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17 Best Things to Do in Daegu

  • Published 2021/10/26

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Daegu, most infamous for its hot summers and the hottest city in entirety of Korea, is situated at the bottom of a mountain range.

The city is located some 80 kilometers away from the seacoast and has a lot of mountains and parks, museums, and festivals to explore.

Now let’s look at the 17 best things to do in Daegu:

Check Out Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park

View of Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park

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To the delight of the general people, the city of Daegu converted the former Joseon Dynasty governor of the province’s home and office into a park.

At this National Historic Site, the earliest structures date from as early as the 17th century.

The governor worked at the Seonhwa-dang building, one of the few remaining Korean government structures from the period, and his house, Jungcheong-gak. Both are open to the public.

View of Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park

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Winding roads connect these structures through a gorgeous forest filled with a grass plaza, flowerbeds, and water features.

Visit to see the traditional changing of the guard ritual on Saturday afternoons from May to October, except July.

Take Photos With The ARC

View of ARC

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At the confluence of the Nakdong River and the Geumho River stands a structure that resembles an upside-down shell.

The ARC (Advanced Research Center) stands in a picturesque natural environment, with mountains to the east, north, and west looming dark and forebodingly.

The Asymptote studio in New York created the pavilion for World Expo 2012, covered in silver cushions and resembled a skipping stone or a Korean rice bowl.

View of ARC during Sunset

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To learn more about the Four River Restoration Project, visit the museum’s exhibition, which aims to protect the ecosystem of Korea’s four major rivers — the Han, the Nakdong, the Geum, and the Yeong San.

The ARC located at the roof-top observation deck is open year-round with the cafe.

You may rent an e-bike for a short ride along the river from a few local stores.

Explore the Attractions Inside the Duryu Park

Duryu Park

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Home to the tallest tower in Daegu, the Duryu Park has much to offer.

The park has a beautiful bridge surrounded by a vast expanse of trees from different species.

The best time to visit this park is during the spring season when the cherry trees are fully bloomed, and the park is all pink and green.

View of Duryu Park

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This park is not only the best nature escape in Daegu but also a cultural hub.

The major attractions inside the park include the 83 Tower Observatory, the Cathedral Pond Fountain, the Duryu Library, the Byeokcheon Falls, and a number of temples.

Apart from these, there is a swimming pool, various baseball and soccer fields, numerous tennis courts, and a gym.

The park’s beauty is at its peak during the celebration of the Lantern Festival organized in the month of May, when thousands of lanterns are lit and set loose to light up the night sky in the most heavenly manner.

Duryu Park at Seongdangmot Pond

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Observe the City From the 83 Tower Observation Deck

83 Tower Daegu

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While in Daegu, start with the fun rides and unleash your inner child at the E- World Amusement Park.

Here, you can get yourself clicked at the most amazing stalls in the entire South Korea; and do not forget to observe the incredible view of the city during the night hours from the 83 Tower Observation Deck.

Following eight years of development, it finally opened its doors in 1992.

The 83 Tower, which stands a little over 200 meters, is a popular spot for romantic date nights.

Take the elevator to the viewing deck and dine at Grill by Ashley, which rotates 360 degrees to provide the best view of Daegu.

View of 83 Tower Observation Deck with Cherry Blossoms

Rakchat /

Tickets to the observatory cost 10,000 won for adults and 5,000 won for kids, but you can get in for free if you reserve a seat at the restaurant on the rotating platform.

Meanwhile, the second and fourth floors of the tower feature skating rinks.

The 83 Tower is called as such because the building consists of 83 floors in total.

Hold your breath while you take in the beautiful view of the glittering city.

View of  83 Tower Observation Deck

trabantos /

Sit back and relax with a cup of coffee in your hands at one of the cafes on the 78th floor of the Tower.

One can also take a free cable car ride across the city and let the city unfold its magic.

Apart from the beautiful night view, one can also stop by the tower during the evening hours to watch the sun touch the horizon.

But do not forget to stay back for some more time, for it’s not just the city that glitters with the colors of a rainbow, but the tower as well-in all shades of pink, purple and blue, the view of the tower in itself is mesmerizing.

Take a Tour Around the Daegu Arts Center

Situated right in front of the Seongdong mott Lake inside the Duryu Park, the Daegu Art and Culture Centre is famous for its exhibitions and performances.

The building is enormous, with as much as 13 grand gallery rooms and a huge International Conference Hall.

Right outside the exhibition hall is a grand stage where concerts and other events take place.

This place is famous for madangnori, a traditional performance art loved by many.

This stage has a seating arrangement for over thousands of guests.

You can also stop by a small coffee house beside the exhibition hall and take a break before you head out for more.

Visit the E-World

E-World Daegu

Nghia Khanh /

Located around the 83-Tower E-World is one of Daegu’s best attractions.

This theme park has plenty to do with rides for all ages, light displays, exhibitions, a sky tram, and a range of incredible foods.

This is a place for everyone to enjoy and a must-visit on our list.

View of E-World

Nghia Khanh /

Learn About the City’s History at Daegu National Museum

Outside view of Daegu National Museum

Trainholic, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visiting this fascinating museum in Suseong-gu is like taking a crash lesson in Daegu and North Gyeongsan Province’s culture and history.

There are three primary halls to explore when you’re indoors.

Artifacts from prehistory up to the 3 Kingdoms Period (the 7th century CE) are on show in Daegu’s Archaeology Gallery.

The Art History Gallery features sculptures from the region’s Buddhist culture and celadon and Buncheong pottery.

Outside view of Daegu National Museum

G41rn8, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These exhibits, which are part of today’s northern and southern Gyeongsang provinces, include traditional Korean homes and artifacts from the culture of Seonbi and the history of the Yeongnam area.

Look for the 1031 five-story stone pagoda on the museum grounds from North Gyeongsan’s Jeongdosa Temple.

There’s also a Bronze Age home and a Three Kingdoms Period kiln, as well as a repository of architectural remnants and dolmens.

Empty Your Wallet at the Seomun Market

Seomun Market

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If you happen to be a fashionista, this is the place for you.

Being the largest traditional market in Daegu, it’s world-famous for its textile works and sewing services.

And no brownie points for guessing that the place is crowded almost all the time!

However, this happens to be the most ultimate place not just for the fashionistas out there, but quite a package for foodies as well.

View of the Main Gate of Seomun Market

Jisoo Song /

The street food over here is the perfect balance of flavors one can expect to have on a plate.

One should definitely try the Korean Pancakes served in a unique way across the streets of the Seomun Market.

A spongy fish cake and a blood sausage are other such dishes that are offered here, which you cannot certainly miss.

Spend an Evening at the Apsan Park

Apsan Park

YingHui Liu /

Located deep within the valleys surrounded by the Ap Mountains, the Apsan Park is the largest tourist hotspot in the city, calling out the craving for a green space inside you.

Lost in the hustle-bustle of the fast-developing metropolis around the world, this park has a lot to offer beyond the solace one finds in the lap of nature.

View of Apsan Park

YingHui Liu /

Hiking to the top of the mountain or horse riding or staying back to watch the sunset or the sunrise or enjoying an aerial view of the place, one can always find something or the other interesting enough to enjoy their time in this nature’s escape.

However, your trip to Daegu remains incomplete if you do not stay back to spend the night over here gazing at the stars.

Get to Know the Traditional Side of the Mabijeong Mural Village

View of Mabijeong Mural Village

Daegu City Official, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Catch a glimpse of Korea’s rural and traditional side at the Mabijeong Mural Village, a predominately farming community, and take a walk through the lanes whose walls have been decorated with mural paintings.

This place combined both art and history, for the village’s name roughly translates to “the pavilion where a horse flew.”

This village has been there for the past 170 years and has a history, which is well worth the time.

One can always talk to the local villagers and listen to this village’s stories from some of the descendants of the original settlers of the place who still live here.

Hiking on Daegu’s Surrounding Mountains

Palgongsan Natural Park

Joe_L /

Situated between mountains and valleys, this place has a lot in store when it comes to hiking.

There is the Palgongsan Natural Park and the Biseulsan Country Park, both of which offer an amazing view from the top of the world where one can go hiking and enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

The Palgongsan Park has only a 1.2 km long trail, which is easy to climb on.

The peak of the mountain plays host to the monumental Buddha statue commonly known as the Gatbawi Statue.

Since this place also has a religious significance, some of the locals climb to the peak of the mountain just to pay their respects to this statue.

The Donghwasa Temple, Seonbosa Temple, and Pagyesa Temple can be easily visited by following one of those trails.

Another famous hiking spot in Daegu would be the Biseulsan Country Park, whose beauty is at its peak during the spring season with all the azaleas in their full bloom.

This pink beauty is so ethereal that the locals hold a festival to celebrate this during the month of May.

Enjoy an Evening at the Suseong Lake and Water Show

Suseong Lake

websori /

The Suseong Lake in Daegu is the most favorite hangout place for the locals during the days of spring and summer.

Ideal not just for sightseeing and paddling in a swan boat, this place is also home to one of the city’s best cafes and shopping stores.

View of Suseong Lake

TamasV /

One can roam around the nearby streets and shop from the local stores or take a break at one of the cafes.

One can also get a coffee from one of the cafes, sit around the lake, and spend some quality time admiring the beauty of the place.

Do not forget to attend the most amazing light show, held between May to October, held twice every evening.

Have the Infamous Nude Scrub at one of the Traditional Korean Jjimjilbangs

Spend a few hours at one of the traditional Korean bathhouses, locally known as a jjimilbang, and let go of all your worries.

If you are a fan of relaxing baths or spas, Daegu Spa Valley is the place for you.

The Daegu Spa Valley is famous for its hot spring pools, steam baths, herbal bath pools, and much more.

The place also has a beautiful outdoor water park where one can enjoy with family and friends.

One can also buy souvenirs from here.

At one of these jjimjilbangs, Nude Scrub is also offered.

If you dare do that, there is nothing better for your skin.

Enjoy One of Daegu’s World-Class Festivals

Daegu Festival

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Daegu is known to organize such world-class festivals at different times in a year that one can surely attend one of these amazing gatherings.

A few of the most loved festivals include the Chimak Chicken and Beer Festival, Buddha’s Birthday Lantern Festival, Daegu Water Festival, etc.

If you are a foodie, we recommend that you not miss the first one at any cost.

The Chimak Chicken and Beer Festival is usually organized in the month of July, and the entry to this festival is absolutely free, and this one, amongst others, happens to be the most crowded festival in Daegu.

Taste the heavenly varieties of Fried Chicken over here and crave for more.

And then there is Deagu’s Arboretum Chrysanthemum Festival for the nature lovers out there.

The event is ideal for both family and friends and is most loved by photographers.

Grab a Dinner at the Korean BBQ Alley

Korean BBQ


A trip to any of the Korean cities is quite incomplete without having a plate full of varieties of Korean BBQ dishes.

We would recommend The Meat Eating Man, one of the most loved restaurants in the Korean BBQ Alley.

One should also remember to have a glass of Persimmon Wine while walking around one of those underground wine cellars this city has to offer.

Walk Around the Massive Bullo-Dong Ancient Tomb Park

Spend some time in the silence and stroll through the Bullo-dong Tomb Park that stretches to as much as 5 kilometers.

The park is so huge that one almost forgets that there are dead bodies from the ancient days buried over here.

A few tombs over here date back to as much as the 2nd and the 6th century.

The park has been registered in the list of historical places in Korea and is South Korea’s first tomb park sheltering over 200 tombs.

Plugin Into Kim Kwang-Seok Memorial Street’s Stunning Live Music Performances

Kim Kwang-Seok Memorial Street

Sanga Park /

When in Daegu, you cannot miss out on the lively atmosphere around Kim Kwang-Seok Street, named after the late Korean rock singer Kim Kwang-Seok.

In his memory, this place is entirely dedicated to music and art and host to the most unique live performances.

Apart from that, the walls across the streets are decorated with mural paintings, making this a fantastic place to take photographs.

Along the streets, you’ll see small cafes, where you can stop by to have a coffee while you enjoy those little singing competitions on the street.

A Statue in Kim Kwang-Seok Memorial Street

glen photo /

Final Thoughts

The city of Daegu is a haven of parks, mountains, museums, and festivals.

It is one of Korea’s largest and most beautiful cities and is almost as addictive as coffee.

With its strategic location at the confluence of Korea’s two main rivers, it became famous across the continent for its textiles and some mouth-watering local street fairs.

So, check out the place and let us know if we’ve missed out on something.

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