15 Best Things to Do in Lincolnton, GA

Lincolnton, GA
Brian Stansberry, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Get your fill of the outdoors and enjoy nature by visiting the city of Lincolnton in Georgia.

The county seat of Lincolnton County is a city that spans 9.143 square kilometers and has a population of 7,628.

The land's history dates back to 1798 when the city got incorporated in 1817.

Beyond several spots for outdoor fun and a history of being the base of the county courthouse and jail, Lincolnton has plenty of other options.

If you are not a fan of camping or hiking, the city has a set of shops and other spots to discover different art pieces and unique items.

Are you still confused about what to do in the city?

Here is a list of the best things to do in Lincolnton, Georgia:

Visit the Lincoln County Courthouse

Exterior of the Lincoln County Courthouse
Stephen Matthew Milligan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Lincoln County Courthouse is one of the oldest historical sites in the city.

Dating back to 1874, the Lincoln County Courthouse started as a two-story structure that ended up being deemed unsafe and rebuilt to its current design in 1915.

The building features a Neo-Classical Revival style designed by G. Lloyd Preacher and consists of bricks made from Lincoln County clay.

For non-history buffs, the structure may not be the most exciting place to visit, but it does offer its share of stories.

You can locate the structure around Humphrey Street.

Likewise, you are free to tour the building.

Step Back in Time at the Lincoln County Historical Park

The Lincoln County Historical Park at Limber Street is the best spot to visit if you want to see local history.

The historical park holds a replica of a former community that resided in the city.

This replication consists of several structures, their history going as early as the 1700s.

The earliest building you'll find in this park is the Estes-Ferguson-Lake Smokehouse.

The original smokehouse dates back to 1790 and previously stood on "Estes Place."

Other structures featured in this park include a corn crib, sawmill, schoolhouse, and more, each featuring different artifacts.

All replicated structures are wooden and maintained by the Lincoln County Historical Society.

The Lincoln County Historical Park is an event venue more than a site with several historical structures.

Some events in the park include concerts and festivals where you can have fun with the community.

There's plenty to learn and see at this historical park.

Find History and Outdoor Sights at the Elijah Clark State Park

There are several spots for camping, hiking, and many other outdoor activities in the city.

Among the different locations to enjoy recreational activities in Lincolnton, Elijah Clark State Park is a prime spot for camping.

The 447 acres state park is by McCormick Highway and runs along Clarks Hill Lake, spanning around 71,100 acres.

Several campsites are available at this park, ranging from trailer campsites to walk-in campsites and a pioneer campground.

There are also rentable cottages to enjoy a lake view and different types of shelters for activities.

Additional facilities in this state park include a playground, boat ramps, and a sandy beach.

The Elijah Clark State Park also features a seasonal log cabin museum made in a replica of the Clark home and features furnishings and artifacts that date back to the 1780s.

If you're interested in a specific campsite in the park, you need to book a reservation.

Otherwise, you can find plenty of outdoor fun in nature and the water.

Explore Elijah Clark's Replica Home

Elijah Clark's Replica Home is a log cabin museum within the Elijah Clark State Park at the McCormick Highway.

Unlike a regular museum, the log cabin museum only opens from April to November.

During these months, you can tour the museum at the end of the week.

Elijah Clark was a frontiersman and war hero who led the pioneers during the Revolutionary War.

While visiting this replica home, you can check out different artifacts that range from tools to utensils that date back to 1780.

Beyond a historical site, the area of the replica home also holds the resting place of the owner and his wife.

The Elijah Clark Replica Home is just one of many places you can discover in the city.

Try Camping at the Clay Hill Campground

Camping and fishing enthusiasts need to check out the Clay Hill Campground.

The campground, which you can locate around Clay Hill Ground Road, is a local campground north of Georgia's Little River.

It is admittedly one of the small campground sites in the area, but it is one of the best places to go fishing.

There are several types of bass you can fish in the area, plus catfish and bluegill.

If you're more interested in camping, the campground has nearly twenty campsites.

Most of them are waterfront campsites.

In addition to spaces for camping and fishing, the campground offers a bathhouse and areas for picnicking.

If camping by a lake with plenty of fish and comfortable amenities sounds ideal, then the Clay Hill Campground is for you.

See the Animals at the Soap Creek Wildlife Management Area

If you're interested in hunting, you'll want to visit the Soap Creek Wildlife Management Area.

The wildlife management area is a 1,000-acre property around New Petersburg Road and features a lake in addition to the different animals you can hunt.

Some animals you can hunt in the area include deer and small animals, such as squirrels and waterfowl.

What if you don't like hunting?

Don't worry; you are free to explore the area and observe animals like turkeys and waterfowl.

Unfortunately, while you can hunt and view wildlife in the area, you can't go camping.

If you're alright with simply checking out local wildlife, visit the Soap Creek Wildlife Management Area.

Look for Graves Mountain

Lincolnton has its share of spots to explore nature.

If you happen to like rocks and gems, then Graves Mountain is the location for you.

Graves Mountain is a natural attraction located along Highway 378.

The mountain is not only a natural attraction but is also a prime rock collecting spot that has become famous in the state.

There is a range of rocks and crystals in this attraction ranging from ilmenite to quartz, plus micro crystals.

Whatever your knowledge or opinion on rocks and crystals, there are plenty of pretty pieces to discover in this natural attraction.

Unlike other outdoor spots, you cannot simply visit Graves Mountain; if you want to collect rocks in this area, you need an appointment.

Try Water Skiing at the Amity Recreation Area

The Amity Recreation Area may seem like one of many recreational spots in the city, but it still offers plenty for you to enjoy.

Featuring a 70,000-acre lake, you can locate the area near Thornton Highway and enjoy different activities on the thousand-mile shoreline.

Unlike other outdoor spots, the recreational area is only open during the day.

A few activities to enjoy in this area include picnicking, hiking, and various water activities.

If you want to check out the different facilities available in the area, there are reservable picnic shelters, a fishing pier, and a boat ramp, to name a few.

You also have the option to explore the area and seek out local wildlife.

Among the several recreation spots in the city, the Amity Recreation Area is a prime spot for enjoying water activities.

Make a Stop at the Bussey Point Wilderness Area

While it's true that the city has no shortage of places for various recreational activities, only the Bussey Point Wilderness Area offers a nature trail meant for horse riders.

The 2,545-acre peninsula is a recreational area near Double Branches Road and features a variety of campsites and natural beaches, among many other facilities.

There are around 14 primitive campsites available in the area, plus a selection of camping picnic sites.

As stated, there is a nature trail specific for horse riders, and if you're interested in trekking with your horse, you'll find 12.5 miles of trail to explore.

Even if you don't have a horse, you can still explore other trails in the area, which, in total, span over 20 miles.

Aside from various campsites and trails, the recreational area has different spots for wildlife viewing and other activities, including boating and picnicking.

Whether you have a horse or not, the Bussey Point Wilderness Area is a top spot for camping and hiking.

Grab Fresh Fruits and Veggies at the Double Branches Farm and Produce

You have plenty of options for outdoor activities in the city.

Among your choices is getting fresh produce at the Double Branches Farm and Produce.

The Double Branches Farm and Produce is a local farm located around Double Branches Road and features a series of farm activities that vary depending on the season.

During the spring, from April to July, you can pick various berries, including strawberries and blueberries.

If you're visiting the farm during fall, you can check out their specialty pumpkins and seasonal activities.

These activities include hay rides and picnics where you can enjoy products that include jams and salsa.

You also have the option to check out the seasonal and fresh produce.

Whatever the season, the Double Branches Farm and Produce has plenty of produce and activities you can try.

Check Out the Pieces at Salty Bacon Art

Art may not be the most prominent highlight in the city, but if you want to check out local pieces, head to the Salty Bacon Art gallery.

The Salty Bacon Art gallery, which doubles as an art boutique, features a variety of paintings that differ in size.

You can locate the boutique around Main Street, but the gallery does feature in other areas like McCormick, South Carolina.

Are you not that interested in art?

That's fine.

You can still have fun checking out the spot as part of your city exploration.

Whether you buy an art piece or not, the Salty Bacon Art is the top spot to check out the art in Union City.

Enjoy Drinks and a Show at Back Paddle Brewing

If you're looking for someplace to grab a drink in the city, check out Back Paddle Brewing.

The nano-brewery is around Bethany Church Road and features a variety of beers to enjoy with several dishes.

Beyond a selection of tacos and burgers, the nano-brewery offers a list of flights that include a hot dog flight and a pickle flight.

In addition to different beers and meal flights, Back Paddle Brewing hosts plenty of live entertainment with various performers.

From good beer and meals to live music and comedy shows, there is plenty of ways to enjoy the night with a drink at Back Paddle Brewing.

Grab a Bite of Something Sweet at the Milky Way Freeze Bar

The Milky Way Freeze Bar is where to go if you want to enjoy a bite of something sweet and savory.

While the place is technically an ice cream shop, it offers a long list of snacks, including different burgers, hotdogs, and other meals.

If you're more interested in the ice cream selection, there are several flavors you can enjoy and a variety of treats that include shakes, parfaits, and sundaes.

You also have the option to dig into cakes or brownies.

Whether you want a sandwich or flurry, there are plenty of options to dig your teeth into at the Milkey Way Freeze Bar.

Check out Trees and Pecans at the Heritage Farm and Forest

Have you ever shopped for a tree?

If you're interested in the experience, you can check out the trees available at the Heritage Farm and Forest.

The Heritage Farm and Forest is a local tree farm that recently opened and mainly features Christmas Trees.

The farm and forest offer shoppers the option to either pick and cut a tree or get a pre-cut tree.

Besides featuring different trees that people can set up in their homes, the Heritage Farm and Forest sells freshly harvested pecans you can purchase at their roadside stand.

If you like to look for strange places in an area, Heritage Farm and Forest is one spot to check out.

Catch Different Concerts at the Little Roy and Lizzy Music Festival

Every city has its share of festivals to join, and one festival you need to check out is the Little Roy and Lizzy Music Festival in Lincolnton.

The Little Roy and Lizzie Music Festival is a local music event that generally takes place around fall at Lewis Family Road.

The festival lasts about three days and features a series of concerts with different performers.

In addition to several concerts, you can enjoy a selection of treats and dishes sold by vendors.

If you want to check out the Little Roy and Lizzy Music Festival, you need to buy tickets.

Final Thoughts

Georgia has its share of fun locations to visit, but if you want to immerse yourself in the outdoors and enjoy recreational activities, go to Lincolnton.

From parks with historical replicas to recreational areas with plenty of facilities, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors in the city.

Beyond a prime spot for various outdoor activities, including boating and rock collecting, the city has its share of historical sites to discover.

Enjoy the best things to do in Lincolnton, Georgia!

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