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15 Best Things to Do in Flower Mound, TX

  • Published 2022/11/19

Flower Mound is an incorporated town in Denton County, Texas, and is included in Dallas metropolitan area.

This town originally housed Native Americans until raids were ended and permanent residents moved into the area in 1844.

In 1961, Flower Mound officially became a town and was named as such due to a mound near the area where flowering plants grew after heavy rains.

Despite being a relatively smaller town compared to others, Flower Mound can still foster economic development and environmental stewardship.

While it can satisfy the needs of tourists interested in checking out commercial businesses, Flower Mound also boasts exceptional natural areas.

With the rolling hills and the nearby lakes, outdoor enthusiasts will surely enjoy this town.

If you are not a fan of the outdoors, don’t worry because this town still has so much to offer you.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Flower Mound, Texas:

Engage in Exciting Aquatic Activities at the Community Activity Center

Exterior of the Community Activity Center

Runfellow, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Community Activity Center on Gerault Road has a number of fun and exciting options to offer, no matter what type of recreational activity you’re into.

If you’re looking to get fit and work out, this center has a gym with all the equipment you need to break a sweat.

There are also group exercise programs offered at the center if you’re interested in working out with other people.

If you’re more into water recreational activities, then you’d be happy to know that the center is known for its outstanding pool and water park.

At the pool area, you can relax on the side or take a quick dip to cool off on a hot day.

If you want a more exciting activity, head to the water park and make a splash!

This is a great way to have fun under the sun when you’re in town.

Escape the City at Twin Coves Park and Campground

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle and maybe stay a few days surrounded by nature at Twin Coves Park and Campground.

Located on Wichita Trail, this park and camping area is based on a space spanning 243 acres of space on the northern part of the shore of the scenic Grapevine Lake.

Here, you can participate in a wide range of recreational activities, including volleyball, disc golf, or just hiking the beautiful nature trails.

You can even have fun on the lake waters by kayaking, boat launching, or swimming.

To cap your day off, you can sit around a fire pit with your loved ones and engage in great conversations under the stars.

If you find that a day or two at this destination is not enough, don’t fret!

There are 19 cabins with complete amenities and 22 Recreational Vehicle slips here!

Work on Your Swings at Bridlewood Golf Club

Indulge a little tee time with your friends or coworkers at Bridlewood Golf Club!

At this golf course, you can play golf as if you are a member of an elite private golf club.

This is because this golf club on Windsor Drive offers one of the best golf-playing experiences to visitors despite being a public golf course.

Bring along your loved ones and practice your swings as you play on the scenic course here!

Whether a pro player or a beginner, you’ll indeed have a fun time playing golf while taking in the beautiful sights surrounding you.

You don’t need to worry about getting hungry while playing here because there is a Bar & Grill within the premises.

Sit down for a warm meal to fill your stomach before playing, or grab a bite with your friends after a great match!

See the Adorable Alpacas at Nana’s Pacas Alpaca Ranch

Bond with unique and delightful alpacas and many other farm animals at Nana’s Pacas Alpaca Ranch!

Nana’s Pacas Alpaca Ranch is a 4-acre farm filled with alpacas, chickens, and more on Orchard Drive.

If you’ve always wanted to see an alpaca and maybe even touch its soft fur or feed them, this is the place to be.

Get up close and personal with all the alpacas on this ranch.

You can feed them and, of course, take numerous photos with them!

Spend a day with cute animals at this ranch.

Run around with Your Kids at Heritage Park

Assume historic characters and role-play with your children at Heritage Park!

Let your kids have fun by heading to this extraordinary park when you visit the town.

This park on Spinks Road features a great play area filled with play buildings reminiscent of the Old West.

Although this play area is filled with historic-looking buildings, there is still a large space where kids can run around and be active!

There are also rock climbing areas and a rope-climbing section where your children can race and challenge each other.

If your kids are younger than the others, you can bring them to the area for toddlers and let them play without worrying about their safety.

Step back in time as you play with your kids at this unique park!

Take a Peaceful Stroll at Green Acres Farm Memorial Park

Enjoy picturesque views of the landscape at Green Acres Farm Memorial Park.

Nestled on Hide-A-Way Lane, this park was once owned by a prominent family who established a horse farm in the area.

Today, the park features historic signages and new farm structures that anyone can check out.

There are also farm animals around the area, like cows and cattle.

If you want to go to a spot where you can just walk around, feel the breeze, and set your sights on relaxing landscapes, this is the perfect destination.

You can also explore the trails here and see all the beautiful plants and blooming flowers in the area.

Snap Photos by the Waters of Stone Creek Park

If you love taking photos of nature, then make sure to stop by Stone Creek Park.

Stone Creek Park is an open area on Fuqua Drive with paved walking trails and a playground.

The creek here is lined with large rocks you can sit on and just relax while you look at the natural areas around you.

The setting of the creek at this park will definitely make you want to pull out your camera and start taking pictures!

Pick Pumpkins at Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch

Fall is one of the best seasons to be in Flower Mound.

One of the things you can do during this time is to go pumpkin picking at Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch!

At this destination on Cross Timbers Road, you can enjoy roaming around the vast pumpkin patch.

You can also explore the cornstalks and hay bales or even get lost at the hay maze!

If you want to explore the whole area fully, you can enjoy a train and hay ride with your loved ones.

Baked goods and thirst-quenching refreshments are also available here if you find yourself hungry or thirsty while checking out all the vibrant pumpkins.

Unleash Your Inner Athlete at Jake’s Hilltop Park

Jake’s Hilltop Park is the place to be whether you’re somebody who loves playing sports or just looking for a great place to play with friends and family.

This park is named after Marine Veteran Jake Lugo, who passed away in Iraq as he fulfilled his duties and served the country.

Here, you can find walking or hiking trails, swing sets, and a playground for kids.

Perhaps what makes this park popular is that it features a range of sports areas where anyone can play!

Let your inner competitiveness out at this park on Timber Creek Road as you engage in different sports in the various areas this place has to offer.

Shoots some hoops at the basketball court or achieve home runs at the baseball field.

There are also batting cages if you want to hone your bat-swinging skills.

After playing with your loved ones, you can enjoy a light snack at one of the picnic tables in the pavilion area.

Have an Extraordinary Film-Viewing Experience at Moviehouse & Eatery

If you’ve ever wanted to dine on a full-blown, delectable meal while watching a movie on the big screen, you must come to Moviehouse & Eatery!

This establishment on Long Prairie Road is an extraordinary theater that will allow you to eat a meal while watching a film in the comfort of your movie seats.

You don’t need to sneak your big snacks into the cinema anymore because here, you’re encouraged to dine on meals while watching.

In the lobby, there’s even a bar where you can meet up with your friends and have a few drinks before watching a show and going to dinner at the same time.

There’s also a waitstaff which will serve you and attend to your film-viewing and dining needs.

If you’re ever feeling hungry in town, stop by this establishment and have a brand new movie-watching and dining experience!

Spend a Day Unwinding by the Lake at Murrell Park

Flower Mound’s Murrell Park is one of the most beloved parks in the area because it offers breathtaking views of Lake Grapevine.

This park on Simmons Road is perfect for picnicking, fishing, swimming, kayaking, or simply relaxing by the lake!

There are also walking and hiking trails if you want to explore the natural areas all around the park.

You can also bring your bike and pedal through the 9.5-mile North Shore Trail near this park!

If you get hungry, you can even dine at the bar and grill near the park.

If you want to unwind and relax, there is no better way to do so than to just sit by the lake and feel the breeze at Murrell Park.

Other Things to Do Nearby

While the town of Flower Mound boasts many great destinations and fun activities, there are also cities nearby that feature must-visit attractions.

You don’t need to worry about traveling too far because these following destinations are only a few minutes away from town!

Check Out Iconic Landmarks Made Out of Toy Bricks at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center

Entrance to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center

LittleT889, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Enter a wonderland filled with toy bricks along with your kids at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center!

This facility on Grapevine Mills Parkway in the city of Grapevine is only 13 minutes away from Flower Mound.

Here, you can play with the popular Lego bricks and create brick towers to your heart’s desire.

Using Lego toys, you can play with Lego racers and race with your kids.

Explore the Miniland section and see the Dallas/Fort Worth area recreated using more than one and a half million Lego pieces.

You’ll see the AT&T Stadium, Southfork Ranch, and DFW International Airport, all made out of Legos.

Kids and kids at heart must definitely stop by this fun center!

Knock Pins Down at Round1 Bowling & Amusement

Round1 Bowling & Amusement is a massive entertainment complex that will surely provide you and your family or friends with a fun-filled day!

This facility can be found on Grapevine Mills Parkway in Grapevine, just 13 minutes away from Flower Mound.

If you want to knock bowling pins down, sing your heart out at karaoke, or rack up hundreds of points in an arcade machine, then this is the place to be.

Spend your day with your loved ones and go bowling at this center.

You can also compete with your friends at the pool table.

There are also ping pong areas and dart boards all around this facility.

If you starve, don’t stress out because delicious food and refreshing drinks are also served here.

Get Up Close and Personal with Marine Life at SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium

See fishes, stingrays, and many other marine animals up close at SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium!

To get to this facility, you must go to Mills Mall in Grapevine, about 14 minutes away from Flower Mound.

Here, you’ll be able to check out the only 360-degree ocean tunnel in the state!

Get up close and personal with sea turtles, sharks, and many other creatures when you enter this tunnel.

You’ll also see all sizes of fish and different aquatic life, like sea anemones.

With more than ten stunning exhibits, this aquarium should definitely be on your list, especially if you love marine life!

Test Your Shooting Accuracy at Texas Gun Experience

See how good your shooting skills are when you come to Texas Gun Experience!

This facility is located downtown on Main Street in Grapevine and is 18 minutes away from Flower Mound.

Here, you can try shooting at a target with your gun of choice!

You’ll also learn how to store firearms and reload them appropriately.

If you want to hone your shooting skills, you can sign up for their training classes and let a professional teach you the ropes of shooting.

You can even bring a friend and compete against each other to see who shoots the middle of the target first!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a place to spend a relaxing day with friends or family or do fun and unique activities like shooting, you’ll find something to enjoy at Flower Mound!

With all these fun activities, there’s no excuse not to get out and explore what the town has to offer.

Take advantage of your trip and maximize your visit to the area by checking out these 15 best things to do in Flower Mound, Texas!

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