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20 Best Things to Do in Broward County, FL

  • Published 2022/09/21

Are you up for a thrill-seeking adventure, and raring to just bolt away from all the doldrums of daily routine?

Head over to Broward County, located in Southeast Florida, where Bravehearts hungry for breathtaking adventures and thrills get excited and enjoy!

Broward County has over 1.94 million residents, one of three counties of the Miami metropolitan area, home to some 6.14 million people.

As Florida’s seventh-largest county and one of the most ethnically diverse counties all over the USA, the county offers a huge variety of options to make your weekends and vacations something that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Let’s check out our options and choose the adventure which tickles your fancy!

Nature Hiking at Everglades National Park

Sunset at Everglades National  Park

Jose Kunhardt /

Do the nature walk with your experienced naturalist guide and head over to Everglades National Park, a welcome treat for stressed urbanites!

For this site, guests are warned that they are about to enter a world of three Ws — wildlife, water, and wonder.

As your guide leads you to the park sharing information about its ecosystems, you feast your eyes on the unending flora greenery and hundreds of animal species.

Wildlife at Everglades National  Park /

Best tip for you: Plan for an early morning pickup from your Miami or Fort Lauderdale hotel to make sure you are at the site bright and early before sunrise.

The park is 1.5 million-acre wetlands preserve, which is home to hundreds of animal species, as well as pine flatwoods, sawgrass marshes, and coastal mangroves.

Abundant wildlife is galore for the visitors who are welcomed by a wide variety of animals, among them the Florida panther, West Indian manatee, and the endangered leatherback turtle.

This is an exceptional tour for nature lovers who would enjoy quiet time, retreating from the hustle and bustle of Miami and discovering its “wild side.”

Insects at Everglades National  Park

Jose Kunhardt /

Kayaking at Fort Lauderdale’s Protected Mangroves

If you’re one who would prefer breathing in the natural beauty of the waters, taking things slow, this is the adventure for you.

Paddle away atop a kayak or canoe, with a few friends on board, through the calm, protected waterways of Broward County.

Bring your camera and binoculars to make sure you catch those natural backdrops of lush green scenery.

From beautiful locations at Fort Lauderdale, you can marvel at the sunrise from your kayak on the ocean and paddle through protected mangroves and bird sanctuaries.

All of a sudden, you realize that the experience is a beginner kayaker’s peaceful dream refuge, as fish and crabs swim beneath you.

Over at West Lake, dubbed as one of urban South Florida’s last pristine areas, nature lovers find three well-marked kayak trails winding through the mangroves where they can glide by and enjoy the scenery.

And as you go along, you find your stress levels decreasing even further, with a variety of fauna greeting you — herons, kingfishers, armies of crabs, a few raccoons, and even vultures.

Those with heart problems and other serious conditions are not allowed here: it could be too much natural beauty for the faint-hearted!

Enjoy Movie Nights at the ArtsPark at Young Circle

Bird's eye view of the Young Circle

Felix Mizioznikov /

Downtown Hollywood boasts of the ArtsPark, showcasing a wide array of visual and performing arts themed for entertainment, educational and recreational activities.

ArtsPark is located in a 10-acre circle named after the City of Hollywood’s founder Joseph Wesley Young along Hollywood Boulevard.

After its redevelopment was funded by the city and also with financial assistance from Broward County through the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, residents nearby appreciated having a venue for recreation and relaxation.

Signage of the ArtsPark

Felix Mizioznikov /

The ArtsPark is considered both for the young and the young-at-heart.

After watching “Star Wars” Return Of The Jedi” on a Friday night, ArtsPark aficionados can visit its pavilions for its gallery, butterfly sculptures, live glass blowing demos, jewelry making classes, or even enroll in Shotokan karate or salsa dancing classes open for all ages.

It is indeed a great park for everyone, traveling guests affirm, wherein you can walk your dogs, relax, watch your children at the playground, and simply enjoy a slow weekend afternoon with your family and friends.

Landscape of the ArtsPark at Young Circle

julie deshaies /

Have a Private Luxury Sunrise Picnic at Hollywood Beach

Promenade at Hollywood Beach

Fotoluminate LLC /

Luxury sunrise beach picnics, are these on your bucket list?

Throw yourself in the great outdoors early in the morning, breathe in that beach breeze while watching the sunrise. Amazing!

Yes, these are special tour packages for the hopeless romantics and more, a two-hour experience wherein you get the most unique, intimate, and relaxing way to gather with your loved ones.

Scenic sunset at Hollywood Beach

Isogood_patrick /

Carefully curated tablescapes are done-for-you packages as you celebrate your special occasions by the beach and hearty breakfasts to satisfy both your soul and your stomach!

Indeed, it’s true that life’s special moments before wonderful life-changing memories!

Coastline of Hollywood Beach

Visuals Fervor LLC /

Whether these are intimate celebrations, anniversaries and birthdays, honeymoons, or bachelorette parties of even a group of 20, the experts will be able to help you have a fantastic experience.

We’ve got everything covered for you, the travel agents assure you, so you don’t even have to worry about clean-up after the party’s over.

Half-Day Fishing Trip at Fort Lauderdale

Boating in Fort Lauderdale

Kevin Ruck /

A fishing adventure for all you lovers of the waters!

Whether you have your group of yacht club friends, your family looking for a different thrill, or you yourself yearning to be near the waters with a few close friends, this could be a trip for you.

Fort Lauderdale possesses a long-stretch waterway, from Miami to Pompano Beach, perfectly located close to the blue ocean fishing waters where the big fish frolic and roam.

Veteran fishing enthusiasts are encouraging everyone to give it a try, whether you’re looking for light tackle or some inshore or offshore deep sea fishing.

Fishing Pier at Fort Lauderdale

photravel_ru /

Yes, it’s a beginner’s dream, where you will learn fishing basics from handling the equipment up to making your first catch.

Experienced fishermen stand by as your guides, watching on the sidelines and cheering you on as you make your way to catching “the big fish,” so to speak.

This four-hour fishing excursion will be your proverbial “baptism” as a newbie fishing enthusiast.

Experts affirm that freshwater and saltwater fishing are available within just 20 minutes of one another on the waters of the place.

Deep-sea fishing, they pointed out, can be truly enjoyable even for beginners, available off the coasts of Dania Beach, Pompano Beach, and Deerfield, which feature excellent fishing conditions.

Picturesque sunrise at Fort Lauderdale

Kevin Ruck /

Try Helicopter Tours With Miami and Fort Lauderdale Private Helicopter Tour

If you are bored with passive sightseeing and quiet time and would like to satisfy your more adventurous side’s thrill cravings, then helicopter tours are for you!

Miami and Fort Lauderdale helicopter tours are getting a bigger fanbase with those who would like to push their thrills to the hilt.

Take a tour onboard with air-conditioned R-44 and R-66 helicopters, flying over scenic Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, South Beach, Key Biscayne, and Fort Lauderdale.

The South Beach helicopter crew promise to take you to various exciting destinations throughout Florida, including Orlando, Key West, and the Bahamas.

The invitations are simply irresistible!

According to the tour staff, this is the best way to enjoy your bird’s eye view of picturesque beaches and turquoise waters, spotting sharks, alligators, stingrays, dolphins, and manatees, all in their natural habitat.

Yet, there’s a gentle warning from the crew.

We guarantee excellent customer service from your booking until the end, and the only risk is for you yearning to repeat your helicopter experience after the tour, they tease.

And one more come-on: the helicopter gender reveal.

For the expectant parents having a baby shower party, the helicopter hovers over the party happening in either a park or garden and pours out the color (either pink or blue, depending on the unborn baby’s gender).

This, by the way, can also be done with the “Will You Marry Me?” question banner thrown into the air via helicopter and other marketing tricks which will bring joy to their clients’ celebrations.

Have a Fun Airboat Adventure Along Florida Everglades

Airboat  Adventure

lunamarina /

Guided airboat tours, yes, not for the faint-hearted, are here to challenge those who are pushing their thrills to the hilt.

Everglades National Park is not just all about hiking, sightseeing, and quiet time through the lush flora and fauna.

The park is also flocked by tourists because of its thrilling airboat ride adventures, careening through the water prairie system where alligators roam in the wild as one of the park’s attractions.

This airboat ride adventure starts through the Sawgrass Recreation Park entrance, leading to Everglades Park with its unparalleled landscape of greeneries and endangered species.

Airboat  Adventure at Florida  Everglades

Mirigrina /

This exciting airboat ride is a fantastic experience, showcasing the unique subtropical ecosystems of the Everglades.

Promising to be a heart-stopping adventure, the airboat skims across the grassy waters speeding up to 40 miles per hour,

For a measly $26.70 lowest price ticket, one can have access to the park’s Reptile and Exotic Wildlife exhibits, quite a treat for big groups on a budget!

Enjoy Topeekeegee Yugnee Park’s Fitness Zone

Ibis at Topeekeegee  Yugnee Park’s

Holly Guerrio /

Gym and physical fitness buffs would love the Topeekeegee Yugnee Park, attracting health-conscious tourists with its so-called “fitness zone.”

The park is comprised of 138.6 acres of urban park land area, with its Seminole Indian name meaning “meeting or gathering place.”

Park insiders point out that its name is quite appropriate for the place, with many of its patrons taking advantage of the park’s lush greeneries and cool ambiance for picnics, small weddings, and receptions.

View of Topeekeegee Yugnee Park

Holly Guerrio /

Castaway Island Water Park is nestled inside the park, along with RV campgrounds, picnic shelters, and a large open field attracting tourists to hold its family gatherings and other activities.

And yes, its fitness zone is gaining popularity: a two-mile loop with paved pathways for skating, biking, jogging, and walking is a bit hit for fitness enthusiasts.

The park’s so-called “The Memorial Fitness Zone” consists of 11 outdoor fitness equipment pieces which are free to use by anyone, with weekend and holiday park entrance fees.

Basketball and tennis courts, shaded playgrounds, a fishing pier, and a scenic lake water fountain complete the package for the park, attracting more and more tourists.

Flora at Topeekeegee Yugnee Park

Holly Guerrio /

Seafood Binge Eating at Pompano Beach Fishing Village

Are you a lover of fish dishes and other seafood?

Whether you go for casual or upscale dining, thrilled with sunshine and ocean views while bingeing on delectable seafood cuisine, the Pompano Beach Fishing Village is for you.

With the recent restoration of the Pompano Beach Fishing Pier and beach dunes, tourists flock to this walkable beachfront with its informal eateries and fine dining restaurants.

Grab and sip your favorite cocktails at the Lucky Fish Beach Bar and Grill, an open-air restaurant with its Tiki Bar and live music, and relish spectacular views of the beach from landmark Oceanic Restaurant.

Lovin’ Oven, a two-story events center with a roof deck, offers its venue for corporate events and weddings.

Briny Irish Pub Pompano serves surf-and-turn and traditional Irish cuisine, while Fish Kitchen + Bar at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Pompano Beach Resort offers casual dining and fresh seafood cuisine.

The Pompano Beach habitues flock to the place by foot, car, bus, bicycle, and even via water taxi — dropping you off at the west end of Pier Street, on the Intracoastal Waterway.

Try Water Sports at Pompano Beach

Fishing pier in Pompano Beach

LesPalenik /

Lovers of the underwater beauty of the sea are in for a great adventure over at Pompano Beach!

Pompano Beach, just north of Fort Lauderdale, is attracting a lot of tourists because of its numerous wreck and dive sites, plus its wonderful offshore coral reef and marinas.

“Florida’s Warmest Welcome,” says its monicker, as the beach is perched in the heart of Florida’s Gold Coast with its clear waters, calming breeze, and sandy beaches.

Originally a pier stretching three miles of pristine shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean’s shores, it was an entrance to the Intracoastal Waterway guarded by Hillsboro Lighthouse guards in the 1900s.

Aerial view of Pompano Beach

Delray Beach Photog /

Pompano Beach is named after Pompano, a species of inshore tropical game fish which were abundantly swimming in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

With its renaissance, the beach bounces back as a vibrant prime tourist spot for fun things to do, including daredevil sports such as scuba diving, water skiing, jet skiing, and so much more!

Whether you are into surfing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding, or kayaking, you’ll love the waters, the sun, and the sea at Pompano Beach.

Scuba diving at Pompano Beach

Angela N Perryman /

As Florida’s wreck capital, scuba divers are having a great time enjoying the beach’s natural coral reefs, especially with its Shipwreck Park showcasing underwater art installations, marine conservation, and scuba diving attractions.

In April, Pompano Beach regularly holds its Pompano Beach Seafood Festival, a three-day feast of live music, seafood, and arts and crafts.

And then there’s the Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo showcasing local fishing charter boats, held every year for more than fifty years.

The fishing rodeo festival, attracting tourists and fishing enthusiasts, never fails to make the occasion a spectacular event everyone enjoys.

Have Fun With Real Estate Investment Bus Tours

For those who are on the lookout for great investment areas in the country, Broward County offers one of the most attractive spots, a great place to live, work and enjoy!

We offer exclusive tours, which give us a chance to meet prospective investors in person and provide the latter the opportunity to work directly with us in exploring investment properties in the county, explaining the real estate brokers.

Before the actual bus tour, clients and prospects ride on the “virtual bus tour,” which provides investing information to new investors, also giving them a chance to ask questions.

From our end, we are also helping investors understand the procedure in crafting the real estate offers, working with both real estate agents and brokers and service professionals.

These investment bus tours can be a side tour alongside your thrill-seeking fun adventures intended for Broward County.

For these investment tours, typical itineraries consist of having the first stop at Brickell City Center along Miami Avenue, with a visit of available properties in the area.

The next stop will be at Coral Gables, where prospects see a full view of the beautiful city and its infinite investing possibilities.

The bus then makes more stopovers: South Beach along Ocean Drive, Sunny Isles Beach, Hollywood, Florida Keys.

The real estate investment tour is quite unique, showing the guests various areas of Miami Dade and surrounding areas, peppered with historical information on why each is a good possible investment.

Shop-Till-You-Drop at Sawgrass Mills

Signage of Sawgrass Mills

saaton /

Sawgrass Mills is located in Sunrise, Florida, dubbed as the largest single-story mall in the United States which originally opened in 1990 now a tourist attraction with over 300 retail outlets offering deals for every shopper’s budget.

Sprawled over a humongous 220,237 square meters of land area, the gargantuan commercial center includes retail stores of top brands selling designer clothes, jewelry, electronics, toys, beauty products, sporting equipment, and so much more.

Food court at Sawgrass Mills

Felix Mizioznikov /

“Make Sawgrass Mills a centerpiece of your Sunrise vacation itinerary, and find what else is worth visiting using our Sunrise online travel route planner,” says the mall’s marketing pitch.

Sawgrass Mills also makes it a point to put emphasis on its International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) Well Health Safety Rating, underscoring that health safety is a priority at the said mall.

People shopping at Sawgrass Mills

Felix Mizioznikov /

Be a Culture Vulture at Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts

If you’re a lover of the arts and culture, check out the Ardmore Ceramic Art and Design, which holds its fabulous fantasy exhibition at the Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts (WMDA), portrayed humorously by artists in ceramic art as well as fabric designs.

Choice samples from the exhibition are on sale, with proceeds for the benefit of the educational programs at WMDA.

Over at the museum’s Pascoe Gallery, the “Big Five Safari” exhibition portrays the big five game animals that hunters find most difficult to hunt on foot, including the lion, the rhinoceros, the elephant, the elephant, the leopard, and the African buffalo.

The game animals are portrayed via ceramic art by talented Zulu artists from South Africa and Europe, with sales proceeds also for the museum’s educational programs.

Enjoy Freebie Music Nights at Greater Fort Lauderdale

Exterior view of Greater Fort Lauderdale

Felix Mizioznikov /

For those hunting for free things to do, let’s check out these great events!

There’s Sistrunk Marketplace with its live music, starting at 5:30 PM and ending at 11 PM, and free concerts called “Dancing Under The Stars” at Hollywood Beach Theatre located on the Hollywood Boardwalk, produced by Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort Wednesdays through Sundays.

Interior view of the Greater Fort Lauderdale

Jillian Cain Photography /

During Friday nights, Las Olas Oceanside Park holds its free live music series as well.

For physical fitness, there’s “Free Yoga In the Park” every Saturday morning at the many parks in the City of Plantation (from December to May); and there’s the A1A Marathon in February along the beach.

Be Amazed at the Flamingo Gardens

View of Flamingo Gardens

Dtobias, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Flamingo Gardens is dubbed as one of Fort Lauderdale’s highlight attractions showcasing the beauty of Broward County’s wild nature.

Sprawled on 60 acres, the gardens boast of protected wildlife, teeming with a wide range of tropical, exotic greenery and animals such as flamingos, bobcats, panthers, and a lot more.

This four-hour excursion tour within Flamingo Gardens is a family-friendly destination, perfect for both kids and adults alike.

Flamingos swimming in Flamingo Gardens

Jillian Cain Photography /

Insiders affirm that Floyd and Jane Wray, the original owners of the gardens, built their home and citrus grove in the site in 1933.

During that time, the couple worked on greeneries at the edge of what is now called the Everglades National Park.

The Wray home is now a museum at the Flamingo Gardens, with its design showing its country home interiors in the early 1930s.

Surround Yourself in Nature at Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

Entrance to Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

Jillian Cain Photography /

In 1920, South Florida’s seaside lands were the site of Bonnet House, artwork by Chicago-native Frederic Clay Bartlett.

On the property, there are five different ecosystems: the principal dune and beach along the Atlantic Ocean, a saline slough, a second dune where the house is located, mangrove marshes, and maritime woods.

Interior view of Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

Jillian Cain Photography /

Shorebirds, year-round birds native to Florida’s marsh and coastal regions, and manatees who seek shelter in the estate’s Boathouse Canal all find sanctuary at Bonnet House.

The estate is now a renowned home museum devoted to education, artistic expression, and historical and ecological preservation, similar to the Bartletts and Birches family.

Pond at Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

TasfotoNL /

The Bonnet House studio features easel art pieces, while the Main House features murals and imitation paintings by Frederic.

The Orchid Display House on the estate rotates a variety of flowering specimens regularly.

Spend a Whole Day Exploring Las Olas Boulevard

Entrance to Las Olas Boulevard

Jillian Cain Photography /

In the center of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Las Olas Boulevard is home to a wide variety of establishments, including notable restaurants, sidewalk cafés, and pubs, in addition to fashion shops and galleries.

It creates an evening atmosphere for South Florida’s most distinctive, genuine, and eccentric shopping and dining area.

Shops at Las Olas Boulevard /

Take a stroll along the palm-lined promenade that rises above the majestic Intracoastal Waterway and offers stunning vistas of multimillion-dollar residences and extravagant yachts.

Presently, the Boulevard boasts over thirty cafes, clubs, and eateries, offering both inside and outside dining options.

Over 120 specialty stores, top-tier galleries, museums, spas, jewelry stores, boutiques, banks, a pharmacy, postal services, and much more are on-site.

Tourists relaxing in a cafe at Las Olas Boulevard /

Buy Anything You Want at Shops at Pembroke Gardens

Discover upscale stores, indoor and outdoor eating, and regular monthly special events that always have something fresh to present to cultural vultures, trend-setters, and foodies.

You may find everything you’re looking for at one of the more than 75 retail establishments at Pembroke Gardens.

Supercar shows at Pembroke Gardens

YES Market Media /

Admire the local artists’ Art in the Gardens exhibit or cast a wish in the fountain; all proceeds benefit Pooches of Pines.

Find the ideal wardrobe for any occasion at their assortment of flagship stores, from fitness to evening clothing.

Take a stroll through the lovely pet-friendly outdoor center on Pines Boulevard.

Prepare for an Adventurous Visit at C. B. Smith Park

Pembroke Pines, Florida, has a 299-acre public park called C.B. Smith Park.

Broward County first acquired the area that is now C.B. Smith Park from the US Government in 1959.

It was previously identified as Snake Creek Park, was used as a gun range for a gunnery institution, and was later renamed in recognition of Charles Barney Smith.

The C.B. Smith water park, Paradise Cove, features four 600-inch-tall water slides, a lagoon, a water play area for all ages, Parrot’s Point, a water playground suitable for kids five and under, and Crazy Creek, a 4920-inch-long lazy river.

The park offers areas for sports such as volleyball, basketball, racquetball, and tennis courts.

In addition, there are pitching cages, walking trails, a campsite, a fitness center, picnic spots, a playground, miniature golf, shelter rentals, and activities like bicycling, jogging, and fishing.

C.B. Smith Park is accessible depending on the season.

See Various Species at Butterfly World

Colorful butterfly at Butterfly World

Ksajid, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Butterfly World attraction is situated in Coconut Creek, Florida Tradewinds Park.

It was the inaugural park of its sort in the Western Hemisphere and the biggest butterfly park globally when it debuted in 1988.

Butterflies at Butterfly World

Korall, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Approximately 20,000 live butterflies are kept at the facility, where visitors can witness up to 50 distinct species at any given time, more than 150 different species over a year.

In the relatively tropical climate of Butterfly World, tropical species of butterflies predominate.

Two outdoor cafés provide lunch, snacks, drinks, and ice cream.

Final Thoughts

With so much to see and do, you wouldn’t want to miss out on these fun things in Broward County!

Whether you’re raring to go to watch those fantastic live concerts at the park, check out exciting events and restaurants, surf and frolic at its award-winning beaches, learn about historical sites, or go shopping for souvenirs and gifts — the options are endless with so many activities to choose from.

Clearly, Broward County is a great place to visit with a myriad of fun things to do for everyone.

And its visitors exclaim after their visit that with all its fun-filled excitement, Broward County has it all.

Surely they won’t forget those thrilling helicopter tours, extreme water sports adventures, and fishing escapades, making their visit an experience of a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags now and catch that next flight to make that trip to Broward County!

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