15 Best Things to Do in San Angelo, TX

San Angelo, TX
Chelsea Mendenhall / shutterstock.com

Located at the beauteous Concho River at Texas, the city of San Angelo is a calmer refuge to travelers.

The presence of the Concho makes it one of the cities with the most scenic views.

Other things that set the city aside are the bounty of heritage monuments and offices present here, the historic 1660s U.S.

army post is located here, there are some prestigious air bases and museums like the famous Fort Concho museum by the river, to show the rich U.S. and Texan history.

There are multiple restored buildings here with an array of priceless artifacts and national memorabilia.

This entire aspect aside, the city is also blessed with eye catching nooks and corners of nature.

The International Water lily Collection is a prime example to that along with the huge State Park or the Nature Center.

The Concho line is decked with 19th and 20th century buildings to add the vintage feel to the city.

All the peace and beauty aside, being a Texas City, San Angelo does not fail have an active night life with numerous pubs and bars.

All these add up to make it a perfect location for a good getaway, so deck up your lists with unique activities.

Treat Your Senses at The International Waterlily Colelction

The International Water Lily & Water Gardening Society awarded San Angelo’s International Water lily Collection as the finest abode of lilies of endless variety in existence, in the entire world!

Once you enter the premises, the garden makes you feel like you are at a scene from a Shakespearean Eden or mythological cornucopia.

The famous scientist, poet and florist Ken Garden can be credited with the building of this lily empire.

The collection is located at the Park Street area.

A gem of Texas, stop by here to walk around the multiple ponds featuring gorgeous varieties of lilies each with a breath taking name like Violas and Peace!

The variants come internationally from places like Africa and Europe.

This collection is however not only limited to lilies alone, it houses some of the most precious local varieties of Texas plants to soothe your senses.

Know about so many plants and flowers while witnessing the magical palm to plate sized leaves floating smoothly on the water.

Walk by the scented rose bushes and click all the pictures you want with your dear ones.

The entry to this place is free too.

A Trip to The Notoriously Famous Bordello Museum of Miss Hattie

Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum
Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most notoriously famous places for adults, the heritage Miss Hattie’s Bordello is without a doubt one of the most visited and exciting destinations for travellers.

Located at the Concho Avenue, this place does not allow children below six years of age for the right reasons.

Enter the bordello and get thoroughly amused by a deeply lifelike and detailed ambient history of how these places used to work with tidbits about Miss Hattie and her girls.

The cards, bottles of liquor, chairs, costumes, bedrooms, memorabilia, couches and all the props are preserved as they were at those times.

This Bordello operated in Texas from the 1902s until it was shut down by the Rangers of Texas on 1952.

Along with this there is also a jewelry store on the few doors down, make sure to check it out.

Enjoy a River Walk by The Concho

Concho River
Chelsea Mendenhall / Shutterstock.com

One of the most scenic walking areas of San Angelo, the Concho River Walk is located around the Veterans Memorials area.

A park and a heritage walking area, this place has something for everyone to enjoy.

There is a huge kindergarten playground for the toddlers to keep themselves busy.

The senior citizens can simply sit by the riverside benches and watch the serene views.

The adults can do a range of things from taking a walk around the scenic riverside or going biking, feeding the group of ducks at the banks and a lot more.

The entire area is enveloped with lush grass and autumn hued trees by the river.

Learn About the Intriguing Concho Fort

Fort Concho
Vami IV, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most prestigious sites of Texas, the Fort Concho area has a lot to offer.

There is the cavalry which was built just after the Civil War in 1867 and kept serving till1889.

It is located at the Oakes Street.

The famous “buffalo soldiers” as we call them today belonged to this place.

There are priceless artifacts like the canons used, machinery and others.

The fanciest part is that entire scenes are enacted thoroughly by performers staying over here.

They show everything from horse riding to arming themselves and the routine acts.

This unique place deserves a visit.

Spend Some Quality Time at The San Angelo State Park

State Park of San Angelo
Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

True adventure calls for finding interest in nature’s solitude, the beauty in it.

The State Park of San Angelo is nothing like the typically restrained and limited parks.

Reach this park and lose yourself in the serene whimsy of these lands.

There are endless fields mixing into the pink horizon, there are mustard yellow sunflower fields in full bloom.

There’s wildlife too to add to the adventure.

Freely enjoy any activity you want to pursue from endless biking to horseback riding to running and camping too.

The place is filled with camping sites and picnic areas assuring a thrilling experience.

The Breathtaking Visitor’s Center Is a Must Spot

The Visitor’s Center is truly a uniquely built structure at San Angelo.

It looks more like a heritage museum and the indoors are meant to royally impress you too.

It is located along the banks of the award winning Concho River walk.

There are little creatures like ducks and squirrels.

There is a huge scenic fountain built with rocky sculptures which steals your attention.

There are multiple art installations too to add to the value and beauty.

There is a man-made stream guaranteed to impress you.

Inside are brochures and guides to tell you about the history of San Angelo.

A Day of Adventure Petting the Animals at The San Angelo Nature Center

The wildlife of Texas is well known and San Angelo is no exception to that.

The Nature Center is located at the Knickerbocker Road and serves as a wildlife reserve too.

There is a playground area for children.

There are sitting areas, grounds.

The real interest comes up with the huge list of animals they shelter here starting from Macaws to different varieties of reptiles like endless snakes, chameleons, rodents, to turtles and tortoises.

Not only can you look as closely as you want to, you can also pet many of them!

Take your dear ones for a fun day.

Tour the Most Unique Chicken Farm Art Center

This unique landmark is located at the Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Filled with amazingly separating ambiances, this place is one of the most unique art galleries you will have ever visited.

As they call it, it is San Angelo’s cornerstone of the art communities.

This gallery was formed in 1971 and now proudly promotes the finest artists and art pieces of West Texas.

Filled with colorful pieces of abstract and modern art, this place has things like a restaurant, B & B, and art as well as music events throughout the year.

It houses more than 15 resident artist studios.

Witness the True Art Around the City Through the Historic Murals

Apart from systematic galleries, the true unrestrained artistic temperament of the city becomes evident through the breathtaking and magnanimous historic murals present in San Angelo.

These larger than life paintings cover almost all the ages.

It also covers the kind of evolving lifestyles over the years and centuries in San Angelo.

These murals have a great history etched within them speaking of Texas stories.

Being scattered all around the city, they increase the artistic value of San Angelo, giving it a much more artsy appeal.

You will find cavalry stories, war stories, air base events painted in these beautiful murals.

Look Around the Liveliest Models at The San Angello Railway & Heritage Museum

San Angelo Railroad Museum
Billy Hathorn, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This outstandingly detailed museum is located at the Chadbourne Street.

Whether or not you are a rain lover, the collections here will baffle you.

It was a passenger depot built in 1910.

Every little memorabilia from century old staff costumes to tea cups and plates, old war time trunks are preserved and kept on display for tourists.

There are rail equipment going as back as the 1850s, multiple running model layouts, hundreds of historic pictures throughout the century.

To add the sparkle to this, there are as many as seven live sized railroad engines along with cars inside this museum.

A Mystic Walk Through the Precious Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine arts in San Angelo
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This cozy Center for Fine Arts is located at the Love Street.

As massive and significant it looks on the inside, it justifies the appearance with some highly royal collections.

It has valuables ranging from folk art to ethnic representation to custom uniforms, art pieces from all around Texas and much more.

There are preserved sets of royal cutlery, enough to blow your mind with its beauty.

World class sculptures and paintings are on display too.

Events are held throughout the year here.

Live musical performances at the hall are another perk.

World class affordable ceramic collection is available too.

Drink to Your Heart’s Content at The Soco Taphouse and Brew Company

Touring so many places must need an entertaining and rejuvenating break.

Grab your drink and quench your thirst at one of the most famous brewing companies of San Angelo.

The range and selection of drinks is famously adored here with a specialization in beers.

The atmosphere gets full point too due to the warm and cozy ambiance and décor of the area.

The owners and staff are the friendliest people around and will give you a detailed tour of the taphouse.

The seating arrangements allow you to bond with the locals who visit often to vibe with travellers over a glass of beer

Take a Trip to The Serene Lake Nasworthy

Lake Nasworthy
Billie J Anderson / Shutterstock.com

If you are at San Angelo looking for a quieter refuge in the arms of nature but also an active location, Lake Nasworthy can be your sweet spot.

Named after John R.Nasworthy, this lake provides water to the city and the nearby areas.

Out of the many activities people practice here, diving and swimming in the beautiful waters is a favorite.

Others include fishing at the lake, playing water activities and games by the lake with your family or dear one, or even going boating by the lake.

Picnics, cookouts and camping are other favorite activities.

Go for A Visit to The Goodfellow Air Force Base

Firefighter Memorial at Goodfellow air force base
An Errant Knight, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This is located at the Kearney Boulevard area.

In spite of being a base on the smaller end, this is worth a visit.

This military base holds of supreme importance to the Texan history.

There is the famous exchange area too.

You will also get to see some of the most well trained firefighters at this base due to one of the best firefighting schools in Texas present here.

The rescue personnel are a treat to watch too.

There is a movie theatre and an events center too.

Make sure you carry a proper id and you are good to go.

A Warm Evening Fo Entertainment at The Theatres of San Angelo

A good trip might end with a good show.

San Angelo provides travellers with theatres like the Be Theatre and the Angelo Civic Theatre to make that happen.

The Be Theatre is located at the Gillis Street and provides a varied range of shows and events too.

It is extremely affordable and for a small theatre the quality of shows is of national standards.

Classic, romances, tragedies and comedies, dramas, musicals, monologues, cabarets, events and many other shows are performed here.

There is a feature called “improv night”, sitting is comfortable and staffs are friendly, making it in the checklist.

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