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15 Best Things to Do in Seven Devils, NC

  • Published 2022/07/22

Did you know that the beautiful town of Seven Devils, North Carolina, was once a recreational resort?

You read that right.

During the 1960s, seven men, four of whom were brothers, established the community to turn it into a resort.

The town was incorporated in June 1979, carrying the same name the seven men chose.

They decided to name it Seven Devils because they were seven.

Likewise, there are seven unique peaks from Blue Ridge Parkway’s ridge line, from where you can get the best views of the area.

Also, the locals in the area fondly say that the wind blows there like a devil in the winter.

The recreational resort originally featured rental cottages, stores, a campground, horseback riding trails and stables, a ski area, and a swimming lake.

In 2008, the ski area shut down to focus on ziplining and snow tubing.

If you want to know more about the town, here are the best things to do in Seven Devils, North Carolina:

Hike the Otter Falls Trail

Signage of Otter Falls Trail

Kristi Blokhin /

Do you want to see Otter Falls?

To see the scenic falls, you’ll need to hike about 1.2 miles both ways, consisting of four colored trails you’ll see along the way.

The trail starts from the parking area on 825 Skyland Drive, descending into two loops and dead-end tracks.

Each trail is colored blue, yellow, red, and orange and marked on wooden posts.

Water flowing over a rock along Otter Falls Trail

Mark Castiglia /

There are benches at every intersection and viewpoint for you to rest a little between hikes.

Established in 2015, the Otter Falls Trail added an observation deck in 2017.

Put on your sturdy hiking boots and outfit, bring water, and start the tour to see the gorgeous Otter Falls.

People on an overlook at Otter Falls Trail

Kristi Blokhin /

Go Ziplining at Hawksnest Snow Tubing

Listen to the call of adventure in Seven Devils.

Never miss the chance to enjoy the spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains while enjoying the zipline over the treetops, lakes, creeks, and through the canopies.

Take a day trip at Hawksnest Snow Tubing, located right in town at 2058 Skyland Drive.

See the breathtaking scenery in the beautiful town of Seven Devils.

The zipline adventure, which started in 2009, features 20 cables.

Hawksnest Snow Tubing offers three packages: the Hawk Tour, Eagle Tour, and Do It All Package.

You can also enjoy snow tubing, established in 2008 following the ski area’s closure.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Enjoy a Train Ride at Tweetsie Railroad

People walking beside Tweetsie Railroad's steam locomotive

DanaForeman /

If you’re up for another fun adventure, ride the train at Tweetsie Railroad, located in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

This attraction is only 33 minutes away from Seven Devils.

The park entertains you and your family, especially the kids, with two vintage steam locomotives named Tweetsie and Yukon Queen.

Exterior of Tweetsie Railroad

Nolichuckyjake /

There are also Ferris Wheel, carousel, and Tilt-A-Whirl to entertain the kids, as well as several foods as soon as you get hungry.

Tweetsie Railroad has offered good old fun and entertainment to families since 1957.

There’s also a zoo inside the park that houses many animals.

Ski lift chairs in Tweetsie Railroad /

Dine at the Famous Pedalin’ Pig

Of course, your food will taste better at a restaurant with a welcoming environment like the Pedalin’ Pig.

The restaurant is a local favorite and is only 12 minutes from Seven Devils.

You can find it in Banner Elk, North Carolina.

With its fresh gourmet lineup in a High Country style, dining at the Pedalin’ Pig will treat your appetite right.

The dining area can cater to 185 guests.

Otherwise, you can also use its spacious patio beside the splashing waterwheel, especially in the summer.

The restaurant also has another branch in Boone, North Carolina, which is 19 minutes away from Seven Devils.

Enjoy Coaster-Riding at the Wilderness Run Alpine Coaster

The adventure never stops!

Another fun and exciting outdoor excursion await you at Wilderness Run Alpine Coaster, which is only 15 minutes away from Seven Devils.

You can also find this attraction in Banner Elk.

Enjoy riding the roller coaster that can reach up to 27 miles per hour, depending on how fast or slow you want.

You take complete control of the sled.

Located at 3265 Tynecastle Highway, Wilderness Run Alpine Coaster has three circular loops that offer a series of waves, twists, and turns.

There is an individual cart that can carry up to two persons as long as your combined weight doesn’t exceed 375 pounds.

The track is 3,160 feet long, which takes about five minutes to finish.

Make sure to reserve a seat for your group because they can’t assure spots for walk-ins, especially when they’ve reached total capacity.

Visit the Banner House Museum

The Banner House Museum used to be the home of one of the early settlers of Banner Elk.

Samuel Henry and Jane Banner, with their seven children, lived in the house built in 1865.

You can find the house in Banner Elk, 20 minutes from Seven Devils.

In 2007, authorities restored the house and turned it into a museum for the public.

The museum displays artifacts depicting the Banner family’s lives in the 1800s.

At the museum, you will see vintage clothing, period furnishings, hand-stitched quilts, farm tools, paintings, and photographs.

Banner House Museum also hosts special events year-round, including Children’s Day and the Banner Elk bus tour.

You can also join a cemetery tour to see the Banners’ final resting place.

Sip Fine Wine at Grandfather Vineyard & Winery

If you want to spend a day with good food, a glass of wine, and live music by the river, there is an answer to that.

At Grandfather Vineyard & Winery, you can enjoy their great selection of wine while enjoying the sound of flowing water on the banks of the Watauga River.

The winery is also in Banner Elk, right at the foot of Grandfather Mountain.

It’s only 11 minutes away from the gorgeous Seven Devils.

Grandfather Vineyard & Winery is the brainchild of the Tatum family, who started planting grape vines in the area.

The family purchased the property in 2000 and started the winery a few years later.

They realized that they could produce quality local wines in North Carolina.

Explore Hebron Falls Trail

Here’s a trail that offers an average hike to see Hebron Falls, which is only 23 minutes away from Seven Devils.

The trail is perfect for a family hike, especially since you can also find accessible, flat trails between rocky and steep portions along the way.

You’ll go through many ladders and steps, but it’s still fun to do with your family and friends.

You can hike up the Hebron Falls via Boone Fork Trail, a five-mile loop trail.

Enjoy the lush scenery and the cool water, and make a quick stop for a picnic.

Go Fishing at Grandfather Trout Farm

Grandfather Trout Farm, which is only nine minutes from Seven Devils, is another one of North Carolina’s gems.

You can find this place in the town of Banner Elk.

It’s an excellent spot for a family with small kids who want to try fishing and mining for gems.

They will provide you with all the fishing equipment needed without a fee.

Otherwise, you can also bring your own if it’s more comfortable for you.

Their staff will also help you learn how to fish at their two clean and well-maintained ponds if you haven’t tried fishing before.

You’ll pay for the fish you catch, so get one and have the staff clean it for a more fun experience.

Grandfather Trout Farm also has a gift shop and a nine-hole putt golf course, which is free to use for those who fish or mine gems.

Enjoy Canoeing or Kayaking at Price Lake

Kayak boats on Price Lake's shore

anthony heflin /

The adventure is unstoppable during your visit to Seven Devils.

Experience another fun and exciting outdoor excursion at Price Lake, where you can take a canoe or kayak trip around the 47-acre mountain lake.

This gorgeous spot is only 31 minutes away from Seven Devils, located right at the Blue Ridge Parkway, north of Grandfather Mountain.

The calm waters of Price Lake

MarkVanDykePhotography /

You can also enjoy hiking along the water’s edge, which takes two miles on a round trip.

The paddling track trail will also take two miles on a round trip around the 47-acre lake.

You’ll also need to wear a flotation device.

Likewise, the lake prohibits swimming and using motorized boats for safety reasons.

You can either rent canoes and kayaks or bring your own to paddle on the lake.

Go Vintage at The Gilded Age Antiques

Your visit to Seven Devils isn’t complete without a souvenir from an antique gift shop.

Operating since 1993, the Gilded Age Antiques is located in Banner Elk, only nine minutes from Seven Devils.

Check out the shop’s antique paintings, furniture, home decor, porcelains, and more from the 18th and 19th centuries.

They also have designer vintage bags from world-famous brands like Hermès, Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.

Taste the Best NC Pizza at the Famous Brick Oven Pizzeria

Are you craving pizza?

Located 31 minutes from Seven Devils in Beech Mountain, the Famous Brick Oven Pizzeria offers you unbeatable pizza.

There’s live music every week and a great selection of beers, desserts, salads, and more with Italian and Greek influences.

You can also bring dogs since they have an outdoor lounge.

The Brick Oven Pizzeria has operated for more than 25 years.

Shop at the Historic Original Mast General Store

Exterior of Original Mast General Store

Upstateherd, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The historic Original Mast General Store is in Sugar Grove, North Carolina, only 22 minutes away from Seven Devils.

In 1883, Henry Taylor built the first general store.

Then, in 1897, Taylor sold half of his interest to William Wellington Mast.

From its early days to this date, the store still has everything that the neighborhood needs.

Buy farming tools, clothing, school supplies, food, culinary equipment, and much more.

In 1973, the National Register of Historic Places added the Original Mast General Store to its record.

Shopping here is worth every penny!

Take a Campus Visit at Appalachian State University

Aerial view of Appalachian State University

Konstantin L /

You can be an App student for a day if you take a quick trip to the historic Appalachian State University.

Find the campus in Boone, North Carolina, 23 minutes away from Seven Devils.

From arts and entertainment, sports, music, theater, and dance, to the famous Appalachian Summer Festival, you get to enjoy the school’s spectacular offerings.

One of the buildings in Appalachian State University

Bryan Pollard /

You can either request a tour guide or do it on your own.

Founded in 1899, Appalachian State University started as a teacher’s college until it became a state university in 1971.

A building in Appalachian State University

Bryan Pollard /

Explore Hickory Ridge Living History Museum

If you’re up for a historical tour, visit Hickory Ridge Living History Museum in Boone, which is only 23 minutes away from Seven Devils.

The museum houses six different historic cabins from the Colonial era.

The volunteers at the museum all wear colonial clothing, demonstrating the lifestyles of the first settlers in the area.

These activities include weaving, candle dipping, spinning, cooking, and more.

The Southern Appalachian Historical Association started running Hickory Ridge Living History Museum in 1980.

Final Thoughts

Offering spectacular sceneries and historical experience, Seven Devils is indeed a perfect destination for adventurous travelers.

With so much to enjoy, from the gorgeous falls to historical sites around the beautiful town, you’ll go home with a smile and unforgettable memories.

Buy your plane ticket, pack your things, and fly out to Seven Devils to experience the adventure of a lifetime!

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