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20 Best Things to Do in Key Biscayne, FL

  • Published 2023/02/01

Key Biscayne is an island located within Miami, Florida, best known for its sandy beaches, nature preserves complete, restaurants, and stunning seaside view.

Your trip to Florida wouldn’t be complete without stopping by this lovely town, sandwiched between two parks for the perfect vacation away from the busy streets of Miami.

Key Biscayne also houses a coastal barrier reef, the only federally recognized underwater archaeological trail in the United States.

Here is a list of tourist attractions that you can visit while visiting this island paradise just off the coast of Miami:

Spend the Day at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Scenic view of the blue sky, a white light house and trees near the shore.

AR Pictures /

On the southern end of Key Biscayne, you can find Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, one of the parks that border this small town.

This park is home to a historic lighthouse, which is included among the oldest structures in the county.

You can explore this iconic structure on a guided tour, where you can enjoy its historical and natural significance.

View of the blue body of water, clear skies and the lighthouse near the shore.

Anna Abramskaya /

The top of the lighthouse also gives guests a wonderful view of the state park that can take their breath away.

In addition to this establishment, there is also public access to the beach where tourists can soak up the sun and get that tan!

The crashing waves mixed with the sunny weather are bound to give you an unforgettable experience!

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is a hotspot for tourists, making it one of the busiest establishments in Key Biscayne, so make sure to arrive early!

Tall palm trees, beach sand, and a wooden bench near the shore.

phillus /

Take a Boat Trip to Stiltsville

A yellow and light blue colored house on stilts - standing on the water with birds on its roof.

Francisco Blanco /

Stiltsville is a conglomerate of abandoned structures built decades ago, just a mile off the coast of Key Biscayne.

The first shack built above water on stilts was constructed by a man known as “Crawfish Eddie Walker” and expanded these establishments over the years.

Here, you’ll find the remains of buildings that survived hurricanes and storms.

Triangle shaped wood on top of the yellow and pink colored house - standing on the water.

Francisco Blanco /

There have been stories involving illegal alcohol and gambling that led to several police raids in this area.

The theory was that this property was used as a house for shady entrepreneurs to get around booze and gambling laws that didn’t extend past the shoreline.

Stiltsville has a very colorful history that you can learn about on your visit!

Aerial view of the stiltsville houses in the middle of the blue body of water.

Jillian Cain Photography /

Book a Room at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne

Aerial view of the tall, yellow colored, ritz-carlton building with palms trees surrounding it.

Felix Mizioznikov /

The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne is a 5-start hotel, resort, and restaurant situated along the coast of the five-mile barrier island to give guests a breathtaking waterfront view of the ocean!

This secluded but convenient location provides tourists with a luxurious experience of the sandy Florida beaches.

Complete with impressive amenities such as spas, fitness centers, and an array of recreational activities, this hotel will give you a brand new definition of tranquility and serenity!

tall palm trees framing the white umbrellas, white tables and chairs outside the ritz-carlton.

EQRoy /

You can also dine at one of their many restaurants, where you can enjoy your delicious meals with an oceanside view, or simply enjoy the 24-hour room service.

Each hotel room comes with a private balcony, complimentary Wi-Fi, and more, making your stay comfortable and relaxing.

There are endless activities and amenities available at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne that’ll make your visit to this city even better!

White curtains and white beach chairs near the edge of a pool.

EQRoy /

Admire Sea Creatures at Miami Seaquarium

Exterior of the miami seaquarium building with a bunch of green palms trees on the side.

Felix Mizioznikov /

Take a journey through South Florida’s best and favorite tourist aquarium here at Miami Seaquarium!

This aquarium hosts marine mammal shows featuring dolphins and sea lions that will wow guests of all ages.

You can also view their exhibits with manatees, sea turtles, penguins, rays, and more.

A dolphin mid-jump with two ladies throwing a fish at it - and people watching.

Al Calvillo /

Conservation and care is an important part of this aquarium’s mission and vision, which you can learn about in their wildlife rescue and marine animal care at the Conservation Outpost.

The highlight of this venue is at Dolphin Harbor, where you can get the chance to swim with the ever-friendly, lovable dolphins!

The animal encounters you have here will surely be an unforgettable experience that you can enjoy with friends and family!

Three ladies feeding, and petting the dolphins in the middle of the water of seaquarium.

Kamira /

Observe the Peacocks at Crandon Park Peacock Shelter

This enchanting peacock park is one of Key Biscayne’s hidden treasures!

Home to beautiful and elegant peacocks, this shelter contains a large barbeque grill.

It is located in a beautiful secluded park section, where you can marvel at these majestic creatures up close!

This establishment was previously a zoo; however, they moved to a much bigger location but left some of their natural habitats, such as peacocks.

These fowls strut along the gardens of Crandon Park, where you can see a bevy of peacocks, full plumes, showing off their colors.

Since this place is free admission, you surely will want to pay a visit here, whether it’s to admire the birds or to take pictures of this garden!

Dine at One of Key Biscayne’s Trendiest Restaurants at Rusty Pelican

Rusty pelican written in red on the exterior of the restaurant - with boats parked in front.

Blueee77 /

Rusty Pelican radiates the modern, chic, and sizzling energy of being in Miami, Florida.

Since its rise to fame as the hottest destination for locals, celebrities, and tourists alike, the Rusty Pelican offers an impressive array of American cuisine and the freshest local seafood!

This stylish, contemporary restaurant is the perfect place to dine in from brunch to dinner, where you’ll be treated to an unforgettable experience with dazzling waterfront and city skyline views, hand-crafted cocktails, glamorous décor, and top-notch service.

Rusty pelican welcoming sign written in red, with bushes in front.

Blueee77 /

Make sure to catch their Happy Hour hosted in their Lounge on Mondays to Thursdays from 4:00 pm-6:30 pm to have a taste of their best cocktails made from Miami’s best mixologists.

Serving more than just impressive food and drinks, Rusty Pelican also hosts lively outdoor events where you can watch exotic fire dancers and enjoy the high-energy music.

A trip to this fine restaurant is sure to complete your vacation!

Rusty pelican road sign written in red, on a yellow canvas - with trees behind it.

Blueee77 /

Enjoy Outdoor Activities at Crandon Park

Lifeguard house in near the shore, and tall palms trees behind it.

Irina Wilhauk /

Best known as one of the barrier towns of Key Biscayne, Crandon Park is complete with a variety of activities and amenities for you to enjoy!

Crandon Park also offers eco-adventures on the two-mile stretch of wide sandy beach and calm waters that attract tourists from all over the world!

Guests may go hiking, walk on the nature trail, or consider biking on their designated bike paths.

Clean white sand and tall palm trees near the shore.

Fotoluminate LLC /

If you prefer something a little more adventurous, Crandon Park also offers kiteboarding, kayaking, and eco-adventure snorkeling reef tours.

There’s also an 18-hole golf course where you can practice your skills and attempt a hole-in-one or learn how to serve an ace at their tennis court!

They’re not just limited to these sports either; guests can rent a bike, enjoy the lake and fountain area, have a nice picnic at the covered picnic area, and more.

Two empty yellow boats parked at the shore of crandon park waters.

Fotoluminate LLC /

Visit an Underwater Cemetery at Neptune Memorial Reef

A person scuba diving, with a dolphin behind him underwater.

AbhiSuryawanshi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located just a few miles off the coast of Key Biscayne, tourists can take a boat to visit Neptune Memorial Reef!

This artificial, man-made reef is this island’s artistic interpretation of the Lost City of Atlantis.

View underwater of the neptune memorial reef.

Elkman, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visitors are more than welcome to stop by this reef if they wish to admire the unique artificial reef and the underwater art, especially those who recreationally scuba dive!

Since this venue is the resting place of those who have been cremated, it’s important to remain respectful of the establishment.

This unique memorial reef provides an eco-friendly underwater burial site that is truly awe-inspiring!

Underwater view of the neptune memorial reef.

Todd Murray from Bloomington, MN, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Have Brunch Meals at Donut Gallery Diner

This family-owned diner has been serving iconic breakfast and lunch meals since its establishment in 1972.

Home to the world-famous Ted Special, this diner has been accommodating guests who visit this island paradise.

Their timeless menu covers a diverse range of American staples, earning them a spot on Thrillist’s list of Miami’s 50 Things You Need To Eat Before You Die!

There are plenty of combinations and specialties to choose from since they serve breakfast and lunch throughout the day.

As one of the last remaining diners in Key Biscayne, Donut Gallery Diner is committed to serving hungry tourists with its fast, friendly service.

You’re going to leave this eatery with a happy stomach and a big smile on your face!

Explore the Nature Trails at Bear Cut Nature Preserve

Orange sunset reflecting on the still body of water at bear cut nature preserve.

Matt Tilghman /

Bear Cut Nature Preserve is located within Crandon Park on the shores of Key Biscayne, where you can find various nature trails and a precious sliver of natural bayfront!

This preserve also aims to protect natural habitats, as they offer a different perspective on the shorelines of this island, with footpaths and bike paths for exploration.

You can find hike paths along the waterfront and in the shade of tropical trees on a trail system of footpaths that intertwine with paved trails.

These features give guests an overlook of a fossil reef with a backdrop of downtown Miami — truly a breathtaking view!

Finally, at the end of the trails, you can find beautiful beaches where you can relax and go for a nice swim under the sun.

Rocky shore and still body of water during sunset at bear cut nature preserve.

Matt Tilghman /

Discover the Importance of Environmental Education at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center, Inc.

This non-profit organization is dedicated to preserving, protecting, and conserving the natural environment!

Located within Crandon Boulevard at Key Biscayne, this nature center hosts programs and special events catering to people of all ages to share how important it is for us to take of our earth.

This center was named after one of Florida’s most renowned environmentalists, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, who founded this nature center at the age of 95.

Inside this establishment, you can find numerous diverse interactive exhibits featuring seahorses, jellyfish, corals, and multiple species of fish!

They also have a lovely art exhibit that showcases the artworks of local artists who use the natural environment as their source of inspiration.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center, Inc. aims to connect the community to the world through a combination of nature and the arts!

Drive across Rickenbacker Bridge

Aerial view showing the buildings of the city, and the long rickenbacker bridge.

FloridaStock /

Rickenbacker Bridge (or Rickenbacker Causeway) is the bridge that connects the city of Miami to the barrier islands of Virginia Key and Key Biscayne.

This wonderful picturesque bridge gives guests who pass by a magnificent view of the city, shore, and ocean.

You can even park by the side to take pictures to remember this trip or snap a lovely photo of the city skyline!

Cars driving along the rickenbacker bridge in the middle of a body of water.

pisaphotography /

Pelicans and other wildlife may also be spotted along this bridge, so keep an eye out for them!

If you’re a pedestrian or a biker, this bridge has a designated lane just for you to keep you safe from the traffic and cars that pass by.

This causeway is a lovely exit and entrance to Key Biscayne that’ll even give you a glimpse of the beautiful views from the top of the bridge.

Silhouette of the rickenbacker bridge during sunset.

Francisco Blanco /

Eat Authentic Peruvian Food at El Gran Inka

El Gran Inka serves authentic Peruvian food found in the heart of Key Biscayne.

This restaurant brings tourists a unique cultural experience, giving them a taste of Peru through their Latin dishes and cuisine.

They also have an outdoor patio where you can enjoy your meal, along with the fresh, open-air of Key Biscayne.

Specializing in seafood dishes, this restaurant offers special diets to accommodate your dietary needs, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

This restaurant’s décor also features original paintings from Nazca that offer a peek into Peru’s ancient history.

El Gran Inka is a hotspot for tourists who love Peruvian cuisine, so make sure to book your reservation ahead of time!

Learn about the Colorful History of One of Key Biscayne’s Beaches at Historic Virginia Key Beach Park

Tall grass near the shore of virginia key beach park - during sunset.

Alexandra Tyukavina /

Historic Virginia Key Beach Park is located in the Biscayne Bay, just a few miles from Miami.

This beach park is best known for its rich and colorful history dating back to 1896.

The beach includes amenities such as large shaded picnic areas, with barbecue pits, cottages, a boat ramp, and the famous mini-train and carousel rides.

A wooden table and bench chairs under the shade of the tree, near the shore.

Alexandra Tyukavina /

Historic Virginia Key Beach Park is easily one of the area’s most scenic beaches and a hidden retreat full of nature with mesmerizing views of the bay and the ocean.

Bike trails have also been constructed to give bike enthusiasts an adrenaline rush with these trails that offer all levels of riding excitement for the family.

This beautiful stretch of sand and surf is known for its natural landscape, swaying palms, and mangroves and has continuously attracted people of all ages and backgrounds for a relaxing day under the sun!

Boats floating on the water during a beautiful sunset.

Wirestock Creators /

Spot the Remains of an Old Sunken Yacht at Half Moon Underwater Archaeological Preserve

Located within Florida Underwater Archaeological Preserve, the remains of this shipwreck are protected by law; however, they’re still open to the public!

The sunken yacht, also known as “Half Moon,” sank just off the shoal of Key Biscayne near Miami, a couple of feet below the surface.

This site is mesmerizing, attracting tourists on their trip to Key Biscayne, where they can examine the ship’s remains, including bows, sterns, portholes, a hatch, a skylight, a helm station, and a railing.

The remains of Half Moon have been labeled with a bronze plaque, designating it as the property of Underwater Archaeological Preserve and labeling it as part of Florida’s Heritage Sites.

Complete with videos and other visual aid, you can learn about the history of Half Moon and how it succumbed to the storms and crashing waves that led to its demise.

Have a Taste of Spanish Cuisine at KeBo Restaurant

KeBo Restaurant is a family-run establishment that opened its doors in 2014.

It is a traditional and creative restaurant serving Spanish cuisine, with a warm and inviting ambiance inside and out.

With each dish at KeBo Restaurant carefully made by their master chefs, customers may experience a genuine flavor of Spain and other well-known Mediterranean dishes.

They have thousands of bottles of wine in store from all over the world, and their outstanding wine selection, which includes more than 425 different brands, is guaranteed to match your taste.

KeBo Restaurant has three distinct dining spaces, around 60 seats, and hand-selected professional chefs.

Reserve a spot at KeBo Restaurant if you want to savor genuine Spanish and Mediterranean food in gorgeous settings.

Embark on a Water Adventure with L&H Sportfishing

One of South Florida’s most renowned tournament fishing charter boats is L&H Sportfishing.

Several fishing expeditions are available from Captain Jimmy’s base at Key Biscayne, Florida, close to Coconut Grove, South Beach, and central Miami.

Take part in a swordfishing expedition for either half a day or the entire day!

At L&H Sportfishing, learn cutting-edge fishing methods for various fishing conditions.

Everything you need for a leisurely boat ride and sport fishing in Key Biscayne is available at L&H Sportfishing.

Come unwind and have a good time with their knowledgeable Captain and Crew.

Feel Sporty at Crandon Park Tennis Center

Aerial view of Crandon Park Tennis Center

Celso Diniz /

Spend some leisure time at the Crandon Park Tennis Center with your friends and family.

There are 27 courts in the publicly accessible Crandon Tennis Center, 13 of which are illuminated.

Book the clubhouse, which is available for tennis-related recreational events and gatherings for as many as 200 people.

It offers a variety of enjoyable and competitive tennis teaching and programming, such as private and semi-private lessons, competitions, summer programs, and more.

Visit the fully equipped pro shop and browse the gear and clothing for sale along with the racket re-stringing service.

Stretch your Body at the Pilates and Wellness Center by Bernadette

Pilates and Wellness Center by Bernadette, based in Key Biscayne, Florida, is committed to imparting the genuine works of Joseph H. Pilates in a tranquil setting.

They strive to give their clients great instruction, and every one of their teachers has completed the certification course offered by Romana’s Pilates, a company whose exclusive focus is advancing the Pilates method.

Most clients range from teens, moms, and career-focused adults between the ages of 15 and 80.

Improve your posture, core strength, and flexibility through their lessons.

Come to the Pilates and Wellness Center by Bernadette whether you are a novice, an experienced athlete, or a mix of both.

Spend a Weekend Vacation at Coral Reef at Key Biscayne

Coral Reef at Key Biscayne is a 51-unit boutique property less than a mile from the ocean.

It is conveniently stationed close to cafés, restaurants, posh stores, and lovely boutiques.

Avail a one or two-bedroom loft flat or suite with all the amenities you need to feel the coastal lifestyle.

Unwind in complete comfort in the luxurious and distinctive Lofts, painted in mellow tones inspired by the ocean.

All the accommodations are nicely equipped, giving travelers looking for short-term rentals the conveniences of an apartment and hotel facilities.

Final Thoughts

Key Biscayne is a nature lover’s oasis where you can choose your own adventure.

This island is perfect for those who love outdoor activities, soaking up the sun, beach trips, nature walks, and so much more!

You can even find iconic restaurants, museums, aquariums, and other facilities that will make this vacation all the more fun!

This city gives you a feel of a world far away from the hustle and bustle of populated cities like Miami, leaving you feeling refreshed and re-energized before you return from vacation.

A paradise within a paradise, Key Biscayne is a must-visit during any Florida trip, so make sure to book your vacation now!

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