15 Best Things to Do in Port Aransas

15 Best Things to Do in Port Aransas

The exclusive spot of Mustang Island- Port Aransas might feel like a slice of paradise if you love the waters and adventure. There are too many activities you can indulge in here.

Parasailing, deep-sea fishing, kayaking, surfing- are just to name a few. So, put on your adventure pants and get on a plane for Port Aransas is just waiting for you! These are the top 15 things to do in Port Aransas-

Enjoy some kayaking experience

Port Aransas is a haven for those who love the clear waters. And, water-related fun? There is no end to that here. You can find any kind of adventure here with the waters. So, buckle up, and get ready for this is going to be a wild trip that will get your blood pump with adrenaline.

The Mustang Island Paddling Trail is one of the best places where you can glide along the smooth waters of Port Aransas. Looking for equipment? You can just rent a kayak and have all the fun you want to have.

The Lighthouse Lakes Paddling trail is another one of the best waters which are located in Aransas Pass.

When you go through the waters, you can often find yourself in between marshy lands and mangrove forests. And, that just happens to be the beauty of Port Aransas. The beautiful amalgamation of the waters and nature is a sight to see.

You can even fish on these kayaking trips. Want to see some sea-birds? Find them sitting along the shores. Also, being part of Texas Parks and Wildlife park systems, these trails are extremely well-maintained and are fun to navigate through.

Try out deep-sea fishing

Fishing at Port Aransas
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As we said earlier- you can have any kinds of water-related fun here in the magnificent waters of Port Aransas. We did mention something about fishing on these kayaking trips. But, we did not mention how broad those scopes can be.

The best place to go on a fishing trip here in Port Aransas happens to be the harbor you can find right in front of Cotter Street. Be it tuna or Tarpon- you can get your hands on a wide variety of fishes right here.

But, there is something more adventurous you can do than just fishing, and that is deep-sea fishing. Never tried it? Don’t worry- once you get the taste, you just cannot go back to the normal waters.

Try out the wild ocean and go on a deep-sea fishing trip with any one of the tour organizers and get a new hobby!

Go parasailing

Apart from all the fun you are going to have in the waters- there is something else you can look forward to! Parasailing is one of the best ways to see all the views of Port Aransas and here are some nice organizations who offer the best parasailing experiences too.

Get up in the air, and look for the best scenes you have ever seen in your life. The journey mainly starts from the Lydia Ann Channel. When you glide along the Gulf of Mexico, you can see some of the top sights of the city too.

The iconic Aransas Point Lighthouse and the remnants of the USS Worthington are just some of the things you are going to see.

Did you know you could see dolphins from the sly as they make their way splashing around the water? The water looks clear with the sky looking as blue as ever. It is indeed a magical experience here.

Every safety precaution is taken care of here, and you can go to a height of even 300 feet. You might have an experience of a lifetime parasailing in Port Aransas!

Watch some birds

Bird watching is one of the most popular activities here in Port Aransas. The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail is one of the top places in the States where you can watch a variety of birds.

And, 6 spots of this iconic trail is located here in Port Aransas. Now, you know why we said bird watching is one of the key things to do here.

If you are passionate about different birds and their activities- this is the right place just for you. The best time you can get a chance to watch more than 400 different types of birds is during the fall as well as the spring.

The migration period is the best here for many more birds come. And, the surroundings are decorated in many colors as well.

Did you know the place is well-equipped to be a bird-watching location for there are many observation towers as well? Yes, there are even boardwalks on the marshy lands so you can see the different birds sitting on the marshes as well.

If you are well aware of the infamous Central Flyway migration route, then you will understand that Mustang Island along with Port Aransas fall on the route making many birds come here.

Have some coffee

Coffee shop in Port Aransas
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A place that is filled with so much adventure- you need to have coffee! And, we recommend that you do not go to any international chains here.

There is a local coffee shop in Texas that has just three branches all over Texas. And, fortunately for you, the third one happens to be Port Aransas. So, how about we drop by and ask the barista to whip up a caffeinated concoction for us?

The hot drinks are among the best here. Be it a latte or a Macchiato, or just a plain old brewed coffee- this hop knows the best! There are even some events that are held inside the cafe to entertain the customers.

You can find live music going on if you decide to sit and cherish your coffee. And, the beach views and vibes just add more to the beauty.

Enjoy the Texas SandFest

Did you know that there is something such as a sandcastle building contest? Yes, Port Aransas is going to make all your childhood wishes come true on this vacation.

You can build sandcastles and win a contest too! So, let’s get you on board with us. There is a contest that takes place every spring. In this contest, you need to build an extraordinary sandcastle. And, the only catch is that it needs to be fantastic.

Texas Sandfest is famous all over the world for its uniqueness. If you happen to be in town during the time of the festival, do try to take part. If not, then just build sandcastles on your own for these are some of the best beaches in all of America!

Go see some dolphins

Dolphins in Port Aransas
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We did mention seeing dolphins while you go parasailing. But, do you want to meet some friendly dolphins from up close? We got your back.

You can often see a lot of dolphins as they often tend to travel near the shore. And, if you want to interact- they might even jump and peck you!

If you plan on going on a cruise- you will be seeing more of these dolphins swimming along with your ship.

These dolphins are very friendly and interactive and will surely attract your kids too. And, the little ones get excited to see these wild creatures of the sea from such a close distance.

Visit the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

Cranes at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge
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Whooping Cranes are almost an endangered species, but you can get to see some of them if you make a trip to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.

Placed along the San Antonio Bay, the refuge is nothing but undisturbed trails of peaceful splendid nature filled with wildlife. If you are a bird lover or are just passionate about extinct species- this might be your chance to see an endangered species right in front of your eyes.

Authorities organize this trip all around the year and you can book yourself a seat.

Enjoy the sunrise

Sunrise in Port Aransas
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Sunrises are heavenly! Whether you are on your honeymoon or just on a trip with your family- every sunrise deserves some pictures and appreciation. And, especially sunrises in Port Aransas deserve special mention.

Everyone knows how wonderful the Port Aransas sunrise happens to be. So, get up early and take your partner along with you. While both of you make your way to the dark beach, wait for a while with your backs on the sandy beaches and look at the horizon.

Watching the sunrise on the horizon of the oceans here in Port Aransas is one of the top-notch things to do.

Visit the Mustang Island State Park

Mustang Island State Park
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The 19th century Port Aransas saw a lit of mustangs. And, the Mustang Island State Park has just been named after that legacy. Come on, it is time for a chill day here on your vacation.

The park has some of the most pleasant beaches and you can even get on some activities here. Wanna try out surfing in Port Aransas? Mustang Island State Park is the place to get on the waves.

You can even just try out the good old swimming in the clear ocean. The State Park even has a lot of hiking trails. You can even check out kayaking or just bird-watching here in Mustang Island State Park.

Go on a pirate cruise

Pirate Cruise
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Have you wondered how a pirate ship feels like? Port Aransas has some of the best experiences lined up just for you.

Get on a pirate ship and see how it feels like to be back in the old days. And, you know what’s better? A cruise on a pirate ship! Let’s get you going then.

Red Dragon Pirate Cruises provide these trips in an old fashioned pirate ship. Also, they made the ship accurate and copied every intricate detail from an actual pirate ship.

You can even see the flags and the cannons on the ship. But, when you get on the ship- you shall find a modern dining room, cabins, bars, and even a dancing deck!

Check out the Port Aransas Museum

Want to get a hold of the local history? Don’t worry Port Aransas Museum shall tell you all about it.
The building was constructed back in the 1900s. And, the Port Aransas Preservation and Historical Association received it as a donation.

There are a lot of displays where you can see the history and culture reflected. It is a nice way to spend an afternoon and get to know everything there is to know about the place.

Want to see some really interesting stuff? Fresnel lens from Lydia Ann Lighthouse is among the artifacts. There are a lot of photographs from the past too.

Go see the Roberts Point Park

Roberts Point Park
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Roberts Point Park is one of the quaint locations you need to check out when you are on a vacation in Port Aransas.

It is not exactly in the heart of the city, so its location is quite gorgeous. It is in fact, a peninsular park quite close to Corpus Christi Ship Channel.

There are some pleasant ways to enjoy yourself in this park and the best way to get a hold of the local culture is to take part in a fishing competition.

The Patsy Jones Amphitheater is also an attractive spot in this park. There is also an educational xeriscape garden where you can enjoy it here.

Enjoy skydiving!

Have you ever gone skydiving? If not- this is the best place to get started with that. As we have mentioned earlier- Port Aransas is the haven for all activities, and skydiving is just another one of them.

Well, if you are 18- you will be good to go. And, don’t worry for they take care of all sports pf safety measurements and you shall even have an expert right there with you.

The activities generally take place from the Hangar 1 area of the airport in Port Aransas. You can even book a package where they will make you land on the beach with a huge parachute flowing above you!

Go around San Jose Island

San Jose is just a beautiful island that deserves all your appreciation. Not only is the place good-looking, but there is also no sign of mankind here.

Yes, you cannot find any shops or restaurants here on San Jose Island. It is just an undisturbed piece of land that is entirely for nature lovers. You cannot find a region more isolated than this one.

Wanna swim? The waters are crystal clear and there is none other than tourists to disturb you. Also, it is a pedestrian-friendly area and you will not even see another car here.

Right now, this is all we have on the gorgeous Port Aransas. Enjoy your trip!