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15 Best Things to Do in Bibb County, GA

  • Published 2023/03/13

Bibb County is in the heart of Georgia and is home to many historical and cultural attractions.

Visitors can explore the county’s rich history or stroll through one of its many scenic parks.

Nature lovers can catch a glimpse of local wildlife on the trails in the county.

With so many sights and attractions, Bibb County is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway or an even longer vacation.

Here are the best things to do in Bibb County, Georgia:

Catch Electrifying Performances at the Grand Opera House

Exterior of the Grand Opera House

Rheave, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Grand Opera House in Macon is a historic theater built in 1884.

It’s one of the most significant stages in the South and has seen stars such as Will Rogers, Sarah Bernhardt, Houdini, and many more.

This destination features a beautiful building with a grand lobby and balcony.

You can see operas, ballets, plays, musicals, and more at the Grand Opera House.

They also host various concerts, including classical, rock, pop, and country.

The Grand Opera House is a great place to see different performances that capture your interest.

Prepare for an unforgettable night at the opera house!

Learn the History of African-Americans at the Tubman African American Museum

The Tubman African American Museum in Macon is the perfect place to learn about African American history and culture.

The museum sits on 8,500 square feet of land.

Father Richard Kiel of Saint Peter Claver Catholic Church purchased the lot in 1981.

Since then, this land has become a renowned museum for African American culture and history.

Start your exploration of African American history with Wilfred Stroud’s nine-panel mural depicting black Americans’ difficult journey and accomplishments.

Gain a richer understanding of African culture through the art galleries.

Learn about the present and past as you look at contemporary paintings, folk art, and other pieces created by southeast artists.

Don’t forget to visit “From the Minds of African Americans” to understand what makes them innovative and enterprising.

This museum is an integral part of Macon’s African American community.

Likewise, the Tubman African American Museum is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning about a vital aspect of American history.

Soak up the Sun at Claystone Park

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the sunshine.

At Claystone Park in Lizella, you can relax and soak up the rays while getting a perfect tan.

Claystone boasts beautiful sandy beaches, perfect for a relaxing day lounging in the sun.

If you’re bringing children along, don’t worry.

There are plenty of playgrounds to keep them occupied.

If you want to celebrate something special, Claystone Park offers an enclosed pavilion for rent that comes complete with stunning views of the beach and lake.

Claystone Park is your spot if you’re looking for the ideal location to sport a bronzed glow!

With an array of activities such as swimming, hiking, and picnicking, there’s something for everyone, perfect family fun or a romantic getaway.

Roam the Stunning Hay House

Exterior of the Hay House

Doug Nurnberger /

The Hay House is one of the most famous and beautiful antebellum homes in the United States.

Located in Macon, this stunning house was built in 1855, following the Greek Revival style.

It features a grand central staircase, a two-story dome, and massive columns.

The mansion is 18,000 square feet and has four levels.

The most skilled workers of the time built it for the imaginative owners, who wanted state-of-the-art amenities.

Steps leading to the Hay House entrance

Artazum /

At that time, these amenities included unparalleled hot and cold running water, central heat, gas lighting, a speaker tube system, an inbuilt kitchen, and an advanced ventilation system.

Today, the Hay House is open to the public for tours and is well worth a visit.

The tour takes you through all the house’s main rooms, including the parlor, dining room, and kitchen.

You can also see some of the original furniture and paintings that belonged to the Hay family.

The Hay House is the perfect place for anyone passionate about learning more about American history or admiring beautiful architecture.

Entrance door of the Hay House

Artazum /

Camp with Family at Arrowhead Park

What better way to spend time with family than camping together?

Arrowhead Park in Lizella is the perfect place for a family camping trip.

There are plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained, such as hiking, fishing, and canoeing.

Of course, there are always s’mores around the campfire at night.

But the best part of camping at Arrowhead Park is simply spending quality time with your loved ones in a beautiful natural setting.

The campground also has a small swimming beach and children’s playground, perfect for a weekend getaway.

Spontaneous weekend getaways are the perfect way to create lasting family memories.

Load the car with camping supplies and set out for Arrowhead Park for a trip everyone will adore.

Catch Fish at Catfish Farms

Catfish Farms in Lizella is the perfect place to go if you love to fish.

The farm is home to various catfish, including channel catfish, blue catfish, and flathead catfish.

Visitors can fish from the bank or a boat, and there’s also a dock for those who want to fish from the comfort of dry land.

Bait and tackle are available for purchase at the farm, and there’s no limit on the number of fish that can be caught.

Catfish Farms should provide a fun and memorable fishing experience.

Immerse in the Arts at Triangle Arts Macon

Nestled in the heart of Macon, Triangle Arts Macon is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Triangle Arts Macon is a four-acre complex open to the public.

This marvelous place has something for everyone.

Explore works by regional artists and different mediums firsthand.

It has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it the perfect place to immerse yourself in the art world.

With so much to see and do, you’ll be glad you visited Triangle Arts Macon.

Enjoy the Breathtaking Beauty of Amerson River Park

River at Amerson River Park

Adam Colick /

Amerson River Park is one of the hidden gems of Macon.

With 180 acres of gorgeous forests, meadows, and wetlands, Amerson River Park is the perfect place to explore nature.

The state-of-the-art playground is handicap-accessible so that all children can enjoy the swings, slides, and other equipment.

You can also walk, ride, or run on the seven miles of trails throughout the park.

Entrance arch of Amerson River Park

Kehli.west, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Don’t forget to take advantage of being by the river.

Paddle a kayak, ride a canoe, or float in a tube!

Wildlife is also abundant in the park, making it a perfect place for bird watching or fishing.

Amerson River Park is perfect for anyone who wants to stay active or admires scenic views.

Stone pavilion at Amerson River Park

Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Spend a Peaceful Afternoon at Flintrock Park

Just a short drive from the hustle and bustle of downtown Lizella, Flintrock Park offers visitors a chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

With its tranquil setting and scenic views, the park is perfect for a peaceful afternoon stroll.

Flintrock Park is also home to a variety of wildlife, making it an excellent place for birdwatching and wildlife photography.

If you’re sick of being stuck indoors, Flintrock Park is the place for you.

With its pleasant surroundings and various activities, Flintrock Park is a great way to relax and escape the stressful daily day grind.

Sample Sweet Strawberry Products at Elliot Farms

Visiting Elliot Farms in Lizella is like stepping into paradise!

The sweet smell of freshly picked strawberries fills the air, and you can almost taste their sweetness just by looking at them.

Nothing beats the freshness of a small-batch strawberry jam made on-site with no added preservatives or chemicals.

Enjoy it spread lavishly across toast for breakfast or dolloped on top of your favorite ice cream for dessert.

Take some jars home for family and friends, too. They’ll surely appreciate it!

From pies to preserves and everything in between, taste the sweetness of Elliot Farms’ strawberry products today.

Other Things to Do Nearby

If you are also interested in looking for places to do nearby, there are plenty of places you can visit near Bibb County.

These nearby places will not disappoint you and will give you another set of experiences you won’t forget!

Learn about Planes at the Museum of Aviation

Exterior of the Museum of Aviation

Bill Golladay, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visiting the Museum of Aviation at Robins Air Force Base is an adventure!

Located 25 minutes from Bibb County, the Museum of Aviation is now the second-largest in all Air Force Museums across the United States.

It honors their achievements, reminds airmen of their legendary legacy, and inspires them every time they visit.

This understandably makes this a top-rated destination amongst Department of Defense visitors.

From World War I to today’s hottest jets, you will learn about fascinating planes and aircraft.

Touring the museum is an immersive experience.

You can explore state-of-the-art exhibits, watch interactive videos and interact with knowledgeable docents.

The museum features an exciting outdoor exhibit with 20 aircraft in its open field and displays 20 planes in restoration.

With engaging displays and exciting historical documents, you will have an unforgettable experience visiting the Museum of Aviation!

Slide and Glide with Your Family at Olympia Skate Center

Olympia Skate Center in Warner Robins, Georgia, is ideal for making fun family memories!

Everyone can have a great time rolling and gliding around the rink of the center with friends and family.

The atmosphere is unmatched.

Enjoy listening to music from their state-of-the-art sound system as you skate beneath their impressive light show!

Whether you’re an avid skater or more of a beginner, experience endless excitement with your loved ones at Olympia Skate Center.

If you tire of rolling your skates, you can stop by the arcade inside, play different games in the center, and win some tickets!

Come join in on the fun and exciting day at Olympia Skate Center, 21 minutes from Bibb County.

Grab Fresh Fruits and Goodies at Dickey Farms

Dickey Farms in Musella, Georgia, is the perfect destination for locally-sourced fresh fruits and goodies.

For more than 120 years, Dickey Farms has proudly grown peaches in the historic heartland of Georgia.

It has a sprawling farm covering 1,000 acres and boasts over 100,000 peach trees with more than 20 different sweet varieties of Georgia peaches.

Plus, take in all that nature offers at their scenic packinghouse!

Dickey Farms is also known for its award-winning peaches and homemade ice cream.

Stroll through the farm’s fields of strawberries and peaches, or grab a bushel of juicy apples to take home.

Along with other treats like jams, jellies, and baked goods crafted in their kitchen, you won’t be disappointed with your shopping experience!

From newbies to old-timers, Dickey Farms has an inviting atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.

Stop by the farm today, just 31 minutes from Bibb County.

Zoom around the Track at MotoX Compound

Make your heart race with an exciting ride on a motorcycle track at the MotoX Compound in Culloden, Georgia.

It is only 37 minutes away from Bibb County.

This renowned park is known for its thrilling visits and achievements worldwide.

With stunning zoom-through turns, hair-raising jumps, and various dirt surfaces, this off-road adventure will keep your heart thumping and the grins coming.

Unleash your thrill-seeking spirit on a professionally designed track with a platform that revs up your adventure and takes it up a notch.

Getting started will be a breeze with professional riders ready to lend a hand, so hop on and get moving!

Visit MotoX Compound for an electrifying experience that’s bound to last.

Practice Your Aim at Meadows Clay Sports

Nestled on 400 acres of lush meadows and woodlands, Meadows Clay Sports offers the perfect setting for beginners, recreational clay shooters, wing shooters, and competitive athletes.

Located inside a cozy cabin in the woods just 22 minutes from Bibb County, it has captivating views of the marshy fields, with a gun club office and pro shop.

They also provide an outdoor pavilion ideal for special occasions or meals if desired.

Their facility has become renowned throughout the area for its quality target presentations.

It is a fantastic destination, no matter your shooting skill level!

Whether you are a beginner or a vet, Meadows Clay Sports offers plenty of opportunities for target practice.

Final Thoughts

Bibb County has plenty to offer its locals and visitors a great vacation.

Whether looking for great bargains, a perfect tan, or a peaceful afternoon outdoors, there is something for everyone to enjoy here.

Don’t forget to try the best things to do in Bibb County, Georgia!

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