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30 Best Things to Do in Henderson, NV

  • Published 2022/10/12

If you have visited Las Vegas innumerable times and are bored, and if you’re looking for new options but can’t find any, worry not, since Henderson in Nevada is here for your rescue.

The second-largest city in Nevada, Henderson lies just 20 minutes away from the most populous and famous Las Vegas.

It’s the perfect getaway from all the noise and hectic lifestyles of busy cities.

It teems with various types of vegetation and even boasts a desert.

Note, though, that the climate is hot, so don’t forget to pack your shorts and tanks when you visit.

Interested to know more about this place?

Here are the 30 best things to do in Henderson, Nevada:

Learn about the History of Nevada at the Clark County Museum

Clark County Museum

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With a special emphasis on the Native Americans, this museum is a great place to learn about the actual history of Nevada, where you’ll also see some historical collections.

The Heritage Street that is located here contains as many as eight historic buildings of this county.

Clark County Museum

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The Anna Roberts parks exhibit hall is also another special attraction that you should not miss.

There’s even a recreated spooky town or ghost town that will send chills down your spine.

It also includes historic buildings built in the 1900s, such as the whitewashed candlelight wedding chapel, a 1959 Studebaker Lark, and a 1946 Plymouth Coupe.

Try Cycling on the River Mountain Loop Trail

River Mountain Loop Trail is a popular spot among enthusiastic cyclists and hikers.

This beautiful trail is actually a set of 34 miles set of trail and links various places like Henderson, Boulder City, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and many other parts of the Las Vegas Valley.

You can also do cycling here, hiking, and so on.

There is also a secondary trail for horseback riding offered by different agencies.

Along with federal, local, and regional agencies, the trail’s contributions to businesses have made this trail to what it is today.

Test Your Lucky Stars at the M Resort Casino

Interior View of M Resort Casino

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Las Vegas is most famous for its highly expensive and luxurious casinos, so any trip to its sister city will be incomplete without some fun gambling.

This casino is an ode to all the recreation of Vegas, so make sure that you visit this place.

Interior View of M Resort Casino

kennejima, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Blackjack, poker chips, and jackpot giveaways abound here on weekends.

There is also a hotel complex located inside this huge resort where you can have a luxurious stay.

Also, you may enjoy some delicious and fine dining as you place your bets.

Feed Lions at the Lion Habitat Ranch

If you are planning this trip with your kids, then have some real fun and excitement feeding live lions in the special feeding programs.

Constructed almost 26 years ago, this ranch was made to educate and protect the majestic beauties of these species.

There are as many as 50 lions, and most of them are of the African breed.

Go Whiskey Tasting at the Las Vegas Distillery

This wine distillery is very popular in the Las Vegas booze district.

It has a variety of drinks for you to choose from, including ryes, malts, and blended black labels.

A guided tour gives you quirky information about the first Transylvanian immigrants who started brewing traditionally in Nevada.

Bird Watching at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

Scenic View of Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

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This large 140 acre Marsh is home to many beautiful migratory birds who visited during winters, with as many as nine ponds and well-demarcated paths surrounding the ponds.

Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

Felipe Sanchez /

It is thus great for a bird-watching experience.

The marsh is a little difficult to tread, so wear sturdy shoes along with a hat.

The types of wild species you can find here include slithering snakes, pond turtles, and fluttering dragonflies.

Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

Kit Leong /

For those who are interested in bird viewing, you can find wading desert birds, migratory birds, American ducks, and hummingbirds, among others.

If you are out on a family trip, then this part should be on your must-visit list.

Relax at the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort Spa

Interior View of Lake Las Vegas Resort Spa

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Spread lavishly over a huge area, this resort spa is the true testament of luxury and entertainment.

The beautiful man-made lake on the premises is a picturesque scene.

The spa is state-of-the-art and has all the modern facilities.

The staff, meanwhile, are warm and endearing and take care of your needs.

Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort Spa

eliscora /

It also offers various other beauty regimens like pedicures, manicures, and professional makeup.

Other specialties are the whirlpool, a dry sauna, a eucalyptus steam room, and gymnasium and cardio equipment.

You may also enjoy a variety of relaxing massages and facial treatments at this spa.

Golfing at the Rio Secco Golf Club

Constructed in 1997, this majestic golf course is located on the Grand Hills drive in the rich Seven Hills Neighborhood.

It has eighteen holes and three divisions area-wise where the holes are divided equally. Butch Harmon, one of the best golf instructors, also plays here.

The golf course itself has a variety of topographical features.

These include steep canyons, a plateau, and even a desert mountain range.

The restaurant and bar serve delicious food and you can also do some shopping at the golf shop.

Hike the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

Robert Stolting /

With cacti and typical desert vegetation for your company, the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area has really great hiking trails.

The canyon is made of the typical iconic Red Rocks, which is in itself a very beautiful feature.

There are also scrublands, which make for great walking along the trails.

So don’t worry if you are not a pro hiker, these will surely satisfy you.

The most majestic of all is the Sloan Canyon itself.

It is also called the Sistine Chapel of Nevada, and it is very famous for its beautiful rock carvings carved during ancient times.

Visit the Bad Beat Brewing

Another favorite among the locals and visitors is Bad Beat Brewing.

The variety of high-quality beer here is amazing.

This restaurant is a must-visit, too, and make sure you sample all the signature cocktails on the menu.

There are options for those interested in the subtle art of beer tasting as well.

Accompany your beer feasting with a couple of board games, and you’re good to go and make merry for the night.

Take a Great Tour with Big Horn Wild West Tours

What’s special about these tours is that they use Hummer H2 aces, and the group sizes are very small, consisting of just two to six people.

Guided tours through various different attractions and public tourist places are available.

This company ensures that you reap the most benefits when you visit Henderson.

Our personal favorite and recommendation would be the Grand Canyon tour, which lasts for as many as 10 hours, but covers most of the major tourist spots, like Hoover Dam, Joshua Tree forest, and Lake Mead.

Sample Mexican Fare at the Borracha Mexican Cantina

To make sure that you get a complete Mexican experience, the décor is made very unique and beautiful, featuring a Day of the Dead theme.

The floor is hand-painted, and there are various decorative skulls placed all around the diner to give you a typical Mexican feel.

The menu itself will ensure that you get your dose of Mexican fare.

There are typical dishes like tortillas, burritos, and tacos.

For all the non-veg lovers, there’s the fresh badger fish and rotisserie chicken.

There are some sassy cocktails as well to keep you are set for the night.

Cool Off the Summer Heat at the Cowabunga Bay Water Park

This adventure waterpark has all the typical water slides that you would expect, such as tubing rivers and wave ponds, to help you cool off in the summer heat.

Some of the most famous and thrilling rides include the Beach Blanket Banzai, the point panic, and the Surf-A-Go-Go.

This particular ride is especially thrilling, where the riders get ricocheted around in chambers.

For those who like to rest and cool off, there are also quiet pools and cute cabanas.

Have Fun at The District at the Green Valley Ranch

View of Lights at The District at the Green Valley Ranch

Kit Leong /

The District at the Green Valley Ranch is the complete eclectic mix of fun, frolic, and business opportunities.

There’s also a world-class resort, as well as a spa and a casino.

Green Valley Ranch

Kit Leong /

There are also several restaurants and hotels, where you can stay and eat.

The shops are great for some souvenir shopping, as well as some antique furniture.

Pilot a Jet at Sky Combat Ace

If you’re visiting with friends, make sure you take part in the mock aerial dogfight and have fun with a fight sequence in a jet.

There are various exciting options available for guests, and you can choose to even pilot a flight.

Of course, all this is with the assistance of trained fighter pilots.

You can also ask to be trained to perform a flight trick.

So make sure that you keep your adrenaline gushing and rushing.

Founded with humble beginnings in 2011, it had started with just two jets, which were reserved for sightseeing rides.

And it has since come a long way to providing all these different types of exciting activities for all the adventurous souls.

For those who are afraid of heights and prefer a quiet activity or place, the hangar itself is very interesting, filled with tidbits of information.

Make sure to drop by the Sky Combat Ace.

Enjoy a Fine Dining Experience at Todd’s Unique Dining

Constructed by Chef Todd Clore is this beautiful bistro-cum-restaurant called “Todd’s Unique Dining.”

Located in a lesser-known mall, this restaurant is a great place and gives you high-quality food.

It’s great for a beautiful dinner date with your babe and to spend some much needed time away from the world.

The menu changes every day and is usually personally curated by Todd himself.

The restaurants and cafes serve really delicious food.

Simple, fulfilling meals and dishes are a part of the menu and all the food is prepared with the choicest of vegetables and meat.

See Unique Plants at Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden

Unique Plants at Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden

Stan Shebs, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Botanical Cacti Garden at Ethel M Chocolate is the biggest and most prolific collection of its type in Nevada in the world.

Succulents, cactus, and other drought-tolerant decorative plants populate three acres of this genuine English landscape garden.

One may find more than 300 different kinds of plants across the campus grounds.

Only cacti and succulents can be found in the American Southwest, although desert trees and shrubs may be found in the Southwest and Australia, and South America’s arid climes.

Unique Plants at Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden

Michael Pead, CC BY-SA 2.0 UK, via Wikimedia Commons

All of these plants were picked for their aesthetic value and their capacity to withstand the harsh conditions of Southern Nevada’s environment.

Stop by Ethel M Chocolates’ Henderson facility if you’re in the area.

Its self-guided chocolate viewing aisle is a great way for you to learn about how we create the greatest chocolates we know how to make as you wander around the cactus garden.

The self-guided tour and the Cactus Garden are available all year round!

Try Your Luck at Jokers Wild Casino

Jokers Wild Casino

Kit Leong /

Jokers Wild is a casino with a sportsbook, keno, and live poker on the Boulder Strip.

The Better Business Bureau of Southern Nevada has given them an A+ rating for its dedication to customer service excellence.

Jokers Wild Casino is a 23,500square-foot casino owned by Boyd Gaming, one of the company’s properties.

The Cattle Baron Casino was opened in 1990 and closed in 1993. The Jokers Wild Casino reopened on April 1, 1993.

More than 400 slot machines may be found here.

Explore Whitney Mesa Park Recreation Area

Approximately a 100-acre property, the recreation area has created amenity areas covering more than 30 acres.

The southern Las Vegas Valley escarpment and its spectacular vistas were preserved as part of the bluffs and canyons preservation effort.

It features more than two miles of multipurpose trails leading into the site’s more natural parts.

As part of Henderson’s award-winning trail system, the pathways link the site’s facilities, the nearby nature preserve, and other neighboring parks, educational institutions, and leisure centers.

As a bonus, there is a community park with bocce courts, a basketball court, a play area with open turf and picnic tables, restrooms, a customized tot lot with town walls inspired by the Old West, play equipment for Native-American games, and a stormwater retention area.

The BMX terrain has spectator seating, the tennis complex, a sunken tournament court, Armijo’s Camp, a group 24-hour site with tent areas, and a bespoke natural stone theater tucked away in a mesa ravine.

All have explanatory signs across the whole site.

Learn Horticulture at Acacia Demonstration Gardens

The city of Henderson’s Acacia Park has the Acacia Demo Gardens.

There are 19 gardens on the 2.8-acre property, which showcase water-efficient landscaping.

There are many options to choose from.

Each of these was designed to be accessible to the typical homeowner, as well as a horticulture expert.

Plant kinds were chosen for the project because of their beauty, hardiness and water efficiency, and suitability for the Las Vegas Valley environment.

Tour the City on Air with Maverick Helicopters

Helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon are available through Maverick Helicopters, formerly Mustang Helicopters.

The organization has been around for almost 19 years, and in that time it has built a reputation for reliability and safety.

The experience starts with a free pick-up and continues with a narrated flight in an ECO-Star helicopter.

For four and a half hours, passengers on the Free Spirit Tour fly over Lake Mead and Hoover Dam on their way to the Grand Canyon floor.

Admire the city view as you sip champagne and enjoy light refreshments.

If you want to tie the knot with your significant other in style, avail the Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride Splendor wedding package.

It includes a private helicopter, preacher, photographer, champagne, and cake.

Hit a Strike at Sunset Station Strike Zone

Entrance to Sunset Station Strike Zone

Kit Leong /

The Sunset Station Strike Zone, spanning 77,000 square feet, is the largest bowling facility in Henderson.

It is ideal for throwing parties or hosting bowling evenings with friends.

The Sunset Station Strike Zone is open weekly, with longer hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

It offers impressive packages on top of its inexpensive open play and hourly pricing.

Interior view of Sunset Station Strike Zone

Kit Leong /

The bowling alley at Sunset Station features 72 state-of-the-art lanes, each with its own drop-down screen, music, and black lighting for a trippy, after-dark experience.

Also available to guests are pool tables and an arcade.

Its pro shop has all the essentials for a fun and successful bowling experience.

Bowlers hungry in between games can visit the Sunset Station’s full-service lounge.

Loosen up at Bonkerz Comedy Club

Are you looking for a fun way to cap off your day in Henderson?

Check out Bonkerz Comedy Club.

Bonkerz Comedy Club has produced successful comedians for 30 years, including Larry the Cable Guy, Mike and Molly’s Billy Gardell, and SNL’s Darrell Hammond.

When you visit this place, you’re in for a night of nonstop hilarity.

This facility is excellent for seeing rising stars and established local artists.

During the nightly reviews at this adult-only club, you will laugh so hard that tears will pour down your cheeks from the clever jokes.

Try Salt Therapy at The Salt Room

In 2014, The Salt Room Henderson opened its doors, providing a place for people to indulge in much-needed me-time through halotherapy and salt therapy.

Halotherapy and Salt Therapy have been around since Queen Cleopatra’s time.

In addition to helping with skin diseases, it stimulates the immune system and relieves many respiratory disorders.

Aside from these therapeutic services, guests can indulge in therapeutic massages like the Himalayan Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, or Pure Relaxation Massage to unwind and rejuvenate.

In addition to the body treatments, facials, and yoga/meditation courses offered, there are many additional options.

Treat Yourself to a Retail Therapy at Galleria at Sunset

Entrance to Galleria at Sunset

Luxury Fred Sherman /

Galleria at Sunset Macy’s and Dillard’s are two of the country’s largest department stores.

It features over one hundred specialty shops and restaurants.

Eat at one of the numerous fine restaurants or quick service establishments in this elegant mall.

Interior view of Galleria at Sunset

Kit Leong /

Walk the stores till your feet hurt.

After shopping the weekend’s sales and specials at Macy’s, customers might leave with a grin and a brown bag full of goodies.

Since no vacation is complete without some retail therapy, you won’t want to skip this Henderson institution.

Christmas decoration at Galleria at Sunset

Laurens Hoddenbagh /

Other Things to Do Nearby

Go to the Magnificent Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

Tupungato /

Considered the largest reservoir in the United States of America, Hoover Dam is a beautiful and majestic monument that continues to awe all people because of its marvelous structure

The dam itself is located amidst beautiful natural beauty and scenic views.

This structure is an ode to the magnificent history of American construction.

Final Thoughts

Henderson, Nevada, is the ideal location for a family vacation or a quick business trip because of its proximity to one of its most popular entertainment sites.

Henderson is the safest, most accessible, and most picturesque part of Southern Nevada, offering everything from world-class shopping and cultural experiences to world-class outdoor recreation and entertainment.

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