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20 Best Things to Do in Hallandale Beach, FL

  • Published 2022/08/17

In the heart of the bustling Miami Metropolitan Area lies an assuming city with the quintessential Florida charm: Hallandale Beach.

It sits next to the Atlantic Ocean, so the city is blessed with seaside attractions, balmy and pleasant weather, and an inviting community.

In fact, the city has become one of the top retirement destinations in the region, leading to steady growth in population.

And it’s no surprise, thanks to the many recreational attractions in town, such as casinos, beaches, and community parks.

The location also provides easy access to many of Miami and Fort Lauderdale’s best destination, which are often less than 30 minutes away.

So whether you’re an adventurer, thrill-seeker, or nature lover, you’ll find something to enjoy in this charming city.

Here are the 20 best things to do in Hallandale Beach, FL:

Bet on Your Favorite Horse at Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino

The grounds of Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino

YES Market Media /

Most people would know Hallandale Beach as the home of Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino, one of the most visited facilities of its kind in the area.

It’s primarily known as an important horse racing venue in the US, with many cups and tournaments held over the years in its tracks.

Thanks to the three separate racing courses, the facility can host large crowds and many equestrians every season.

Welcome sign of Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino

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Aside from horse racing, the venue has become the center of entertainment in this section of the Miami Metropolitan Area.

Concerts are often held on the grounds next to the grandstands, with many local and national artists gracing the stage.

Then there’s the casino itself, which focuses more on slot machines and related games.

From classic favorites to new versions, you’ll find an array of games that will have you playing for hours!

Horse show at Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino

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Have Fun under the Sun at Hallandale Beach Oceanfront

The magnificent Hallandale Beach Oceanfront starts right at the edge of Hallandale Boulevard and covers most of the city’s seaside section.

Flanked by tall condominiums and bustling with activity, this beach has maintained a pristine state that attracts many visitors all year round.

So if you’re looking for a classic oceanside experience while in Florida, this is the place to be.

Access is absolutely free, so you just need to come with a towel and find a spot where you can sunbathe or read a book.

Swimming is also a great option, but make sure that you stay within the designated areas watched by lifeguards.

If the conditions are right, water sports like surfing, parasailing, and windsurfing are possible.

There are plenty of outfitters in town who can equip you with the gear and safety equipment you need for these activities.

Play Volleyball at South City Beach Park

The grounds of South City Beach Park

Malgosia S /

South City Beach Park is technically still part of Hallandale Beach’s oceanfront, but this section has been designated a green space behind the beach.

It’s the third park constructed as part of the City Wide Parks Master Plan, so it only opened last 2015.

That’s why the attraction has many modern amenities that cater to the diverse people who visit the nearby beach.

Pathway at South City Beach Park

Artforsoul /

You’re welcome to enjoy the outdoor showers, open-air pavilion, and newly renovated beach access.

All these are ADA compliant, so anyone in the family can easily use the amenities.

Then there’s the sand volleyball court, which is open for beginners and professionals alike.

So if you’re bringing your group of friends, this is a great place to practice teamwork and stretch out your muscles.

Tour the Magnificent Curci House and Historical Village

For a dose of culture in the otherwise contemporary neighborhoods of Hallandale Beach, make a stopover at Curci House and Historical Village.

During its construction in 1924, the owners blended Cuban and Italian design elements, like terra-cotta block walls and imported glass.

The result is a sturdy and beautiful home that withstood the Great Hurricane of 1926 and even sheltered a few residents.

Because of this status, the property has been listed under the National Register of Historic Places.

Visiting here is quite the privilege, as the fragile state of some of the furnishings and decor have made preservation a top priority.

That is why tours are restricted to only one day every month.

So if you’re curious about the interiors of the property and its surrounding gardens, make sure to reserve a slot ahead of time.

Visit the Restaurants Along Ocean Drive

Road sign of Ocean Drive

Kristi Blokhin /

Ocean Drive is the main road that runs along the barrier island that serves as Hallandale Beach’s oceanfront.

Here, you’d find a great number of hospitality facilities, including the city’s top restaurants.

So if you want to try the local cuisine, check out the local favorites!

First is ETARU Restaurant, a Japanese restaurant sitting near the ocean and offering robatayaki dishes.

Then there’s Juniper On The Water, with its contemporary design, water-view deck, and Mediterranean seafood cuisine.

And for those who want Cuban food prevalent in this region of Florida, visit the beloved institution, Padrino’s Cuban.

They offer picadillo, Asado, Cuban sandwiches, and other classic fares that will satisfy your cravings.

Bring the Kids to Sunset Park

The quaint Sunset Park is the sixth completed facility under the City Wide Parks Master Plan, so everything about it is relatively new.

But even though it’s a recently finished attraction, many residents have already taken a liking to it.

Thanks to its location, it’s easily accessible to the suburban neighborhoods at the heart of Hallandale Beach.

While it’s not as big as the other community parks, it makes up for the beautiful pavilion and walking trail that loops around the perimeter.

There’s also a large playground that covers most of the area.

Let your kids play and socialize with other children all day as you sit back and relax under one of the shady trees.

Try Your Luck at The Big Easy Casino

Aerial view of the Big Easy Casino

Felix Mizioznikov /

Once known as Mardi Gras Casino, The Big Easy Casino is another famous gambling facility in Hallandale Beach.

While Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino is famous for horseracing, this one attracted throngs of people for greyhound races.

Sadly, the practice is no longer continued, but there are still more attractions in the complex that are well worth the trip.

For those looking for table games that weren’t at Gulfstream Park Racing, The Big Easy Casino has them.

Poker, blackjack, slot machines—the choices are endless.

On occasion, the casino holds special events that will elevate your experience to the next level.

From hilarious comedy skits to MMA fights, there’s a wide variety of entertaining activities held at the facility.

Score a Strike at Holiday Bowling Center & Sports Bar

If Hallandale Beach’s casinos prove too indulgent for your taste, Holiday Bowling Center & Sports Bar is a great alternative.

This is the place for wholesome family entertainment, with a nostalgic 16-lane bowling alley that offers hours of fun.

Since its recently undergone renovation, the facility is now equipped with modern equipment and amenities that elevate the whole experience.

Besides the bowling center, there are other rooms to try, including a pool section, game room, and karaoke spot.

So if you’re not feeling like striking a few pins, you have many other options to choose from.

And if you need to refuel between games, they have a snack bar offering refreshing drinks and energizing snacks for the whole family.

Just make sure that the kids don’t order any alcoholic beverages.

Stay Awhile at Joseph Scavo Park

Welcome sign of Joseph Scavo Park

Kristi Blokhin /

As the first park completed under the City Wide Parks Master Plan, Joseph Scavo Park is one of the oldest community attractions in the city.

But it’s still relatively young, having been around since 2014.

So you can expect many modern amenities and well-maintained facilities here.

It’s one of the places with dedicated dog parks, so you’re welcome to bring your furry friend and let them run around without any leash.

For those with kids, there’s a magnificent playground with modern equipment—perfect for hours of fun under the sun.

Then there’s the basketball court and fitness trails that loop around the park, which offer opportunities for intense physical activity.

But if you’re not keen on exercising during your visit, you can stay on one of the picnic benches or shady areas and just enjoy the view.

Make a Few Laps at B.F. James Park and Municipal Swimming Pool

Thanks to its proximity to several hotels and The Big Easy Casino, the B.F. James Park and Municipal Swimming Pool has been a favorite local attraction since it was established.

It was opened a few months after Joseph Scavo Park and is also part of the City Wide Parks Master Plan.

Now, there are more modern amenities that residents and visitors can enjoy, such as a playground, basketball courts, walking paths, and expansive grounds.

But the highlight of the facility is the swimming pool, which is open all year round.

So if the city’s oceanfront proves too wavy during your visit, this facility is a good alternative.

There are even aquatic programs offered, allowing you to learn the basics of swimming strokes and other related topics.

Head to the Open Waters of the Atlantic

Since Hallandale Beach sits next to the Atlantic, you can expect a significant seafaring culture within the community.

Many local businesses in the city offer full-day or half-day charters into the Atlantic.

So if you want to test your sports fishing skills and bring home a large game, book a trip with these seasoned fishermen.

They will bring you to the best spots where you can catch marlin, mahi-mahi, sailfish, and other species.

But if fishing is not your thing, you can simply join a sunset cruise.

It’s amazing to watch the city light up during the early evening as you watch from a distance.

Learn More about Alligators at Everglades Holiday Park

Florida is home to a wide variety of animals, including the infamous alligator, so why not take advantage of this wildlife park’s opportunity to see and interact with some of them?

Airboat tours and alligator exhibitions are two of the most popular activities at the Everglades Holiday Park.

Deep into the Everglades, over the “River of Grass,” at high speeds with an experienced tour leader, you will go on an airboat, with miles of wetlands stretching out before you.

You get the best adrenaline rush possible while relaxing in luxury.

A close encounter with an American alligator is only one of the many incredible experiences that await you in the Everglades.

Live alligators from the park’s Gator Boys Alligator Rescue team also appear in the performance.

Everglades Holiday Park’s show also aims to educate viewers about the need to protect the American alligator and the wetlands it inhabits.

Bond with Your Kids at Flippo’s Hallandale

Flippo’s Hallandale welcomes all family members who value a good time.

This indoor playground and entertainment center will blast kids of all ages.

You may get some exercise and play some ball on one of the many sports courts there.

It’s a solid bet that the Toddler Area will be a hit with the little ones, while the Laser Maze keeps teenagers entertained.

The Ball Blaster section will test your agility, while the UV Time Freak room will test your child’s reactions.

Everyone can then cap off at the café for refreshments.

Release Your Stress at Heed Spa Hallandale

The healing and therapeutic services are part of = Heed Spa Hallandale’s overall health philosophy.

These procedures may address aspects of your health that may not be optimal.

Spa treatments at Dr. David Neddam’s establishment may draw on traditional ways or utilize cutting-edge technology.

Massages, therapies, aromatherapy, and ayurvedic healing techniques are available.

The spa’s specialty is pairing these methods with organic materials in appropriate proportions.

It has highly qualified therapists who use cutting-edge technology to provide the best possible holistic experience.

Indulge in Fresh Produce from Fruteria La Hacienda Farmer’s Market

Since July 2014, Fruteria La Hacienda Farmer’s Market has provided the public with nutritious options.

You may satisfy any craving at this market along West Dixie Highway.

It boasts selling fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

It also features exotic vegetables and fruits from across the world.

It not only stocks organic produce but also sells products from South America.

Chill with the Boys at Xavier’s Cigar Lounge

Xavier’s Cigars, located in a gorgeous tropical retail mall, has quickly become a destination for cigar enthusiasts and casual smokers.

Its premium beer, wine, and soft drink collection are second to none.

It features a wide variety of well-kept cigars and delicious gourmet coffees.

Padron, Perdomo, Arturo Fuente, La Fleur Dominicana, AJ Fernandez, Rocky Patel, and many more are just a few of the top-shelf names available.

There’s a little bit of everything for every taste!

Its five high-definition televisions play major athletic events, and there is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating for your convenience.

Its courtyard landscaping makes for an unparalleled setting for parties.

Visiting this lounge will remind you of any Sobe-style man cave.

Other Things to Do Nearby

After your adventures in Hallandale Beach, check out these other attractions of the Miami Metropolitan Area.

Go Kayaking at Oleta River State Park

Aerial view of Oleta River State Park

Daniel Korzeniewski /

As Florida’s largest urban park, Oleta River State Park has become a favorite spot for those who want a quick escape from the city noise.

It’s located at the mouth of the eponymous river, less than 15 minutes away from Hallandale Beach.

Within an area of 1,043 acres, the park hosts a wide range of habitats, from coastal forests to mangrove sanctuaries.

The grounds of Oleta River State Park

Fotoluminate LLC /

Because of these features, nature lovers and adventurers flock to the area and try the many activities available.

The park is famous for the wilderness bike trails said to be the best in the country, prompting many organizers to hold extreme triathlons and races in the destination.

Canoeing and kayaking are also favorite sports, as these are some of the few ways to access the hidden coves of the park.

The waters of Oleta River State Park

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Visit the Exhibits of the Museum of Discovery and Science

Exterior of the Museum of Discovery and Science

Fotos593 /

Take a break from the beach and the outdoors by visiting the magnificent Museum of Discovery and Science.

It’s one of Fort Lauderdale’s top attractions, and it’s conveniently less than 25 minutes away from Hallandale Beach.

With its many engaging exhibits, activities, and modern attractions, this facility has become the most visited museum in the whole state.

Interior of the Museum of Discovery and Science

Jillian Cain Photography /

So if you have spare time, make sure to add this to your itinerary.

The travel is well worth it, as you’d have plenty of opportunities to meet local wildlife like otters, baby alligators, snapping turtles, and tarantulas.

In addition, there are exhibits of various native habitats as well as an IMAX theater showing educational movies in 3D!

The grounds of Museum of Discovery and Science

Tamanoeconomico, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Make a Splash at Tidal Cove Waterpark

Aerial view of Tidal Cove Waterpark

Felix Mizioznikov /

Neighboring Aventura has an excellent spot if the oceanfront of Hallandale Beach proves too treacherous for the family: Tidal Cove Waterpark.

This facility is the ideal summer destination, with its majestic attractions and modern amenities for kids and adults.

Check out their towering slides with dizzying drops—a ride for only the most daring thrill-seekers!

Aerial view of Tidal Cove Waterpark

Felix Mizioznikov /

A wave pool also generates big enough swells for stationary surfing.

If you want a more relaxing ride, the lazy river offers a lengthy segment of water for your cruising pleasure.

And if you want a cozy place to stay while at the water park, the cabanas are available for rent.

They have flat-screen TVs, cushioned seats, and mini-fridges for your convenience.

Waterslides at Tidal Cove Waterpark

Felix Mizioznikov /

See the Amazing Variety of Wildlife at Flamingo Gardens

Flamingos at Flamingo Gardens

Jillian Cain Photography /

Less than 30 minutes away is Dave’s best-known attraction, the magnificent Flamingo Gardens.

While most Florida neighborhoods have fake pink flamingos adorning their lawns, this place has the real thing.

Pretty flamingos at Flamingo Gardens

Jillian Cain Photography /

The beautiful birds are just some of the many species living in this botanical garden and wildlife sanctuary.

With the tropical atmosphere and comfortable habitats, many animals and plants are able to flourish in the location.

You’ll find bobcats, tortoises, bald eagles playing or relaxing amidst tall dynamite trees or amongst blooming bromeliads.

Deck overlook at Flamingo Gardens

Jillian Cain Photography /

Final Thoughts

The bustling city of Hallandale Beach ticks all the boxes as a premier Florida attraction, making it a great destination for those who want to avoid the crowds of Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

From expansive casinos to beachside parks, from trendy restaurants to laid-back entertainment centers, there’s something for everyone here.

So reference this list when making your itinerary so you won’t miss the top spots!

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