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20 Best Things to Do in Miramar, FL

  • Published 2023/01/17

Miramar is situated along the Atlantic Coast, in the southern region of Broward County, Florida.

Known for its tropical weather and breathtaking sceneries, this city is filled with landmarks that boast the beauty of nature.

It features various family-friendly activities and many facilities that different types of travelers can enjoy.

One of the places you should not miss when traveling with your family is the Monster Mini Golf, which offers a unique take on mini-golfing.

Miramar Regional Park is another excellent place to visit, especially if you are looking for a calming way to spend your day.

For the best way to explore the city, check out the list of the best things to do in Miramar below.

Go for a Swim at Miramar Regional Park

Aerial view of the Miramar Regional Park.

Felix Mizioznikov /

Miramar Regional Park is a 173-acre park located on Miramar Parkway.

It offers plenty of conveniences and recreational facilities that cater to all kinds of travelers.

For travelers who want to stay on track with their fitness goals during vacation, there is a fitness station here where you can work out and enjoy the fresh air at the same time.

If you are here to relax, you can stay at the park’s pavilions and prepare a savory meal using their barbecue pits for a memorable dining experience with your loved ones.

There is also an aquatic complex that you can access if you want to go for a refreshing swim.

For those traveling with their furry friends, do not worry, as they are welcome here as well.

There is a dog park here where they can also play and run around with other pets.

All in all, this is a great place to visit when you want to unwind with your family, walk your dog, or even just enjoy the serene views of nature.

Explore Ansin Family Art Gallery at Miramar Cultural Center

Miramar Cultural Center is one of the city’s most popular landmarks.

With an easily accessible location just across the City Hall, even travelers who are unfamiliar with the place will have a hassle-free trip coming here.

While you are here, make sure to visit Ansin Family Art Gallery.

The art gallery features carefully curated works of famous artists from different parts of the world.

So, if you are passionate about the arts, this is a venue that you should definitely not miss.

You can also watch music events and other live performances in their 800-seat theater.

If you are staying in the city longer and would like to acquire new skills, the center also offers arts and cultural classes that you can participate in.

Best of all, they have classes that are conducted for families, so you can bring the whole gang and have fun learning here.

Play Tennis with Your Loved Ones at Silver Shores Park

There are plenty of vast parks where you can enjoy the outdoors here at Miramar.

One of the most frequented parks for locals and travelers alike who want to participate in sports is Silver Shores Park.

The park is located in Pembroke Road, and it offers various amenities where you can play, have fun, and interact with other travelers.

For an exciting way to keep moving, you can practice your footwork and your strokes and swing while playing tennis with your loved ones.

You can also use the other amenities available here, such as the soccer field, volleyball court, and basketball court, for a more exciting visit to the park.

There are also restrooms here that you can access to ensure that you are comfortable during your stay here.

Relax at River Run Park

If you are looking for a spot where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the river, River Run Park is a great place to visit.

This waterfront park, located on Miramar Boulevard, offers plenty of parking spaces, perfect for those traveling via private vehicles.

To make the most out of the city’s beautiful weather, you can take a relaxing walk at the park’s walking trail.

Enjoy the cool breeze coming from the river and the shade provided by trees as you explore the park.

This is a good place to visit for traveling families, as it offers a lot of amenities that cater to all ages.

There is a covered playground here to keep the young ones entertained and a lot of outdoor exercise equipment that adults can use for an exciting day outdoors.

Have Fun at Monster Mini Golf’s Glow-in-the-Dark 18-Hole Course

Whether you are traveling solo, with your partner, or with your family, Monster Mini Golf is a place that you will surely find interesting and entertaining.

For those who think that this is just like any other 18-hole mini-golf course, you are wrong, as this course features animated monsters that you can interact with while playing with your loved ones.

The place is also lit by black lights, making your experience here a unique one.

While playing, you can also dance to the tunes played by the property’s internal radio station that features new and old songs that cater to all ages.

There are plenty of other things that you can do, such as bowling and laser tag.

You can also play games in the on-site arcade with your friends.

After a day filled with adventures, you can go to the property’s snack bar for a quick energy boost before heading home.

Reconnect with Nature at Miramar Pineland Park

Located in University Drive, Miramar Pineland Park is the perfect spot for travelers who want to stay active and reconnect with nature.

Featuring a nature trail, a picnic area, and a gazebo, surely a visit to this park will keep you and your loved ones entertained.

There is a playground here to ensure that travelers visiting with their kids will have a fun time here as well.

For a relaxing time at the park, you can take a stroll around the park to marvel at the gorgeous views of lush trees and admire the beautiful birds flying over the area.

There is also a splash pad available here to keep visitors cool during hot summer days.

If you are planning a get-together with your loved ones, you can also rent one of the park’s pavilions and use it as your venue.

Go Hiking at Snake Warrior Island Natural Area

The grounds of Snake Warrior Island Natural Area

Aziza Abd /

Snake Warrior Island Natural Area makes up for its modest size of 53.3 acres, with diverse and exciting activities to enjoy.

The Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail passes through the Snake Warrior’s Island Natural Area.

Some of the park’s islands have received recognition as critical archeological sites for learning more about the area’s original Native American occupants.

Attracting modern birdwatchers, the park’s Atlantic coastal ridge, lake, and marsh provide a unique home for various birds.

Take the time to learn about the Seminole community’s past by reading the informative markers along the route.

The area also features benches at multiple points for those who like to sit and take in the scenery.

Catch a Cricket Match at Ansin Sports Complex

The track and field facility of the Ansin Sports Complex has received global recognition.

Athletes of various skill levels use the sports complex’s modern running track, basketball courts, softball and football grounds, and enormous leisure halls.

This venue hosts cricket matches, swimming, and other activities.

It also features a playground for youngsters and scenic strolling pathways for adults.

In addition, there are plenty of seats and spotless facilities for visitors to use around the facility.

Many hotels and restaurants surround the area since it serves as a primary sports facility.

Cool Down at Vizcaya Park

Miramar’s Vizcaya Park is a favorite local hangout.

Basketball courts, a football field, and a soccer field are just a few examples of the many sporting facilities available to visitors of all ages.

There are exciting splash pads for the kids to play in and a shaded area where the kids may run about in the rain.

Dogs and their owners may get much-needed exercise on the vast lush green grass.

There are additional bleachers with a giant dome above them, which shields spectators from the sun.

Unwind at Eden Spa Massage & Facial

After a day of outdoor fun with the kids, everyone can unwind with a day at Eden Spa Massage & Facial, one of Miramar’s finest spas.

This business is a full-service spa that pampers you from head to toe.

The treatments it provides are facials, massages, waxing, and weight loss plans.

You can rest assured that a skilled expert will perform your massage because the massage therapists here have worked in the field for many years.

Book a massage and facial package at Eden Spa to enjoy your time there.

Tell the therapist what ails you so they can devise a treatment strategy.

Spa-goers are welcomed with soothing music, lighting, and detox tea as they wait for their turn.

Schedule a meeting in advance and arrive 15 minutes early.

Peruse Local Literature at Miramar Branch Library & Education

An excellent spot to lose track of time while reading and discovering new worlds is the Miramar Branch Library & Education.

There are more than 80,000 things here, spanning various formats and subjects.

Only five libraries in the country carry video games for several consoles, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii, but this one is one of them.

The Computer Center has more than fifty public computers, teaching, and specialized software.

Other amenities include a multi-purpose room with seating for one hundred people, a conference room, a group study room, various tutoring rooms, and a study lounge.

In addition to the library, diverse dining and drinking options abound in the surrounding neighborhood—an excellent spot for solitude, reading, and rest.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Stroll around Chapel Trail Nature Preserve’s 1,650-Foot Long Boardwalk

Side view of the 1,650-Foot Long Boardwalk of Chapel Trail Nature Preserve.

Holly Guerrio /

If you want to enjoy a quiet getaway amidst nature, you can go to Chapel Trail Nature Preserve, only 19 minutes away from Miramar.

While you are here, you can rent a canoe, which is available every Saturday, to explore the nature preserve in a unique way.

Located in Sheridan Street at Pembroke Pines, this 450-acre nature preserve is considered one of the favorites among tourists as it is easy to navigate.

Wetlands at Chapel Trail Nature Preserve.

Holly Guerrio /

There are a lot of interpretive signs that can be found along its trail to ensure that visitors will have an easy time going around the property.

Benches are also provided here when you just want to lounge and breathe in the fresh air.

This is also home to various wildlife, so animal lovers are sure to have fun here.

You can also take a walk at the 1,650-foot-long boardwalk if you want to relax and just enjoy the calmness of nature.

A bird walking along the Chapel Trail Nature Preserve's wetlands.

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Go for a Swim at Westland Gardens Park’s Heated Pool

If you are in Hialeah Gardens, Westland Gardens Park is also a great place to visit, especially if you love going on water adventures.

This park, which is only 17 minutes away from Miramar, features a heated outdoor swimming pool, perfect for any weather.

There is also a wet zone here where your kids can play in a safe and fun environment.

A playground with lots of equipment is also available here to ensure that kids will have the best time.

For sports enthusiasts, there is a professional-sized baseball field available here where you can watch baseball games hosted by schools in the community.

For those who want to expose their children to new skills, there are programs where you can enroll them, such as dance classes, karate classes, and even baseball and basketball leagues.

Have Fun at the 50-Foot Water Slide at C.B. Smith Park

C.B. Smith Park is one of the most famous attractions near Miramar that tourists love to explore.

The park boasts amenities that are not normally seen in parks, so you are sure to have a blast here.

Best of all, it is just 10 minutes away from Miramar, great for travelers who want to have fun but do not want to go far from Miramar.

The park features a water park with a 50-foot waterslide, which is a great spot to cool off during summer.

There is also a lazy river here where you can lounge on inflatable pool floats while enjoying the water.

For avid golf fans, there is a family golfing center here as well, where you can practice your swings and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

If you want to stay longer, you can also go camping at their campgrounds so you can immerse yourself more in nature.

Watch a Football Game at Hard Rock Stadium

Football players playing at Hard Rock Stadium.

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Only less than 15 minutes away from Miramar, Hard Rock Stadium is a venue that you should not miss especially if you are a football fan.

Located in Miami Gardens, this stadium is home to the Miami Dolphins.

It also houses the University of Miami’s Miami Hurricane football team, so this is a good place for sports enthusiasts to immerse themselves, which they can do through a guided tour.

Name sign of Hard Rock Stadium with trees on the side.

Leonard Zhukovsky /

Do not worry if you are traveling to the stadium during the off-season, as they host various live performances.

Although the stadium can easily host up to 65,000 visitors, it is still best to acquire tickets right away if you plan to attend an event, as tickets are usually hard to get, especially tickets for football games.

Aerial view of the large Hard Rock Stadium.

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Join a Family Activity at Pembroke Pines YMCA Family Center

Offering various programs to kids, teens, adults, and even families, Pembroke Pines YMCA Family Center is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Located in Pembroke Pines, only five minutes away from Miramar, the center offers various fitness and recreational activities that allow people to connect and interact with one another.

If you are visiting with your family, one of the many things that you can do here is attend family nights, where you can get to know other families in the community.

There are also adventure guides available for families, perfect for adventure-seekers.

For those traveling with their kids, you can bring them to the center for “Party in the PM for the Kids,” to keep them entertained.

Group exercises are offered here, such as cycling, water exercise, and yoga.

So, you can just choose whatever exercise that suits you.

Schedule a Tee Time at Flamingo Lakes Golf and Country Club

For travelers who are golf enthusiasts, you are in luck because Flamingo Lakes Golf and Country Club is just less than a 10-minute drive from Miramar.

What’s great about this golf course is that it is known for its scenic views, and it is open to the public, which is great for those who do not want to apply for membership yet at this club.

However, note that members are given priority during peak hours.

Famous for its well-maintained yet a bit difficult course, this is great for those who want to test their skills and those who love a good challenge.

You do not have to be a pro, though, to visit the club as you can also take golfing lessons if you want to learn the basics.

There is also an on-site restaurant here, which is a great spot to hang around with your loved ones while enjoying great views and delicious meals.

Go Wakeboarding at Amelia Earhart Park

Name sign of the Amelia Earhart Park.

Blueee77 /

Only a 20-minute drive from Miramar, Amelia Earhart Park is a 515-acre park that offers various recreational skateboarding, biking, and fishing facilities.

Located in Miami-Dade County, this park also features a petting zoo and a farm village, making it the perfect place to teach your kids about animals and the heritage of agriculture in Miami.

There is also a disc golf course here where you can bond with the whole family.

Closer view of the Amelia Earhart Park name sign.

Blueee77 /

If you are into water sports, you’d be delighted to know that this park boasts a state-of-the-art wakeboard park, which caters to all skill levels.

For those who have no prior experience in wakeboarding, do not worry as they offer lessons to beginners.

Aside from these facilities that you can use, the park also features a wide-open space where you can just relax under the trees and just enjoy gorgeous outdoor views.

Experience Indoor Racing at K1 Speed

For thrill-seekers looking for a unique way to have fun with their loved ones, K1 Speed, located in Medley, is a must-see.

Only 20 minutes away from Miramar, this indoor racing center offers go-karting services that cater to all skill levels.

If you have a need for speed, this experience will not disappoint.

The center uses 20-horsepower machines that can bring you to a 45 miles per hour ride.

For an extraordinary way to host a party, this can be your next venue as the center also accepts reservations for different kinds of events.

Have a Picnic at Golden Eagle Park

Florida does not lack attractions that showcase its natural beauty.

Golden Eagle Park, which can be found in Hialeah Gardens, features wide-open spaces where visitors can unwind and rest.

This is only 17 minutes away from Miramar and should be missed by those who love spending time outdoors.

You can bring board games and play them here with your loved ones.

You can even play frisbee, fly a kite, or even have a picnic with your loved ones.

There are lots of activities that you can do here because of its vast space.

If you are traveling with kids who enjoy interacting with other kids, there is a playground where they can have fun and meet other young visitors.

All in all, with its proximity to Miramar and the number of activities that you can do here, this park is worth visiting.

Final Thoughts

With lots of beautiful landmarks available here and various recreational activities that you can enjoy outdoors, this is definitely a good place to visit for families looking for a fun weekend getaway.

There are also many nearby attractions that offer unique activities that suit travelers of all ages, making this city worth the trip.

For an enjoyable time with your loved ones, make sure to include these activities in your itinerary.

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