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15 Best Things to Do in Addison, TX

  • Published 2022/09/24

Visit the town of Addison to experience the most technologically progressive location in the state of Texas, named “Google’s 2014 E-City for the State of Texas”.

Situated in the north of Dallas County, Texas, Addison is famous for its overwhelmingly commercial and lively atmosphere, perfectly blending the diversity of a big city with the charm and ambiance of a small town.

With nearly 200 restaurants, small businesses, and other modern conveniences, the permanent residents at Addison live a unique and active lifestyle.

The town of Addison is rich in tourist destinations and attractions exclusive to the town.

It also holds special events for 29 weekends in Addison every year.

Here are the best things to do in Addison, Texas:

Revisit the History of Aviation at Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Kaydet and Texan aircraft at Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Alan Wilson , CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Cavanaugh Flight Museum, found at 4572 Claire Chennault Drive, is the best place in Addison to learn about aviation!

They’re a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and promoting aviation studies and topics and perpetuating aviation heritage.

Unfortunately, there are no formal museum-guided tours at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum for now.

Interior of Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Still, you can enjoy the museum independently by reading the informative signs near every collection, display, or aircraft.

You can also rent the place for events, such as corporate dinners, business meetings, holiday parties, or even weddings!

Thunderchief aircraft at Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

They have a vast entertainment space, a hangar, which provides plenty of airflow and room for 250 people for a seated dinner or buffet.

What are you waiting for?

Check out the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.

A chopper in Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Appreciate Art with the Watertower Theatre

Founded in 1996, the WaterTower Theatre is one of Texas’ leading professional theatre companies, the only professional theatre in the North Dallas area.

The group performs at the Addison Theatre Centre, an award-winning theatre that gives myriad options to reconfigure itself to accommodate each new production.

Whatever the play or performance needs, the theatre can adapt to the changes and give the audience an immersive and thrilling experience.

They present all sorts of arts and performances, like classics, contemporary plays, musicals, and other new forms of arts and works that should tickle your taste for the arts.

You can find the WaterTower Theatre’s Addison Theatre Centre at 15650 Addison Rd.

Prepare yourself for a novel experience and check out their upcoming shows!

Have a Laugh at Addison Improv

Have a blast laughing, drinking, or performing at Addison Improv.

Indulge your appetite with their menu, containing several common dishes such as chicken wings, salads, even desserts.

Of course, they also have beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Enjoy the atmosphere and laugh while enjoying your meal and drinks.

Check out Addison Improv at 4980 Belt Line Road #250.

Come home with a smile on your face, and stories to tell.

Learn Feats of Bravery at the American Fallen Soldiers National Gallery

Located on 14131 Midway Road Suite 100, the American Fallen Soldiers National Gallery pays tribute to the service members who died protecting freedom.

The gallery respects and honors the fallen members of the US military who, with great bravery, sacrificed their lives for the country.

Listen to the stories and experiences of those who have served through their personalized art and displays.

Families of these heroes can see these works for free and have unveiled during special events.

The American Fallen Soldiers National Gallery offers a place of peace, healing, and inspiration for all individuals through tours, veteran support groups, therapy, and others.

Visit now and appreciate the thousands of Americans who paid the price for their freedom!

See the Beauty of the Vitruvian Park

Trees decorated with Christmas lights at Vitruvian Park

Bert Templeton /

Vitruvian Park is a beautiful destination park with a spring-fed creek with over 19 acres of green space to stroll through.

It’s also a residential area with retail and commercial services attached to a park with trails, creeks, overlooks, and an amphitheater.

The park includes public arts, architectural fountains, ponds, and a walkway that follows the creek and connects to the other trails within Addison.

The waters of Vitruvian Park

Mike Fifer /

You can find this park at 3875 Ponte Avenue.

Visit Vitruvian Park and soothe your senses.

Taste the Best Beer of Your Life at Bitter Sisters Brewery

The Bitter Sisters Brewery is a family-run and owned brewery and the only production brewery in Addison.

Experience a one-of-a-kind tour at the brewery and prepare yourself for the taste of their beer.

They have a nice, clean, modern, almost futuristic-looking bar and dining area.

You can order meals alongside your beer, with a menu for groups of people to share, soups and salads, dessert, and even a kid’s menu.

Visit the Bitter Sisters Brewery at 15103 Surveyor Boulevard and spark your love of beer.

Hike the White Rock Creek Trail

White Rock Creek Trail is the perfect park for all that walking, with a destination and journey to boot.

Located at 14563-14501 Winnwood Road, the trail starts at the Addison Finance Building.

Enter the White Rock Creek Trail at the southeast corner of Belt Line Road.

Enjoy a delightful little hike, with creek overlooks and beautiful green views.

When you get tired or find a peaceful place to relax, there are multiple park benches, tables, and chairs for you to sit on.

Spend the Day at the White Rock Creek Trail!

Take a Stroll around the Addison Circle Park

Winter scene at Addison Circle Park

Marouanesitti /

Addison Circle Park is a beautiful commercialized park with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and a variety of restaurants.

They have ten acres of green space suitable for special events such as the Addison Oktoberfest, Addison After Dark: Harvest Hootenany, Kaboom Town, and many more.

The park is at 4950 Addison Circle Drive, and there are lots of parking spaces off or on street.

You can find features such as pavilions, and interactive fountains/splash pads that children like.

Likewise, you have a lot of water design elements that give an interactive and recreational function, a beautiful pergola, and two large stages perfect for events and performances.

The Addison Circle Park also has plenty of programs and activities outside special events and festivities, such as physical games, activities, and fitness classes.

Check out the park and don’t miss a day of festivities!

See Movies at the AMC Theatre at the Village On the Parkway 9

They say that you should see movies on the big screen, as it is the intended experience, adding to your immersion into the film.

Enjoy the best movie experience here at Addison at the AMC Movie Theatre at the Village On The Parkway 9.

Enjoy spacious rocking seats to comfortable luxury recliners, a wide variety of items on the menus, and premium services such as IMAX, Dolby Cinema, and Prime.

The AMC Theatres offers plenty of options to ensure you have the best movie experience.

Before or after the movie, stick around and hang out and visit the other shops and amenities at the Village on the Parkway 9.

They can be found at 5100 Belt Line Rd Suite 220.

Visit the AMC Movie Theatre at the Village on the Parkway 9!

Roll a Strike at the Bowlmor Lanes Dallas

The Bowlmor Lanes Dallas is a mix of a typical bowling alley, with the ambiance and vibe of a downtown nightclub, the flavor and options of a restaurant, and the heat and excitement of a competitive sport.

They provide a high-end or modern bowling experience, with plasma screens set up for viewing your current scores, bright neon lighting, and lanes that glow in the dark.

Even though it’s called Bowlmor Lanes Dallas, they also have other activities and play areas besides bowling.

They have video arcades, air hockey, sports bars, billiards, miniature golf, boardwalk games, ping pong tables, some DJ booths, private event facilities, rooms for parties, and even a full-service restaurant!

This is the perfect place for family gatherings, corporate team buildings, and general parties for the number of activities available for everyone.

You can find Bowlmor Lanes Dallas at 3805 Belt Line Road.

Visit now for a complete bowling experience!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Go Shopping at Galleria Dallas

Interior of Galleria Dallas

aphotostory /

The Galleria Dallas is a three-level shopping mall and mixed-use development complex with department stores, dining areas, restaurants, shops, a skating rink, and a hotel under one roof.

It is a perfect place to shop and do continuous activities with a variety of places to visit and shop.

They’re even starting events and programs every week, from art to events, stories, kid’s activities, and even their new green initiative.

Ice rink in Galleria Dallas

Shistorybuff, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can find this shopping center at 13350 Dallas Pkwy.

Since thousands of hotels surround it, Galleria Dallas is the perfect place to open that wallet!

This mall is in Dallas, seven minutes from Addison.

Take Quirky Photos at the Selfie Bar Museum of Luxe

Do you want to spice up your social media accounts?

Stop by the Selfie Bar Museum of Luxe and have your notifications explode, with all the likes and hearts, of course!

The Selfie Bar Museum of Luxe is a collection of unique interactive art installations centered on the life of luxury, setup in mind to create fun and interesting photos.

Check out 14 backdrops of various themes and designs.

You’ll get approximately an hour each to explore and take photos!

Buy tickets in advance and don’t forget your most prized camera or phone for photos.

Then, pack your outfit to match the backdrops, and finally, unleash your energy and smile to keep the picture beautiful.

The Selfie Bar Museum of Luxe is at 5100 Belt Line Road Suite.

The trip will be worth it because the photos you take might make people think you’ve visited several places!

Grab a Bite at the Blue Mesa Grill

Addison is famous for its booming restaurant businesses, and one of the notable ones is the Blue Mesa Grill.

They serve healthy and delicious Mexican food, with rich flavors popular with locals and tourists, which takes you back home.

With their vast brunch buffet with breakfast and lunch options, you will feel satisfied and exhausted when you leave, mainly because they offer three mimosas!

The Blue Mesa Grill is at 14866 Montfort Dr.

Try everything on the buffet, freshen up, and widen the tastes of that pallet.

Party All Night Long at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

Visitors highly recommend Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar for its high-energy vibe, generally a place to have a good time.

You can find the bar at 4980 Belt Line Road #200, Dallas, Texas, four minutes from Addison.

Each night, the best entertainers take the stage and perform hits from every era on the two grand pianos, creating unparalleled entertainment and fun.

When visiting, you should consider buying reservations online and have a VIP experience with the best seats in the house.

What are you waiting for?

Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar awaits you, your friends, co-workers, or your family to experience a musical, energy-filled party!

Try to Escape the PanIQ Room

Rack your brains to solve the puzzles and try to escape the PanIQ Room.

This escape room offers you and your friends an opportunity to experience being immersed in a whole new world—in a room!

Solve puzzles, search and find clues to help you escape, break codes, and use your brain to master every challenge and emerge victorious, lest you stay trapped forever.

They have highly thematic rooms, perfect for a thrilling night out with friends, family time, and corporate team buildings.

Visit PanIQ Room at 5302 Belt Line Road B in Dallas, Texas, six minutes from Addison.

Final Thoughts

Addison might be a town, but it certainly feels like a big city, with booming nightlife, restaurants, and other accessible commodities and activities.

Since the town has so many businesses, restaurants, and other activities, you need to plan your trip right.

Book your trip today and discover the best things to do in Addison, Texas!

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