15 Best Things to Do in Blowing Rock, NC

15 Best Things to Do in Blowing Rock, NC

A town located at the counties of Caldwell and Watauga, in North Carolina, the Blowing Rock is a super scenic place at the mouth of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway. The population is approximately 1200 to 1300 people.

The location of this town is a clear indicator to what a scenic paradise it holds for the visitors. The town is also blessed with someone of the most prestigious and naturally enriched parks which provide fabulous landscapes and views. There are museums and breweries loved by the people.

The sites of geological formations are a treat to witness. Blowing Rock also has some of the finest award winning restaurants and cafes, many of which are at the downtown Tanger Outlets.

The trailing routes and paths are some of the prettiest. Being a mountainous area, there are loads of activities to perform like Skiing and Snowboarding.  All these unite to make Blowing Rock a great choice for your travel plans!

A Memorable Trip to The Moses H. Cone Memorial Park

Moses H. Cone Memorial Park
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The history of legacy of the Moses H. Cone Memorial Park is classic. It is located at the Moses Cone Estate which belonged to the manufacturer Moses Cone.  

This estate spreads over an area of 3600 acres and it was given in 1950 to the National Park services for being used as a public pleasure ground, the aim of which it sure fulfills to date! There is the huge off white mansion like building with arguably some of the finest architectures in Carolina.

And around it is the huge park area with breathtaking gardens and fabulously well maintained woods; a lake is there nearby too. The entire area looks like a 1920s massive aristocratic film set with its white Victorian Trailing paths, gardens, royal bird view and mountains.

A Ride Around the Tweetsie Railroad

Tweetsie Railroad
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Located at the Tweetsie Railroad Lane, named after it, this area offers a once in a lifetime adventure. This is an amusement park largely which means there is loads of fun rides to choose from.

However, the thing that draws the main attraction is their fabulous toy train ride, more like a real train just with the addition of breathtaking decorative interiors and exteriors like the Hogwarts Express.

Apart from this there are mini car rides, playhouses, and pan gold, park zoo where you can feed the deer, costume party, a huge food bar and massive rides for all ages.

The Actual Blowing Rock

Bowling Rock
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This cliff formation is one of the oldest tourist attractions in North Carolina. The Blowing Rock is a geological cliff the formation of which approximately dates back to 250 years.

This is around 4000 feet above the sea level. It’s called the “blowing rock” as the wall formations of the rock formed a flume on which the northwest wind swept with heavy force hence returning light objects cast over this chasm.

Therefore the view and the windy aura at that height combine to give one of the most outer worldly experiences to the tourist. The area is surrounded with mountains.

Digging the Doc’s Rocks Gem Mine

Your dreams of witnessing and holding uncut raw gems like an adventurer might just come true at the Doc’s Rock Gem Mine. This precious mine is located at the Mystery Hill Lane.

This area has an array of all the stones and gems and rocks you would want to see or know about. Starting from uncut diamonds to graphite and quarts, you can see and feel for yourself every stone with adequate information attached.

Also, there is a large gem mining area for children. This is one of the most unique and fun spots in the mine with huge tubs.

Relax by The Bass Lake

Bass Lake
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The Bass Lake is said to be a massive attraction for photographers across Carolina due to the varied shots and views of nature it provides. To simply take a walking tour of the entire area would take 3 to 4 hours for you.

There is a natural park surrounding the huge lake and thereafter there are deep woods of trees of the finest species. Almost an eerie feeling will surround you as you stand quietly or walk through the richly colored rainbow path of green, olive, mustard, honey and crimson leaves. Fishing and animal watching are a must to practice.

A Day at The Mystery Hill

One of the most astounding places to occur on earth, North Carolina’s Mystery Hill provides one of the few natural gravitational anomalies to occur here.

Get ready to be moved and be tilted most literally! Grab your camera or phone with you as you would not want to miss any pictures while everything around you including you yourself look tilted.

Apart from this there are other massively cool things to enjoy like the giant bubble game to get inside a bubble or the gem mining for everyone, touring the second largest area of Native American Artifacts, or Tomahawk throwing game.

Trailing Time at The Glen Burney Trail

Glen Burney Trail
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Next it is time for you to lose yourself in the beauty of nature and have shed some sweat with fun at the Glen Burney Trail. This is very close to the small town and once you enter you will not run short of paths to run or trail and views to capture.

In winters the area is snow filled, so walking in a snowy evening. In summers the paths are richly laid with vegetation of the woods. As you walk by you will find a waterfall. The gushing water tumbles through the huge rocky formations from the green woods.

Visit the Royal Flat Top Manor

Royal flat top Manor
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This Manor is located at the famous Blue Ridge Parkway. The estate spreads in an area of about 3600 acres with huge orchards, woods, gardens, fields and farm like spots.

The Manor is located at an elevated platform and the front entrance makes it hard to believe if it is a concrete structure or a set. Finely symmetrical and white in color with spell binding details; the manor has an arresting look to it.

You can go inside and in winters, standing on the white Victorian verandah and watching the snow drizzle swiftly onto the mountain peaks is a treat.

Adventure at The Julian Price Park

Kayaks and Paddle boats in Julian Price Park
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The Julian Price Park has cottage core looking classic wooden stairs made out of tree branches, amidst the woods and a wooden bridge to help you stroll through the jungle. They are also built around a lake.

There are sitting areas amidst the park, which include chairs and tables. What is unique is that all these are made out of pure forest wood with the same rugged branch like finish hence you will feel like they emerged naturally.

Boating in the lake is a favorite of travellers apart from fishing and bird watching. Hiking is also practiced in this park.

Sking at The Appalachian Ski

Appalachian Ski
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True fun at the mountains can only be felt outdoors and that too in the presence of good fat snow! The Appalachian Ski provides exactly that ambiance for you and your family. An extremely friendly and active sporting area, this place is loved for snow activities like Skiing and Snowboarding.

Other fun things like taking the Ropeway are also available making an amazing ride. The area is huge and widespread, covered in snow with kids and families skating and playing everywhere.

It is therefore bound to uplift your spirits apart from providing for the best snow activities, sports and games.

Grab a Sip at The Blowing Rock Brewery

The cool owners call this place the “boutique-brewing-facility”. The Blowing Rock Brewery is a state-of-the-art wining and dining area located exactly at the heart of Blowing Rock.

It is officially the very first brewery in Bowling Rock and is capable of making standards, lagers and high gravity ales. After the skiing and snowboarding, fishing and trailing you would definitely want to sit calmly and grab your favorite beer.

This place has varieties to win your heart. A tour is also available with the super friendly staff. For the ones who do not want to drink, check out the fabulous food platter with a paradise of classic American delicacies like fish and fried, the famous Carolina Bison Burger, Porter Braised Brisket Tacos, gorgeously glazed pretzels, Buffalo Bleu Cheese BBQ and many more.  

This brewery has even won awards for its innovative brewing techniques. There are both indoor and outdoor seating areas with a fabulous garden outside and a scenic ambiance.

Amaze Yourself by The Beauty of The Blowimg Rock Art and History Museum

Blowing Rock Art and History Museum
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Usually open between 10 am and 5 pm every day, the Blowing Rock Art and History Museum is located at the Chestnut Street. At the very first glance the basic view of the architecture will surely touch your heart and soothe your eyes.

In the middle of a lawn is the museum with coned top and the walls are brick made or at least look so! Made of greyish stones bricks, finely structured old set of buildings and a beautiful garden all around, this museum is a treat from the outside.

As you enter, a world full of pictures, artifacts and fabulously segmented rooms await your presence. They are known for generously supporting local artists hence be sure to witness some beautiful ethnic pieces of art. There are some really valuable paintings too including one of Pablo Picasso!

A range of historical memorabilia like ancient gramophones are also in display. You will also find souvenirs at the gift shop.

Quality Time at The Broyhill Park

Broyhill Park
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This place is called the “Heaven of Blowing Rock” and very rightly so! The Broyhill Park is a mystical wonder of nature, extremely well themed and well-maintained by the owners. You can take your family for spending a truly quality day or go all by yourself to explore the unexplored and find your solace.

The park spreads over a huge area with different types of gardens in different areas. One segment is a favorite of visitors for alternate colored trees like red, yellow and orange trees or trees with pink flowers blooming.

There is of course the lake, by which you can sit and watch the scenic sunset. There are finely decorated pathways through which you can go for trailing. You can also go for fishing or boating or simply have a nice picnic by the gardens or read a nice book sitting by the rustic benches.

There is a beautiful pavilion or porch like monument on the lake water banks through which you can get the perfect waterside views. This area is therefore a must in Blowing Rock.

Please the Reader in You at The Blowing Rock Community Library

A unique and quirky way to make your travel to any place a memorable one is to find a distinct place to read there. The Blowing Rock Community Library will be that deal maker of a perfect trip for you. It is not just another basic library.

The uniqueness of this place comes from its old otherworldly charm, the architecture looks like that of a big cottage in the blossoming woods!

You would almost feel like this is your secret reading cottage that enters after crossing the heavily blooming garden. There is a fireplace and the collection is also rare.

Get to Know Blowing Rock at The Tanger Outlets

The best way to know a town is to mix within it. The best way to mix is to go to the shopping areas, in this case the Tanger Outlets at Parkway Road.

This beautiful area is like a little marketplace but has the finest brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Talbots and more.

The area is beautifully decorated with lamps and a huge open courtyard style pavement with well-shaped decorative plants and fancy benches and tables for customers and visitors to sit with their cup of coffee or desert. Yes the Outlets brim up with restaurants and cafes.