15 Best Things to Do in Sky Valley, GA

Sky Valley, GA
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Sky Valley is an enchanting city in Georgia that serves as the gateway to the horizon.

Situated in Rabun County, it has the highest elevation point at 3,100 feet above sea level.

Around the 1960s, two investors bought the city's land, which has an area of three square miles.

Larry McClure and Dr. Miles Mason saw the potential of the land as an active recreation site.

After over a decade, they expanded and built Sky Valley Resort beside the first land they bought.

In 1978, they incorporated the entire area into the city everyone recognizes today.

Within its perimeters, you can visit various lodging areas and natural spots.

That said, here is a list of the best things to do in Sky Valley, Georgia:

Witness the Wonder of Mud Creek Falls

Cascades of Mud Creek Falls
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A trip around the city won't be complete without seeing Mud Creek Falls up close.

You'll find this enchanting spot along Tahoe Road.

This is one of the 17 waterfalls that you can find within Rabun County.

Join a one-mile hiking trail that starts on the falls and stretches up to Highway 246.

You must observe how Mud Creek Falls brings calming, sheer drops of water below the Estatoah Falls.

Enjoy the Mountain View at Sugarbush Cabin

Sugarbush Cabin is among the city's most visited lodging spots.

It lies under a tree canopy, with its grounds suitable for various outdoor activities.

A peculiar feature of Sugarbush Cabin is its octagon shape, which charms its guests.

Sip on a cup of coffee and appreciate a full view of the mountains around the area.

Head to East Sugarbush Drive for a stay at this cozy cabin.

Play around at Sky Valley Country Club

The city's state-of-the-art Sky Valley Country Club is a spot you shouldn't miss.

Located along Sky Valley Way, this facility has a clubhouse with an area of 13,000 square feet.

This clubhouse has served as a venue for prestigious events by locals and other guests.

Sky Valley Country Club also houses a golf course, which opened its doors to the public in the 1970s.

Improve your golfing skills along the 6,900-yard land designated for recreation.

In 2018, Sky Valley Country Club established a croquet lawn for those who want to try playing the said sport.

Stay at One of Sky Valley's Gorgeous Timeshares

For a more sophisticated stay in the city, book a stay at one of Sky Valley's Timeshares.

These vacation home rentals are located along Sky Valley Way, where you can find other lodging spots.

Choose among Sky Valley's Timeshare units to join other travelers and stay in a huge resting place.

Its location is also strategic, so you can easily look at nearby spots on your tour throughout the day.

Take a Peek at Sky Valley Overlook

View of a grassy ridge at Sky Valley Overlook
Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Along Highway 246, you'll reach the famous Sky Valley Overlook.

This spot offers a full view of the mountain ranges around the region.

The trees from Nantahala National Forest surround the grounds of Sky Valley Overlook.

Learn more by reading signs around that describe the green-filled sceneries to behold.

Reaching this spot will make you appreciate the serenity on elevated grounds.

Customize Creative Layouts with Belfi Design

Pay a visit to Belfi Design for any creative outputs you need.

It's located on Sugarbush Drive, a convenient spot for anyone staying in the city.

Matt Belfi opened this business to provide for the advertising needs of his clients.

Check out Belfi Design if you need a helping hand when creating striking graphics for your portfolio or website.

Drop by the store and state your preferred art style—Matt and his team can get the job done immediately.

Unwind at Sky Valley Bungalow

Sky Valley Bungalow is perfect for those who want a cozy place to stay in the city.

Drive to Broadmoor Lane if you want to check this spot out.

With its elevated position, you can take a good look at the city's resort and golf course.

Sky Valley Bungalow has spacious grounds, making it a great fit for outdoor activities.

Like other lodging spots, this one offers a panoramic view of the city's natural landscape.

Get an adequate amount of sleep after a long day in this snug bungalow.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Witness Local History at the Foxfire Museum

Exterior of the Foxfire Museum
Lucas Graenicher / Shutterstock.com

Tour the Foxfire Museum and leap into the past.

The name of this museum came from an idea of a group of students at Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School.

In 1966, they decided to put up a magazine to highlight spots around their region.

They coined the term "Foxfire" for the fungus growing in their local hills that glows in the dark.

It symbolizes the role of the past in the present time—the essence of the magazine they assembled.

A year after, they published the first edition of the said magazine across the community.

The people behind the magazine saved its royalty income and bought a piece of land in 1974.

The Foxfire Museum has various artifacts that showcase life around the region from the 1820s to the 1940s.

Explore the state's local history through one of the museum's 20 buildings.

It also stores the Foxfire Archive, a collection of resources from the locals.

Researchers can request access to this archive if they wish to know more about the region's past.

You can visit this spot in Mountain City, 25 minutes from Sky Valley.

Camp Out at River Vista

Drop by River Vista to beat the scorching heat and soothe your senses.

This escape spot lies in Dillard, 10 minutes from Sky Valley.

River Vista sits between the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains.

Within its 110 RV sites, you can choose if you want to stay in one of the cabin or RV properties up for rent.

Check out the golf carts from Star Equipment Rentals that you can reserve to roam around the area easily.

Visit the facility's sauna and fitness center to get a well-deserved rest.

It also offers many events for connecting with your family, friends, and locals in the city.

Enjoy movie nights, a toast over wine and cheese, and art workshops inside River Vista.

Reach the Clouds at Highlands Aerial Park

At Highlands Aerial Park, you'll have wings to reach the sky and hop along the clouds.

You can find this tourist spot in Scaly Mountain, North Carolina, just a five-minute drive from Sky Valley.

Try the Full Mountaintop Zipline tour that this facility takes pride in.

You can choose among its eight thrilling ziplines ranging from 250 to 1,550 feet in length.

A ride above the ground will give you a trip through 95 acres of natural landscape in North Carolina.

For adrenaline junkies, intensify the trip by partaking in its challenge course.

Brave Indian Challenge Course offers seven series of activities that you must endure.

A suspension bridge, balance beam, and other thrilling platforms await the site's guests.

Given its wide land area, the facility also offers a hiking trip to its Hidden Waterfalls.

You'll get past High Holly Creek as you embark on this nature trail.

Muster enough courage to cross over its suspended bridge 150 feet long.

If you're not a fan of walking great distances, you can also try the UTV ride by Highlands Aerial Park.

This hour-long trail ride gives you access to a full view of forestland nearby that stretches to 95 acres.

Shop for Fresh Produce at Osage Farms

For your daily supply of fresh produce, check out Osage Farms.

The James family grew vegetables on their land as the primary source of fresh produce around the area.

Ricky and Clint James now oversee the farm and tend the crops themselves.

Osage Farms produces a variety of fruits and vegetables for all seasons of the year.

Locals and visitors have enjoyed this farm's fresh produce for over four decades.

Visit Osages Farm in Dillard, 10 minutes from Sky Valley.

Appreciate Local Artworks at the Hambidge Center

Exterior of Hambidge Center
Blastoids, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Drive 20 minutes from Sky Valley, and you'll come across Hambidge Center in Rabun Gap.

Mary Hambidge was the person behind creating this hub of local artistry in 1934.

Hambidge Center was a facility built to pay tribute to Jay Hambidge, an artist and Mary's partner.

Jay sparked Mary's interest in art by showing her his passion for studying design ideas.

A decade after Jay's demise in 1924, Mary used the proceeds from Jay's estate to build this center.

This spot has a pottery facility, a grist mill, and nine studios where artists can develop their skills.

Along Hambidge Center's 600-acre land area, you'll also see a gallery with a weave shed inside.

Join meetings of artists at Reeves Pavillion, a property donated by Lewis S. Reeves in the 1980s.

All art enthusiasts are welcome to attend and take inspiration from the events held on the spot.

Hop on a Ride at Smokin' Saddles Riding Co.

Don't miss out on an adventure with the horses at Smokin' Saddles Riding Co.

This horse farm has already served locals and visitors for over three decades.

It looks after Western, English, and Tennessee horses within its perimeters.

You can book a ride with their horses and appreciate the area's natural landscape.

If you want to add excitement, arrange a tour and traverse Walnut Fork Falls in North Georgia.

For beginners, try to charm the horses at the farm and attend its exclusive, private lessons.

Smokin' Saddles Riding Co. is located in Scaly Mountain, North Carolina, 15 minutes from Sky Valley.

Take a Look at Fruit Trees at 12 Spies Vineyards

The enchanting 12 Spies Vineyards is located in Rabun Gap, 18 minutes from Sky Valley.

The establishment gets its name from the dozen spies mentioned in Moses' story from the bible.

Mike Brown, the owner of 12 Spies Vineyards, opened its doors in 2021.

He was a corporate employee for most of his life until he decided to shift and try farming as a form of livelihood.

He started growing grapes until he grew fond of it, and the idea of building a vineyard sparked.

The winery offers 14 wine collections to those who visit its tasting room.

This three-acre property also stages musical events to keep a lively ambiance within the area.

Don't miss the chance to taste the local wines at 12 Spies Vineyards, which serves dry, sweet, and semi-sweet variants.

Get a Great Viewing Experience at the Tiger Drive-In Theater

What better way to call it a day than by seeing a movie at the Tiger Drive-In Theater?

This drive-in theater sits in Tiger, only 28 minutes from Sky Valley.

Bill and Louise Wilson opened the theater back in April 1954.

Their daughter, Sherryl Major, led the re-opening of the renovated spot in 2004.

Unlike others of its kind, it offers its land area for other recreational purposes.

Host your special celebrations and big events at the Tiger Drive-In Theater.

It also offers three rental campers that take on a vintage vibe with designs inspired by the 1960s.

Final Thoughts

Deemed a hidden gem by many, Sky Valley is a pleasurable site to behold.

Within its small land area awaits an exciting adventure.

Make the most of your tour by trying all the best things to do in Sky Valley, Georgia.

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