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15 Best Things to Do in Incheon

  • Published 2020/04/07

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The first thing that pops up in one’s mind while speaking of Incheon is the Incheon International Airport for anybody wanting to reach Seoul has to take a flight to this place only and this Airport is enough for one to have a glance at what all this city has in store for an ideal vacation. Being the third largest city in South Korea, however, one must not be surprised at how crowded it is. The city has a number of beaches, parks, and museums and we have curated just the best for you. Have a look at the best things to do in Incheon-

Boating, cycling, picnic, and a lot more at the Songdo Central Park

Songdo Central Park

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Inspired by the New York Central Park, the Songdo Central Park is an ideal place to hangout both with family and friends. The park has statues, bridges, canals, deer and a lot more. One can go around boating in the waters of the Park or go cycling across the green and blue park or feed a cute little deer with your own hands. At the end of the park stands the G Tower which happens to be one of the best places in the city to enjoy the sunset or sip a coffee while taking in the breathless view of the grand city. And then there’s the Tri Bowl, an art and culture center, which gives one the illusion as if it’s floating on the water. One should also stop by the Hanok Village which is a good spot to take a break and have a coffee or eat at one of those beautiful restaurants.

Feel at the top of the world at the Incheon Bridge

Incheon Bridge

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Ranked the seventh longest cable bridge in the world and certainly the largest in Korea stretching to as much as 21 kms, this bridge connects the island of Yeongjongdo and the Songdo island. The bridge is exceptionally beautiful and is a good spot to click pictures, especially the portion which hangs over the sky-blue colored water. The aerial shots of the bridge are sure to blow away anyone’s mind at once and one cannot miss the opportunity to pass through it at least once.

Indulge in fun activities at the Incheon Grand Park- Located between two mountains, the Incheon Grand Park is another fun place to walk around and enjoy some time at an outdoor theatre. One can also indulge into other activities such as skating or cycling or enjoying staring at the beauty of the lush green botanical garden. The place is also ideal for children as there’s a perfect little Children’s Zoo for them to have fun. Hiking and hill sledding are amongst other fun activities one can choose to do while spending some time over here. And of course, sitting by one of those beautiful lakes inside the park is surreal.

Enjoy a fun ride at the Wolmido Theme Park on Wolmido Island

Wolmido Theme Park

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Try your hand at the class roller coaster or one of those carnival games. This place is also ideal for both family and friends. When one gets enough of the fun at the Wolmido Theme Park, one can surely take a walk around the waters along the Wolmido Cultural Street and feel the cool breeze coming straight from the ocean. Enjoy potato rings, fried octopuses and much more at the restaurants nearby the Wolmido Street and spend the most amazing evening on the Wolmido Island. Well, do not forget to take pictures while you enjoy the fun. One can also take a walk around the Wolmi Traditional Park which formerly acted as a military base during the War days and have a look at the Wolmi Garden’s traditional architecture.

Spend a day exploring the Chinatown and the Jjajangmyeon Museum

Not too far from the Wolmido Island is the Chinatown the highlight of Incheon owing to its delicious food stalls serving varieties of ice cream, egg tarts and cookies. One cannot certainly miss trying the most amazing Jjajangmyeon, a Chinese-Korean noodles made of meat and vegetables and served with a black bean sauce, the specialty of this place. The Jjajangmyeon Museum is not just any museum. In fact, this Museum is dedicated to the history of the Jjajangmyeon noodles.

Watch the colors of rainbow painted across the Samgukji Mural Street

Samgukji Mural Street

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In the vicinity of the Chinatown lies the colorful Samgukji Mural Street. Portraying the significant moments from the period of “Three Kingdom” in China, the murals have been painted on the wall for around 150 meters along the road. It not only represents history, but also how history, art and society have been linked together for ages now.

Feast your eyes with the beautiful cherry blossoms at the Jayu Park

Jayu Park

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Also around the Chinatown, the Jayu Park or the Freedom Park is the most ideal place to visit in Incheon if you plan your trip around the cherry blossom period when all that appears to one’s sight is colored in pink. However, its not just beauty which this park commemorates, but history as well. The park also has a statue in the memory of General Douglas MacArthur and the US-Korea Centennial to remember the treaty between the two countries.

Go shopping at the Sinpo International Market

Sinpo International Market

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It takes around 20 minutes of walk from Chinatown to reach this amazing shopping hub, the traditional market of Incheon where one can enjoy the delicious street food and have a taste of the special crispy fried chicken, locally known as dakgangjeong, which is served along with a sweet and spicy sauce. One can also enjoy a taste of the spicy Korean cake rice and other flavorful Korean snacks.

Explore the history at the Incheon Metropolitan City Museum

Incheon Metropolitan City Museum

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Initially built around the ridge at the Jayu Park, the Incheon Metropolitan Museum was opened in 1946, the park is currently located in Yeonsu-gu. At present, the Museum holds around 4300 artifacts in its possession. The place has three exhibition halls in total and also has an outdoor museum. The museum also has excellent works of pottery displayed on its shelves. Right next to the museum is the Incheon Memorial and at a walking distance lies the Dongmak Beach.

Enjoy the sun around the Eurwangni, Dongmak and the Masian Beach

Incheon Beach

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Enjoy the sun while basking at one of these amazing beaches Incheon has in its package for you. Have a Banana Boat ride or Jet Skiing at the Eurwangni Beach. Being one of the very few astronomical observations in Incheon, this beach also allows activities like camping is also a fun thing to get involved in. however, if you belong to the kind that prefers solitude, the Dongmak Beach is the one for you as the former is mostly crowed with people almost the entire year. The Dongmak Beach is also famous for its delicious crab dish and shellfish. Last, but not the least is the Masian Beach is also surrounded by many hotels where one can check in for an evening, sit back and relax at the beach watching that sun go down.

Stay back at the Muuido Island

Muuido Island

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As and when you reach the Muuido Island, one can easily walk around and enjoy the view at one of the two beaches over here- the Simli and the Hanagae Beach- which are well connected with the island via local buses. Mostly, the tourists book a cabin for themselves which can easily accommodate around four people. The best part about these little cabins is that one can sleep in a safe place while still being able to enjoy the music of the waves of water or even enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Surrounding the island are a number of restaurants serving the best Korean dishes. One might also engage in other activities such as gaming or enjoying with the beach toys. ATV Rentals and horse riding are among the other fun activities that might interest you.

Live your fairy land dreams at the Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village

Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village

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Painted in the image of Disney princesses and other cartoon characters from the Disneyland, the streets and the walls of this Fairy Tale village are enough to bring out the child in you. This village happens to be one of the best places in Incheon to take photographs alongside your favorite Disney characters. We suggest you to visit the place during the early hours as being a tourist hotspot, it usually gets crowded during the later hours and you might not be able to meet your favorite characters in solitude. One of the most loved characters in this place include Snow White, the Wizard of the Oz, and Beauty and the Beast. Also, even this place is quite close to Chinatown.

Birdwatching at the Sorae Ecology Park

If you’re one of those people who enjoy being surrounded by greenery and would prefer the place all to yourself rather than being around a crowd of people, the Sorae Ecology Park should be on your itinerary. This ecology park once used to produce salt. Since 2009, this place has become a home to many migratory birds and is the best play to go biking or clicking photographs. This park does not have much to see but reminds one of the life in a countryside. Surrounded by migratory birds and windmills, one can surely spend a few hours at this place. Alternatively, one can also engage in stargazing during the night time as this place is open 24×7.

Be a part of the Pentaport Rock Festival

Pentaport Rock Festival

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When planning a trip to Incheon during the end of July or August, do not forget to book our tickets for the Pentaport Rock Festival, the biggest live music festival in the entire South Korea. This three-day long festival is conducted annually at the end of July, sometimes in August as well, and is an amazing place to be if you happen to be a fan or rock or electronic music. The name Pentaport comes from the five themes this festival covers which celebrate music, friendship, environment, DIY and passion. The tickets are made available online at the official website of the Pentaport Festival and the venue is the Incheon Dreampark area.

Relax at the Spasis Jjimjilbang

After you’ve had enough of the Korean art, history and culture in a day, relax at one of the traditional bathhouses, locally known as a Jjimjilbang, and let your clenched muscles relax. Spasis happens to be one of the best spas in Incheon. This place is a package in itself as if offers everything ranging from sauna rooms to roof-top pools. There is an entire floor dedicated to food courts, gyms, a gaming and sleeping area as well. The varieties of sauna rooms include salt, oxygen and charcoal rooms as well. This place also offers a mini-bar to grab a drink after one of the most relaxing baths you’ve ever had.

We had to leave out a lot of places to curate the list of things to do in Incheon. However, if you’re here for a longer period of time, do not forget to explore the local cafes along the streets of Incheon and let us know about the things you enjoyed the most on our list.

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