you should experience when in Paros. So, all you wanderlust souls looking for adventure and peace, book your tickets soon!