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40 Best Things to Do in Miami, FL

  • Published 2023/01/26

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Miami, Florida, teems with tropical attractions where you can do many things.

Here, you’ll find yourself on mile-long beaches and in stunning galleries.

You may also indulge in the city’s glitzy cuisine, rooftop bars, artsy corners, and coastal parks.

Interested to know more about this place?

Here are the 40 best things to do in Miami, Florida:

Wander around Wynwood

Wynwood Wall

pio3 /

Wynwood is a neighborhood in Miami, Florida, teeming with many attractions.

One of which is Wynwood Walls, which has transformed the neighborhood into an open-air art gallery.

Alternatively, you can visit Wynwood Brewing and Concrete Beach breweries for a round of craft beers.

Sculpture at Wynwood Walls

allouphoto /

Pay a Visit to Olympia Theater

Exterior of Olympia Theater

Felix Mizioznikov /

Olympia Theater stunned the audience when it first opened in 1926 as a silent movie palace due to its gorgeous Moorish design, ideal acoustics, and replica night sky replete with billowing clouds and sparkling stars.

It became famous for being the first air-conditioned structure in the South.

The world’s most thrilling artists and entertainers have performed at the Olympia.

Olympia Theater has hosted spectacular nights beneath the stars with cultural luminaries, like Elvis Presley.

Downtown Miami is returning as a location to enjoy living, work, shop, and have fun, and the Olympia Theater is in the center of the action, exactly as it was in 1926.

Marquee and ticket booth of Olympia Theater

Phillip Pessar, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Drop by Zoo Miami

Exterior of Zoo Miami

photravel_ru /

Visit Zoo Miami, the oldest and largest zoological garden in the state, for a close-up meet-and-greet with thousands of animals.

Long-necked giraffes, sneaky crocodiles, and flighty birds have all made Zoo Miami home; the sub-tropical environment allows many Australian and African species to reside comfortably.

Ride the Safari Cycle to catch up with the zebras!

Flamingos at Zoo Miami

Songquan Deng /

Explore the Frost Science Museum

Aerial view of Frost Science Museum

Felix Mizioznikov /

Four buildings make up the fantastic Frost Science Museum: the Aquarium, the Frost Planetarium, the North Wing and West Wing.

Whether imitating the deep sea habitats of colorful marine life, drawing the stars, or provoking curiosity, the museum aims for hands-on learning by featuring interactive displays alongside informational exhibits.

Check out their website for their dynamic Overnight Adventure, where visitors can explore after hours.

A shark in Frost Science Museum aquarium

Natalie Becerra /

Mingle with the Locals at Bayfront Park

The grounds of Bayfront Park

pisaphotography /

Bayfront Park is a brilliant green space sitting right on the edge of the water.

Clean and well-paved paths lead you through the park’s neatly trimmed quad, waterfront promenade, and casual recreational spaces.

People at Bayfront Park

Solarisys /

You’ll find a playground, a performance area, open-air yoga classes, and more entertainment led by the local community.

It is wonderful to come sunset as the city illuminates from behind and the sun drops before your eyes.

Aerial view of Bayfront Park

Felix Mizioznikov /

Embark on an Adventure at FunDimension

Modern adult and family-friendly entertainment complex FunDimension was created to fuse exciting activities, a buzzing environment, and a comprehensive restaurant.

FunDimension serves both adults and families from its conveniently placed Wynwood location.

You can find everything you need in 15,000 square foot air-conditioned space, including a laser tag space, bumper cars, virtual reality, a dancing revolution game, arcades, and an indoor playground.

Delicious and healthful international cuisine is served in the restaurant, along with a selection of specialty coffees, craft beers, and wines.

Additionally, FunDimension provides a full-service, boutique-modern event venue.

See Artwork at the Institute of Contemporary Art

Exterior of the Institute of Contemporary Art

lazyllama /

Thanks to Norman Braman, the Institute of Contemporary Art exists to puzzle and amaze us with experimental artworks.

Take advantage of the free entry and guided tour.

Here, you can explore the series of the avant-garde to odd pieces that decorate its walls and see how provoking questions and ideas translate into various mediums.

The museum’s sculpture garden also calls for attention, a fitting follow-up when the weather is cool enough for outdoor lounging.

Abstract building wall of the Institute of Contemporary Art

Nagel Photography /

Appreciate Various Artists at Superblue Miami

Superblue Miami supports the most cutting-edge artists in the world to provide people with meaningful and uplifting experiences.

They provide artists the room and freedom to create expansive, immersive installations that a broad audience may enjoy.

Superblue Miami is considerably more fun in a group, so get tickets to take advantage of their exclusive group ticket prices, bundle premiums, and student and youth group discounts.

Want to organize a memorable event?

Superblue Miami provides countless options for developing one-of-a-kind experiences for your visitors, from the tiny art-led room ideal for smaller meetings to the 5,000-square-foot adaptable event space and multicolored artist-designed outdoor space.

Shop at Lincoln Road

Street scene at Lincoln Road

fotomak /

Lincoln Road is about feel-good buys, lounging in cafés, a glam atmosphere, and cultural venues.

While away the hours with blocks of boutiques and upscale shops, or catch a show at Colony Theatre.

Even if you’re not up for cashing out, Lincoln Road’s iconic design welcomes window shoppers and casual passersby.

People along Lincoln Road

Kamira /

Tour around the Monkey Jungle

A gorilla at Monkey Jungle

Kit Korzun /

Established in 1935, Monkey Jungle retains its one-of-a-kind feature; instead of looking at animals in cages, you roam about their habitat behind bars.

This wildlife park houses around 4,000 primates, all of which are allowed to run wild within the subtropical forest.

Visit Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Exterior of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

travelview /

Perched on the bankside of Coconut Grove, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens brings a touch of Italian Renaissance in the form of a luxurious villa and meticulous garden.

Forty-three acres of the lush estate are open to the public, hosting outdoor activities such as waterfront yoga, jazz parties, and craft-based events.

Interior of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

travelview /

Its stunning grounds and previous-century interior entice many brides and bloggers alike.

An architectural gem and art curator, Vizcaya Museum is a must-visit for creatives.

The grounds of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

photosounds /

See the Versailles Bakery in Little Havana

Building sign of Versailles Bakery in Little Havana

america365 /

Taste Cuban culture at Little Havana’s Versailles Bakery, a 1970s favorite that remains important to the Cuban community.

Besides a small cup of coffee and pastry of the day, you can also enjoy a full sit-down meal at the restaurant.

Try their deliciously plump croquettes and special stuffed plantains, or bring them their deliciously layered sandwiches.

You can’t go wrong with the quintessential ham, roasted pork, and cheese-dripping combo!

Marvel at the Coral Castle Museum

Signage of Coral Castle Museum

photravel_ru /

The well-hidden Coral Castle Museum will stun you at first glance, but its origins are even more awe-inspiring.

Built single-handedly by Ed Leedskalnin, this castle of coral rock was 28 years in the making.

Rock sculptures at Coral Castle Museum

Madhu Koneru /

From the 9-tonne gate to every curve and block of the sculptures sitting within the estate, the handiwork makes it hard to believe that no one had come across the project when in progress.

It is truly a unique attraction only to be found in Miami.

People at Coral Castle Museum

Lenush /

Browse the Exhibits at HistoryMiami Museum

Exterior of HistoryMiami Museum

Pietro, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Among the Southeast’s most prominent private regional history groups is presently run by the HistoryMiami Museum.

Sharing the histories of Miami’s communities, people, locations, and events brings people together.

Find more than 37,000 three-dimensional items from prehistoric archaeological discoveries to Afro-Cuban folk art from the 20th century in the museum’s holdings.

Facade of HistoryMiami Museum

Daniel Di Palma, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

With more than two million historical pictures, its Archives and Research Center collection represents one of the most significant in the state.

HistoryMiami provides an extensive calendar of temporary exhibits on themes significant to the neighborhood annually.

Have Fun at the Miami Design District

The grounds of Miami Design District

Olga V Kulakova /

Fashion and architecture intertwine at Miami Design District in presenting sleek structures, open-air shopping complexes, art installations, and glitzy goodness.

Palm Court and Paradise Plaza are must-visits for high-end shoppers, while artists can indulge in the various art galleries and the Institute of Contemporary Art.

There’s even an internationally flavored St. Roch Market for growling stomachs.

Museum parking garage at Miami Design District

YES Market Media /

Loop around on the Metromover

View of Metromover

dennizn /

Sometimes the best way to see a city is to take its public transport downtown – especially if it runs on a winding, elevated track.

Miami’s Metromover is crowded with gleaming chrome buildings and blander concrete blocks.

Exterior of a Metromover

Fotoluminate LLC /

Shop at Bayside Market Place

Entrance arch of Bayside Market Place

Willowtreehouse /

Perched on the banks of Biscayne Bay is the white-washed, two-story shopping center of Bayside Market Place.

An open-air site with shops and restaurants alike, we recommend it for its comfortable ambiance and connective hub.

It acts as the jet-off point for various activities, including speedboat and water taxi sightseeing, cruises, charter fishing, and bike tours that will familiarize you with Miami.

Souvenir shop at Bayside Market Place

4kclips /

See Works of Art at Perez Art Museum

Exterior of Perez Art Museum

mariakray /

Art is a must-see in Miami, particularly at Perez Art Museum Miami.

Hosting works by contemporary masters such as Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Stella, and James Rosenquist, the stunning collection matches the museum’s waterfront setting along Biscayne Bay.

The museum also offers free programs every second Saturday of the month.

Interior of Perez Art Museum

photravel_ru /

Check Out the Gallery at Laundromat Art Space

Laundromat Art Space is an artist-run studio and exhibition facility that prioritizes the advancement of regional artists while offering the local community cutting-edge curatorial possibilities and creative programs.

Intending to open their venue, a group of artist friends formed it in 2015.

Eleven studios and a gallery are housed in the 4,500-square-foot space.

Contemporary art exhibitions are held at Laundromat Art Space, including local, national, and worldwide talent.

Resident artists have an excellent opportunity to participate in a setting that encourages collaboration among interdisciplinary artists.

Go Partying at Sugar

Aerial view of Sugar

Felix Mizioznikov /

Get classy and mingle at Sugar – a bar that offers funky cocktails and panoramic views.

Skip the requisite observation deck visit for this charming garden.

If you’re lucky, you might even be admitted into the secret cocktail bar called the Tea Room (which serves an unusual, late-night brunch).

See Wildlife at Jungle Island

Macaws at Jungle Island

Mia2you /

Having evolved from a parrot sanctuary to a fully-fledged zoo, Jungle Island combines lush forest and open bay, perfect for a range of wildlife.

Birds, orangutans, lemurs, and animals coexist in this tropical haven.

A tiger at Jungle Island

Maxine Livingston /

Kids and adults blast with the zip line play area, flight simulator, and escape room!

You can also sign up for an animal encounter to feed your favorite animal.

Flamingos at Jungle Island

Minerva Studio /

Wander around The Bass

Exterior of The Bass

Michael Gordon /

Roam about the Art Deco building, which hosts The Bass, a well-rounded contemporary art institution that grew out of a private collection in the 1960s.

Your aesthetic adventure begins on the lawn with Ugo Rondinone’s signature ‘Miami Mountain’ and the colorful interpretation of texting.

Move into the halls for a series of permanent and temporary exhibitions featuring vivid sculptures to fantastical paintings.

Front view of The Bass

Phillip Pessar from Miami, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Other Things to Do Nearby

Lap once around Ocean Drive

Night scene at Ocean Drive

lunamarina /

Visit Miami Beach by lapping around the iconic Ocean Drive.

Having developed out of cropland and mangroves into the colorful 1st street to 15th street stretch of glam, Ocean Drive draws in crowds with its art deco buildings and palm tree aesthetics.

You can also eat through the multitude of brunches, lunches, and restaurant bars and indulge in some people-watching.

Scenic sunset over Ocean Drive

lunamarina /

Lie on Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park’s Stunning Lawns

Aerial view of Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Felix Mizioznikov /

What better way to relax and meander through a serene 400-acre park, away from the crowds and busy schedules of city life?

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park stretches along the coast of Key Biscayne, which provides foliage-shaded lawns and waterfront rest areas.

The sands of Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

phillus /

Picnic at the tables or on the beach, or enjoy their biking trails.

You can climb up South Florida’s only lighthouse for a top-down view of ombre waters.

People swimming at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park beach

Jillian Cain Photography /

Lounge around the Venetian Pool

The waters of Venetian Pool

Marco Borghini /

Beauty isn’t restricted to the pageant queens and muscly lifeguards memorialized in vintage portraits at Venetian Pool’s entrance – it is also the tinted green freshwater and lowkey luxe of the swimming pool complex.

Waterfalls hum beside stone bridges, a cave, and swaying palms.

The Venetian Pool in Coral Gables serves as a place of relaxation and aquatic fun with a dab of Italian touch.

Man-made waterfall at Venetian Pool

Marco Borghini /

Cruise along South Beach

Night scene at South Beach

Sean Pavone /

If there’s one neighborhood in Miami you can’t afford to miss, it is South Beach.

Encompassing the broader area of Ocean Drive and the famous Lincoln Road Mall, South Beach is the heart of Miami’s glamorous lifestyle.

Featuring celebrity-chef restaurants, nightlife that marks Miami as a prime spring break location, art deco architecture, and warm ivory beaches, this neighborhood will have you out from dawn to dusk and back to dawn.

Beach trail at South Beach

Mia2you /

Experience the Russian and Turkish Baths

The Russian and Turkish Baths are guaranteed to wipe you clean of stress in a rather bizarre setting.

Located within a nondescript building, facilities include lockers, changing rooms, an endless array of steam rooms and saunas, cold pools, and hot springs.

While some people would describe the environment as dingy, the baths’ eccentric décor is simply part of the experience.

Explore Everglades National Park

Boardwalk at Everglades National Park

Simon Dannhauer /

Nature isn’t far away with Everglades National Park.

Here, visitors can take a walking tour, explore on bicycles, or zip around on airboats.

It is known for its sprawl of 1.5 million acres, comprised chiefly of wetlands and marshes.

The waters of Everglades National Park

John Apte /

Spot alligators lurking in the weeds even as cranes dip their necks for a drink.

This national park is worth a full-day visit.

Mangrove kayaking at Everglades National Park

mariakray /

See the Miami Auto Museum at the Dezer Collection

Exterior of Miami Auto Museum at the Dezer Collection

Ekem, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you have ever fantasized about tearing through down like an agent on a mission or escaping from a heist, the Miami Auto Museum at the Dezer Collection in North Miami is the garage of your dreams.

This privately owned cluster of cars doesn’t just show off classic models of American and Italian origins.

Here, you can find a comic series of Batmobiles and James Bond’s favorite wheels.

General Lee, Delorean, and more are all on display in North Miami.

See the Nature Trails at Oleta River State Park

Aerial view of Oleta River State Park

Daniel Korzeniewski /

Nestled in Biscayne Bay is the floating urban park of Oleta River State Park, a thousand-acre expanse of nature trails, a 1,515-mile paddling trail, campgrounds, and more recreational spaces.

Kayaking along thick mangrove forests is being transported to a magical river removed from city noises.

From comfortable cabins to picnic areas to more nature-driven sites, Oleta River State Park is an amalgamation of modern comforts and natural entertainment.

Kayak boat at Oleta River State Park

Fotoluminate LLC /

Relax at Miami Beach EDITION

We know hotel facilities include swimming pools, gyms, spas, and maybe a casual recreational space, but Miami Beach EDITION in Miami Beach beats the competition by providing a full-scale playground in its basement.

Take your dance shoes out for a spin under its glitzy disco ball, or exchange them for a pair of bowling sliders.

When you’ve worked up a sweat on the dance floor or bowling alley, switch to the ice-skating rink and cool down with a few laps.

Hang around Hollywood Beach Boardwalk

Walkway of Hollywood Beach Boardwalk

Kamira /

The scent of salty air, long wavy palms, and sand everywhere – welcome to the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk in Hollywood.

There are plenty of visual distractions alongside beachside bars; they serve chilled drinks under sweltering heat.

People at Hollywood Beach Boardwalk

Kristi Blokhin /

Lick your way to cool salvation with a generous dosage of soft serve ice cream, or join the masses leaving sweaty tracks with their bikes.

Alternatively, stick an umbrella into the sand and fall asleep to the sound of rushing waves and the cheerful chatter of other beachgoers.

Shops along Hollywood Beach Boardwalk

Felix Mizioznikov /

Watch the Sunset at South Pointe Park

Overlook at South Pointe Park

Jon Bilous /

There’s no shortage of knolls and grassy swathes in Miami, but none with a view like South Pointe Park.

Poised at the tip of Miami Beach, this green space offers up the sky and sea where the sunset blends in shades of purple and gold.

Grab a picnic blanket, a bottle of wine, and to-go bites before settling down for a breather amid a busy schedule.

People at South Pointe Park

starmaro /

See Many Flowers at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Boat with sculptures at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Mia2you /

There’s no shortage of natural beauty in Coral Gables, Miami.

One such delight is the 83-acre Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

Butterfly on a flower at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Omer Bezalel /

Feast your eyes on the stunning flora and the interspersing thickets of palms, cycads, and more tropical fauna.

More notably, you can tour the grounds using a tram to enjoy an elevated experience.

The grounds of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

S.Borisov /

Visit the Schnebly Winery

For those who don’t like regular grape-based wines (red or white), Schnebly Winery in Homestead offers a sweeter alternative.

Made from tropical fruits, the wine offered here can be sampled in rounds of five with a branded wine glass as a souvenir.

You can also order some food with tropical wines or local brews.

Some visit for the ambiance as its garden is highly scenic, backing the rustic buildings with waterfalls and ponds.

Pay a Visit to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

The waters of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

lmBellentani /

Water fun is a must in this coastal state, so buckle up and drive to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo for some of the world’s most stunning coral sites.

Just an hour away from Miami are crystalline waters and layered reefs where you can snorkel for hours, watching vibrant fish dart in and out of their homes.

Coral reef and fish at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

Off Axis Production /

Visit the Miami Seaquarium

Dolphin at Miami Seaquarium

Al Calvillo /

For some water magic, spend some time at the 38-acre Miami Seaquarium in Key Biscayne.

While it is one of the oldest oceanariums in the country, you certainly won’t feel its age!

You can expect dolphin, and killer whale shows.

Between the eight marine animal shows and other displays, you’ll learn plenty about life in the ocean.

Exterior of Miami Seaquarium

Luiz Barrionuevo /

Play at Crandon Park

Daytime view of Crandon Park

Romrodphoto /

The coconut plantation turned public park, Crandon Park, offers a variety of recreational spaces.

Stroll through the peaceful Crandon Gardens in Key Largo or browse the nature center.

There’s even a marina, golf course, and tennis center for sporty visitors.

Beach at Crandon Park

Fotoluminate LLC /

It is also the seedling that blossomed into Zoo Miami, from the small-scale Crandon Zoo of 1948 to the massive 1,000-strong habitat of over 380 species.

If you have a spare slot in your itinerary with no idea where to go next, Crandon Park is guaranteed to keep you well-occupied.

A bird at Crandon Park

Gergo Nagy /

Explore the Deering Estate

Scenic view of Deering Estate

DesiDrewPhotography /

Deering Estate is a gem-filled attraction in Florida!

Outdoor enthusiasts can spend hours tracking down the birds and wildlife that inhabit the sprawling estate or stroll the mangrove boardwalk.

Go Wild at Xtreme Action Park

Xtreme Action Park is what you need to relive your wild child days.

It is an unimaginable play space; it runs a ropes course for monkey kids and offers trampolines and go-karts for adrenaline junkies.

There’s also a glow-in-the-dark arena.

Too hardcore? Grab a pair of roller skates and race about the tracks.

Final Thoughts

This city is a cheerful package, offering everything from the most upscale designer stores and cutting-edge galleries to various excursions, culinary halls, museums, and animal reserves to engage young children in your company.

Relax at white-sand beaches, lush spas, incredible sights, and excellent restaurants.

Miami offers a variety of interesting new activities for families and couples looking for a vacation break in South Florida.

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