15 Best Things to Do in Carolina Beach

15 Best Things to Do in Carolina Beach

Located in the south eastern part of North Carolina, the Carolina beach is a very beautiful and leisure island area. Carolina beach is a place which looks a bit laid-back at the first instance but is extremely enjoyable place to be at.

The place is significantly known around the world for its beautiful beaches and the attractions which surround them. From classic reserves to a fantastic nightlife, Carolina beach is a must visit place for travel loving people.

The following piece of writing will be covering the best activities and top tourist attractions that you should visit at Carolina beach.

Enjoy Fishing (obviously!)

Wrightsville beach
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It is pretty obvious that anyone who’s going to visit a vacation destination with a lot of beaches is definitely going to enjoy fishing in the area. However, what makes fishing in Carolina beach different from other fishing spots is that you require a license to enjoy fishing.

However, that requirement can also be done away if you fish from pier that charges fee for fishing or you get on an all charter fishing boat. These requirements fulfilled, fishing is an extremely thrilling activity in the area.

A lot of beaches are famous for fishing in the area like Carolina beach state Park, Wrightsville beach, Kure Beach, Johnny Mercer pier, Gulf stream fishing cruise, etc. You can also explore different types of fishing techniques in the area.

Enjoy Disc golf in Carolina Beach

While golfing is one of the most common vacation activities, disc golf is a different type of golfing activity which you can enjoy in Great Carolina beach areas. The place has four-disc golf courses where you can rent a golf disc at a surprisingly low rate of $10.

The most famous is the North regional park in Castle Hayne. This course has 18 holes and is perfect for all your golfing adventures on a chilly day. Another famous disc golf course is Arrowhead Park which is surrounded by beautiful hills resulting in a very picture to landscape.

The Fort Fisher Aquarium

Moon jelly fish in Fort Fisher aquarium
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The Fort Fisher aquarium in Carolina beach is a place that kids and adults enjoy alike. This aquarium is a bit different from the other aquarium that you would find in the US. The aquarium is also dedicated towards carrying out real research about the life of aquatic animals as well as the marine ecology.

The aquarium has a large number of exhibitions as well as shows which are organized on a daily basis. The place also has some aged animals. One of them is a rare alligator and the other is a rescued eagle named Maverick. The place also operates a butterfly garden during the summer and spring seasons.

With the large number of aquatic animals and are unique interiors, we would definitely suggest you to check this place out during your visit to Carolina beach.

Kayaking in Zeke’s Island Reserve

Located right next to the Fort fisher aquarium, the Zeke’s island reserve is a famous and very beautiful island which is not very developed but is a famous vacation destination among visitors.

The total area of the reserve is almost 1635 acres and it includes a huge collection of islands. The island is perfect for enjoying activities like birdwatching and learning about the local wildlife. Another famous activity at this island is kayaking.

This place is considered to be the one place where you can enjoy kayaking or canoeing without any interruptions. However, make sure that you take proper safety gear with yourself for facing the high tides.

Night out at the beaches!

A beach vacation is not considered complete unless you enjoy a night out at the beaches. Carolina beach is a place where you can easily pull an all-nighter and without even realizing it. All thanks to the beautiful and fabulous bars that these beaches have.

The small city has a large number of beach bars that are ready to welcome and serve all the visitors during the night. One of such Bar is the Fat Pelican. This bar is not just a perfect bar but also has a crusty character and eclectic vibe. The crowd at this place is great and you will definitely enjoy your stay.

Another such place is Crush and Grind, which is perfect for enjoying some crafted beer as well as fantastic coffee to keep you up all night. Some other places that you can try at night or the Tiki, Sea witch, the last resort (situated right on the Carolina beach), and Nollies taco joint.

Carolina Beach State Park

Carolina Beach State Park
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Carolina beach State Park is one of the best destinations in the city where you can enjoy nature and its beautiful creatures. The park is an ideal place to visit during the sunsets as the place offers the best sunset views in the entire city.

It also has a fishing platform as well as a boat Launchpad where you can enjoy boating in the Cape Fear River. You can also hike on the trails of the park. And what makes this park more exciting is that it is home to Venus fly trap! Yes, that’s right, one of the most famous Carnivore plant, you can easily spot Venus flytrap in Carolina Beach Street Park.

You can also enjoy camping in this park as they also have shaded campsites. The park is full of wonderful things and you should definitely visit this park.

The Carolina Beach Boardwalk

Carolina Beach Boardwalk is a central destination for enjoying various activities with family and friends in the city. The Boardwalk is surrounded by a large number of restaurants, amusement rides, as well as shopping stores which make the place just ideal for a family visit.

The place is neither too big nor too small, and is located right on the ocean front. Live Musical performances and firework displays are also organized at the Boardwalk during the summer season and those are just the real deal. The Boardwalk is also ideal for enjoying sunsets, due to its location on the ocean front.

The place has a very chilled and a comfortable energy and allows you to spend some quality time away from the adventure and tiring activities.

Boat to Masonboro Island

Masonboro Island
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Masonboro Island is the largest site in the North Carolina coastal reserves and covers almost 5600 acres of beautiful beach area, tidal Flats, marshlands, as well as Maritime forests. The place is definitely a heaven for all the bird watchers and nature lovers.

The place has a very wide variety of flora and fauna on its 8.54 miles’ shoreline. The Island is accessible only via boats. The island is also one of the state protected lands and the area is free from human interruption. A large number of rental companies provide boats so that you can visit the island and enjoy some peaceful time there.

Britt’s Donut

Eating Britt’s Donut is considered to be an important part of any trip to the Carolina beach. Even if you are not a very big fan of donuts, you have to try the glazed donut which is sold at Britt’s Donuts.

The place also sells coffee, soft drinks and different flavored milk but it’s famously known for its Donuts. The place is so famous that it is quite common to find a big line outside the shop. However, the line disappears in very short time and the wait is definitely worth it.

Shuckin’ Shack

For all those people who are confident about seafood, Shuckin’ Shack is the place to visit. This place is mostly an oyster institution and is known for the same.

With its delicious oysters, the place is known everywhere and is heavily crowded. The restaurant serves different types of oyster dishes as well as additional seafood dishes. You can also find some refreshing beverages on their menu.

With their unique cooking styles and traditional recipes, Shuckin’ Shack is definitely going to organize a party for your taste buds.

Yoga on the beach!

Yoga in Carolina Beach
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Most of us feel that it is difficult to maintain a healthy routine during vacation. All the unhealthy eating and excessive calories, it becomes important to arrange some refreshing and healthy activity for the body.

If you are someone who believes in this, salty dog yoga is the perfect place for you. It is a yoga studio which conducts yoga classes on a daily basis. However, these classes are not organized indoors but on the beautiful beaches. In addition, the place also organizes amazing beach yoga workshop and retreat.

People from around the world visit salty dog yoga in order to learn some yoga asana. If you are Interested in learning some new yoga asana or in learning about other cultures, you should definitely try their services.

Freeman Park

Freeman Park
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Freeman Park is a different kind of beach attraction among residents as well as the visitors of Carolina beach. This beach area is famous as one of those beaches which allow you to drive your 4×4 vehicles in the sandy areas.

The park is also accessible only using vehicles and is ideal for activities like swimming, fishing, as well as camping. You can also enjoy boating, crabbing, and casting.

The place is home to a large variety of local wildlife, sea grasses, and dunes, which also enables you to get a peek a boo into the natural set up of the area. Freeman park is a perfect place to drive for everyone who is visiting Carolina beach.

Learn Surfing

A kid surfing in Carolina Beach
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The Carolina beach and the entire North Carolina cost is considered to be a great place to enjoy hotel activities like surfing. The place is also great for people who are not learned surfers and want to learn this art.

So if you are interested in learning Surfing, you should head to any of the beaches in the Carolina beach area and rent your own Surfing board. You can start on your own or get an expert lesson as the tides can get really high sometimes and it might not be safe to start surfing alone.

For renting surfboards and other equipment, you do not have to worry a lot, as there are a lot of facilities which provide this rental equipment. Tony Silvagni is one such service provider or providing rentals, and even surfing sessions and surf camps.

Hang Ten

If you miss normal fast foods like burgers, Hang Ten Grill is a place you should definitely check out on the Carolina beach. The place is famous for serving some of the best burgers, sandwiches, tacos, as well as seafood under one roof.

All these foods are made using fresh beef, breads, nachos, and are completely inspired from the local traditions. The restaurant also serves special weekend breakfast which include freshly made with waffles, pancakes, biscuits, and salads.

In addition to the eatables, the restaurant is also famous for its wide collection of drinks and spirits which also include their signature beverages made using unique methods. The restaurant is set up overlooking Carolina beach and is a perfect place for enjoying traditional and delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

A separate kids menu dedicated for kid visitors is also available on request which makes it yet another attraction of this restaurant.

Good Hops Brewery

Go to the Good hops brewery, a golf course cum brewery, to enjoy disc golf and some delicious and chilled craft beers at the same time. The brewery is one of the most famous places to enjoy your time in almost all the seasons.

Good hops brewery is also very famous among people as it has indoor as well as outdoor seating options. This place has a great and extensive craft brew menu.

The place is dog friendly and you can also take your dogs to this brewery, which makes this place all the happier and lively for the visitors.

The entire city of Carolina beach is very lively and beautiful covered with number of beaches and beautiful scenic stops. The place is also very dynamic in terms of its wildlife and plant vegetation and allows the visitors to enjoy the natural space as it is.

This area also has a lot of unexplored and undiscovered places, which again allows the visitors to get the first-hand experience of nature without any human interruption in it.