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15 Best Things to Do in Montgomery, TX

  • Published 2022/04/23

An hour’s drive north of Houston takes you to the quaint city of Montgomery.

Despite its size, Montgomery has a significant history tied to Texas.

Its nickname “Birthplace of the Texas Lone Star Flag,” Montgomery was an essential trading and farming area in the Texan region back in the 1800s.

It’s also one of Texas’s oldest cities, formerly known as Lake Creek Settlement but was chartered into its cityhood in 1837.

Today, Montgomery maintained its peaceful ambiance despite today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Thus, Montgomery makes an ideal weekend destination for a short excursion and leisure.

It has numerous historical and natural attractions that call for a tour throughout the small city.

In addition, Montgomery offers an eclectic collection of local restaurants, shops, and businesses that add more excitement to your trip there.

If you’re planning to visit this small Texan city soon, here are the 15 best things to do in Montgomery, TX:

Enjoy the Outdoors at Lake Conroe

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East of Montgomery takes you to Lake Conroe, a beautiful natural attraction many people love to visit.

Lake Conroe spans 22,000-acres with more than 150-miles of shoreline.

This vast lake is an excellent destination for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Even Houston tourists visit Lake Conroe to enjoy its beauty and the activities available there.

Whether you’re visiting there to have a picnic or do outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and swimming, there are plenty of things to enjoy at Lake Conroe.

However, many people consider Lake Conroe a top-notch fishing destination.

Many heads there to cast their line and spend the day catching local fish species such as bass.

Lake Conroe’s shorelines are filled with marinas, making it a convenient fishing destination for anglers.

At the same time, there are dozens of boat rentals you can choose from.

In addition, there are many lodgings available at Lake Conroe if you want to spend the night there.

Get to Know Montgomery’s History at the Fernland Historical Park

Fernland Historical Park along Clepper Dr is Montgomery’s several parks that feature beautiful landscapes displaying pre-Civil War and post-Civil War houses.

Start your Montgomery travel adventure by wandering through this historic and beautiful outdoor attraction.

Its museum, which serves as the main building, features exhibits displaying artifacts, photographs, and documents that detail Montgomery’s backstory.

Aside from the 1800s-era houses, the Fernland Historical Park also has a butterfly garden, picnic area, greenery, reading area, and beautiful waterfalls.

The Fernland Historical Park is truly a fantastic place to visit in Montgomery, especially if you’re a history buff.

Learn Fascinating History at the Nat Hart Davis Pioneer Complex

The Nat Hart Davis Pioneer Complex along Liberty Street is another historical attraction you need to check out in Montgomery.

This place, owned by the Montgomery Historical Society, features the original accessories and furnishings from the city’s early settlers in the 1800s displayed in its museum situated in the complex.

It’s a fascinating place to visit in Montgomery if you’re keen to learn more about the city’s history.

In addition, the Montgomery Historical Society can take you further through the city’s history by touring you around other historic buildings they are maintaining.

Overall, a tour through the Nat Hart Davis Pioneer Complex is a worthwhile experience that you shouldn’t miss while visiting Montgomery.

Buy Unique Products at Jenkins Sunshine Farm

The Jenkins Sunshine Farm along Jackson Road has been offering visitors in Montgomery a unique experience for the past 15 years.

This farm lets visitors experience farm life in the most fun way.

At the same time, it offers a wide array of homemade products made from organic ingredients sourced straight from its farms.

Suppose you’re an avid fan of organic products.

In that case, Jenkins Sunshine Farm offers fresh organic produce, eggs, herbs, and flowers, which you can take home from your trip to Montgomery.

This place is a recommended attraction in Montgomery for those who love to consume organic products and seek a relaxing experience with their family.

Visit the Charming Cedar Brake Park

The Montgomery City Council built a five-acre city park in 1995 across the local post office, which eventually became one of the city’s most visited green open spaces.

The Cedar Brake Park is an area teeming with centuries-old cedar trees that witness Montgomery’s history.

These cedar trees have existed since the 1800s during Montgomery’s early years.

One of Cedar Brake Park’s most beautiful features is the vast pavilion.

In addition, it has a three-tiered fountain and a cast bronze statue of CB Stewart.

This Montgomery city park is a must-visit place if you’re looking for a relaxing place to stroll in the mornings or afternoons.

Unwind at the Naked Turtle Tavern

The Naked Turtle Tavern is the go-to watering hole for locals who want to unwind after a tiring day at work in Montgomery.

This local bar offers a lively environment and an excellent selection of drinks.

In addition, this bar has numerous specialties offered each day, from entertainment to exciting events.

It hosts bingo events, karaoke nights, weekend parties, and live games.

Furthermore, it has pool tables, dartboards, and other entertainment that keeps you occupied while sipping your favorite alcoholic drink.

If you’re looking for a place in Montgomery to wrap up your day from visiting attractions, check out Naked Turtle Tavern along TX-105.

Pamper Yourself at the Deer Lake Lodge Resort and Spa

If you’re seeking a different kind of unwinding, visit the Deer Lake Lodge Resort and Spa along Deer Lake Lodge Road in Montgomery.

Aside from its cozy accommodation, this local resort offers a unique spa and wellness experience that focuses on detoxification.

Suppose you’re yearning for pampering and self-care.

In that case, the Deer Lake Lodge Resort and Spa offers top-notch services from diet and exercise to numerous therapies.

You will have a rejuvenating experience after staying at the Deer Lake Lodge Resort and Spa.

Stroll through Memory Park

Memory Park along Bessie Price Owens Drive in Montgomery is the signature project of the Rotary Club of Lake Conroe.

It boasts scenic views of its garden area, extensive pond, and walkways.

It also features various projects of the Eagle Scouts, a pet memorial, a veteran’s plaza, and a path that leads to the Fenland Historical Park and Memory Park.

Locals in Montgomery love to visit this park for relaxation and outdoor activities.

In addition, Memory Park also has a waterfall area where you’ll find the giant buffalo statue of Tatanka, which makes it an excellent place to take photos.

Overall, Memory Park is a relaxing and clean outdoor attraction in Montgomery, perfect for bringing your family or travel buddies.

Experience Farm Life at the P-6 Farm

The P-6 Farm along Poole’s Road in Montgomery is a former cattle company founded in 1973.

This farm, which served as a ranch, was converted into a more diverse farm, later becoming an attraction in Montgomery.

Today, it provides locals and visitors of Montgomery with a fun and educational experience about agriculture.

It offers interactive tours and workshops that provide a unique experience to families and groups about farming.

Farm animal petting, feeding, pumpkin patch picking, hayrides, etc., are the best activities you can enjoy at P-6 Farm.

So, if you have spare time, make sure to drop by P-6 Farm and experience farm life in the most fun way.

Attend Events at the Lone Star Community Center

The Lone Star Community Center in Montgomery is where most locals hold events.

From community events to birthdays, weddings, and other occasions, the Lone Star Community Center is the go-to place for various affairs in Montgomery.

In addition, this venue is packed with various community-related events scheduled regularly.

Hence, you might catch some fascinating local events that let you further immerse with locals in the city.

Appreciate Vintage Cars at Old Ironworks

There is always something special with vintage cars; you should not miss visiting Montgomery’s Old Ironworks along Lone Star Pkwy.

The Old Ironworks is an incredible place to see well-maintained vintage cars still in excellent condition.

Visiting this place is like driving down memory lane, especially when you step inside its vast showroom filled with vintage cars in pristine conditions.

At Old Ironworks, you’ll come across a rare 1915 Stutz Bearcat to modern sports cars, featuring almost a century of automobile history.

In addition, Old Ironworks is also top-notch in car restoration services since it opened in 2012.

Old Ironworks also features the main garage, a custom fabrication workshop, a separate body workshop, and other sections aside from the main showroom.

This attraction in Montgomery is truly a haven for vintage car enthusiasts.

Dine & Stay at a Historic House at the Hodge Podge Lodge

Hodge Podge Lodge is known for its beautifully-preserved 1800s estate.

This bed & breakfast and restaurant are among the best places to stay and dine when you visit Montgomery.

Historically, before it became the Hodge Podge Lodge, this was the Willis Family residence in 1854.

In 2012, the house was converted into what it is today, serving locals and visitors in Montgomery as a top-notch events center and a cozy bed and breakfast.

The current owners of the Hodge Podge Lodge continue to take care to preserve the history of this house while adding more features to improve its amenities and services.

Its restaurant “The Eatery” offers an incredible menu featuring a wide array of food items from seafood, beef, poultry, pork, pasta, etc.

Check out Hodge Podge Lodge and appreciate its timeless charm when you’re in Montgomery.

Tee Up at the Golf Club at La Torretta

The 18-hole Golf Club at La Torretta Lake Resort is one of the most beautiful golf courses you’ll visit in Montgomery.

This championship course, designed by Dave Marr and Jay Riviere, spans 6,794 yards, features more than 50 bunkers, and is surrounded by beautiful fountains, treelines, waterfalls, and lakes.

Spending your day there is undoubtedly worthwhile, considering the top-notch golf you can play and the sceneries you enjoy.

In addition, the golf club has other amenities like practice ranges, a club cafe, and many more.

Eat Delicious Meal at a Vintage Restaurant at Magnolia Diner

The Magnolia Diner is known throughout Montgomery for its 50’s-style diner that takes you back into the golden years.

Moreover, the restaurant is known for its Texas-sized servings, which will surely fill anyone’s tummies.

After a long and tiring day roaming through Montgomery, it’s the perfect diner to spend your evening with.

Plus, they use fresh ingredients sourced from local farms and are hand-made every day using their homemade recipes.

They are known for their classic comfort food that won’t just treat your palette but also gives you a unique dining experience.

Stretch Your Muscles at the Walden Racquet Club

The Walden Racquet Club along Walden Road in Montgomery is a top-notch sports facility situated on the shores of Lake Conroe.

It features a dozen premier outdoor tennis courts and four indoor courts.

In addition, it has eight lighted courts for those who want to play in the evening.

It also has a fully-equipped pro shop featuring the best tennis sneakers, racquets, balls, gear, and apparel.

If you’re looking for a place to sweat out with your travel buddies or loved ones, the Walden Racquet Club won’t disappoint you.

It has a weekly clinic for players in all levels, while a regular tournament tests your mettle.

Aside from top-notch tennis courts, the Walden Racquet Club also has a fitness center if you want to burn some calories.

Before heading home from your Montgomery travel adventure, play tennis or have a productive workout at the Walden Racquet Club.

Final Thoughts

Montgomery is an excellent travel destination for those who want to have a break from their daily grind.

Its simple life and peaceful ambiance are genuinely infectious; you’ll instantly feel relaxed while wandering through its streets.

Montgomery is definitely worth your time and effort.

Use this post as your itinerary for an unforgettable travel experience in Montgomery.

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