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20 Best Things to Do in Carrollton, TX

  • Published 2022/10/13

Carrollton offers both vast open spaces perfect for recreational activities and exciting attractions.

Discover the local food scene, shops, and services provided in its historic downtown area.

Visit one of the many parks, which offer recreational activities and great facilities.

For a thoroughly enjoyable trip here, read on for the best things to do in Carrollton, Texas.

Visit the Historic Downtown Carrolton

Station at Downtown Carrolton

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can spend the whole afternoon in the Historic Downtown Carrolton area, filled with so many things to do.

Dine at one of the local restaurants or get a cup of coffee or a cold drink.

Check out the many shops, offering everything from fashion items to furniture, candy, and much more.

Here, you’ll also find convenient services, like printing, chiropractor services, and more.

Shops at Downtown Carrolton

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

During their “Square Deal Day,” some locals take their business outdoors.

Observe the artworks or fill your tummy will all sorts of goodies from food vendors.

Check out their website for more information regarding their establishments and events schedules.

For easy navigation, make sure to take a look at their map, also available online.

Go on a Long Walk in Nob Hill Greenbelt

Explore the various activities along the trails in Nob Hill Greenbelt – the Blue Trail, Green Trail, Orange Trail, and Purple Trail.

Take a scenic walk in the Blue Trail, an out and back trail that stretches for 4.25 miles.

It has a long paved path that guides you around the trail.

Stop and observe the wildflowers or have a peaceful time walking by the ponds.

Enjoy the sights along the 1.86-mile Green Trail, which passes through Jimmy Porter Park and Hutton Branch Creek.

The Orange Trail, spanning 1.75 miles, goes by a pedestrian bridge and playground on Treeline Drive.

Perfect for recreational activities, the 1.75-mile Purple Trail, located in a 15-acre outdoor area, features a basketball court and two playgrounds.

Stop by the pavilion or benches and take a break, taking in the scenery.

Use the grills for a fun time with the family.

Additionally, you can jog or ride your bike on the trails and have good exercise.

Dogs are also allowed, provided they are on a leash.

Discover the Different Species of Wildlife in Elm Fork Nature Preserve

Explore the undisturbed ecosystem in Elm Fork Nature Preserve, open all year round.

The Dimension Tract, located here, spans 38 acres and offers gorgeous natural sceneries.

Visit the pond and wetlands and check out the flora and fauna.

If you want an outdoor adventure, bring your canoe or kayak and launch it on Trinity River.

The preserve is also home to many species of wildlife.

You’ll find the occasional squirrels, opossums, and birds flying all around the area.

Just remember that this is a protected area, so make sure to only take photos.

Check Out the Interesting Items in The Finishing Touch Antique Mall

For a whole lot of quirky and interesting finds, head to The Finishing Touch Antique Mall.

You’ll be able to see all sorts of items.

There are antique furniture and cookware.

Look for some décor to spice up the interior of your house.

Check out the old cans and bottles.

You’ll sometimes find signages, books, and various tools and equipment as well.

Create Delicious Chocolate Treats at Dallas Chocolate Classes

Dallas Chocolate Classes gives you the chance to learn all about chocolate, from its history to making delicious, perfect-looking cakes, bonbons, and more.

You can book a corporate event with your coworkers or a group event with your friends for more fun.

If your significant other loves baking, he or she will surely love a private couples class.

Or, if you just want to polish your skills, you can just go on a one-on-one class too.

For chocolate lessons in the comfort of your own home, book a virtual class.

If you’re having a party and want a showstopper of a dessert, you can avail of its chocolate fondue kits.

Get a gift card for your loved ones so they can enjoy and learn all about chocolate too.

Spoil Your Sweet Tooth at Blooms Candy and Soda Pop Shop

Blooms Candy and Soda Pop Shop is a wonderland for tourists with a sweet tooth.

It started out as a flower shop but later found out that candy sold better when they added candy to their store.

Discover tons of different kinds of candies and sodas.

A lot of them are quirky and unique and have fun packaging.

Take a drip down memory lane as you explore the candies and sodas you had when you were a kid.

They offer everything from saltwater taffy, gummies, cotton candy, and more.

If you’re buying a bunch of sodas for a party or just for your family, you can buy them wholesale too.

You can also get a gift box filled with goodies for your loved ones.

Check out their website for a directory of the candies and sodas they currently sell.

Visit the A.W. Perry Homestead Museum

A.W. Perry Homestead Museum at Carrollton, Texas

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pay a visit to A.W. Perry Homestead Museum to study the everyday life in north-central Texas during the early 1900s.

It was built in 1909 and proclaimed a historic landmark in 1977.

If you want a well-informed guide, you can book a tour here.

You can also use the museum’s grounds as a venue for photoshoots and reserve the space for birthday parties.

Lawn at the backyard of A.W. Perry Homestead Museum

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Next to the museum is 13-acre Gravley Park, where you can have a leisurely stroll in a large open area with trees, benches, and drinking fountains.

You can also have some peace and quiet in the gazebo, built with a Victorian style to complement the museum.

Enjoy All Sorts of Treatments at Spa Castle Texas

Have the ultimate spa day in Spa Castle Texas, a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one wellness center.

Start your pampering session with a sauna session, where you can alleviate your muscle aches.

They have both dry and wet sauna rooms.

Take a dip in one of the four mineral pools and clear your mind.

Jump in the cold bath to refresh yourself.

Try the aqua jets that pinpoint specific areas of your body.

For a larger version of this, head to the grand pools, which are heated outdoor pools filled with different kinds of aqua jets.

Meditate in the mystic pool, which is covered with rocks, providing a tranquil setting.

The outdoor hinoki bath allows you to have a perfectly relaxing time with minerals and a wonderful aroma.

If you’re bringing kids, they can also play in the kiddie pools.

Also, if you prefer to stay inside, you can try out the indoor pools.

There’s one in its on-site bar, the Mystic Penthouse Bar, too, where you’ll have a wide selection of drinks.

You can book the bar for events or parties as well.

You can also exercise in its fitness center and have all sorts of massages in its spa.

To complete the experience, make sure to check in at The One Hotel, located in the facility.

Stay in luxurious rooms, some with their own oversized soak tub.

Compete with Your Friends at the Coyote Ridge Golf Club

Grab your golf gear and head out to Coyote Ridge Golf Club, with an 18-hole golf course that offers quite the challenge.

If you don’t have all your equipment, you can get a bunch of items at its well-stock pro shop, including clothes, golf clubs, shoes, and more.

Visit its website for the tee times schedule and for the rates.

You can avail of a membership to enjoy perks like membership-only tee times.

If you’re a beginner who wants to learn how to play golf or if you just want to improve your skills, you can try out its golf lessons as well.

For those who are confident with their abilities, they have tournaments you can join.

Get some delicious bites at Grill 19, located on site, to refill your energy after a tight game.

Breathe in the Fresh Air at Clifford E. “Bill” Hall Park

Spend a wonderful, laid-back day in Clifford E. “Bill” Hall Park, situated right in the heart of the city.

Take a seat in the seating area in the pavilion and smell the fresh air.

The park is filled with trees scattered across the area.

Make the most of the scenery by walking or jogging on its trail.

You’ll find informative signs along the way, too, perfect for an educational trip with the kids.

Bond with the family over a barbecue at one of the grills available.

Take the kids to the playground, where they run around and go down the slides.

Take Scuba Diving Lessons at International Scuba

Dive into an underwater world at International Scuba, offering beginner to advanced scuba lessons.

Safety is their priority, but having fun is the goal.

You can get your certification here too.

In addition, they offer specialty courses, including dry suit diving, underwater photography and videography, and much more.

You can start from beginner lessons and work your way up to a professional scuba diving license.

Stock up on equipment or get yours checked and, if they’re broken, fixed.

Play around with Your Pets in McInnish Dog Park

Take your furry companions out to play in McInnish Dog Park, a large, nature-filled playground made especially for dogs.

They can wade around in the water around the fountain.

Take them around the obstacles or let them enjoy their time with other friendly dogs.

Or you can simply grab some of your toys from home and play with them.

Just remember to check out the guidelines of the park online before visiting to ensure the safety of your and other pets.

Have Blast at Nickel Mania

You and your kids will surely have a blast at Nickel Mania, featuring tons of games to enjoy.

Try one of over 125 arcade video games or earn enough tickets to get yourself a worthy prize.

To add to that, you can even bring your own food to enjoy.

You don’t need to bring your own nickels, as you can exchange for some at the establishment, but you can do so if you want to.

You can also reserve the space and bring your friends over for a birthday party.

It’s also available for large group events.

Children from schools and daycares can also go on a field trip here.

Check out its website for more information, and if you want to book, get a reservation.

Buy Fresh Produce at the Carrolton Artisans Market

Shop around for some fresh, quality produce at Carrolton Artisans Market.

It’s a part of the Four Seasons Markets, which offers artisanal goods from different retailers.

Check out the products displayed out in the open air.

You can find items like food, pottery, ornaments, and more.

It’s easily accessible too, located right in the heart of the city.

Take Your Kids to Cool Off in W.J. Thomas Splash Park

If you’ve been going around the city to explore, your kids might want to cool off.

And if they also want a fun activity, you can take them to W.J. Thomas Splash Park.

They can play under the water fountains and go through obstacles.

Lounge at the shaded seating areas while your kids splash around.

End the day with a barbecue at the grill and a peaceful time at the deck.

Just make sure that your kids wear appropriate swim attire while playing here.

Alcoholic drinks are also prohibited, and drinking water from the splash park is not allowed.

Collect Rocks at Nature’s Gallery

Nature’s Gallery in Carrolton is the place to go if you want to learn about rocks and minerals or become a geologist.

Donald Slater, who has a degree in geology, runs this shop offering a wide variety of services.

The store brazenly proclaims on its website that it is the “only full-service rock shop in the Dallas – Fort Worth region.”

This store has a wide variety of stunning rocks and minerals.

In addition to selling rocks and minerals, it also provides jewelry and lapidary creations fashioned from such materials.

Play Baseball or Softball at Josey Ranch Sports Complex

The city of Carrollton takes care of the 50-acre Josey Ranch Sports Complex.

There is a sports facility in the park with various amenities for guests.

It has four youth softball fields and a baseball field with shade.

The sports complex also features a football field.

People who have visited the park have raved about how lovely and peaceful it is—perfect for a day out with loved ones or a relaxing picnic.

Because of its large size, the park is ideal for strolls where visitors can enjoy the region’s natural beauty.

It also has grills and a playground.

Cool down at W.J. Thomas Splash Park

If your children want to cool down from the summer heat or have some fun in the water, the W.J. Thomas Splash Pad is the perfect spot to take them.

This inexpensive yet fantastic Carrollton landmark provides various services to ensure you have a great time here.

In addition to a deck, several barbecue pits, a deck, and shady seating spots are available.

Please be aware that these conveniences are provided on a “first come, first served” basis.

You may also take your kids to the nearby soccer field and tennis court for healthy outdoor activity.

Try Various Games at Rosemeade Recreation Center

If you’re looking for an opportunity to sweat out in Carrollton, stop by the Rosemeade Recreation Center.

The wide range of amenities and entertainment options available here make this a destination that’s hard to miss.

Two gymnasiums, four racquetball courts, volleyball and basketball courts, a game room, and a snack bar are just some of the amenities available at the Rosemeade Recreation Center.

There are several outdoor activities available at this leisure center near Rosemeade Park.

The facility’s setting allows for easy access from both inside and outside of the city of Carrollton.

Visiting the Recreation Center in Carrollton is an excellent idea if you want to spend a relaxing day relaxing on your trip.

Celebrate Carrollton’s Festival at the Switchyard with the Locals

Every year, the city of Carrollton hosts a celebration called Festival at the Switchyard.

The free festival features live music and food trucks.

Since 2009, the Carrollton Chamber of Commerce has hosted this event.

Festival Over 300 merchants will be selling a variety of goods and services during the Festival, including food, arts, crafts, and entertainment.

Local musicians will be performing live, and there will be plenty of entertaining activities for kids, such as face painting and balloon animals.

The Carrollton Chamber of Commerce is responsible for creating the event.

The festival’s original goal was to serve as a unifying event for locals.

Since its foundation, it has expanded physically and in terms of popularity.

Final Thoughts

Explore all the wonderful activities in Carrolton, offering large open spaces and a myriad of attractions in the city.

Take your family to the downtown area to shop around, dine, and avail of the numerous services provided.

The city is one big playground for the whole family, and if you want to discover all that it has to offer, check out the best things to do in Carrolton, Texas, listed above.

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