15 Best Things to Do in Wendell, NC

Wendell, NC
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Wendell is a thriving town in North Carolina, complete with its local suburban atmosphere and old-school ambiance.

This growth is partly why the town's nickname is "small town, big charm."

Downtown Wendell's activity keeps your wanderlust satisfied because there's more to explore.

When you drive back to the residential boulevards, you are in for a peaceful surprise.

Wendell provides all the finest parts of a town that has the best of both worlds.

Before you book your trip, check out the best things to do in Wendell, NC.

Fly a Kite at Wendell Park

Lush green lawn and trees at Wendell Park
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Take recreation to new heights at Wendell Park.

This park maintains a 300-foot field park with playgrounds and sports courts.

This open space allows for many recreational activities.

Likewise, it's a great place to admire the environment.

For group activities, you can rent the field for a certain time.

Dogs can roam the perimeter; give your pet a little treat in the form of exercise.

On idle days, you can fly a kite or play a round of tennis with friends.

Wendell Park guarantees a fun way to get active and stimulate your mind.

Tee Up at Wendell Country Club

It's tee time at Wendell Country Club.

Flex your golfing skills and go around all the courses this club has to offer.

With its challenging course plays, you are in for a fun treat with your companions and other guests.

The luscious lawn can also let you destress and focus only on the game.

Choose from different membership options after requesting a tour of the place.

After a long day of competition, bring a towel with you to the exclusive pool.

Otherwise, go on a food trip at Divots Grill where breakfast and lunch menus feature local luxury only seen in Wendell.

Bring your friends to the Wendell Country Club!

Go on a Paddle Trail at Robertson Millpond Preserve

A woman kayaking in Robertson Millpond Preserve
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Robertson Millpond Preserve upgrades your outdoor tour with a wildlife excursion.

Part of Buffalo Creek, this millpond's origins go way back to the 1820s.

The Avera family became the first known contributor to the construction of the dam and mill.

By 1887, the Robertson family bought the property, hence the preserve's name.

Lake at Robertson Millpond Preserve
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In this tranquil natural preserve, you'll find a wide variety of animal species, including beavers and otters.

If you want to venture into the waters, you can try paddling.

The trail stretches 1.15 miles and contains numbered buoys serving as marks.

An exciting outdoor travel experience awaits you at the Robertson Millpond Preserve.

Host Your Next Party at the Wendell Community Center

The Wendell Community Center is your reliable events hall away from home.

This center officially opened its doors in 2000 to help guests host their next big event.

Its spacious rooms serve different event purposes.

Likewise, its 40-foot stage makes your event extra special, no matter what you’re celebrating.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday or holding a corporate event, level up your gatherings at the Wendell Community Center.

Keep your eyes peeled for this one-of-a-kind center on the same premises as Wendell Park.

Go on a Geocaching Adventure at Turnipseed Nature Preserve

A man walking his dogs on a wooden bridge at Turnipseed Nature Preserve
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Turnipseed Nature Preserve offers a breathtaking landscape and unique geological tour highlights.

This preserve stands in a transitional area between the base of a mountain range and a coastal plain.

Underneath it is a majestic batholith that surrounds the area.

Don't be surprised if you come across boulders and coarse granite littered all over the expanse.

Landscape of Turnipseed Nature Preserve
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Geocaching is also a go-to recreational activity for adventure-seeking tourists.

Bring your GPS device and check off every find in your paper log.

After exploring the interesting terrain, you may also lounge around the gardens or go for a snack at the picnic areas.

The 265-acre Turnipseed Nature Preserve is along Hunt Valley Trail in south Wendell.

An old couple hiking at Turnipseed Nature Preserve
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Try a Unique Beer at Bearded Bee Brewing

Bearded Bee Brewing is one of those breweries you don't want to miss out in Wendell.

Along Campen Street, this brewery gives you many choices of sophisticated local beers.

It's also a place that's passionate about supporting the beekeeping industry.

Located at an urban farm, the brewery features lofty walls and cheerful mood.

Get a sense of inner peace along the sleek tables and counter.

Try an outdoor seat and breathe fresh air with your beer of choice.

Order a brown ale or go for a strong concoction like the German Pilsner.

No matter your alcohol choices of the hour, Bearded bee Brewing has everything you need.

Get Your Local Goods at the Wendell Market

If you want to buy local goods, food, and art, Wendell Market is the place to go.

This producers-only market keeps the spirit of oneness and solidarity alive.

Not only does it uplift local producers and creators, but it also brings the community together.

Walk down the market with a basket as you decide on what local delicacy to buy.

Learn more about Wendell's favorite goods and tokens through the stories of the vendors and producers.

After all, what is a wholesome trip without experiencing the best food this town has to offer?

Show Off Your Equestrian Skills at Sandy Pines Preserve

Nature trail at Sandy Pines Preserve
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Built as a 1785 homestead, Sandy Pines Preserve has come a long way to become a historical landmark in Wendell.

Its name—Sandy Pines—is a tribute to the Loblolly and Longleaf pine forests within the preserve.

This place provides a scenic vacation with its open meadows, creeks, and an abundance of rare animals.

It is also home to a variety of equestrian trails so you can practice your horseback riding skills.

Visitors enjoying the horseback ride at Sandy Pines Preserve
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Along the complex pathways, nature surrounds you in the most serene way possible.

Wander pine-filled forests and pass by ponds where you can fish for sunfishes.

You may even come across a blueberry patch.

While riding a horse, you can appreciate the attractive pull of Sandy Pines Preserve, located between Knightdale and Zebulon.

Reflection of the trees on the pond at Sandy Pines Preserve
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Relish in Outdoor Drinking at Whistlestop Bottleshop

While taking a walk on Main Street, you should stop at Whistlestop Bottleshop.

This beer and wine shop offers personalized drinks and service to its customers.

Let the laid-back atmosphere of the place entrance you as you nurse a bottle of craft brew.

Its wide selection of beverages can allow you to taste new beer out of your comfort zone.

When you've got your drink ready, go to the shop's beer garden.

Enjoy outdoor drinking at Whistlestop Bottleshop!

Buy a Gift at Wendell General Store

Are you running low on supplies while on your weekend tour around Wendell?

Wendell General Store may just have the goods you need to get through the whole trip.

This downtown store started in April 2014, providing residents and tourists with all their daily needs.

However, what makes this store stick out particularly is its nostalgic feel.

Along the aisles, find yourself transported back into your childhood, browsing the candy store to find new treats that suit your taste.

You can buy an assortment of throwback candies and condiments in the store for your sweets cravings.

The store also celebrates local art.

You can buy vintage-style toys, pottery, toiletries, and more, designed and produced by the best artisans in town.

Wendell General Store should exceed your local shopping expectations.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Experience Preserved History at Historic Yates Mill County Park

Small waterfall at Historic Yates Mill County Park
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The Historic Yates Mill County Park continues to shine a light on preserved history.

You can find it in Raleigh, North Carolina, 25 minutes from Wendell.

The 174-acre park dedicates itself to telling the story of Wake County during the colonial era.

During this time, Yates Mill was a water-powered gristmill that contributed to the social and economic progress of the community.

Currently, it's the only one still operating among the 70 gristmills in town.

Pedestrian bridge at Historic Yates Mill County Park
samray / Shutterstock.com

By 2001, Yates Mill had become Historic Yates Mill County Park.

The 16 acres beside the mill became the trails it has today.

Its interpretive exhibits keep you physically active and mentally energized to learn more about the past.

The historic treasure of Yates Mill helps you understand how one place became a central part of Wake County decades ago.

Stone stairs at Historic Yates Mill County Park
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Learn to Ice Skate at Polar Ice Raleigh

Every day is winter, even in July, at Polar Ice Raleigh.

This ice skating rink holds public skating events for all.

Find the rink in Raleigh, 18 minutes from Wendell.

If you want to learn figure skating, the rink holds special sessions for this sport.

Its 30-minute freestyle sessions are enough for novices and ice skating professionals to learn or brush up on their skills.

For those looking for a slow and leisurely way to learn skating, the rink offers Learn to Skate class programs for both children and adults.

Have a fun time with friends, circling the perimeter with your skates.

Bundle up with winter clothes before you go, though!

Then, bring some extra band-aids, just in case you encounter some accidents along the way.

Ride around the Go Kart Track at Adventure Landing Raleigh

Adventure Landing Raleigh takes the cake for being one of the best spots near Wendell.

One branch is in Raleigh, 20 minutes from Wendell.

This recreational park will make you grip your seats in excitement.

From adventure golf to softball games, fun is always on every corner.

It's also family-friendly and an ideal host for group outings and other unique celebrations.

For a challenging turn to your normal trip, try out laser tag and enjoy extreme exhilaration.

Test your arcade skills with a round of driving or dancing games.

Race your way to the finish line at the Adventure Speedway Go-Karts.

Bring your family or friends to Adventure Landing Raleigh!

Browse Artifacts at the City of Raleigh Museum

Entrance to City of Raleigh Museum
Alexisrael, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The historical junkie in you must be yearning for a trip down memory lane in North Carolina.

The City of Raleigh Museum provides you with all the historical data you may want to know about.

Just 24 minutes from Wendell, this museum stands tall in the center of Raleigh.

This museum arranges various exhibits, all with different themes and purposes.

These exhibits include Raleigh’s Living Room: Rest, Reflect, Respond, which focuses on art as a form of self-care.

Another is the Let Us March On: Raleigh's Journey Toward Civil Rights, which features the story of the community's fight for civil rights.

It also hosts educational programs and planned field trips for students who may benefit from the extra history knowledge.

Notably, the City of Raleigh Museum also rents out the hall for special events and occasions.

Its storefront and fancy hardwood floors and ceilings make up the best venue for another celebration.

Go Swimming at Triangle Aquatic Center

The Triangle Aquatic Center is one of the most ideal refreshing stopovers on this list.

You can find this place in Cary, North Carolina, 28 minutes from Wendell.

This non-profit organization has served the community since 2007.

Likewise, its facilities continue to welcome the public to join the activities inside.

It allows coaching classes and rentals for those wishing to learn or improve their swimming skills or endurance.

A poolside grill resides at the entrance to reenergize worn-out swimmers with hearty food.

Splash around the Triangle Aquatic Center with friends or family.

Final Thoughts

Wendell never runs out of surprises because of its nature preserves and community-focused public areas.

It's never afraid to showcase local culture and historical significance, blending them into an exceptional community you won't find in other neighborhoods.

Book your trip today and discover the best things to do in Wendell!

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