20 Best Things to Do in LaGrange, Georgia

20 Best Things to Do in LaGrange, Georgia

Nestled in the Troup County of the American state Georgia, LaGrange is a beautiful small city located in the foothills of the Georgia Piedmont.

The town was named for the French General Marquis de Lafayette when he visited the city in 1828. It now has a population of over 30,000 residents.

This Georgian town is full of rich history, vibrant culture, lush green spaces, and quirky attractions that will win over your heart. From fantastic museums to adventurous water parks, this city has it all.

The food scene of this city is incredible as well, and you will find scrumptious food in the eateries located across the town. There is something for everyone in LaGrange.

Here are some of the best places to see and the best things to do in the quaint Georgian town of LaGrange.

Stunning Contemporary Art At LaGrange Art Museum

LaGrange Art Museum is a small non-profit art space showcasing the extraordinary art pieces from local as well as internationally renowned artists.

It is housed in the iconic building of a former Victorian Jail from the 1890s and includes a sculpture garden, four galleries, offices, collection storage, and more.

The museum aims to educate visitors through the finest exhibitions, displays, collections, and community outreach and programs.

Some of the artists whose work is displayed in the museum include Lamar Dodd, John Lawrence, Larry Walker, Howard Finster, Benny Andrews, and more.

You can take self-guided tours of the museum to witness the extraordinary contemporary art. The admission in the museum is free; however, a donation to maintain the upkeep of the museum is appreciated.

Visit the fantastic LaGrange Art Museum to see works of established artists and to support the local Georgian artists.

Explore LaGrange On Foot

LaGrange is a small town with a population of only about 30,000 people.

However, this small town has the amenities of large cities, which makes it perfect for experiencing the quaint and charming beauty of a small town with all the comforts of a big town.

Due to the size of the town, it is perfect for exploring on foot. Found in 1828, LaGrange is full of rich history, and that can be seen all over this small town.

You can stroll around the town and explore all the nooks and crannies and discover hidden gems known only by locals.

Especially the Downtown area, it has some of the best architecture and attractions of the town that you can check out while strolling around. Long walks in the beautiful streets of this little city will win over your heart.

Check Out The Lafayette Square

Located in the Downtown area of the town, Lafayette Square is a lovely fountain square that features the statue of Marquis de LaFayette, a French aristocrat, military officer, and American Revolutionary War hero.

The statue is a property of the LaGrange College and was placed in its place in 1976. It is given as a permanent loan to the city from the city.

The square is a favourite among both locals and tourists to just sit around and enjoy the scenery of the beautiful Downtown LaGrange.

Visit Lafayette Square and enjoy the Downtown scene and the gorgeous views from the square.

Enjoy Skating At Southbend Park

Located at walking distance from Lafayette Square, Southbend Park is a beautifully landscaped park.

It was opened in the spring of 2019 and quickly became the favourite spot for both the locals and the tourists.

This brand new park has huge playgrounds for the little ones to play along with a dog park where you can take your pup to play with other canines.

But the park’s most famous feature is its state-of-the-art skate park, it is very popular and has also received rave reviews from skaters.

The skate park caters to every type of skateboarder, in-line skaters, BMX bikers, scooter riders, and many more. If you don’t enjoy skating, you can relax in the open green spaces of the park while relishing the gorgeous views of the park.

After you are done enjoying the park, you can grab a bite to eat from the nearby Downtown eateries that are located only a short walk away from the lovely Southbend Park.

Enjoy A Lovely Picnic At Callaway Memorial Tower

Located on the Cypress Street, Callaway Memorial Tower is a monument honours the textile magnate, Fuller E. Callaway.

Also known as the Callaway Monument, the tower was built in 1929. The stunning Callaway Memorial Tower is inspired from the Venice, Italy’s Campanile of St. Mark’s Square.

This monument is the perfect place to click the perfect pictures with a fantastic backdrop. Surrounded by beautiful and spacious green lawns with delightful views of the lovely surroundings, it is an ideal place to relax and enjoy a picnic.

You can also play catch, throw a frisbee, or fly a kite in the spacious green space.

After checking out the Callaway Memorial Tower, you can go to the brewpub, Beacon Brewing Co, located nearby to grab a drink or two with delicious food.

Catch A Show Or Two At Sweetland Amphitheatre

Sweetland Amphitheatre is LaGrange’s very own local event space that hosts various events such as musicals, concerts, dramas, conferences, and so much more. The outdoor venue can accommodate upto 2,500 people at once.

There is something or the other always playing at the venue for you to see, especially in the summers.

It also offers a wide variety of great food and drinks for you to enjoy while watching shows. With so many high-quality amenities and settings, when you will enter the gates of Sweetland Amphitheatre, you will forget that you are in a small town.

Located in the Downtown area of the city, you can attend a concert or musical after exploring all the fantastic eateries, quirky shops, and incredible attractions in Downtown LaGrange.

So make sure to catch a show or two at the Sweetland Amphitheatre when you visit this delightful Georgian town of LaGrange.

Take A Guided Tour Of Biblical History Center

Biblical History Center is a cultural museum in LaGrange that showcases the history of the ancient world through displays, exhibitions, artefacts, objects, events, and more.

The museum aims to let the visitors experience the culture and history of the ancient biblical era through the elaborately curated exhibitions, displays, lectures, and other informative events.

Formerly known as Explorations in Antiquity Center, this archaeological museum educates the visitors about the ancient biblical era of time.

It features meal presentations, daily life objects, the finest archaeological replicas, and much more.

The Biblical Life Artifacts Gallery is one of the only seven such galleries in the world and showcases over 250 artefacts. The Replica Garden features Roman Step Theatre, tombs, a house, goat hair tent, and even life-sized replicas of archaeological digs.

You can take a guided tour of the estate to know more about everything from knowledgable and friendly tour guides.

Visit The Splendid Hills & Dales Estate

Hills & Dales Estate is a historical landmark and an important part of the city’s heritage. Completed in 1916, the estate is the home built for Fuller E. Callaway, the textile magnate, and his wife, Ida Cason Callaway.

The 13,000 square foot home is designed stunningly and consists of well-trodden paths, graceful gardens, and lovely terraces.

The pre-Civil War Ferrell Gardens are one of the best maintained and conserved gardens in the country from the 19th century. Georgian-Italian style home, the centrepiece of the estate is one of the finest historic houses from that era.

It is very well preserved and exquisitely maintained and still has its original decor and furniture displayed.

Make sure to take a guided tour of the house to know more about the estate and its history when you visit the awe-inspiring Hills & Dales Estate.

Check Out The Lovely Bellevue

Located on the historic Downtown LaGrange’s Ben Hill Street, Bellevue is the stately antebellum home.

Benjamin Harvey Hill built it between 1852 and 1855 for Caroline Holt Hill, his wife. It is made in Greek Revival-style architecture and is a great example of a domesticated temple from the era.

In 1942, this historic building served as the home of LaGrange Woman’s Club. This historic two-storey estate was designated as National Historic Landmark in 1973.

You can take a guided tour of the property to know more about the property as well as some local history led by the knowledgeable tour guides, a team of a husband and a wife that takes care of the estate.

Guided tours can be booked in advance via their website without any additional charges.

Great Wolf Lodge

Located only 3 miles away from the Callaway Memorial Tower, Great Wolf Lodge is a nature-themed resort with an indoor waterpark and outdoor recreational space in LaGrange, Georgia.

This kid-friendly resort is full of fun activities for families to do all day long, such as bowling alleys, pools, a 93,000 square feet water park, and much more.

It also has three cafes, four restauraNTS, 3 bars, and many shops where you can spend your time eating and shopping away from kids. The resort also provides options for accommodation in the resort.

The lovely suites of the resort are spacious and clean with many amenities such as mini-fridges, flat-screen TVs, balconies, living areas to chill, jungle-themed decor, and much more.

Also, if you are visiting with your whole family, you can stay in the family quarters that can accommodate upto 13 people. Great Wolf Lodge is a must-visit when you come to the beautiful city of LaGrange.

Handcrafted Craft Beer At Wild Leap Brew Co

Wild Leap Brew Co. is the first brewery of LaGrange located in the Downtown. It brews and serves fantastic Georgian handcrafted craft beer.

The brewery features a tasting room as well as an outdoor beer garden where the visitors can enjoy their delicious beer.

The brewery also offers a tour led by knowledgeable staff members who answer every question of the visitors about the process of making beer.

The place does not serve but allows outside food, and there is a food truck parked outside the brewery at almost all times from where you can buy food to accompany your beer. Visit the Wild Leap Brew Co. to enjoy delicious Georgian craft beer.

Drink Crisp Wines With Impressive Views At Nutwood Winery

Tucked away in the rolling hills, Nutwood Winery is a winery located in LaGrange with picturesque views and excellent wines.

The winery covers an area of about 10 acres and is surrounded by beautiful old pecan trees.

There is a tasting room with a great assortment of fine wines that you can sample and buy. They also offer food items such as various cheeses, meats, and more to complement the wine.

The outdoor seating of the winery is perfect to relish crisp wines while appreciating the incredibly beautiful surroundings.

Do not forget to try their unique wine slushy and Felicity Raspberry when you visit this amazing winery.

Eat Delicious Mediterranean American Food At Mare Sol

Mare Sol is a fantastic restaurant in Downtown LaGrange that serves Mediterranean American cuisine in a casual modern environment.

It also offers over 15 crafted beers straight from tap along with an excellent assortment of wines. It also serves vegan, vegetarian, as well as gluten-free options to cater to everyone's needs.

The diverse menu offers several scrumptious delicacies but make sure to try the  Greek chicken hoagie, shrimp & grits, and finish everything off with Butterfinger cheesecake.

Eat Delectable Southern Comfort Food At Taste of Lemon

Taste of Lemon is a charming restaurant in an old and rustic church building that serves mouth-watering local southern comfort food. The restaurant serves its food in a meat-and-three style, that is, a main dish with two sides.

The menu offers several fantastic dishes such as country fried steak, poppy seed chicken, salmon croquettes, vegetable sides, but make sure to try the pineapple casserole and the mac and cheese.

LaGrange is an amazing small city with amenities and environment of a big city. With its rich history, vibrant culture, delicious beer, delectable food this Georgian city is waiting to be discovered by you.

What are you waiting for? Visit LaGrange and do not forget to tell us your favourite thing from the list and make sure to do and see all these things when you visit this great city.

Appreciate Beautiful Landscapes and Play at the Fields Golf Club

An 18-hole links-style golf course is part of The Fields Golf Club, which is surrounded by beautiful landscape and rolling hills.

Everyone who enjoys golf is welcome at The Fields Golf Club; whether you're an expert, in a single league, or participating in an excursion; you'll find the course to be fun, interesting, and magnificent.

The Fields Golf Club, which is surrounded by natural beauty, offers spacious fairways, first-rate greens, decent tee boxes, and generally hard and fast playing conditions.

They provide adult and junior golf lessons from golf instructors who devote their careers to developing the game of golf.

Additionally, they offer a store where visitors may buy shirts, caps, mugs, and other items.

Discover Historical Items at Legacy Museum on Main

A historical exhibit gallery showcases the historical evolution of West Georgia and is housed at The Legacy Museum On Main, which is situated in the center of LaGrange, Georgia's historic downtown.

A revolving collection ranging from nationally renowned traveling exhibits to archival collections is found at the Legacy Museum on Main.

Learn about amazing historical artifacts, such as the history of LeGrange from Native Americans, the Civil War, businesses, and so on.

The Legacy Museum's permanent collections include anything from prehistoric relics like a soapstone bowl thought to be 11,000 years old to more contemporary historical objects from LaGrange's illustrious textile and railroad past.

Discover more about history by visiting The Legacy Museum On Main.

Enjoy Italian Cuisine at Venucci

Looking for a restaurant in LaGrange that serves Italian food?

A pleasant meal at Venucci is made possible by the restaurant's traditional Italian dishes and fantastic ambiance.

Locals in LaGrange love Venucci, a storefront eatery with elegant Italian cuisine that includes steaks, spaghetti, and lunchtime burgers.

Their menu features real made-from-scratch Italian dishes, including hand-cut choice steaks, hand-cut salads, stews, pasta, sauces, and desserts that are all created on-site by our pastry chef. Fresh seafood is also delivered daily.

Both visitors and residents may enjoy Venucci's full bar!

Visit Courtyard by Marriott LaGrange

For its guests, the Courtyard LaGrange's brand-new, cutting-edge lobby offers more freedom and options.

Their bistro is the ideal spot to eat, drink, and connect since it provides the convenience of 24-hour trademark Starbucks Coffee.

In the middle of their lobby, the bistro serves delectable breakfast and dinner banquets and specialty drinks at night.

You may work or unwind in comfortable, appealing places that provide free Wi-Fi and quick access to the most recent information on the news, the weather, and airport conditions, thanks to their GoBoard technology.

Whether you're traveling for work or vacation, have a comfortable and pleasurable stay at Courtyard LaGrange.

Shop for Unique Treasures at Ye Olde Red Door Antiques

Are you shopping for one-of-a-kind items or keepsakes to bring home?

Stop by the Ye Olde Red Door Antiques if you're in LaGrange, Georgia.

Ye Olde Red Door Antiques is an antique shop founded by Larry and Bobbie.

At fair prices, The Red Door Antiques offers high-quality collectibles. , imported goods from Europe, and native items

The friendly and knowledgeable personnel of Ye Olde Red Door Antiques will aid you in your search for unique items in LaGrange.

The antique shop sells creative presents that may be wrapped for your loved ones back home.


During your visit to LaGrange, its tourist attractions provide lifelong memories for you to cherish.

Shopping, visiting museums, taking golf lessons, soaking in the stunning landscape, and learning more about history are a few of the activities to do in LaGrange, a city in Georgia.

Enjoy a meal from various restaurants that provide a variety of cuisine and drinks to round off your day after a long but worthwhile journey.

LaGrange is one of the nicest locations you will ever visit, so what are you waiting for?

Go there now!

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