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20 Best Things to Do in Port Aransas, TX

  • Published 2022/04/10

A city in Mustang Island, Port Aransas will feel like a slice of paradise to those who love water and adventure.

The city is located on the Gulf of Mexico and boasts over 18 miles of beaches.

There are many activities to indulge in here: parasailing, deep-sea fishing, kayaking, and surfing, to name a few.

Does this tropical escape sound like your ideal travel destination?

Keep reading to discover about the city and what it has to offer.

Here are the best things to do in Port Aransas, Texas:

Go on a Kayaking Adventure

Port Aransas is a haven for those who love clear waters and water-related fun.

The Mustang Island Paddling Trail is one of the best places to glide along the city’s smooth waters.

Are you looking for equipment?

You can rent a kayak and have all the fun you want here.

The Lighthouse Lakes Paddling Trail in Aransas Pass is another great place to enjoy water activities.

When you go through the waters, you’ll often find yourself in between marshy lands and mangrove forests—and that’s precisely what makes Port Aransas so beautiful.

The stunning amalgamation of the waters and nature is a sight to behold.

You can even fish on these kayaking trips.

Want to see some sea birds?

Find them sitting along the shores.

Being part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife park systems, these trails are incredibly well-maintained and are fun to navigate through.

Try Out Deep-Sea Fishing

People fishing at Port Aransas

Edgar Lee Espe /

You can enjoy all sorts of water-related activities in Port Aransas’ magnificent waters.

The best place to go on a fishing trip here happens to be the harbor you can find right in front of Cotter Street.

Be it tuna or tarpon, you can get your hands on various types of fish right here.

A fast moving fishing boat on the waters of Port Aransas

Edgar Lee Espe /

There is something even more adventurous you can enjoy in this area: deep-sea fishing.

Never tried it?

This is just the place to experience it.

Venture out into the wild ocean, organize a deep-sea fishing trip with a tour operator, and perhaps find yourself getting into a new hobby.

People fishing at Port Aransas' pier

Stephanie A Sellers /

Go Parasailing and Enjoy a Bird’s-Eye View of Port Aransas

Parasailing is one of the best ways to see all the views of Port Aransas.

There are several organizations that offer the best parasailing experiences in the city.

The journey mainly starts from the Lydia Ann Channel.

When you glide along the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll be able to see some of the city’s top attractions.

The iconic Aransas Point Lighthouse and the remnants of the USS Worthington are just some examples.

Did you know you could see dolphins up there, too?

When parasailing, the water looks clear, and the sky looks as blue as ever.

It is indeed a magical experience.

Every safety precaution is taken, so you can safely go to a height of up to 300 feet.

You’ll have an experience of a lifetime parasailing in Port Aransas.

Spot Beautiful Birds on the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail

Birdwatching is one of the most popular activities to enjoy in Port Aransas, and the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail is one of the top places to do just that.

Six parts of this iconic trail are located in Port Aransas.

If you are passionate about birds and their activities, this is the right place for you.

There are many observation towers and boardwalks around the area, providing the ultimate birdwatching experience.

The best time you can get a chance to watch more than 400 different types of birds is during the fall or the spring.

The migration period is the best time to visit, as Port Aransas is part of the famous Central Flyway migration route.

During this time, birds of all types and colors flock to the area.

Have the City’s Best Coffee at Coffee Waves

Exterior of Coffee Waves in Port Aransas

Edgar Lee Espe /

When on an adventure-filled vacation, having coffee is a must.

On your visit to Port Aransas, skip the international coffee chains and choose local.

There is a local coffee shop in Texas called Coffee Waves with just three branches all over the state—and fortunately, one of them happens to be in Port Aransas.

Drop by and have the barista whip you up a caffeinated concoction.

Be it a latte or a macchiato, or just a plain old brewed coffee, Coffee Wave serves it best.

They hold several in-house events, like live music performances, to entertain their customers.

With beach views and vibes to add to the mix, Coffee Waves offers guests the ultimate Port Aransas coffee shop experience.

Enjoy the Annual Texas SandFest

Did you know that there is something such as a sandcastle building contest?

If joining one of these was one of your childhood fantasies, you can make it come true on your trip to Port Aransas.

Tourists are welcome to join the fun, build sandcastles, and try their hand at winning the contest.

The famous Texas SandFest takes place every spring—if you happen to be in town during this time, don’t miss this opportunity to participate in the festivities.

However, if you happen to visit during a different time of year, you can still build your own sandcastles here, as Port Aransas boasts some of the best beaches in America.

Get Up Close and Personal with Beautiful Dolphins

Dolphins in Port Aransas

LaVonna Moore /

Do you want to meet some friendly dolphins up close?

You can often see a lot of dolphins in Port Aransas as they tend to travel near the shore.

If you want to interact, they might even jump and peck at you.

Dolphins underwater in Port Aransas

LaVonna Moore /

Add a cruise to your itinerary, and you’ll most definitely see more of these dolphins swimming along with your ship.

They’re very friendly and interactive and will attract your kids, too.

The little ones will surely get excited to see these sea creatures from a close distance.

Visit Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

Cranes at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

William Cushman /

Whooping cranes are almost an endangered species, but you can get a chance to see some of them if you make a trip to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.

Located along the San Antonio Bay, the refuge comprises nothing but peaceful nature trails filled with wildlife.

An abandoned pier in Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

Wildnerdpix /

If you are a bird lover or are passionate about extinct species, this might be your chance to see an endangered species right before your eyes.

Authorities organize this trip all year round, so you can book yourself a seat no matter what time of year you happen to visit.

A crane mid-flight in Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

William Cushman /

Watch the Sunrise from the Beach

Beautiful sunrise in Port Aransas

His Hands Photography /

Sunrises are always heavenly, and the ones in Port Aransas deserve a special mention.

Every local knows how wonderful the city’s sunrises happen to be.

So, get up early and take your partner along with you.

Scenic sunrise reflecting on Port Aransas waters

B Norris /

While you make your way to the dark beach, wait a while with your backs on the sandy beaches and gaze at the horizon.

Watching the sunrise in Port Aransas will surely be one of the most memorable experiences.

Silhouette of birds during sunrise at Port Aransas


Spend the Day at Mustang Island State Park

Waters waves of Mustang Island State Park

Jeremy Pawlowski /

Nineteenth-century Port Aransas saw a lit of mustangs, and Mustang Island State Park was named after that legacy.

The park has some of the most pleasant beaches, and you can take part in many recreational activities here.

Waves crashing on Mustang Island State Park's rocky shore

Agave Photo Studio /

Do you want to try out surfing in Port Aransas?

Mustang Island State Park is just the place to ride the waves.

You can also go swimming, kayaking, hiking, or birdwatching in Mustang Island State Park.

Exterior of a beach house in Mustang Island State Park

Dori Lyn /

Go on a Pirate Cruise

A boat read for the Pirate Cruise

LaVonna Moore /

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on a pirate ship?

Port Aransas has some of the best experiences lined up just for you.

Board a pirate ship and experience what it was like back in the old days.

For the ultimate experience, you can join a pirate cruise.

Scenic sunset during a Pirate Cruise

Tricia Daniel /

Red Dragon Pirate Cruises provides trips in an old-fashioned pirate ship.

They made the ship accurate, having copied every intricate detail from an actual pirate ship.

You can even see flags and cannons on the ship.

You’ll find modern amenities on the ship: a dining room, cabins, bars, and even a dancing deck.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane at the Port Aransas Museum

Want to get a hold of the local history?

Don’t worry—Port Aransas Museum is here to tell you all about it.

The building was constructed in the 1900s.

The Port Aransas Preservation and Historical Association received it as a donation.

There are a lot of displays that showcase the city’s history and culture.

It is an excellent place to spend an afternoon and get to know everything there is to know about the site.

Want to see some really interesting stuff?

The artifacts at the museum include a Fresnel lens from Lydia Ann Lighthouse.

There are a lot of photographs from the past, too.

Explore the Charming Roberts Point Park

Roberts Point Park

Stephanie A Sellers /

Roberts Point Park is one of the quaint locations you need to check out when you are on vacation in Port Aransas.

It is not exactly in the heart of the city, but its location is quite gorgeous.

The peninsular park is situated quite close to Corpus Christi Ship Channel.

A pelican at Roberts Point Park

Stephanie A Sellers /

There are some pleasant ways to enjoy yourself in this park.

One of the best things to do is here is to join the locals and take part in a fishing competition.

The Patsy Jones Amphitheater is another attractive spot in this park.

There is also an educational xeriscape garden that you can check out.

Go Skydiving and Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Have you ever gone skydiving?

If not, this is the best place to get started with that.

Port Aransas is a haven for countless adventure activities, and skydiving is just one of them.

Don’t worry, as they take all the necessary safety precautions, and you’ll have an expert right there with you.

Skydiving generally takes place in the Hangar 1 area of the airport in Port Aransas.

You can even book a package where they will have you land on the beach with a vast parachute flowing above you.

Go around San Jose Island

San Jose is a beautiful island that deserves all your appreciation.

Not only is the place good-looking, but there is also no sign of mankind here.

You won’t find any shops or restaurants on San Jose Island.

It is an undisturbed piece of land entirely for nature lovers.

You cannot find a region more isolated than this one.

Want to swim?

The waters are crystal clear, and there is no one besides other tourists to disturb you.

It is a pedestrian-friendly area, and you will not see any cars here.

Try Deep-Sea Fishing with Badfish Sportfishing

A state-of-the-art sport vessel is used by Badfish Sportfishing for deep-sea fishing expeditions.

This outfitter is ideal if you’re seeking fun things to do in Port Aransas and want to go fishing on a beautiful boat.

A U.S. Coast Guard-licensed skipper and a state-of-the-art watercraft are provided for the fishing trip.

It has a bedroom, a salon, a bathroom with a shower and a sink.

Each fishing expedition lasts from 8 to 36 hours.

Book a deep-sea fishing trip with this local charter, and you and your friends will never forget it.

Learn to catch a variety of fish by casting your line out into the water and seeing how far you can go.

There is also a bar where you can sit back and relax while your pals or partner cast their lines.

Catch a Play at the Port Aransas Community Theatre

Since its inception more than two decades ago, the Port Aransas Community Theatre has presented a wide variety of exciting performances.

Are you looking for indoor activities to keep you and your travel companions occupied while rainy or cold?

If so, you’ll want to check out this lovely community theater.

At this location, there may be unprecedented performances by highly accomplished artists and musicians and concerts for all ages throughout the summers.

Take in a live performance at the Port Aransas Community Theatre with your friends for a couple of hours.

Theatrical performances, musicals, and concerts by local performers are just a few alternatives available to you.

During the summer, you may also join in entertaining activities like trying to break free from an escape room.

Gaze at Various Local Works at Port Aransas Art Center

The city is not only a place to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Port Aransas has a flourishing creative and artistic scene as well.

The Port Aransas Art Center is an art gallery with a permanent collection of mixed-media works, monthly exhibits, and art workshops.

Perfect for those who wish to learn more about art, the center is a place where individuals of all ability levels may come together.

Check out the gallery’s gift store before leaving for one-of-a-kind artwork and exhibit-related things.

Tee Off at Palmilla Beach Golf Club

Golfers may enjoy a round of golf at Palmilla Beach Golf, which has an on-site restaurant and other facilities.

For those looking for locations to play golfing nowadays, a visit to a nicely kept golf course like this one is the best option.

Electric golf boards, a driving range, and a world-class restaurant with a wide variety of mouth-watering foods are among its amenities.

Enjoy a memorable round of golf at Palmilla Beach Golf, whether it’s just the two of you or a group.

Putting green, driving about the region, and the like are all great ways to spend your time at this site.

The hotel’s award-winning restaurant is also a great place to recharge your batteries and relax after a long day of sightseeing.

Final Thoughts

Despite being less known, Port Aransas is nevertheless a worthwhile destination.

Make this coastal city your next travel destination and enjoy white dunes, crystal-clear seas, and family-friendly activities.

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