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15 Best Things to Do in Euless, TX

  • Published 2022/10/11

Euless is a suburban city in Tarrant County, Texas.

The city was founded in the late 1800s and named after its prominent county sheriff and business magnate, Elisha Adam Euless.

In 2021, the New York Times named Euless the “Best City to Live In” in the United States.

The city has a solid foundation in its economy, education, and environment.

While Euless is mainly a residential suburb close to major Texas cities such as Dallas and Fort Worth, there are plenty of unique things to do here.

It’s a great addition to any Texas itinerary, especially if you’re going to Dallas.

So, here’s a list of the best things to do in Euless, Texas:

Explore Nature in the Villages of Bear Creek Park

Bear Creek Park villages are one of Euless’ primary destinations.

It’s a vast park that lets you glimpse the city’s flora and fauna while you enjoy a peaceful stroll.

Several trails in the Villages of Bear Creek Park will lead you to different exciting discoveries.

Within the park lies a good amount of forestry, ponds, and creeks.

Besides hiking and exploring, you can bring your furry friend with you for company.

Dogs will enjoy its vast trails and open spaces.

Just keep them on a leash, as there are plenty of squirrels that your dog might chase!

The park also has an amphitheater, making for a good stopover spot where you can take great pictures.

There are several fun calming activities at the Villages of Bear Creek Park, so check it out along Bear Creek Parkway which connects to Eastern Mid Cities Boulevard.

Enjoy Baseball at the Parks at Texas Star

The Parks in Texas Star contain the city’s biggest baseball and soccer stadiums.

It’s a holistic sports area where even young children can play and learn their favorite sport.

Located along South Pipeline Boulevard, you can easily access the park if you want to watch an ongoing match or if you want to play as well.

On top of several massive fields, there are batting cages, restaurants, and even picnic pavilions for families.

The Parks at Texas Star also offer various sports programs and events for children and teenagers.

Drop by the Parks at Texas Star if you’re a big baseball or soccer fan.

Its sheer size alone makes it a can’t-miss destination in Texas!

Go Ice-Skating or Play Hockey at the Euless StarCenter

Euless StarCenter is within the vicinity of The Parks at Texas Star.

However, it deserves its mention because many people go to this spot in particular.

The center is one of the best ice skating rinks in North Texas.

Winter sports lovers will like this arena for its modern facilities and vibrant crowd.

You can do public skating here; they even offer rentals if you don’t have the gear.

People also like playing hockey in Euless StarCenter.

Like the baseball fields at the Parks at Texas Star, many kids and teenagers also go there to learn about hockey or figure skating.

You can visit Euless StarCenter along South Pipeline Boulevard, along the northeastern section of the park’s stadiums.

Get Drenched at the Euless Family Life Aquatic Park

Euless Family Life Aquatic Park is the city’s main waterpark, perfect for a family getaway.

The facilities are modern, with various slides and gadgets that should put a smile on children and adults.

Several high-arching slides offer you a lot of adrenaline as you cool down on a blitzing hot day.

There’s also a lazy river, a public pool, and a space dedicated to younger children.

Euless Family Life Aquatic Park also features shade, restrooms, and family tables Plenty of lifeguards are also around to ensure everyone’s overall safety.

You can visit Euless Family Life Aquatic Park at 300 Eastern Midway Drive.

Revisit 19th-Century Euless at the Euless Heritage Museum

Within the city’s heart lies an unassuming museum and park called the Euless Heritage Museum, a hidden gem that tells a thousand stories.

Packed full of historical artifacts dating as far back as the 19th Century, there’s a particular wonder and awe when you visit the museum and see its ancestral houses taken away by the flow of time.

No groundbreaking displays involve historical figures at Euless Heritage Museum, but the sense you get from seeing everyday tools from centuries ago has charm.

The museum offers a full view of what a Euless household looked like before, from used dresses and appliances to kitchens and bedrooms.

There’s also a school and military room that was once a central part of the community.

Don’t miss out on this hidden gem.

You can visit the Euless Heritage Museum along Cullum Drive.

Visit the Euless Public Library

If you’re looking to visit one of the state’s more modern libraries, you’d want to check out the Euless Public Library.

The library boasts many interactive and Instagram-worthy areas, a great destination even if you’re not searching for a book.

Upon entering the facility, there’s a nifty little “bubble wall,” making it seem more like a museum than a library.

The library’s interiors are also very spacious and elegant, making it a pleasing experience to relax and read a book.

The library’s lovely shaded outdoor area is also perfect for reading on a warm afternoon.

You can visit the Euless Public Library at 201 North Ector Drive.

Go Cycling at the Scenic Bob Eden Park

The Villages of Bear Creek Park isn’t the only beautiful park you can explore in Euless.

Bob Eden Park is also a fantastic spot that offers several unique things that distinguish it from other parks.

Known for its scenic beauty, Bob Eden Park has a lot of beautiful flowers, shrubs, and wildlife that balance well with its amenities.

It’s an excellent destination for cycling because of its paved and spacious trails.

During spring, you’ll see a wide variety of flowers along the way, so ready your camera!

The park also has waterfalls as you go further in.

Discovering them is a serene experience that makes for a great souvenir experience in Euless.

You can access Bob Eden Park along West Mid Cities Boulevard.

Enjoy Live Concerts and Fun Games at Arbor Daze Festival

Euless holds the annual Arbor Daze Festival, celebrating the city’s trees and nature.

Typically held at the Euless Family Life Center at East Midway Drive during an April weekend, Arbor Daze is one of the most decorated festivals in Texas.

Plenty of activities occur during this weekend festival.

Concert stages, business, art tents, and a themed kids tent every year.

Several contests also happen as part of the festival.

Scavenger hunts, eating contests, and other live entertainment will easily occupy your whole day if you partake in the Arbor Daze Festival.

During the Arbor Daze Festival, attendees also receive a tree from the city, planted as an initiative to replenish the local tree population of Euless.

Play Golf at Texas Star Golf Course

Texas Star Golf Course is one of the best public golf courses in Texas.

It sits on a 275-acre terrace with a restaurant and conference center.

Many locals highly rate the course because it is always well-kept, and its unique layout keeps challenges fun.

Besides its excellent golf course, the course also has a conference center that locals often use for significant events.

From weddings and corporate meetings to birthday parties, Texas Star Golf Course staff offers premium service at an affordable price.

You can visit this beautiful golf course at 1400 Texas Star Parkway.

Taste Authentic African Food at Exotic Grill African Cuisine

Euless is a growing community with many diverse ethnicities.

If you’re on the search for authentic African food, Exotic Grill African Cuisine is a must-visit.

There are a lot of flavor-packed entrees at Exotic Grill African Cuisine.

True to its name, this restaurant isn’t for the non-adventurous eater.

They’ve got spicy catfish, goat meat, okra, and salted fish dishes from various parts of Africa.

There’s a variety of side dishes as well, such as Fumbwa (Congolese Spinach Stew), Egusi (Nigerian soup), and Chikwangue (Cameroonian cassava snack), to name a few.

Dining here is a simple but memorable experience, especially if you’re new to the cuisine.

You can visit Exotic Grill African Cuisine along North Main Street.

Cast Your Line at the Preserve at McCormick Park

The Preserve at McCormick Park is one of the best places to fish if you’re looking to cast your line in Euless.

McCormick Park connects seamlessly with The Villages at Bear Creek Park, which is also packed with wildlife.

However, the two large ponds here are richer in fish.

Because of this, the local government gave the Preserve at McCormick Park a fishing pier and a massive boardwalk that spans 110 feet.

Besides fishing, there are benches and gazebos, as well as picnic areas in the area.

There’s also an outdoor environmental learning center about the preserve.

You can access the Preserve at McCormick Park by entering Fuller Wiser Road.

Go on a Shopping Spree at Glade Parks

Glade Parks is a massive shopping district in Euless, located along Rio Grande Boulevard and easily accessible via the freeway.

Sitting on 194 acres, you’ll easily spend an entire day if you’re in the mood to go outlet shopping—for clothes, essentials, or food.

It’s one of the best places to shop in Texas.

Many residents from neighboring cities go to Euless just for Glade Parks.

Unlike indoor malls, Glade Parks lets you easily spot individual stores because of its outdoor layout.

You’ll spot a variety of your favorite restaurants and clothing brands in no time.

There’s also a common area where live concerts usually play.

See a Movie at Cinepolis Luxury Cinema

Located within Glade Parks, Cinepolis Luxury Cinema deserves its mention because its state-of-the-art facility is an attraction on its own.

Their cinema seats are fully reclining and offer great comfort when watching a movie.

On top of that, the theater also has a bottomless popcorn and drink promo that will keep you satisfied throughout the movie.

The service is also excellent, offering a seamless transaction when purchasing online or kiosk-generated tickets.

Whether you’re in the mood to watch a movie or shop at Glade Parks, check out Cinepolis Luxury Cinema, located along Red River Drive.

Witness Live Japanese Cooking at Imperial Hibachi and Sushi

Imperial Hibachi and Sushi should help you satisfy your craving for Japanese food and a unique grill experience in Texas.

This sushi restaurant is well known for its entertaining Hibachi chefs.

In Japan, the term hibachi describes portable grills where chefs cook your food in front of you.

Whether you’re craving Japanese-style grilled meat or seafood, the chefs will make a show out of your meal with their quirky cooking techniques.

If you’re only after the sushi, however, you’ll have a quiet place where you can enjoy a variety of their sushi creations.

You can visit Imperial Hibachi and Sushi at 1320 Chisholm Trail, across from Cinepolis Luxury Cinema.

Spend Hours at iT’Z Family Food and Fun

iT’Z Family Food and Fun is a great amusement center for all ages and is a fun way for the family to enjoy quality time together.

It has a variety of arcade games for everyone to enjoy.

They have bumper cars along with air hockey and tons of racing games.

It’s also known for its spacious, modern bowling arcade and laser tag competitions.

The establishment also has fun drinks and food that kids will enjoy.

If you’re looking for a fun stop in your travels, you might want to drop by here because there are so many fun activities.

You can drop by iT’Z Family Food and Fun, located along West Airport Freeway.

Final Thoughts

Euless is more of an everyday residential city than a tourist hotspot.

However, there’s a certain charm in everyday life, where Euless excels the most.

From their calming and serene parks to quirky establishments and fun shopping districts, there’s a lot to do here that deserves a spot in your Texas itinerary.

If you’re considering visiting Lone Star State, plan your trip with this list of the best things to do in Euless, Texas.

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