17 Best Things to Do in Jupiter, FL

Jupiter, FL
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Jupiter is a picturesque beach town overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

It is located in the Palm Beach County of Southern Florida.

With a primarily warm and humid climate, the town abounds in tropical trees.

Studded with plush, verdant, and artistic landscaping, Jupiter also boasts lavish golf courses.

It is home to some of the greatest sporting legends like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, among others.

In a nutshell, Jupiter is known for its jaw-dropping beaches and historical sites to awe-inspiring lighthouse views, wildlife sanctuary, and other marvels.

Let’s look at some things you can do in Jupiter:

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum
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This Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse is the oldest structure in Palm Beach County.

It is situated in the northern part of the Jupiter inlet and has great historical significance.

It was one of the six locations chosen in Florida to house a lighthouse project in 1853.

The structure stands tall at a height of 105 feet (32 m) above the ground.

But the top is 153 feet (46.63 m) above sea level.

Adjacent to the lighthouse is the Oil House Museum.

The museum was opened in 1973 by the Loxahatchee River Historical Society, which now maintains both the lighthouse and the museum.

The society conducts guided tours of both these establishments.

Housed in a revamped World War II building, the museum displays exhibits exemplifying the history and culture of Florida.

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary
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Located on Jupiter Park Drive, the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is a forested area replete with wetlands and meandering trails.

This is a non-profit hospital and educational facility, dedicated to rehabilitating sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals.

Annually, the organization treats almost 5,000 wild animals.

They look after these animals, treat them with love, care, and medicines till they regain full health.

Once up and about, these animals are released into their natural habitat.

The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary also serves as an educational hub for both adults and children.

They teach about the fragility of our ecosystem while discussing ways to take save Nature.

So, this place is surely worth your time.

Loggerhead Marinelife Centre

If you are environmentally aware, you would know our marine ecosystem is under severe threat due to irresponsible behavior on the part of humans.

The Loggerhead Marine life, located in Loggerhead Park, is a conservation and rehabilitation center for endangered sea turtles.

These species are mostly Loggerhead, Green, Leatherback, Hawksbill, Kemp's Ridley, and Olive ridley, The center is equipped with a sea turtle hospital and a research laboratory.

You can watch live sea turtles and other marine creatures on display in the exhibit areas.

There are guided tours that also allow you to go behind the outdoor sea turtle hospital gate and meet the sick turtles recuperating in the hospital.

Blowing Rocks Preserve

Blowing Rocks Preserve
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This Blowing Rocks Preserve is one of the most spectacularly stunning places to visit in Florida.

Located in an environmentally fragile zone, it is home to some of the most critically endangered species of plants and animals.

But with initiatives from the Nature Conservancy, the global environmental organization, this tranquil island sanctuary has now become a symbol of native coastal habitat restoration of a magnificent scale.

The preserve receives its name from the limestone shoreline, the largest on the Atlantic coast.

During high tides and after winter storms, the tides collide against the rocks to rise to a height of 50 feet (15.24 m) upwards.

Dubois Park

Dubois Park
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The Dubois Park is located on the Jupiter inlet.

It is one of the largest and most popular waterfront parks in Palm Beach County.

This park is a favorite with families as it has a guarded swimming area.

You can relax at the beach surrounded by tall, palm groves swaying to the touch of a light breeze blowing from the sea.

The calm water of the sea makes it an ideal place for snorkeling.

The park is also decorated with tables, grills, and picnic pavilions, which makes it an unquestionable choice for people planning to spend an entire day by the sea.

The Dubois Park is also a perfect place to go kayaking, canoeing, and jet-skiing, You can catch panoramic views of the Lighthouse Inlet from here.

Roger Dean Stadium

Roger Dean Stadium
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In the mood for a peek into the world of one of America’s most favorite sports, baseball?

Visit the Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium located in the Abacoa community in downtown Jupiter.

With a capacity of 6781 spectators, the stadium is the only one in the country to host four minor league teams.

The spring training camp for St.Louis Cardinals and the Miami Marlins is also held here.

The Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium came into the spotlight in 2013 for hosting one round of the World Baseball Classic.

In 2019, the stadium played host to the Florida State League All-Star Game.

So, if you are lucky enough, you can even catch a live match.

Jonathan State Dickenson Park

Jonathan State Dickenson Park
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Located in the Hobe Sound, the Jonathan State Dickenson Park is one of the largest parks in southeast Florida.

It is spread across an area of 11,500 acres of land.

The Jonathan Dickenson Park is also a historical site.

During World War II, an army base known as Camp Murphy conducted highly confidential radar training at this location.

The winding trails at the park, flanked by rich flora provide an ideal place for taking a quiet stroll.

However, if you are up for some adventure, then kayaking, canoeing, and bicycling could also be your options.

Boat rides and horse rides too are available.

And when you drop dead tired from these activities, you can dig into some lip-smacking delights available inside the park premises.

Ocean Cay Park

The Ocean Cay Park is located right across from Jupiter Beach Park on Marcinski Road.

This is another lovely family park where you can spend the entire day sunbathing and indulging in sports you love playing.

Spread across a vast open area, comprising 13.4 acres, this park is carpeted with a thick layer of grass, which makes it a perfect spot for the game of tag.

The Ocean Cay Park is also equipped with beach volleyball courts, picnic pavilions, an outdoor shower, restrooms, and ample parking spaces.

This is a dog-friendly beach.

So if you have a furry friend, do not forget to bring it along.

Carlin Park

This is a park with a very distinct cultural flavor.

Equipped with The Seabreeze Amphitheatre, Carlin Park hosts the Palm Beach Shakespeare festival every year, apart from other cultural events from time to time.

The Park also serves as a great outdoor spot for hanging around with friends and family with astounding ocean views.

What makes it one of the most sought-after places for outings is the Loggerhead Café.

Although you have the option to grill your stuff, in case you are wary of cooking, simply drop in at the café.

You can also plan games of volleyball, tennis, or simply take a walk or run along the long beach.

The training stations located along the stretch of a 1.

25-mile exercise track can also help you get that much-needed workout.

Jupiter Beach Park

Jupiter Beach Park
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The Jupiter Beach Park is a 46-acre park located at a distance of five minutes north of Carlin Park and three minutes east of the Jupiter Dunes Golf course.

You can catch a direct view of the pretty Dubois Park from this location.

The eastern side of Jupiter Park has Atlantic surf and golden sand.

But the western side is much calmer and protected.

There are facilities galore at Jupiter Beach Park like grills, a volleyball court, restrooms, outdoor showers, picnic pavilions, and lifeguards.

The beach has a guarded swimming area too.

There is also provision for fishing at the north end of the beach.

Jupiter Beach Park is one of the cleanest beaches in Jupiter.

Harbourside Place

Aeriel view of Harbourside Place
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Want to splurge in some shopping or get a fine dining experience?

Hop over to one of the most fashionable locations in Jupiter, Harbourside Place.

It offers one-of-a-kind experiences with a beautiful river walk, along with delicious food at some of the most high-profile restaurants and a unique collection of items from the swanky shops to choose from.

Located along the intercoastal waterway, the place is home to the prestigious Wyndham Grand Jupiter Hotel.

It also houses an aesthetically decked-up amphitheater which serves as the melting point of social and cultural activities.

Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park

The Loxahatchee River Battflefield Park is the gateway to the Loxahatchee River.

At the Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park, you can come in close contact with history and nature.

There is an old-world Florida charm about this park where the first battle of the Loxahatchee, also known as Powell's battle was fought on January 15, 1838.

The second battle of the Loxahatchee, known as Jesup’s Battle, took place nine days later on January 24, 1838.

The area is home to hundreds of native species as well.

The park works towards the conservation of these cultural and natural resources through various initiatives.

Cypress Creek Natural Area

The Cypress Creek Natural Area is a natural reserve that consists of 500 species of flora and 217 species of fauna.

It spans across an astonishingly magnificent area of 2,000 acres.

Here, the ecosystem consists of wet prairie, mesic flatwoods, hydric hammock, dome swamp, wet flatwoods, and depression marsh.

The Cypress Creek is a blackwater stream that flows through this preserved area replete with streams and wetlands.

The area also has historical significance.

Evidence corroborating the same have been found, including Native American middens, the site of the Loxahatchee River Battle, etc.

Burt Reynolds Park

Spread across an area of 35.55 acres, this park is named after Jupiter’s most famous and loved resident, Burt Reynolds.

It is the seat of the Jupiter Chamber of Commerce and the Loxahatchee River Centre.

This downtown green park is also a popular destination with a plethora of recreational activities on offer.

Starting right from picnic shelters, volleyball courts, and saltwater fishing provisions to play areas for kids, this park has something for everyone.

Loxahatchee River Centre

Want a rendezvous with aquatic creatures?

Then, visit the Loxahatchee River Centre, which is a mini version of the Loxahatchee River’s diverse marine life.

The Loxahatchee River is Florida's First Wild and Scenic River.

There is an array of live aquatic tanks, touch tanks, and interactive exhibits on display.

They consist right from freshwater cypress swamp, to marine ecosystem to sea-grass dominated estuary.

The displays offer both adults and kids an opportunity to soak in the fun.

The center also provides valuable information on the area’s natural history.

Limestone Creek Natural Area

The Limestone Creek Natural Area is made up of four native ecosystems, mesic flatwoods, hydric hammock, scrubby flatwoods, and mangrove swamp.

This natural area is spread across 53 acres of protected land.

It is all the more striking because of its unique location in a highly developed area of Jupiter.

The Limestone Creek is a small blackwater stream.

A greater chunk of which fell prey to man-made intervention in 1956 and 1957 when the C-18 canal was constructed.

But the area still continues to be fed by the two tributaries of the Limestone Creek.

This natural area offers many public use facilities like an observation deck and a fishing pier, for example.

You can also dive deeper into the forest to catch sight of scrub, marsh, and cabbage palms.

Jupiter Donut Factory

The Jupiter Donut Factory was started in 2013.

Since then it has been serving some of the most drool-worthy donuts, pastries, bagels, and croissants.

What makes their donuts out of the world are the ingredients they use.

Each donut is handcrafted with utmost care and precision.

Besides desserts, they also serve savories.

Right from eggs to bacon, sausage, and ham, everything is freshly prepared here.

You can also order their delicious sandwiches to go with piping hot coffee which makes for a perfect breakfast outing.

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