15 Best Things to Do in Snyder, TX

Snyder, TX
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When people mention Texas, what comes to mind almost instantaneously are the ranches, horses, and buffalos.

Though mostly true, there is so much more to see in Texas, especially in Snyder.

Snyder is the county seat of Scurry County and is a city that’s better known as the ‘Land of the White Buffalo.’

Geographically, it is nestled in West Texas, some 90 miles from Abilene, Midland, San Angelo, and Lubbock.

In the past, herds of buffalos served as the backdrop of the city (thus, its nickname), but today, these have been replaced (almost) by blooming cotton fields, wind turbines, and tons of beautiful Texas sunsets.

Snyder is a great place for raising a family, as it is also great for shopping, relaxing, visiting, dining, and recreation.

Among the must-sees here include the SnTx Industrial Park, Mrs. Kathy’s, Cogdell Memorial Hospital, Windmill Ranch Reserve, and the Ritz Theatre.

There is the Scurry County Coliseum, which hosts area events and whose outside is accentuated by a small restored historic village and a locomotive engine.

The offerings of Snyder are never-ending, and the best way to see them is to come and experience the city yourself.

Interested to know more about this place?

Here are the 15 best things to do in Snyder, Texas:

Discover the History of West Texas at the Scurry County Museum

Name sign of Scurry County Museum
Billy Hathorn, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Scurry County has one of the country’s most colorful and interesting histories.

Reading about it in books is never enough, so do make sure to visit the Scurry County Museum during your stay in Snyder.

Explore the museum’s three unique galleries—the Scurry Gallery, the Texas Gallery, and the Lobby Gallery— each of which features interactive exhibits and engaging displays for visitors of all ages.

Go around and have a glimpse of the region’s exciting past, winding through open spaces with a plethora of artifacts, films, and narratives.

Aside from the permanent exhibits, you will love the rotating exhibits that frequent the museum, allowing you to see something special every time.

You will see that Scurry County has a rugged but rich history, as can be seen in its three galleries, 16,026 unique artifacts, and 1,064 stories shared.

Aside from welcoming more than 8,000 visitors each year, the Scurry County Museum is aiming to become a world-class research center.

Marvel at the White Buffalo Statue

According to history, there have only been seven white buffalos that had been shot in the county.

One of them is represented by a statue on Snyder’s courthouse square, shot by J. Wright Moore.

In the beginning, the statue was a fiberglass male, but somebody noticed that its hide is actually from a female.

So, Snyder raised funds and replaced the fiberglass bull with a bronze buffalo cow that was painted white.

When Moore shot the buffalo, the Indians that were present had a legend that the white buffalo would return someday.

And when it does, so will the Indians.

However, there has been no white buffalo spotted in Snyder in the last 100 years.

Continue Discovering the History of Scurry County at the 1818 Arthouse

If the exhibitions and collections at the Scurry County Museum make you thirst for more of the place’s history, then off you go to 26th St. and visit the 1818 Art House.

An extension museum, it promotes culture and arts through its galleries and working space for artists.

It also offers regular juried exhibitions and art activities for all ages.

It may be smaller than the main museum, but it definitely brims with interesting information that you won’t get any other way.

So, take your family and friends and, together, discover the history of Scurry County.

Shop for Unique Things at The Blessed Nest

Coming to Snyder isn’t all just about seeing its tourist attractions.

It is also a great opportunity to grab hold of interesting and unique things, especially home decors and other stuff.

Check out The Blessed Nest, a cute shop situated on the historic Snyder Square, specifically in a building that was built in the 1900s.

Explore the place and find junk, antiques, home decor, bath and body products, candles, specialty food, and clothing.

It has products by Vera Bradley, Brighton, and Puravida.

With its goal of giving its customers a rewarding, fair, and enjoyable shopping experience, you will surely have a great time shopping not just for yourself but for your friends and family as well.

Visit the Largest Park in Snyder—the Towle Memorial Park

There will be endless spots to discover in Snyder’s largest park, situated near Towle Park Pond and the US National Army Guard Recruiting.

Towle Memorial Park has an elevation of 714 meters, with various offerings for the entire family.

This park is primarily intended as a gathering place for the locals for different occasions, including the Fourth of July celebration.

The picnic areas provide a cool place for the family to sit down and bask in the ambiance, while the swimming pool and playground are perfect for some fun times for the kids.

The kids and the kids-at-heart can go fishing in the lake or test their stamina at the athletic fields.

You can also use the courts for croquet and tennis.

Make sure to look out for rare little animals that can be seen close at hand in this prairie-dog town.

Before leaving the place, make sure to see Engine No. 5 on display, which was the last locomotive used by Pacific, Snyder, and Roscoe Railroad.

Do a Round of Swingin’ at the Sammy Baugh Golf Course

Whether you are into golf or not, a visit to the Sammy Baugh Golf Course is a must!

Why not?

It’s located within the campus of the Western Texas College and is named after “Slingin’” Sammy Baugh, who was a collegiate and professional football Hall of Famer from the 1930s to the 1950s.

He was first connected with TCU and then with the Washington Redskins.

The golf course is a 9-hole facility with a practice putting green, chipping and bunker practice hole, and a large driving range.

It’s not your average golf course because it’s been named by the Dallas Morning News as one of the Top 10 in Texas for the best 9-hole courses.

Make sure to include a day out of your itinerary to experience this one-of-a-kind destination.

Try the Scurry County Golf Course

By now, you must already think that the locals of Snyder are avid golf enthusiasts.

That right, alright, but it’s not just for the locals but for the visitors as well.

The Scurry County Golf Course is also a 9-hole facility with medium-sized fairways, flat terrain, and two sets of tees for those who want the 18-hole round.

What makes this course unique is the combination holes, namely the three par 5s, three par 4s, and three par 3s.

The par 5s are all under 500 yards, while the par 3s are short.

If you didn’t bring your clubs with you to Snyder and you still want to come here, don’t worry because there are rental clubs and rental cars available.

Book the Dallas Cowboys Packages from VIP Sports Getaway

VIP Sports Getaway is your one-stop shop for Texas Rangers game trips and Dallas Cowboy trips.

When in Snyder, it’s always a great idea to book the Dallas Cowboys package for a lasting memory of your stay here.

With VIP Sports Getaway, you’ll have access to luxury transportation, game tickets, and full-service hotel accommodation.

You’ll also be able to join the Ultimate Bill Bates Tailgate Party.

The tailgate offers wine, margaritas, beer, and a catered meal by Eddie Deen’s BBQ Catering.

Feel excited to get autographs from Cowboys Legend Bill Bates himself, the three-time Super Bowl Champion.

That’s not all because you can also meet the Cowboys' official mascot, Rowdy, as well as Jackie Bob Pearson, an Alumni Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

Choose from the packages that suit your budget.

Whichever one you choose, this experience guarantees you a truly memorable time.

Indulge in Blackland Smokehouse’s Delicious BBQ

When you say Texas, it’s almost synonymous with BBQ!

So, when visiting Snyder, make sure to enjoy a delicious BBQ meal at Blackland Smokehouse!

Located on 26th St, you wouldn’t get lost finding the restaurant because it’s a favorite among both locals and visitors.

If you think you have a discriminating taste for BBQ, wait and see how you will find their food here.

The brisket is perfectly tender and thickly sliced.

It’s crusty around the edges and juicy with every bite.

It’s the melt-in-your-mouth goodness you’ll remember for days!

You’ll definitely be coming back for more.

Experience Gastronomic Heaven at the Butcher’s Block Eats and Drinks

Located on 25th Rd, this is the steakhouse restaurant for you.

They’re not just about steaks, but they also serve other dishes like pasta, pork chops, and more.

From appetizers and salads to main courses and desserts, there is something for everyone’s discriminating palate.

Down the meat with the restaurant’s wide array of drinks and soak up the ambiance of good food and great company.

Enjoy the Laidback Atmosphere of Mrs. Kathy’s Southern Comforts

Sit back and enjoy the warm and cozy atmosphere of Mrs. Kathy’s Southern Comforts.

What better way to experience the southern culture than through southern food?

It’s the closest thing to home cooking that you can find without breaking your pocket.

Remember the green beans your grandmother used to make for you?

Taste that again at Mrs. Kathy’s!

Baked potatoes? Chicken?

Get all the southern comforts here!

Experience the Ultimate Tailgate Events with VIP Sports Getaway

This event offers two options—General Admission Tailgate Ticket and Platinum Tailgate Ticket.

General Admission features a private party at the Boiling Tales Co.; Eddie Deen’s BBQ; a meet-and-greet session with Bill Bates, Rowdy, and Jackie Bob Pearson; live DJ; a jumbo TV; security; a large party area; and giveaways; among others.

The Platinum Tailgate Ticket, on the other hand, features a private, all-inclusive party, unlimited drinks, an open bar, Eddie Deen’s premium BBQ, a meet-and-greet session, a huge party area, and games, among others.

Whichever ticket you purchase, it’s going to be a ‘rowdy’ night with VIP Sports Getaway!

Discover History at the Scurry County Heritage Village

If you’ve never been to a heritage village, then don’t ever miss the Scurry County Heritage Village.

Located on East Coliseum Drive, it aims to restore and preserve acquisitions that record Scurry County’s unique history.

In 1981, the first structure was moved into the village, which was the Cornelius-Dodson Home.

It was the oldest residence in Snyder, built in 1883.

Then, the Dermott School followed in 1988.

It was the school from the Community of Dermott, established in 1923.

The Hermleigh Calaboose was moved into the village in 1993, which was Hermleigh Texas’ small jail built in 1913.

Coming here is like taking a walk through the history of Scurry County in just one area.

Join Other RVs at the Key RV Park

Coming to Snyder in an RV?

It’s got the perfect place for you and your recreational vehicle.

Key RV Park is located on Tuscola Avenue, offering a campground with specialized accommodations for RVs.

It allows overnight stays and has amenities that include water and electrical hookups for visitors.

You’ll get to meet other RV owners who might want to join you on your excursions around Snyder.

Follow the Scurry County Park Nature Trail

If you feel like exploring the outdoors but don’t want to spend an entire day for it, follow the Scurry County Park Nature Trail.

It’s only a 1.61-kilometer loop that you can complete in just 25 minutes.

You can either walk or run, but you’ll definitely love that there are not a lot of people in this area.

It’s easy to conquer, but it doesn’t tire you too much.

It’s also perfect for visitors who want to breathe in some fresh air.

Final Thoughts

Snyder may not be your typical tourist destination, but it is one place that deserves to be visited and admired.

One thing is for sure, though—Snyder boasts history, food, and entertainment.

Whatever the season, you should come here and experience the ambiance and flavors of Snyder.

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