15 Best Things to Do in Hollywood, FL

15 Best Things to Do in Hollywood, FL

Hollywood in Florida does not appear as promising as Hollywood in LA, but the place has its own charm that could be discovered only after visiting the city.

Hollywood Florida is one of the best beach destinations.

The place has a moderate temperature which makes it quite famous among the travelers.

The city has A large number of beaches, resorts, golf courses, and more than 60 parks.

The place is a gem in itself and is as Worthy as a famous celebrity.

Be it a romantic couple vacation or a family holiday, the place will only make each day more vibrant and happy during your visit.

Following are the best activities that you should definitely try out in Hollywood, Florida:

Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach
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Being one of the best beach destinations around the world, Hollywood beach in Florida might not be as glamorous as its counterpart in California.

However, the beach has sufficient activities that attracts a large number of people every season.

The white sand beaches paired with turquoise water and sky touching palm trees is a bliss in itself.

The beach is also famous for its long Broadwalk which is ideal for everyone.

The beach is filled with restaurants, shops, and beautiful Instagrammable cafes.

Hollywood beach is a calm and peaceful place to spend your afternoons at.

Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

Hollywood Beach Broadwalk
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Situated near Miami beaches and Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood beach Broadwalk is a paved Broadway on the famous Hollywood beach in Florida.

The Broadwalk covers an area of almost 2.5 miles.

The Broadwalk is covered with colored bricks and welcome people from all age groups for a stroll or Jog.

The Broadway is also a famous spot for cycling, joggers, scooters, bikers, roller bladders, and other active part of the population.

There is a winding stone wall which is a perfect location to sit and enjoy the views of the beach.

The entire Broadwalk has facilitated sitting benches so that people are able to rest in the shade of palm trees.

You can also rent a bike or other water sports equipments from the shops located alongside the broad walk.

Anne Kolb Nature Center

Anne Kolb Nature center
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The Anne Kolb nature Centre is a protected coastal mangrove wetland which is spread over an area of 1500 acres.

The Centre is quite famous for housing a large number of native animals and plants within its boundaries.

Some of these plants and animals are either endangered or threatened.

A small walk along the wooden walkways of the center will also give you an opportunity to sport some of these animals and plants.

The nature Centre has four trails where you can walk and enjoy the natural setting of this area.

It also offers boating facilities and water sporting activities so you can spot some aquatic animals as well.

The place has five both thrills where you can take guided tours and rent boats for enjoying your personal time.

It also has an exhibition hall. The hall has a seawater aquarium which is used for organizing different themed exhibitions from time to time.

Arts Park at Young Circle

Arts Park at Young Circle
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Arts park at Young Circle is a group of parks set in an area of more than 10 acres.

This is a place that you should definitely visit if you are travelling to Hollywood, Florida with your family.

The place offers a large number of activities that could be enjoyed by the visitors.

Different entertaining events such as live musical performances, art exhibitions, landscape tours, as well as fountains are the main attractions of this place.

It has a big Amphitheatre which is generally filled with a lot of people, which allows you to get intermingled with people of different cultures.

If you are a foodie, the place also has great cafes and restaurants to help you with your cravings.

In addition, food truck Monday is also famous among the locals.

It is an event which is organized on a weekly basis and offers a lot of tasty and affordable food on the young circle.

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel
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Seminole hard rock hotel is a resort which will just take a place in your heart.

The resort is made in such a manner that even if you don’t go out on the beaches of Hollywood, your time in the hotel would just be as much fun as going out.

The resort has various amenities such as relaxing spas, golf courses, and specialty shops where you can get anything you want at very reasonable prices.

The resort has big pool areas which are spread over 13 acres of land.

The pool area is just an ideal location for all those who do not want to go outside but still want to enjoy the beaches.

Different types of pools with water falls and water features are available in the resort.

You can also enjoy boating, canoeing, waterslides and other water activities in these pools.

However, more than the beaches, the music of the resort is just fantabulous, bringing in some of the most famous musicians and other artists from around the world.

The hotel also provides rental facilities where you can plan all your days outside the hotel and book their services for more comfort.

To put it in simple words, Seminole Hard rock hotel is a prototype of Hollywood made by man himself.

Topeekeegee Yugnee Park

White ibis at Topeekeegee Yugnee Park
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Locally known as TY Park, this park is just a perfect location for all those people who do not want to feel bored and monotonous after seeing the regular beaches.

The park is basically a big open area spread over 138 acres.

It has big campgrounds, water parks, castaway, walking trails, and multiple bike trails.

It also has playgrounds where you can play volleyball or baseball or tennis.

The picnic area is another attraction of the place where you can just sit and enjoy some quality family time.

You can also swim in the lagoon of the park or enjoy Swan boating.

Yellow Green Farmers Market

Yellow Green Farmers Market
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Yellow green farmers market is a one stop location for all those people who prefer freshly procured items over other items.

The market is loaded with fresh produce from local farmers.

Being the largest market of its kind in Florida, the market is spread over an area of more than 100,000 square ft.

The market is set on weekends and is scented completely by freshly baked breads.

You can also take your dogs here as the market is dog friendly.

Yoga class is also organized every Saturday morning.

Apart from that, this place is a complete bliss in Hollywood.

Be it flowers or bread, fruits or veggies, everything is so fresh that it will definitely uplift your mood.

Holland Park

Holland Park is another famous and enormous Park in Hollywood which lies in the residential area of the city.

The park has beautiful Broad walk and trails where you can easily forget all your worries and enjoy some time.

And observation deck for beautiful views of the city is also installed in the park.

The park has beautifully crafted benches installed over the entire property with you can sit and enjoy the water views.

If you are lucky enough, you can also spot an iguana and spend some time with this beautiful creature.

If you are interested, you can also rent a kayak or canoe and enjoy some boating activities in the water of the park.

Downtown Hollywood Mural Project

Downtown Hollywood mural project is a project that added more colors to this already vibrant and colorful city.

The unique paintings and colorful murals drawn on the walls of the city are just incredible and can’t take anyone’s breath away.

From Pink flamingos to beautiful robots and giant wheels, all these incredible colorful paintings are just so refreshing and fun that they definitely deserve your time.

It is also one of the most Instagrammable places in the city where you would definitely lose most of the space on your camera.

These murals are not limited to a small area, rather they are spread in the entire downtown.

The mirrors were drawn by local artists from across the town as well as the world.

The main objective was to improve the existing culture of the community and they just did that very effortlessly.

Anniversary Park

Anniversary Park
Tamanoeconomico, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A beautiful park opening some of the most promising and mesmerizing landscapes is what anniversary Park is.

Located inside the heart of the city, the park is a big natural space which welcome everyone who wants a little break from their busy life and enjoy some refreshing and rejuvenating time.

The park is quite famous among the locals as well as the travelers as it has a small playground, benches, and game tables.

A few restaurants for helping with your appetite are also located just a few steps away from the park.

Art and culture center of Hollywood

Art and culture center of Hollywood
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The art and culture center of Hollywood in Florida is just a beautiful place with cultural abundance.

It is a must visit attraction for all those people who wish to learn more about the culture in the city and its various traditions.

The Centre has managed to put a number of art and culture related displays.

The center has a gallery which keeps on changing its displays.

The place also hosts a number of events such as live performances, dance festivals, musical concerts, and many more.

Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso
Tamanoeconomico, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Cinema Paradiso is a paradise for people who love films ad cinema. The place showcases art films as well as independent movies, all under a single roof.

The place has a theater that has a capacity of taking in around 80 people at a time. They have a wide range of small movies with limited budgets but great concepts.

You can get to know about what all movies are featuring while you are in the city from the local listings.

Hollywood Hot glass

Hollywood Hot glass
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Unknown to most, Hollywood is one of the most famous places for glass blowing traditions. The history of glass blowing date back to centuries in Florida.

Hollywood hot glass is a studio that allows you to make your own objects like bottles, bowls, sculptures and other items using the glass blowing technique.

You can also buy already made pieces if you don’t want to try the process yourself.

Hollywood Jet Ski

Hollywood jet ski is one of the best ways in which you can enjoy the subtle and favorable weather of this city.

This is a renting facility that enables you to rent jet skiing equipment at the most affordable rates and enjoy the adventures in water.

Even if you are a first time jet skier, the facility will pretty much e helpful and safe for you.

John Williams Park and Sheridan Oak Forest

John Williams park and Sheridan oak forest is just the suitable place for all those people enjoy spending time in calm and bounty natural habitats.

The place also offers overnight camping facility so you can do something different from beach and water activities in the city.

The forest is also home to lush green vegetation and you can spot a number of local plant species there.

The park, on the other hand is a good place for hanging out as it has benches and some swings as well. It also has a special area for picnicking.

The city of Hollywood is a living adventure in itself. With a number of beautiful beaches and parks, the city is located right in the lap of nature.

Away from the general rush, the beaches of this city are extremely beautiful, clear and tranquil.

Affordable seafood and accommodation is also one of the best things about this city.

Most of the restaurants in the city serve fresh and organically produced food items, due to which you could also find it hard to decide one particular place for eating.

The city has its own wonders, and its souvenirs will definitely remind of a soothing and homely breeze every time you watch them.