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15 Best Things to Do in Clark County, NV

  • Published 2023/05/06

Southern Nevada’s very own Clark County offers a rich profusion of outdoor activities amongst snow-capped mountains.

It sits between the Columbia River to the west and the Cascade Range to the East, offering scenic vistas all around.

Holding 70% of the state’s population, this county boasts a robust variety of indoor attractions, too.

From uniquely-focused museums and monuments to public art displays and large natural areas, your chances to have fun remain endless.

Hence, this place is every traveler’s dream.

Its county seat, Las Vegas, has a gaming and shopping charm all on its own.

Some other cities and communities within this county include Henderson, Mesquite, and Boulder City.

Get your fix of high-class entertainment with the list below of the 15 free things to do in Clark County, Nevada.

Wander the Flowers and Blossoms at Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Interior of Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Kit Leong /

Surround yourself with the beauty of flowers and blossoms when you drop by Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens.

This all-around garden spans 14,000 square feet and features exhibits that change seasonally.

This indoor conservatory also serves as the perfect backdrop for wedding photoshoots and romantic dates.

Whether you’ve got an eye for horticulture or not, you are sure to appreciate the greatness of this display of native and international plants.

Waterfall in the middle of Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Linda McKusick /

Experience art and nature in one setting!

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is only one of Bellagio Hotel & Casino’s renowned amenities.

So, if you’ve got the time, explore the place in its entirety or even play a round of casino while you’re at it, too!

This skylit atrium lies along South Las Vegas Boulevard in Paradise.

Sculpture in Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Kit Leong /

Try Your Luck at the Casinos at Primm Valley Casino Resorts

Aerial view of Primm Valley Casino Resorts

photosounds /

Though Las Vegas is the established city for most of Nevada’s top-tier casinos and resorts, the town of Primm isn’t too far off.

Primm Valley Casino Resorts offers the best of live entertainment in its 6,500-seat arena.

Try your luck at the slot machines and casinos lighting up the resort.

Challenge yourself to a round of table games with higher stakes!

If you’re a big fan of sports, you might like watching a tournament from the sportsbook.

And after a long day of playing and watching, fill your stomach with south-of-the-border cuisines offered at the resort’s restaurant.

Primm Valley Casino Resorts is on South Las Vegas Boulevard.

Take Yourself Back to the Time of Dinosaurs at Shan-Gri-La Prehistoric Park

Always interested in what life might be like during prehistoric times?

Shan-Gri-La Prehistoric Park in Henderson can get you an idyllic answer within its replicated theme park.

Free to the public, this park offers a variety of dinosaur exhibits amounting to about 62 models of these creatures.

There are also other reptile creatures recorded to have existed in the distant past and other mythical animals.

These dinosaur models come from places all over the world, too.

You can also request a tour around the place from Dinoman Steve when he’s around.

So, free up your schedule for a visit to this 2006 park.

You can get to Shan-Gri-La Prehistoric Park via Greenway Road.

Check Out the Sandstone Formations at Valley of Fire State Park

Scenic view of Valley of Fire State Park

Filip Fuxa /

Your visit to Clark County is never complete without a visit to Valley of Fire State Park.

This state park extends to 40,000 acres, showcasing red Aztec outcrops and petroglyphs.

Established in 1953, its landscapes are predominantly sandstone, which goes all the way back to the Jurassic Period.

Beehive rock formations at Valley of Fire State Park

Sergey Malomuzh /

Among the natural features you can expect to find within the area include petrified trees, rock formations standing out with the sunset, and striped grounds.

It also has campsites and multiple hiking trails you can traverse to fully get that historical experience.

Take Interstate Highway 15 to get to Valley of Fire State Park, which is near Moapa Valley.

Daytime view of Valley of Fire State Park

MelissaJoyCreative /

Bask in the Natural Landscapes After a Long Hike at Spirit Mountain Wilderness

Sunset at Spirit Mountain Wilderness

Dominic Gentilcore PhD /

If your idea for a good time is stretching your muscles on a strenuous hike, Spirit Mountain Wilderness might be the place for you.

Designated in 2002, this natural hiking spot sits along the breathtaking Newberry Mountains.

Before becoming a place of refuge and activity, this place was once famous as a sacred place for many Native American tribes.

Its ragged outcrops and pathways reach an elevation gain of over 5,000 feet.

Boulders at Spirit Mountain Wilderness

Dominic Gentilcore PhD /

Marvel at the sundry species of flora, including smoke trees and desert scrub oaks.

Keep an eye out for possible wildlife sightings, specifically those of desert tortoises and California leaf-nosed bats.

Spirit Mountain Wilderness is accessible via different trailheads within Clark County, including one in Las Vegas and one in Laughlin.

Petroglyphs at Spirit Mountain Wilderness

Dominic Gentilcore PhD /

Dive Deep into the Art of Burlesque at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum

Las Vegas is home to a selection of distinct museums with diverse specialties, including American crime, nuclear history, and neon signs.

One of these is the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum.

As the name suggests, this museum presents the art of burlesque in a new light.

It is also the only one of its kind throughout the whole country, making it just as special as its offerings.

Aside from thematic exhibitions, the museum also hosts classes and lectures for an immersive experience of the art.

Visit the gift shop for your next souvenir when you come by, too.

You can get to the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum when you drive along South Main Street.

Chill by the Lake and Attractions at Aliante Nature Discovery Park

The waters of Aliante Nature Discovery Park

Kim Dung Ho, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Aliante Nature Discovery Park is your perfect family getaway in the city of North Las Vegas.

This 20-acre park comes with several nature-based attractions—a complete sanctuary amidst the desert all around.

Its adventure playground focuses on an educational and paleontological journey for kids.

Nearby this playground is a splash pad that both children and adults can enjoy.

Some other amenities within this park include sports courts, horseshoe pits, and an amphitheater.

One of the highlights of this park is its stunning man-made pond area, made more special by its waterfalls.

Located along Nature Park Drive, Aliante Nature Discovery Park welcomes you and your group with open arms.

Take a Picture of the Scenic Landscape at the Nature Discovery Trail and Rock Garden

Trail at Nature Discovery Trail and Rock Garden

Kit Leong /

When you’re in Clark County, there’s always a reason to spend time in nature.

And at Boulder City, the Nature Discovery Trail and Rock Garden is the best spot for this activity.

Spanning 8,000 feet, this trail introduces you to a wide collection of desert animal statues.

Succulents at Nature Discovery Trail and Rock Garden

Kit Leong /

Read through informative plaques that tell of each animal’s interesting facts, as well as the surrounding native vegetation.

There are also rock gardens you can view and a pavilion you can rest on at the very end of the pathway.

The Nature Discovery Trail and Rock Garden reside within Bootleg Canyon, which you can access along Yucca Street.

A tortoise at Nature Discovery Trail and Rock Garden

Kit Leong /

Venture into the Spooky Rooms of Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum

Get ready for the fright of your life when you visit Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum on East Charleston Boulevard.

This museum sits on what was once the home of businessman Cyril S. in 1938.

For many generations, many family members who’ve turned into hostile spirits started haunting the premises.

Now, under the management of Zak Bagans, the site operates as a haunted spot displaying tons of possessed collectibles from all over the world.

One of these is the VW death van that Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a physician-assisted suicide advocate, used in his operations.

There’s more for you to explore within the 30 rooms of this haunted attraction.

Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum is a Las Vegas staple you shouldn’t miss out on, especially if you’re a fan of horror.

View the Desert Art Installations at Seven Magic Mountains

Daytime view of Seven Magic Mountains

Kelli Hayden /

Are you a fan of public art installations?

Then, you won’t get disappointed when you come by one of Las Vegas‘ points of pride—Seven Magic Mountains.

This world-famous art attraction presents the Mojave Desert culture in a vibrant boulder exhibition.

As the name indicates, it features seven groups of stacked boulders, all of varying colors.

Close view of the colorful Seven Magic Mountains

Kit Leong /

These extend to about 35 feet.

Though originally intended to be up for display for only two years since its establishment in 2006, it went on to become a permanent exhibition due to its success.

This masterpiece is from the creative mind of Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone.

Seven Magic Mountains sits along South Las Vegas Boulevard.

People admiring the Seven Magic Mountains

mikeledray /

Browse through the Exhibits and Displays at the Lost City Museum

Exterior of the Lost City Museum

Angel DiBilio /

You can trust the Lost City Museum to take you back decades in the past for a bit of immersive study.

This museum, established in 1935, puts up a variety of exhibits displaying some of the best artifacts from archaeological sites.

It once went by the name Boulder Dam Park Museum.

But several years later, it changed its name to the one it uses today and became so much more than a museum.

Structures at the Lost City Museum

Ymblanter, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Serving as an extension to the exhibits indoors, the museum also has a screening room and a store.

Outside, find yourself transported back to the past with the site’s pueblo replicas and a Native American pit house.

Get going to South Moapa Valley Boulevard in Overton to reach the Lost City Museum.

Practice Your Aim and Swing at Conestoga Golf Club

In the city of Mesquite, Conestoga Golf Club is a worthy stop for your golfing needs.

This 18-hole golf course is unlike any other.

Instead of flat, trimmed fairways, this golf course offers a spin to its layout with rugged outcrops and undulating canyons.

These ground formations are unique to Mesquite land.

Far off into the distance, mountains and ranges offer a dramatic backdrop to your usual golf play.

So, pack your golfing equipment and prepare for a few rounds of swinging and aiming.

Conestoga Golf Club opens its facility for golfers of all kinds on Falcon Ridge Parkway.

Study the Birds in Flight at Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

Waters of Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

vagabond54 /

Cultivate your fascination for birds and aerial creatures when you come by the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve.

This nature site in Henderson extends to about 140 acres.

It comes with a 3/4-mile paved pathway and nine ponds that have become the temporary resting place for many waterfowl.

You can also find a variety of local desert birds within this part of Nevada.

Yellowlegs at Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

Kit Leong /

It also has a special garden—March’s Monarch Garden—that’s filled with milkweed and plants full of nectar.

If you’re lucky, you might just catch a full flight of butterflies when you come by.

Be sure not to feed the birds or any wildlife you see while on the site, because it’s not allowed.

The Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve is ready for your bird-watching experience on East Galleria Drive.

Birds at Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

Kit Leong /

Watch Living History Reenactment at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Landscape of Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Zack Frank /

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park gets you a taste of history centered on a ranch.

This state park was also famous for being a temporary retreat for millionaire Howard Hughes and other famous people.

Some of the amenities you can take full advantage of within the site include picnic areas, an outdoor theater, and more historic buildings.

Standing out from the collection of buildings is the Sandstone Cabin.

Trail at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Zack Frank /

And the best part about this Blue Diamond park is its permanent programs and exhibits.

Watch live reenactments, role-plays, and skill demonstrations—depictions of ranch life back in the day.

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park sits next to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area on Nevada Highway 159.

Try Your Hand at Snowboarding at Lee Canyon

Entrance to Lee Canyon

Kit Leong /

Lee Canyon promises you the best of snowboarding within Clark County.

This mountain resort offers both summertime and wintertime activities.

With a terrain that reaches 195 acres and 27 hiking trails, the fun never stops at this ski resort.

Whether you’re into skiing, disc golfing, or mountain biking, you have a place in this spot.

Lee Canyon is in the city of Las Vegas.

More specifically, you can find it on Lee Canyon Road.

Final Thoughts

Infinite indoor fun and outdoor getaways are awaiting you at Clark County.

Whether you choose to explore Sin City’s offerings or go for more secluded areas in the communities of Paradise and Primm, you are in for a glorious time.

After reading the list above of the free things to do in Clark County, have you made up your mind about traveling to this county yet?

Take your time; choose wisely!

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