15 Best Things to Do in Lost River, WV

Lost River, WV
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Lost River, West Virginia, got its name for being one of the few disappearing streams all over the world.

In this case, the term "disappearing" means that the river loses water as it flows downstream.

The town of Lost River gets its name from the river along its neighborhood.

It also works much the same way but for all the good reasons.

Though it’s an inhabited community, it is an excellent source of natural attractions.

Its mountainous views make it the perfect town to relax and stay at a vintage inn or a fancy cabin.

If you’re still wondering what to put in your itinerary, here are the best things to do in Lost River:

Join an Arts and Crafts Class at Lost River Artisans Cooperative & Museum

Show your artistic side by enrolling in one of the workshops and presentations at Lost River Artisans Cooperative & Museum.

This museum is along State Road, at least two miles south of Mill Gap.

Since 1988, this cooperative started because of the residents’ desire to market outstanding art products.

Ten years later, the construction of the museum began.

This museum tells the story of the Lost River Valley’s farm families and historical accounts.

Now, its mission continues to preserve and educate people about homemade arts and crafts.

You’ll always find a variety of traditional handicrafts and objects within this place.

You can learn much from teasel art to crochet in their live classes.

In its marketplace, you can even purchase these goods to bring home.

Learn a new hobby at the Lost River Artisans Cooperative & Museum!

Enjoy a Hot Bath at the Lost River Campground

The Lost River Campground currently resides on Kimsey Run Road.

This campground is near trout-filled lakes and the infamous Lost River, where fishing opportunities grow aplenty.

If you’d like an RV camping experience of the best caliber, you can enjoy it at this campsite.

Moreover, some of its amenities include a swimming pool and bathhouses.

You can also start a campfire with the site’s ready-made fire grills to keep your camping journey alive.

Enjoy the peaceful view of the grounds on top of the pavilion.

Relax your muscles and enjoy a hot shower at the bathhouses.

Spend a weekend camping at the Lost River Campground!

Lounge at the Rustic Amenities at the Guesthouse Lost River

Your Lost River tour will never be complete without a stop at the Guesthouse Lost River.

This rustic getaway spot has proved its excellence and tourist-worthy charm.

The Washingtonian Magazine even mentioned this inn in their Lost River Valley feature.

Feel at home on the patio with a cup of brewing tea and a jacket to keep you warm.

Inside, marvel at the homey architecture and furniture of the halls and facilities.

Keep yourself physically fit at the gym and saunas.

Breathe easy and unwind everywhere you go in the Guesthouse Lost River inn on Settlers Valley Way.

Pick up Fresh Fruits at Lost River Farmers Market

A trip along Mill Gap Road should take you to Lost River Farmers Market.

This market continues to provide in-store pickups for one of the best locally-produced goods.

Get your fresh local fruits and vegetables when you swing by.

Other specialty baked goods are also available, which should tickle your taste buds and keep you wanting more.

Lost River Farmers Market is pet-friendly, so you can have a grand time with your lovely furry family.

Are you looking for wine?

Say no more because you can also find wine flights at the Lost River Farmers Market.

Get a Cocktail at Lost River Grill, Motel, and Bed & Breakfast

For a high-quality food escapade, Lost River Grill, Motel, and Bed & Breakfast keep you on your toes.

This all-in-one restaurant, motel, and the bar doesn’t only specialize in a homemade menu.

It also takes you centuries back with its vintage atmosphere.

Some of its better-known dishes include hand-cut steaks and cream pies, perfect for a hearty meal.

Likewise, it also honors artists by displaying their artworks on their walls for everyone to admire.

Feel the past come to life with the periodic masterpiece decors and upholstery.

Its bar and lounge are also the ideal choices for a cocktail party with some friends.

Enjoy the high life of Lost River in the quaint but modern chic motel and bar, the Lost River Grill, Motel, and Bed & Breakfast.

Eat Some S’mores at the Lost River Retreat Center

Meditative retreats in Lost River live up to their reputation, and you’ll understand why.

At the Lost River Retreat Center, you can visit with a large group and find yourselves loosening up.

While you and your group prepare the schedule, the center can handle all the technical work during your stay.

There's so much you can explore at the retreat center, from outdoor hiking to a cozy meeting at the pavilion.

Likewise, the Lost River Retreat Center has maintained its grounds since the 1800s, when fertile pasture grazed the property.

By 1981, the center reached its ultimate purpose of offering respite and renewal for every group.

Now, it remains a go-to area for spiritual reflection and get-togethers.

Spice up your retreat with a bonfire session and eat s’mores with your companions.

Take a Nap by the Fireplace at the Little Black Cabin

The Little Black Cabin in Valley View Road takes you on a stylish, vintage lodging venture.

Looking out the windows in its spacious rooms can get you a close-up view of the mountain-filled countryside.

Its three dining areas provide an airy room to enjoy meals and catch up with friends.

Take an afternoon nap by the deck to soak up the natural atmosphere.

Snuggle with your sheets and write in your journal right by the fireplace.

However, this cabin operates on rainwater collection, so you might not want to drink the tap water.

On the other hand, this cabin gives you all the privacy you need to commune with nature as you take a break from daily life.

Fill up your gallery with photos of this rural designed area to share with your friends on social media.

Take a break at the Little Black Cabin!

Indulge in Multi-Course Breakfast at the Inn at Lost River

Can’t you get enough of mysterious high-end cabins in Lost River?

The Inn at Lost River may provide you with a modern luxury escape when you map out your Lost River trip.

This lovely cabin settlement sits high on the Potomac Highlands, offering a fantastic view of the Lost River.

Nestled like a white castle amidst the farmland, this inn has it all.

It houses a variety of suites, cottages, and even an onsite cafe to top it all off.

Outside, the beauty of nature greets and entices you for a hike or a stroll.

Inside, you will feel at ease with the cabin’s decked-out facilities and multi-course menu options.

Indulge your creativity by keeping a close eye out for hanging paintings throughout the inn.

While appreciating local artisans' artworks, keep your stomach filled with gourmet breakfast dishes.

Indulge your appetites at the Inn at Lost River!

Go Fishing for Trout at Kimsey Run Lake

Kimsey Run Lake might be the spot you need if you wish for a peaceful fishing adventure.

This free fishing site allows you to relax in the wild and solitude.

Other than trout, this place can also get you channel catfishes and largemouth basses.

Take pictures of the lake's wild vegetation to bring home as a souvenir.

Relish in the silence amid the lake scenery and gaze at the clear sky above you.

You can’t camp on the site, but you can use an electric motorboat to experience leisure fishing fully.

Kimsey Run Lake is along Kimsey Run Road in Hardy County for all the fishing enthusiasts.

Relax with a Movie at the Hideaway

Go further into the woods of George Washington National Forest, and you’ll discover the contemporary glamor of the Hideaway.

This cabin in the woods offers a scenic, private stop for you and your loved ones.

With its open-plan kitchen and large screen porch, you can experience modern accommodations with a glimpse of woodland.

This also makes this cabin a safe and secure space for pets who love to move around and play.

Relive your breakfast-in-bed dreams, as staying in this secluded center gets you to access to complimentary breakfast baskets.

Climb the loft “snug” and lose yourself in the books you read.

End your night with a movie session in front of the television, snuggled in quality linens and cotton sheets.

Cozy and sophistication define the Hideaway and its soothing essence.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Stay at the Cabins in Lost River State Park

Falls in Lost River State Park
Facets - Capturing Nature / Shutterstock.com

Lost River State Park isn’t actually in Lost River.

You can find it in Mathias, West Virginia, a 16-minute drive from Lost River.

This state park offers a range of outdoor recreation and cabin boarding.

While it opened in 1937, the park commemorates the 1756 Battle of Lost River, which took place nearby.

Stone cabin at Lost River State Park
TempleNick / Shutterstock.com

Within its historical walls are recreational spots, including trails, picnic shelters, and other outdoor sites.

It’s also a perfect spot for making your camping dreams a reality.

There’s never a dull time when you enter the spacious Lost River State Park.

Scenic view of autumn trees and leaves at Lost River State Park
Silvio Ligutti / Shutterstock.com

Join an Artist Talk at Lost River Trading Post & Grasshopper Gallery

Lost River Trading Post & Grasshopper Gallery is in Wardensville, West Virginia, 18 minutes from Lost River.

Established in 2013, this tourist attraction features local artists and celebrates American-made artworks.

At the same time, it’s also home to an espresso bar and bakery, making it a multi-service mountain general store.

Besides the usual handicrafts, birdhouses and woodwork keep the place brimming with world-class talent.

Sign up for an artist talk with any West Virginian creator and learn more about artistic technique and storytelling.

After a long informational tour, stop by the bakery for a well-deserved treat.

The in-house goods make for a great breakfast or afternoon snack.

Pick up a new hobby at the Lost River Trading Post Grasshopper Gallery.

Shop and Donate at Wardensville Garden Market

For your shopping galore, Wardensville Garden Market is a spot worth visiting.

You can find it in Wardensville, 19 minutes from Lost River.

In 2019, this market organization bagged the Governor’s Award for the Arts.

Recently, it has received many awards, both from national and local bodies.

Beyond a market, the Wardensville Garden Market serves as a non-profit community that empowers the youth for career success.

However, you can still enjoy the numerous products on display at this organization and even donate to its cause.

Shop at the bakery and get your own specialty baked goods.

Grab a souvenir at the Wardensville Garden Market!

Join a Historic Tour at John Mathias Homestead

Front view of John Mathias Homestead
Justin.A.Wilcox, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The community of Mathias is just a nine-minute trip from Lost River.

You can find the John Mathias Homestead in the village.

This historical home exhibits ancient furniture and modeling from the Revolutionary War.

The original owner, who lent his name to the property, purchased this log house around 1791.

Many generations inherited the home throughout the century.

Unfortunately, it had become abandoned by the 1960s.

By 1974, the Mathias Civic Center Association officially received the deed for the property.

The John Mathias Homestead serves as a token of past infrastructure around this part of the West Virginia area.

Learn about the Antique Theater Collection at McCoy’s Grand Theatre

Take a 25-minute detour from Lost River to Moorefield, West Virginia, to arrive at McCoy’s Grand Theatre.

Built in 1927, this historical gem was once a playhouse that housed a wide array of antique collections.

The wife’s owner, Mrs. McCoy, owned these antiques.

This theater hosts community productions and other local events.

Wander the museum and learn a thing or two about the theater attractions way back in the past.

The collection allows you to look at antique tokens, from furniture to dishes.

Expand your historical knowledge by visiting McCoy’s Grand Theatre!

Final Thoughts

Lost River is perfect for that natural weekend getaway you’re planning with your loved ones despite being relatively hidden.

Though not as spectacular or nationwide-famous as other cities, this town still holds a unique personality.

It overflows with fascinating history within its homespun accommodations.

Book your trip today and discover the best things to do in Lost River!

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