23 Best Things to Do in Jackpot, NV

Jackpot, NV
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Jackpot is not just a popular venue among travelers but also a place where you can experience authentic city life.

The Jackpot community began in 1963, but residents have gambled in the area since the 1950s.

Today, it's one of America's most prominent casino destinations, exemplifying what draws wealthy people worldwide to Nevada.

Jackpot is renowned not only for its casino but also for its gorgeous landscape, friendly community, exciting events, and breathtaking views.

The community started with a few individuals playing poker in stables before it became a huge hit that attracted many investments.

Before 1958, Jackpot was called Horseshu.

In 1958, Elko County classified it as a town with only 65 citizens.

It received its current name when an entrepreneur named Cactus Pete wanted to open casinos to boost the town's revenue.

Here are the best things to do in Jackpot, NV:

Try Your Luck at the Four Jacks Casino and Hotel

Exterior of Four Jacks Casino and Hotel
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Jackpot is a small town that has evolved from a poor community to a wealthy town adored by nearby towns.

The Four Jacks Casino and Hotel have contributed to Jackpot's tremendous economic growth and development.

If you're thinking about moving, you may want to consider relocating to this quickly booming American city!

Due to its proximity to downtown, you can go from one restaurant or casino to another.

Learn Local History at the Jackpot Branch Library

Start your Jackpot adventure at the  Jackpot Branch Library.

If you want to learn more about the area's history, visit the library.

You can also ask for help if you can't find the book you're looking for.

Visiting a library while in Jackpot may seem strange, but it will instantly improve your mood.

Hike the Grassy Mountain

If you wish to escape from the pressures of life and work, head to Jackpot.

The Fairview Range's highest point, Grassy Mountain, is a popular hiking destination in east-central Nevada.

You can choose any trail you like, even if it's your first time climbing a mountain.

The Grassy Mountain is convenient, with many imposing peaks visible from the summit, such as Mount Rose and Mount Jefferson.

The three-mile-long path leading to the west ridge can serve as a good starting point for your trip without worrying about parking spaces.

Feel the Breeze at Middle Stack Mountain

The Middle Stack Mountain in Jackpot is recommended to rewire your thoughts and get your legs moving.

There are two mountains within a short distance of this 2.40-mile course.

Don't worry about your next stop if you want to head somewhere else because it's near other popular attractions.

In addition, the place is high enough to feel the chilly air while you relax and reflect on life.

Use the summit tower if you're looking for a bird's eye view of the surrounding area!

Place Your Bet at Barton's Club 93

Since 1957, Barton's Club 93 has become one of Jackpot's beloved hotels and casinos due to its high-end amenities and world-class service.

Barton and Jerald Tipton founded this casino and added "Club 93" to its official name after US Route 93, Jackpot's main road.

It offers over 500 slot machines and many table games, including baccarat and others.

In the 1970s, the company relocated to a location directly across the street from the original motel.

Before relocating to Nevada in 1953, the company's founders ran oil and food businesses in Utah.

Enjoy Entertainment at Cactus Pete's Resort Casino

The Cactus Petes in Jackpot is a fantastic spot to have fun.

This 26,000-square-foot casino has become a gaming landmark since 1956, with over 600 slot machines and 20 tables.

This location also offers games such as Royal Match and Roulette.

After a busy day, relax in one of its 296 hotel rooms with a delicious buffet.

Cactus Pete's includes the Gala Showroom, a performance hall, and an amphitheater.

Various regional and national performers perform at Cactus Petes' Amphitheater each year to entertain casino goers.

Spring and summer performances happen on weekends.

Grab More Chances of Winning at the West Star Hotel

Look no further than the West Star Hotel for an elegant stay in Jackpot.

This casino hotel is off Highway 93 in Idaho-Nevada, with several casinos and sports attractions nearby.

Besides the complimentary breakfast, guests can take advantage of the hotel's shuttle service to area casinos and attractions.

There's also a bar, restaurant, and casino with slot machines.

Join your buddies for a day of golfing and dining at some of the city's finest courses and restaurants.

Go All in at Horseshu Hotel and Casino

Horseshu Hotel and Casino is the ideal place for those who want to explore everything Nevada offers.

Close to Cactus Petes Casino and Barton's Club 93 Casino, Horseshu offers a range of entertainment options that don't break the bank.

You can spend some time exploring the neighborhood's activities, such as golfing and golf lessons.

At the Horseshu Hotel and Casino, you'll feel like you're in the center of the Wild West.

The modest yet formidable property was intended to be a Hollywood set for Westerns.

The Horseshu Casino features 3,000 square feet of gaming space with 104 slot machines, video poker machines, keno machines, and two blackjack tables.

Have a Barbecue at the Spanish Gardens RV

The Spanish Gardens RV Park is a family-run business near Cactus Pete's casino and Highway 93.

This park is the best area for RVers who want to enjoy a barbecue and beer with friends.

The place offers camping sites in addition to pull-through sites with full hookups.

The large outdoor fire pit lets you roast marshmallows while enjoying the cold desert air and a community center.

Your RV or tent includes space for your pets, so you don't need to leave them behind while you go on vacation.

Grab a Meal at the 36 Steak & Seafood

If you plan to meet friends or colleagues for lunch in Jackpot, 36 Steak & Seafood is a great choice.

36 Steak & Seafood's superb wine list and dedicated service make for a fantastic dining experience.

The restaurant will satisfy all of your Mexican food cravings.

Likewise, the restaurant is open 24 hours daily.

This restaurant offers gluten-free and vegetarian options for those with special dietary needs.

Get High at the Thrive Cannabis Marketplace

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace in Jackpot is an independent cannabis business offering various products and services to Nevada residents.

It has done over 5,000,000 successful transactions since it started operating.

This business offers regulated, high-quality medicinal cannabis for a considerable price.

This plant is legal in the area.

However, you should know the correct dosage before attempting to use it.

Join the Bonneville Off-Road Races

Allen Gerber oversees the volunteers who make up the Bonneville Off-road Racing Organization in Jackpot.

This event is open to all competitors, from inexperienced trophy truck teams to the most seasoned entry-level racers.

You can compete in all popular buggy and truck classes, and races range from 140 to 300 miles.

This is a fun event for new and expert drivers alike, thanks to the variety of courses available.

Attend the Deuces Wild Car Show

If you're looking for a unique auto show, check out the Deuces Wild Car Show.

The Deuces Wild Car Show Extravaganza takes place on the Horseshu grounds, where hundreds of car enthusiasts show off what they got.

Deuces Wild Show & Shine is an annual event that started in 2015.

In addition, you can enjoy live music, food vendors, and a Pin-Up Girl competition.

You can also join Friday Night Drive-in Movie and Deuces Wild Down & Dirty Drag Races.

Spend the Night at Cactus Pete's RV Park

Cactus Pete's RV Park is suitable for anyone seeking a temporary residence with access to a water system, internet connection, and a pool.

This place also allows pets, as long as they are vaccinated.

If you want more than just a staycation, there's more to this place besides its nearness to popular casinos.

Don't waste time browsing and searching for cheap accommodation; everything you need is right here at the park.

Test Your Skill at the Jackpot Golf Course

Jackpot Golf Course is ideal for new golfers.

Since 1971, the Jackpot Golf Course has become one of the most famous golf courses in the country.

This place is perfect for a new vacation activity or for enjoying the fresh air.

You might even spot wildlife, such as elk, while you play in a breathtaking environment.

Jackpot Golf Course spans 6,900 yards, appropriate for golfers of all skill levels.

Go Camping at the Jackpot National Forest

Visit the "National" Forest the next time you're in Jackpot, Nevada.

It's a nice place for camping or a family outing with some barbecues and pizza.

Just one mile from the Idaho border, this wooded area has trees that look like they came from urban legends.

Cactus Pete's Resort gave land to the US Forest Service for a future expansion.

However, the casino couldn't clear any trees because the government designated the property as an Urban National Forest.

It's one of the sparsest Urban National Forests in the country.

Swim at the Twelve Mile Hot Springs

Many other places can be explored while staying in Jackpot, Nevada.

You can relax in a natural hot spring pool at Twelve Mile Hot Springs.

Located along Bishop Stream Road, the pool is surrounded by a concrete wall that divides it from the creek.

The pool has an area of 40 feet in length and a depth of 3 feet to accommodate everyone.

On hot days, you can jump over the wall into Bishop Creek from the pools, which is a bonus because of their proximity to the creek.

Let Your Child Play around at Charlie’s Park

Craving for some outdoor fun with the whole family while in Jackpot?

Then, you might like Charlie’s Park.

This 10-acre public park offers family-friendly amenities, including a baseball or softball diamond and a soccer field.

There's also a basketball court for some impromptu dribbles and practice sessions.

If you've got little ones with you, they might enjoy the ADA-accessible play structures and equipment.

Other activities you can do at this park include playing frisbee and flying a kite.

Its wide expanse of grassy area is ideal for some active reclusion on your vacation in Jackpot.

To get to Charlie’s Park, head over to Ace Drive.

Have Fun Indoors at Jackpot Recreation and Aquatic Center

Jackpot Recreation and Aquatic Center is your go-to spot for a fantastic time in the waters.

This indoor facility features state-of-the-art exercise amenities and a 6-laned pool.

Its workout areas have everything you might need for your intensive leg day and core area sets.

Stepping into the pool area, you'll find there's a multitude of activities and events waiting for you.

From lap swimming to water aerobics, you are sure you and your family can have loads of fun.

Get your unique indoor entertainment at Jackpot Recreation and Aquatic Center on Progressive Street.

Try Your Luck at Dotty’s Casino

The city of Jackpot has all the fun places to help you try your luck.

And Dotty’s Casino is one of them.

This slot machine parlor started out in Oregon before branching out in chains in several locations in Nevada and Montana.

It's planning to serve many communities in Illinois soon, too!

Its variety of game machines can keep you entertained for a whole afternoon!

So, add time to your schedule for a short visit to this casino.

You can get to Dotty’s Casino's shining red storefront on US Highway 93.

Listen to Live Music at the Gala Showroom

Though Jackpot is fairly famous for its casinos and hotels, the city never lacks outdoor entertainment.

The Gala Showroom is proof of this.

This concert hall in Cactus Petes Resort & Casino has been home to a variety of shows, including comedy skits, concerts, and

Some of the notable artists who performed here include Sawyer Brown and the Oak Ridge Boys.

So, if you're looking for a laugh or new music to discover and enjoy, buy a ticket to see one of the shows hosted by the showroom!

The Gala Showroom is on US Highway 93.

Breathe in the Scent of Nature at Salmon Falls Creek Special Recreation Management Area

One of the hidden jewels of Jackpot is Salmon Falls Creek Special Recreation Management Area.

In the Northern Nevada desert, this rest stop has your usual pit toilets and litter.

But it doesn't mean this area is any less special.

The place is mainly known for its impressive scenery and landscapes, as well as picnic facilities and jagged rock outcroppings.

If you've got time on your hands to breathe in the scent of nature, then be sure to add this attraction to your itinerary.

Salmon Falls Creek  is on Highway 93 within the south section of Jackpot.

Final Thoughts

Jackpot is one of the most visited spots in Nevada for a good reason.

Play your heart out in the casinos, whether at table games or the slots.

Then, get some exercise on one of the town's numerous paths once you've had enough fun and games.

Make new friends and bring home the jackpot at Jackpot, Nevada.

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